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Land Rover LR3



  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I talked to Encino LR as they followed up on a request for qoute, via the Internet. While polite, they did not pursue the deal at all. The guy at Redondo Beach LR was much more aggressive in following up with me.
  • rov3rrov3r Posts: 7
    Does anyone have any idea if the vehicles which have experienced stalling issues hail from the same production batch?

    I was checking through inventories on-line It looks as though one may be able to determine what batch their vehicle is from by looking at the 5th letter of the VIN #, e.g. SALAA, SALAD, SALAE, etc.

    I am taking delivery of a fresh off the boat SALAE today...I am hoping the stalling problem has been resolved in production by now...Anyone experience a stall with a SALAE?
  • Very interesting thought. My LR3 does tend to surge under all but the lightest acceleration from a stop. If I forget to gently accelerate I get a "thump" seemingly from the tranny suddenly engaging. I have thought this is more a problem with the throttle set up but I suppose it could be inversely related to the stalling problem as I have had no problems with stalling. Anyone else out there think the acceleration from a stop is a bit hard to manage? I realize a V8 is supposed to be strong off the line but it seems a bit all or none at times. Tony
  • "Anyone else out there think the acceleration from a stop is a bit hard to manage? "


    There are several owners that have written about this condition including myself. My guess is a software issue. It not problematic enough for me to warrant a trip to the dealer but should be corrected
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Regarding the transmission seemingly shifting hard when accelerating from stop quickly... Yes, my LR3 seems to do that. But I never thought of it as a big issue. Of course, it could be my unfamiliarly with automatics and this type of vehicle. I've been a sports car & manual transmission driver virtually my whole life. I guess it makes the vehicle feel little less refined and should be improved if at all possible.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    With my ordered LR3 arrival imminent, I am going to do this to set my mind at ease: tell the dealer we are going to go for a 10 mile test drive where I am going to try and invoke these various failure modes.
    My hope, inspired by the mass of postings on this forum, is that these failure modes are infant mortality issues and as such will appear right away or most likely never.
    If the test drive reveals any issues, then I will not take the car. If no issues, then I will chance the validity of the infant mortality assumption.

  • ronprxronprx Posts: 24
    Hey TZO - I live in Hermosa Beach. Did you purchase from Redondo, and if so do you recommend them? Come by and take me for a ride :-)
  • hung3hung3 Posts: 28
    yesterday I had encountered the same system fault as well. It happened when I was waiting for the traffic to clear at an exit of the mall. The car did not stalled, however HDC, ABS, Break warning light was all on. I drove the car to the next block and turned off the engine, then the dash message displayed HDC system fault/suspension system fault, transmission system fault. And I restart the engine again, everything seems to be back to normal. Drove for almost 60 miles and car seems to be fine. Let us know how your "baby" turns out.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    Ronprx, I live up in San Jose. I was talking to the LA LR dealers, including the RB guy. It turns out there is a vehicle coming to my spec here in San Jose, so I can save the flight/drive to LA.
  • Starting from stop sign and with accellerator depressed, the ute tends to rev up suddenly and to surge forward in the meantime.

    It almost feels like there is a sudden down shift of gear and engine over-revs as a result.

    I think that the down-shift of the LR3 gear is not fast enough for up slope and for stopping.

    Baby step the throttle or stopping for slightly longer seems to alleviate the situation.
  • I called the dealer today to check on my car. The mechanic I talked to mentioned that he has to call LR UK for the fix. LR UK instructed him to change the configuration of the car (what that meant I have no clue). He said everything looks OK after the update but would like to keep the car for another day. He will test drive it around the block tomorrow to make sure it's trouble free.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    I have this same problem in my Lexus LS430. I complained to the dealer - but they said this was a normal part of the "throttle by wire" or something similar. I think it's unnerving but doesn't seem like anything that will be fixed. They said the LS was "searching" for the right gear. As my model was the first year of a 6 speed, and the LR3 also has a 6 speed, this may just be related to the lower gear ratios.
  • Tzo:

    Your experience may say more about who was responding to your inquiry than anything else. I drove over to the dealership and my experience, to-date, has been very good (well, about as good as buying a car can be!). We test drove the LR3 and the Range Rover, and they answered all of our questions. The sales rep that I spoke to was low pressure, and I like that.
  • ronprxronprx Posts: 24
    Stopped by the RB LR dealer to discuss stall issues. At least this time they admitted a problem. They currently believe that stalls are attributed to fuel tanks.

    The first step is to admit you have a problem. "AA 4 LR""
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    That's an old theory that has been disproven by a number of owners.

    LR has just tested a programming change that is coming out now.

    Let's hope this fixes the problem once and for all.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    iragood, I agree totally. I have no fault at all with how Encino LR handled me. I wished only to point out that they were low pressure and letting me make the move to the next step.
  • rea9390rea9390 Posts: 19
    Anyone know of a good source of info on how the LR3 limited slip actually works. I know a little about other limited slips but have not been able to find any info on the LR3 setup....
  • ronprxronprx Posts: 24
    Yes. I know this based on the info here. My pint, is that they "the dealer" still believes that it is the fuel tank. Scarry that we (the folks here) know more than the folks selling these things.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Take this for what's it worth - but my dealer now has the CD containing the corrected code for what they believe is a transmission problem that is causing the downhill stalls. We'll get the new code installed tomorrow and then the dealer states that he has to ship the new CD to another dealer that is having similar stalling problems. This is all supposedly very new and LR had to wait for the EPA to validate the new programming.

    You may want to ask you dealer about this theory on the stalling issue.
  • bkleo123bkleo123 Posts: 1
    Im looking to get the LR3 and the mission viejo dealership is close by and I was wondering if someone has dealt with them before and what they thougt
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