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Land Rover LR3



  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    British Rover and all.. First, I have to say as I've said before, after one year of ownership all is going well and I have 10,800 miles now.

    I have noticed that, somehow, I scratched the second garage door button and the black is flaking off. I will take it to the dealer to have them replace it.

    Has anyone else had that happen?

    Roving right along... Mark156 :D
  • Too funny.

    You may wind up sounding like Christopher Lambert in that Tarzan movie where he's supposed to be english, but he only speaks french.
  • Just over a week ago I picked up my 2007 LR3 HSE and the more I drive it the more I like it. Thus far 90% of my driving has been in the city so gas mileage is up there :cry: but not unexpected. I have only racked up 600km on it.

    With the exception of some condensation in both front headlamps assembly everything (I am stopping to see the dealership tomorrow but is is almost gone now with the cooler temperature) is fine with the vehicle. I have yet to do some real off road with it but it is only a matter of time before I do so. My family is looking forward to its first long trip in the LR3.

    I am most impressed with the overall feeling of security and stability this vehicle provides. It feels solid as a rock. I especially liked the Harman Kardon Logic 7 sound system. The sound is simply impressive. I truly enjoy playing with the NAV/GPS. I found it easy to use. The bluetooth integration is great. I like the voice command option but as some of my previous post in this forum indicated using it can be frustrating at times :mad:

    The flexibility of the seating and cargo space is superb and exactly what my family needed. I am making good use of the command shift function. I find it adds to the pleasure of driving to the LR3.

    Overall I am highly satisfied with both the service received at the dealership and the vehicle itself. :shades:

    I will keep you posted

  • I have a 06 LR3 with the V6,SE, and cold weather package. Since purchasing this AWESOME truck, I have had great fun playing with several of the LR3's "toys", but have yet to experiment with the command shift function. Can anyone tell me the best way to use this feature and what I can expect by engaging it?

    Keith :shades:
  • I picked up my 06 LR3 HSE and I fully agree with you it is an awesome ride. I use command shift every day except when in heavy traffic and when cruising down the highway. If you have driven a manual transmission before it works the same way without a clutch. When you switch from automatic to command shift you will not feel a difference until you play with the gear shift. It first goes in sports mode and command shift is only engaged when you gear down or up. From that point on it is like driving a manual. Gear up by pushing the shifter towards the dash and gear down by pulling towards the terrain response dial. The gear selected will be displayed in the message centre. The more you play with it the easier it will be for you to find the right timing to shift gear using the RPM indicator and the sound of the engine. It is a great feature and saves up on the brakes by using the engine compression to slow the vehicle down. :shades:

    Enjoy RM
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Morocoo2, by using the command shift feature, will that change the "memory" in the transmission? I use the lower gear when I leave my house in California as I have a very steep descent for 7/10th of a mile (25% grade?). The elevation is 1,200 above sea level so I'm going from 1,200 down to 400 ft. in 7/10 of a mile.

    I put it in "2" and ride down the hill only using the brakes as I get towards the bottom. I have put it in (4x4 low) and just idle to the end of the hill without selecting a gear and the transmission will shift normally. I just let it pick it's own gear and it seems to creep down fine.

    PS. I just posted my actual MPG's from my recent 2,000 miles trip in the "real world gas mileage" in this thread if anyone is interested.

    Mark156 :D
  • Mark 156

    I am not an expert since I only got my LR3 just over a week ago. But given type of steep descent you describe have you considered using the Hill Descent feature on your LR3 ;)instead of using 2nd gear?

    Take care :D
  • Better to use 2nd gear over HDC for such a long descent as HDC will wear the brakes out faster. Prolonged use of HDC will also toast the brakes.
  • british_rover

    Thank you for that much appreciated ;)
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    I've had my LR3 for almost a year and I have never used the "descend" feature... I'm glad that I've been doing it right using 2nd gear.

    I'm going to have to read the manual about the different terrain choices as I've forgotten how to engage them.

    Thanks for the tip BR.

    Mark :D
  • macc24macc24 Posts: 20
    Does anyone know, do some 2006 models have satellite radio and its just no initialized? If so , is there a way to enable this function? (Sort of like the old 99 Disco II's having heated seats installed but no switch to activate them)

    I was told by my salesperson that I had satellite radio but now that I'm back from Alaska I clearly do not. Before I really lay into the dealership where I bought my LR3 I'm giving them a few days to respond to an e-mail I sent. I know someone earlier had posted a direct line to a LRNA rep...anyone have that e-mail address handy.

    I also found out what was wrong with my fog lights, there was a short in my wiring for the front left fog light. Amazing what a difference in service taking your vehicle to a different dealer can make. I'm on 15,000 miles and that's been the only real glitch...(knock on wood)



    P.S. - if you read my post wisely you'll probably have a good chance at what dealership I bought my LR3 from.
  • If you have SAT radio then when you hit the AUX button a couple of times the SAT fuction will come up. If you don't have SAT radio then hitting AUX Over and over will only give you the AUX function in the radio head.

    As far as I know there is no way to retrofit SAT radio into a LR3 that does not have it.
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    Interesting. I was told by my dealer that you could have sat radio installed post purchase. that it was around $1400. so i never followed up. So are we stuck with the aftermarket things that you stick on the windshield? (i leave it on the floor for now.)
  • I was also told that there was no factory sat radio available, and that it could only be installed post-purchase.

    He even me one in the showroom that was waiting for customer pickup.. the thing was were the ashtray used to be.
  • You can have the little aftermarket XM or Sirius radio put in but you cannot have the factory style SAT radio installed where it works from the head unit.
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    But there are factory installed units meaning its an option if your vehicle has it or you order one made with one in it. Thats correct right? you just cant go after the fact and have them put it in. Which raises another issue; why dont all parts/service people who work for LR at dealers know this stuff? How hard can it be to know everything about one vehicle and be good at it (or three vehicles).
  • Yeah late build 2006 MY LR3s had SAT radio as an option. I forget when they started making it avaliable as an option but I think it was around January or Feburary of 2006.
  • My 2006 V6 LR3 SE has the button on the radio for the bluetooth connection, but does not have the buttons on the wheel to answer the phone. When I push the Bluetooth button, a message comes up and says "no phone connected", but when I try to log in a phone, it doesn't connect. Is this button just for show? When I purchased my "new" LR3, the sticker was already off the window, so I do not know if it was supposed to come with this option in the first place...I am confused :confuse:

  • I mostly use the command shift to downshift when coming up to a stop, or to slow down in traffic.

    I'm no expert, but I've always done this in any automatic vehicle I've owned.. I find it helps slow down the vehicle, and in my mind, I feel I'm saving the brakes for a little more longevity. Also, these Rover brakes seem to throw off a lot of dust, so downshifting to slow down may help keep oxidization down on the rims.
  • I've had my LR3 for almost a year and I have never used the "descend" feature... I'm glad that I've been doing it right using 2nd gear.

    Just out of curiosity, do you use 2nd gear high or low range?

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