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Land Rover LR3



  • so is the reliability good in 07's? And also I've heard nightmares about the car going full throttle but not moving then it jolts. Is that fixed? Just wondering 'cause it is something that is scaring me.(oh and reliability as in Toyota reliability and Land Rover longetivity :D )
  • I can only speak for myself but I have a 2007 LR3 HSE. I picked it up 30 Nov and so far so good. I have racked up close to 3000 miles in my first month. Only one minor issue. Early on I got some condensation in the front headlamps assembly. It disappeared after two days, returned briefly and has not occurred again. Land rover will replace the seal around the light assembly or something like that.

    So far I have not regrets and truly enjoy driving the LR3
  • When I saw the interior, it seemed like a plastic nightmare, is the plastic the kind you find in a Chevy (read: low quality chintzy things) or is it something more like Land Rover Grade(read: high quality durable metal like)LR3 is good, just wish that more of the interior was like a Range Rover. Plus, is the V8 nice a powerful for passing that big rig on the highway? Eh, I heard that the LR3 had a trans fault where you coast for a bit and then gun it, it does nothing then all of a sudden jolts quickly making the Landie lurch. Is that really still there?
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    The interior is nice! It may be plastic, but so is the Rangie... The Rove rplastic has a really nice tactile feel to it, and it's as solid as a tank - no moving interior panels like Mercedes, Ford or Toyota. the interior is as tight as an Audi or a BMW.

    As for the engine, wherever you heard that about it lurching must have been a one-off thing. I've never heard of anyone having it, and I certainly have never had it (late-2006 LR3 HSE).

    Yes the V8 is very nice - I would say the engine and tranny are now my favourite part of the truck. After the wow of the gadgetry and other bits wear off, it's how the vehicle drives that leaves a lasting impression - and this one drives like silk.

  • Every vehicle has a lot of plastic in it now. Unless you are buying an exotic there is plastic everywhere.

    The lurching transmission was a problem with the software in the transmission. The transmission shifts into neutral when coming to a stop to save gas but in a rolling stop situation the transmission would shift into neutral too soon causing the lurch and then would shift into first gear instead of second. That caused the lurching problem. At a roling stop you don't need first gear you need second gear.

    We had a service loaner LR3 that had a severe jerking/lurching problem. After many different experimental software patches Land Rover developed a patch that solved the jerking problem. Various versionf of that experimental patch are now used to solve the jerking problem.
  • That's good, considering that all Land Rover's used to be :lemon: , now it's all :) for most of us! So that's a good thing now. If only the LR3 has more wood and a bigger engine, LR3 sales would be outta the ballpark, even though the Landie is 2 years old. so :shades:
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Hi homestaman,
    If you want more wood in the interior you can buy a wood trim kit. The interior of the LR3 is very nice without being overstated. It is quiet and comfortable. As for the engine, I don't know why you need a bigger one. I live in Colorado and make frequent trips in the mountains. I have never wanted more power than I had available. In fact, I rarely use all of the power it has. I don't recall ever even flooring it. If you need more power than that, I'd suggest a turbo RR Sport or something lighter.

    For me, I love this truck just the way it is.
  • It's just the fact that everyone likes to have a big shiny V8 with lotsa wood when buying luxo-utes, but still, still renembers that Utility Vehicle is 2/3 of the Luxo-ute formula, and I think that wood is just a nice thing to show off when family is here, but it's ok, the look of the LR3 is enough :shades: and so is the techy gadgetry :)
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    I had the wood package put on my LR3. I posted a picture on this forum way back in December of 2005. If you look back, it's a black/alpaca LR3 HSE.

    The wood package offered by Land Rover was discontinued so my local Land Rover/Jaguar dealer used another company. Actually, the wood choices were more attractive than what LR had. I chose walnut, gorgeous!

    Mark156 :)
  • Wait.. was it for the whole interior or just the front? Cause' if it's the whole, awesome!! :D
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Homestarman..... The whole what??? what does that mean? I had the wood put on the front dash that includes the center, and both side where the air vents are.

    This is not a pimp mobile! :P Where else would you put wood other than the dash? :confuse:

    Mark156 :)
  • Should be that and window controls, the stereo thingies on the LR3. That's about it I guess, not much else :D

    Homestarrrrrrrunner! :)
  • The LR3 is primarily a utility vehicle and a luxury vehicle second.

    That is entirely too much wood.
  • just went to the California San Jose Auto Show Today, the LR3's plastic, i flicked it and... no noise! That must be some good plastic! Looks pretty good, after all, im typing on plastic boxes. :D
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Homer.. I've never seen wood on the window controls or the center face of the radio/air controls, etc. That would be WAY too much wood!

    Actually, I agree with you, the plastic is not bad at all.

    Mark :)
  • Heard some guy say at the auto show" The center console is where they got cheap" don't really believe that, But if the LR3 had a nicer looking interior like Lexus or Merc's, LR3's would be good enough to be a baby rangie, so guess LR had to forget about wood.
  • Hi everybody ;)

    It has been almost two months since I took delivery of my 2007 LR3 HSE in Tonga Green with Alpaca interior. I have the 7 seater and added luggage rack crossbars, running board and mud flaps.

    I have covered just over 5000kms and simply love this SUV. I really enjoy driving it in town but I find it is even more enjoyable to drive during longer trips.

    Only two minor issues thus far and both being addressed by LR Ottawa. The first was some initial condensation in the front headlight assemblies and the second was the presence of vibration coming from the front passenger door assembly around the speakers. :surprise:

    After some initial frustration with the voice recognition system seemingly caused by the systems difficulty to recognized my slight quebecois french accent, all is well. I knew I had to get french manuals to change the language setting when I had to fake a british accent to get the system to recognize my commands. :cry:

    Looking forward to our upcoming trip to the off road driving school here in Montebello.

    Overall I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the LR3. Solid as a rock but yet refined :shades:
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Does anybody know if the CD player can play a CD that has .mp3 files or .wma files? (I am not talking about playing those files with a mp3 player plugged into the aux jack).
  • It can play MP3s.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    thanks for the reply British Rover. I'll try it.
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