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Land Rover LR3



  • "Switch it off, count to 10 and start again and everything is fine..."

    The trouble with this theory is that the voltage would likely be even lower on the second start-up, since you've already stressed the battery with the first.
  • On the other hand, maybe the first start warms up the battery a bit from the current drain, causing the discharge voltage on the second start to be higher. I think the low voltage theory still needs to be looked into. VW Touaregs apparently can experience spurrious system faults due to bad batteries. Time to get out your digital voltmeters and check your battery voltage. Let the car sit overnight. Fully charged is 12.65V.
  • jsfmdjsfmd Posts: 4
    Would appreciate getting this info also. Email is Thanks.
  • go4snowgo4snow Posts: 9
    My dealer told me to turn the key to the first position and wait for about 3 seconds (until the system check light clears) before starting. His theory was that there were servos that need to self test during the start-up process. If they did not complete their routine before the engine was started, the system would fail and give you the corresponding light. The fix seemed to work for me. I never had a failure if I paused between turning the key and starting.
  • td4td4 Posts: 5
    Hi John,

    Can you please send me the details on the setup screen. My info is on profile


  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36

    Has your wiper been fixed?

    My new/replacement LR3 is doing this, never had a problem on the first one. Also, it seems that the rear lift-gate takes some force to close properly.


  • oferlioferli Posts: 3
    I had bought a Refrigerator (Waco, 50L), which I would like to connect on the rear. The 12V accessory connector has power only while the switch is turn ON.

    It seem that there are two “bad” alternatives to connect it directly to the Battery.
    1. Throw the firewall and all the way under the doors frame.
    2. Below the car and try to find a way up throw the rear wing.

    Does anyone have better idea or any other tips?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Do bear in mind that 12 volt refrigerators and coolers have a pretty high current draw and will drain the vehicle battery very quickly unless the engine is running.

    If you really need to have it operating without the engine running I'd consider a second battery (deep cycle) installed with an isolator.
  • Bill,

    Has your wiper been fixed?

    My new/replacement LR3 is doing this, never had a problem on the first one. Also, it seems that the rear lift-gate takes some force to close properly.

    I fixed it myself with some oil. As for the lift gate, it depends whether the car is open or closed. Use some force when the car is otherwise closed.
  • hung3hung3 Posts: 28
    Hi all,

    Wonder if you guys had tried out the wiper on the front windshield. Since I live in CA (sunny all the time) I only got to try that out recently. And I have found it is making quite a loud noice from the rubber rubbing the glass even when rain was heavy. Since my car is still in the shop for HDC and other fix, I have asked the dealer to look at the wiper as well.
    Is this normal? please advise your comment.
  • frankrifrankri Posts: 3
    I love my new LR3 (250 miles) unfortunately I experienced the stall factor for the first time on Sunday, e-mailed the dealer, stop by the dealer on Monday, they took me right in, made a computer adjustment (1/2 hour) drove off. NO problem. The dealer service was excellent, they were aware of the problem and appeared to know the solution. I guess the northeast knows how to treat their customers.
  • threeputtthreeputt Posts: 19
    There's this product I use on all my wipers called 303 Wiper Blade Conditioner. Or something like that. I know it's made by 303. I get it through my detail shop, and I've seen it at several online detail shops. It comes in single use, pre-moistened little foam wipes, sort of like one of those little wet napkins they give you at a ribs or chicken wings joint. I live in FL where it rains all the time and this stuff works like a champ. I do all my blades after each washing.........Jeff
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Got my HSE Silver/Alpaca this weekend! Turned in my Disco II and I love the new LR3, its amazing compared to the Disco, nothing wrong with the Disco, infact it a more "butch" feeling truck. But the LR3 is so refined and solid feeling. My only regret is not getting the 7 seat model. The dealer didn't have many HSE's to choose from and I just got lucky I got the color combo I wanted. I took advantage of the early lease termination on my Disco so I couldn't wait to order one. Oh well, next time. My disco didn't have the 7 seat option either so I probably won't miss it.

    I'm thinking of getting the mudflaps, side door molding and a cargo tray.
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    hung3 - No problems with windshield wipers for me, they work as they should.
  • landy manlandy man Posts: 39
    I bought the side mouldings for our LR-3 when we took delivery but I prefer putting these things on myself...only problem is that there does not appear to be any reference as to height in the instructions. I can only guess based on the photos in the accessories catalog. Can anyone who had the dealer install advise of height from the bottom of the door? Thanks.
  • reichowjrreichowjr Posts: 86
    My wipers make noise when there is barley any rain on the windshield. I believe the rain sensor is too sensitive as I have dialed back the intermittent feature as far back as I can.

    The only way to bypass the problem is to bypass the intermittent feature. The next time I go in for service I plan to have the dealer look at it. Its not a big problem but for this kind of $$$ they should work perfectly.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    You may have to polish your windshield, that usually causes the chatter and smearing on windshields. I use glass polish (Zaino) and it makes the glass buttery smooth and very clean. Makes the wipers work effortlessly. The glass is probably the most neglected, we wax polish and shine the paint, but the glass takes just as much abuse and all people usually do is clean it.
  • gwellandgwelland Posts: 23
    Hmm, I've had a few similar situations now.

    1) Audio system locked out and wouldn't work at all. Stopped and removed key & retired several times but still failed. NAV screen dead. Drove to the dealer immediately as I was nearby. Parked, discussed with tech. Put key in ignition. Everything worked again!!! Grrr....

    2) Parked at night. Got in vehicle, key in & everything starts as usual (lights/wipers etc as it was raining). Turned ignition and there was a loud click and total power cut-off. Everything. After several retries I left it for a minute or so whereupon the damn thing started as if nothing had happened.

    3) Car parked in garage unlocked. Got in an put key in ignition - everything powers up as expected. Turn ignition key - nothing, nada, zilch!!! The red led on the left that flashes for the alarm being armed is still flashing as if the key isn't in the ignition or the security system is active. I press the remote to unlock several times. Still doesn't work. I lock/unlock multiple times. Still doesn't work. I ponder which hammer to attack the LR3 with in rage and try again. It starts flawlessly as if nothing had happened.

    I also have a coolant level warning that isn't. LR ordered a new expansion tank and sensor as apparently it isn't registering correctly.

    So, I'm seeing a trend here ... I'm hoping all of my previous LR & RR prejudices are going to be proved wrong but I'm sensing that LR still have some of the quality/design issues that made me avoid them in the past in favor of BMW.

    Now what's really annoying me at the moment is just how able this thing is ... this is from it's maiden 20 mile round-trip through deep virgin snow.

  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    I ordered the mudflaps and side molding. Can't wait to get them on. Also got the front windows tinted and it finishes the look of the car, I think. I'm also thinking about getting a clear bra type film put on the highly painted front.

    So far so good, almost at the magic 500 miles so I can start really driving it.
  • I see two main faults here:

    - Water getting into wiring looms etc - this is potentially a big issue as it is likely to hurt us all later (when warranty is over). I've had my wiring loom replaced and "super-insulated with grease". How long will that hold up??

    - Computer/startup problems. Much less problematic as these can probably be solved mainly with software fixes. Also, you can avoid these issues: turn the key part of the way, until the lights come on; then wait a few seconds until starting. That appears to make a difference.

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