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Land Rover LR3



  • toddetodde Posts: 10
    I thought I would pipe in here, I've have my LR3 LE for two months now with 5600 miles. No problems yet, and I'm still learning the particulars about this vehicle.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    If you are concerned about the reliability and service, GX would be your choice. Note that the current reported LR3 problems are only the ones people have experienced in short term ownership. There will be problems that wouldn't surface until more miles and months.


    Sometimes the service experience is not just the willingness of the dealership but also the logistical system behind the service centers. LR is amongst the worst with regard to getting parts. Lexus on the other hand has it down cold.


    If you have to put adults in the 3rd row or have a significant problem with the swinging door, then go for the LR3.


    I don't see a huge volume difference between the GX and LR3. The uniqueness factor will wear off in a couple of years unless Ford fails it's sales plan. If that happens, the depreciation will be bad since Ford will discount heavily to move the new cars.


    From the off road capability stand point, I am not sure a KDSS equipped GX would be much less than an LR3. I've seen trail pictures of KDSS and they are impressive. The tire choice you make could make more of a difference in the off road or slippery situations than the vehicle design itself.


    One thing you should check out is if KDSS equipped GX can tow the full weight if you have a towing requirement. My dealer told me it can't, that puts GX out of my list for me.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    While parts availability has been an issue in the past, Land Rover currently has a 97% fill rate on retailer orders and has maintained this for almost a year. There have been many changes in the Parts system and these have made our current performance on par with any other manufacturer. All manufacturers can and do have backorder issues to some degree. This is one area where Ford has been very beneficial to Land Rover, both in personnel and increasing the importance of Land Rover's business to suppliers. It has also implemented processes that were absent before that has created a good business discipline that was sorely lacking in the past.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    At one point, we were between the LR3 and MDX when I thought I was going to buy in 2004 and was looking only at 6,000+ lb GVW vehicles.


    Now our current SUV is acting up and we may be back in the market. However, I have just about completely ruled out the GX470 for various issues mentioned - lousy 3rd row being chief among them. The 2005 MDX, with a few added features over the 2004, seems a better "safe" choice among the Japanese brands. And, after 12,000 miles behind me with my 2004 TL, I have no complaints on Acura quality.


    If I were you - and leasing - I think the LR# would be tops on my list. The horrendous deprectiation would not be a factor, nor would long term relaiblity after the warranty period. The LR3 may having you go to the dealership more during the warranty period than an Acura or Lexus, but that's more of a nuisance than an actual financial risk.


    However, since we would be buying, I have to take issue with the claim made by someone above that the Land Rover would (only) depreciate slightly more than a Lexus (or Acura). I could buy a $70k+ 3-4 year old Range Rover for about the same I would have to pay for a similar vintage $40k MDX. That's not "slight" in my book. Based upon Range Rover's history, they have never had a model that wasn't at the very bottom of its category list ranked in terms of resale value.


    Poor resale isn't a deal killer by itself. But combined with the risk of long term reliability, it does make for a bit of anxiety on how an owner might feel in 5 years when the warranty has expired and the resale value is diminimous.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    "Based upon Range Rover's history, they have never had a model that wasn't at the very bottom of its category list ranked in terms of resale value."


    I don't know for sure, but I think that the Defender may be the exception to that rule.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103


    Good to hear that Ford helped the LR Parts system. Would you elaborate a bit on what the 97% fill rate means?


    1. How do you count an order filled? i.e. Next day availability, two days, or within a week?


    2. Does the 97% include all parts or just some of the parts? i.e. would the LR3 fuel tank and A pillar (to repair a collision) count?


    3. What would be a typical wait if a part has to come from UK? e.g. How log to get an LR3 door?


  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    Last night as I exited a Thruway I made a sharp right and headed down a steep local street at around a 45 degree angle. At the very moment of the turn my LR3 stalled. I quickly restarted it and continued on. The tank was 3/4 full. In the two weeks I have owned it I have never let it get under a 1/4 of a tank. Now I'm wondering what would of happened if I had...I'll be calling my dealer in a few minutes to discuss.


    On another note my dealer drove to my office on his way home last night to hand deliver the part of my door handle that I had lost in the car wash last weekend. Thought that was pretty good service.
  • Last night as I exited a Thruway I made a sharp right and headed down a steep local street at around a 45 degree angle


    Sorry - you headed down a street that has a 45 degree incline? No street on earth is that steep I think., so I am misunderstanding I am sure. Can you explain?
  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    OK, maybe I'm exaggerating but it was steep...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Even the steepest street in San Francisco (Filbert between Hyde and Leavenworth) barely makes 18o but it feels a lot steeper when you're attempting to negotiate it!


    tidester, host
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,985
    I'm more used to grades.


    Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand is reputedly the steepest road in the world that is meant for auto traffic with a 36% grade. Lombard Street has a 14.3% grade and Filbert in San Fran comes in at 31.5%


    I'll leave it to Tidester to explain the difference in slope, angle, grade, degree, etc.


    Btw, the Dodge Power Wagon can almost manage a 90% angle. :-) (link)


    Steve, Host
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Maybe with using the winch it will. :--)


    By the way, I can't seem to find any pricing on the Power Wagon here in Edmunds (the link from the review page just goes to the basic 2wd 1500 Ram).
  • emolsemols Posts: 15
    My car has also stalled twice when the car was 3/4 full- but I have had it for 6 weeks and let the tank go well below the 1/4 mark. On the 2 seperate occassions- almost 4 weeks in between the stalls- I was going downhill as well. Service cannot find anything but I have my service man's cell phone when and if it happens again. I love my car so much- even though now my cd player is broken! I really would not pick another car to own. I would tell anyone to buy it- I knew going in it was a new model vehicle with potential setbacks so I am not complaining, but I just want to get the word out on the stalling to see if anyone else has pinpointed the problem.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    "I do think each key they supplied may go to a preset seat position but we share one key in my family so it's a pain but I'm getting pretty smooth at leaning in, putting the key in and moving the seat back."


    teldoc, the HSE has the memory seat positions and can be programmed to follow the fob. The SE doesn't have memory at all, so it needs a better solution.
  • 3 month owner of LR3 HSE and love it. Mine was one of the first delivered to Louisiana, and was supposed to have all options however, no bluetooth phone capabilities, and no satelite radio. When will this become available? Any idea how I find the necessary cable to hook up my ipod to the aux (through Rover dealer or apple)? only suggestion so far would be to tie the rear parking sensor into the radio volume... in other words if radio is playing sensor "chirp" would be louder. And lastly make a key that will accept a key ring!!! Other than that no glitches just me smiling looking for places to go...
  • toddetodde Posts: 10
    Any chance your in New Orleans? I'm here also and can't find a rover club to take my new LR3 offroad. Any suggestions?

  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Mine stalled again last night (4th time and at the same stop) with almost a full tank of gas.


    The dealer now states it is the diesel fuel pump and tank (seems that LR is beginning to recognize the problem). Was mentioned earlier that some pre-production models got the wrong tank/fuel pump combination. Seems like the "pre-production" problem made it into production models as well.


    Have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the tank. Will let you know how it turns out.
  • btnbtn Posts: 35
    " find the necessary cable to hook up my ipod to the aux (through Rover dealer or apple)?"


    A simple input to output cord will work. Real cheap at Radio Shack. I actually checked my cord collection at home and I had a couple, so I saved a dollar or two.


    "And lastly make a key that will accept a key ring!!! "


    they're now attaching a small ring to it so that you can then attach a bigger key ring to that...
  • Sorry that you are still having problems emols and others

    My fuel pump was replaced almost 1.5 months ago and my dealer knew then that there were cars destined for the US with diesel pumps instead of gas ones. I understand that not all stalls have the same cause but it would make sense that one of the first things that would be checked in a car that stalls repeatedly would be the pumps knowing that fact.

    Since my pumps were replaced, I have even parked in my inclined driveway with the low fuel light on, the same place the car stalled with 1/4 of gas.
  • scaredscared Posts: 13
    Does anyone know how the MDX AWD system would do in Philadelphia weather/snow?
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