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Land Rover LR3



  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Correct... the dealer makes the decision if they wish to participate in A-Plan, X-Plan, Z-Plan, etc.

    I've seen numerous dealers with multiple LR3s ready for immediate purchase. You'll see far more as time goes on... especially into the New Year. But don't expect massive discounting anytime soon.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Land Rover North America released the "official" LR3 kit marketing and pricing earlier this month. They are not including installation costs, if necessary, in the marketed prices. It's basically the same kit list with some different naming. Front Lamp Guards, originally listed, will not be available.


    This is valid as of December 1, 2004.



    Format is Description - MSRP [Part Number]


    - Body Side Molding - $71.00 [DGJ500010PMA]

    - Side Steps - $605.00 [VTK500010]

    - Black Side Protection Tubes - $605.00 [VTD500010]

    - Stainless Steel Side Protection Tubes - $892.00 [VTD500020]

    - Hitch Mounted Bike Rack - $421.00 [LRNAPBR4]

    - Expedition Roof Rack - $966.00 [CAB500020PMA]

    - Quick Release Tow Bar - $375.00 [KNB500023]

    - Towing Electrics - $87.00 [YWJ500220]

    - Lockable Crossbars - $225.00 [CAP500020]

    - Wind Deflector - $147.00 [VUB502390]

    - Day Tent - $674.00 [VTW500010]

    - Electric Winch - $2360.00 [VUB501470]

    - Electric Winch Accessory Kit - $237.00 [STC53202]

    - Driving Lamp Kit - $575.42 [VUB502850]

    - Driving Lamp Mounting Brackets for Bumper - $73.00 [VUU500110]

    - Driving Lamp Mounting Brackets for Brush Bar - $63.00 [VUU500140]

    - Rear Lamp Guards - $242.00 [VUB502590]

    - A-Frame Protection Bar - $570.00 [VUB501210]

    - A-Frame Protection Bar with Winch Compatibility - $570.00 [VUB501230]

    - Brush Bar - $450.00 [VUB501270]

    - Brush Bar with Winch Compatibility - $450.00 [VUB502660]

    - Front Mud Flaps - $69.00 [CAS500010PCL]

    - Rear Mud Flaps - $69.00 [CAT500010PCL]

    - Burr Walnut Wood Fascia Kit - $613.00 [VUB501160]

    - DVD System - $1450.00 [YIP500280]

    - DVD Installation Kit - $249.00 [VUB503140]

    - Additional Set of Headphones for DVD - $85.00 [YIN500050]

    - Slding Loadspace Floor - $795.00 [VTO500010]

    - Cargo Barrier - $234.00 [VUB501170]

    - Cargo Divider - $225.00 [EOH500040]

    - Black Premium Carpet Mat Set - $136.00 [EAH500080PVJ]

    - Beight Premium Carpet Mat Set - $152.00 [EAH500081SUC]

    - Black Rubber-Backed Carpet Mat Set - $138.00 [EAH500040PVJ]

    - Beige Rubber-Backed Carpet Mat Set - $152.00 [EAH500042SUC]

    - Rubber Mast Set - $121.00 [EAH500050PMA]

    - Third-Row Rubber Mat - $35.00 [EAH500100PMA]

    - Waterproof Front Seat Covers - $194.00 [VCF500061PVJ]

    - Waterproof Rear Seat Covers for 5-Seat LR3s - $216.00 [PCF500070PVJ]

    - Waterproof Rear Seat Covers for 7-Seat LR3s- $337.00 [VCF500150PVJ]

    - Loadspace Protector - $197.00 [EBF500010]

    - Loadspace Mat - $121.00 [EAH500070PMA]

    - Sill Tread Plates - $198.00 [EBN500041]


    Prices may vary and do not include installation cost. Consult your local Land Rover Retailer for rates
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    It's ironic that the picture and example Ford shows on the first page as you sign in to the X-plan site is an LR3.


    You may want to call Ford and find out whether the dealership can selectively participate in the program per vehicle.


    Also wait a month or two will help a lot since the inventory is beginning to pile up (at least at my local dealership).
  • Picked up my fully loaded black LR3 HSE on 11/23 after trading in my Acura MDX. Excited at first by the overall ride, refinement and interior materials, However, Friday morning 11/26 the car would not start. (I was parked nose first in a 10-15 degree inclined driveway). Checked my fuel gauge which read slightly less than 1/4 tank. I then called LR roadside assistance which sent a mechanic to check the battery but I could tell that it was not a battery problem since all lights and radio worked fine. Next came a tow truck driver who attempted to drag it onto a flat bed. On a hunch, I asked the guy to stop once the vehicle got on to the level portion of the driveway and tried starting the LR3 again.

    Without hesitation the vehicle started. I called the dealer who, needless to say was clueless. After filling up my gas tank I drove to the dealership to have the car checked out.


    As of this writing, the dealer has not figured out what the problem was and I have not had a repeat of the problem since I've made sure to keep my gas tank above 50% full( I still park nose first same driveway) According to the service supervisor, he fowarded all the info that he received from his initial diagnostic tests to LRNA. They've concluded that it was probably a defective fuel pump. So, on Tuesday 12/14 the entire fuel tank and pumps will be replaced.


    Oh BTW, my car was delivered without a spare. I hadn't noticed the problem the night I took delivery of the vehicle. Dealer ordered a new one. Other problems include a high pitched hum that seems to be coming from the rear above 60mph. I am not sure whether it is a tire noise. Also, when driving the vehicle cold, there is a gentle vibration in the steering wheel. It always goes away when completely warmed up.


    On the positive side, the dealership experience at LR of Larchmont has been A+.


    I will keep you posted.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Just curious, since the LR3 and MDX are both on our shopping list (along with GX470, XC90 V8), what prompted you to trade the MDX for the LR3?


    Probably the biggest hesitancy I have regarding the LR3 is fear of problems/reliability of Land Rover vs. Acura or Lexus. The LR3 also has a bit more body roll and considerably lower gas mileage than the MDX. I guess you overcame these issues?


    My wife would prefer the MDX, mostly because of the amenities - integrated Bluetooth, XM, backup camera in Nav system, interior quality, etc. I am attracted to the LR3 for its more serious capabilities getting through snow and muck. But, given that we'd be buying for cash, the idea of dropping $53k on an LR3, possibly having problems following the warranty period and then facing Land Rovers horrific depreciation record is a bit concerning. At least with the MDX, a trade in a couple of years would be relatively painless. The LR3 is a marriage for life, unless you are prepared to lose about $25,000+ in the first 2-3 years. A friend who bought a 1 year old Range Rover for nearly $20k under the new vehicle price has advised against ever buying a new Land Rover. He has never driven anything other than a RR since 1994 and has never bought new.
  • That is truly sad.....
  • My dealer quoted me a price of ~$3K for the DVD system including install. I am pretty sure that I will go to one of the "big box' electronics retailers for mine. i am just concerned about how it will look.
  • I too considered the MDX. I chose the LR3 primarily because the vehicle qualifies as a section 179 is deductible if used for business. (by the way, what is the final word on how much is deductible if bought in 04 vs. 05)


    I also felt the MDX looks are rather bland when compared to the LR3. It didn't help that the Acura dealer pretty much ignored us when we went to see their car (the cars sell themselves) The rear seat was much more practical on the LR3 too.


    Finally, we felt we owed ourself a treat to vehicle as distinctive as the LR3. We're only going this way one time, we may as well enjoy it.


    The gas milage didn't turn us off too much as this is a third vehicle that would allow the whole family to travel together as one. The more fuel efficient car would be used for errands, hauling, etc.


    No regrets so far.
  • I was told the LR3 would take wheels as large as 22". Does anyone know the specifics on the wheel size, lug pattern, offset etc. What profile tire would go with that. the online tire vendors don't seem to have LR3s in their system yet. thanks in advance.


    No I won't ruin the vehicle with 22s, but I would like to customize just a little.
  • pjtpjt Posts: 36


    Thanks for the input. I've been driving an Audi A6 for 3 years after having the 528i for 4 years. I really miss the BMW's ride and handling, which is why I was considering the X5. Relative to the current X5 being in its last 2 years, the reason I went with the A6 in 2002 was that the 5 series hadn't changed from '98. As I mentioned previously, cost/value and space issues have pretty much eliminated the X5. VW reliability issues have caused the Taureg to fall below the XC90 and LR3 on my short list. I drove Volvos before the BMW, and put a total of 400K miles on 2 of them without any problems; solid and reliable. I haven't test-driven any of these vehicles yet, so I may have to go back to the drawing board if no one of them stands out ... though I'll be surprised if this is the case. I welcome any further input from you or anyone else out there concerning their experiences. I'm in the Boston area, so I'd be curious about dealer and pricing experiences for both the XC90-V8 and LR3. Thanks again.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Quote: "I am pretty sure that I will go to one of the "big box' electronics retailers for mine. i am just concerned about how it will look."

    Most dealers are installing non-OEM DVD systems in the LRs since the Land Rover one wasn't initially available... and yes, they normally charge about $3K. They've all looked fine. You can save money by going elsewhere, of course.


    I have yet to see an OEM DVD kit in the LR3. If it's anything like the show car I saw and the pictures in the guide, it seems to mount lower and occupies a little more space than the 3rd party installs I've seen. I have no idea if there are any real advantages getting the OEM one, other than an easier install by the installer. There is no specific product information available.
  • Thanks grommet!


    You seem to always have the answer.
  • teamkteamk Posts: 8
    My HSE should be coming in here in the SF Bay Area on Friday or Saturday this week -- hopefully it shows up.


    Rode in my friend's car all day Saturday..excellent ride, very smooth, can't wait to get mine.


    I've seen a couple of people saying they had to add the Electrical Package for Towing -- does anyone have more details on how this is done? Seems awfully strange not to have an electrical hookup right by the hitch mount like every other car produced.....


    Will update when I get my HSE...
  • A fried of mine said that it has the same lug pattern as the Corvette. He then sent me pictures of several 20" and 22" wheels that would fit the LR3. You local custom wheel shop should already have the specs once you tell them you have an LR3.


    Also, there is a site that specializes in customizing Range Rovers. I asked if they offered their wheels for the LR3. Right now, they are only offering their 22" wheels. BTW - they look really good and might be worth checking into. Email me for the site info as I am not sure I can post here without violating the forum rules.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    You should find out whether the OEM DVD system uses the MOST bus. If so, the signals are delivered to the Alpine head unit in digital format and then redistributed to the speakers using the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound decoder.


    The MOST (digital) technology also would let you select your individual source from the individual output plugs and may even allow you to control the volume from the pads on the doors instead of having to reach for the DVD unit.
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    Not actually thinking of doing this, but today, when discussing going with the SE over the HSE because lack of availability someone mentioned that you can get a fantastic aftermarket indash DVD and Nav system in the LR3.


    I would think it is to new to have this info out, but thought i would ask the board to see if anyone has heard of or seen on yet.


    Also my dealer will sell me a SE with every option of the HSE (obviously not the better radio). Can anyone think of anything wrong with that. They will put the larger wheels on the SE. Any other difference?????
  • Has anyone seen the WARN winch kit on the LR3 with the A-Frame protection bar? I orderd the A-Frame, Winch Kit, and Off Road lighting package today for my LR3. I have the accessories catalog but the only picutre is quite a close up and it doesn't really give it much "over-all" justice. The only other picture i can find on the net is that Orange G4 photo of the LR3 with all the G4 kit on it. Any information would be appreciated.


    Thank you,

  • I traded in the MDX because it began to develop more problems than one would expect from a Honda product.I love Honda's and still own an Accord but I can give you a laundry list of issues with the MDX. In the interest of time and space let's just say it has its issues. The ride quality and interior materials are no where close to the LR3's. Anyone who claims otherwise is not being honest. I know. I drove the MDX for three plus years and I test drove the '04.Also, the interior decibels climb rapidly in the MDX above 60 mph. Acura has attempted to rectify the problem with thicker glass and more insulation in the newer model year but has only improved the problem somewhat. One just cannot compare the third row seat space in the Acura,Volvo or Lexus to the Lr3. For me that was a big issue since I have two little girls.


    BTW the warranty on the LR3 is 4 yrs/48k miles during which all maintenance, except wear and tear items, is free. Acura's is 3 yrs and there is no free routine maintenance last I checked and it IS FAR FROM A TROUBLE FREE CAR. Please refer to the Acura forums at I once lived on the problems portion of that forum.


    Finally, my dealership experience at Land Rover has been far better than Acura's. Futhermore, I am from the english-speaking - as we like to say, the British Caribbean. For us there are only two cars to take off road, Toyota or Land Rover.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    US HSE has 8-way power driver's seat with memory (vs. 6-way power without memory on SE) and memory side mirrors.


    That, along with the more-powerful "Premium" stereo, bigger wheels and (optional) Adaptive Headlights are the only differences the HSE has over a "fully loaded" SE. Not too exciting, eh?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the response. Sorry to hewar you had problems with your MDX. I would be interested in a brief list of them; post over on the MDX board if you have a minute.


    I'll try test driving the LR3 this week to see if I discern a difference in highway noise. I must admit that after driving an Isuzu Trooper for 80,000 miles (and S2000 for 18,000 miles until this spring), my decible meter is probably broken. The MDX and GX470 certainly seemed quiet enough for me on the highway. I actually would have thought the larger, more aggressive treaded tires of the LR3 would havbe made it the noisier of the group.


    I appreciate the 4 yr/48k mile warranty and free maintenance. However, it's essentially 4 years worth of free oil changes and routine service, which costs very little in an MDX. My friend with a Range Rover suggested asking what a complete brake job (disks and polish rotors) would cost on the LR3. The response I got fom the dealer was a timid "about $1,000". He's had three of these in 40,000 miles of driving his RR and they are NOT part of the free scheduled maintenance program of Land Rover. I guess that's the downside of buying a 6,000 lb vehicle and driving it as a commuter car 90% of the time.


    My real dilemma is that, in order to justify $53k for the LR3, I need to be confident that we can keep the vehicle for 8-10 years and 100k+ miles without major problems or being taking to the cleaners by the "english speaking" Land Rover service department. Or that we can get out of it in 3-4 years before the warranty is up, without losing both arms and both legs. The latter is questionable, given Land Rover's history with other models. It is dead last in terms of resale value of any vehicle we have even remotely considered and is worse, in fact, than Isuzu. At least the XC90, which had some first year issues in 2003, maintained excellent resale and now appears to have it's bugs out.


    So I'm left with the dilemma of flipping an 8-10 year coin on the LR3. I'm also being advised by my RR friend to wait for the 2006, when he is willing to bet me that (a) some unknown bugs will have surfaced and have been addressed and (b) the price will drop to $1,000 over invoice and (c) the HSE will be more readily available in any color combination you want and (d) the Bluetooth and Nav system will be tweaked to integrate better.


    Good rational advice, but I'll probably let my emotions rule
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