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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • fergiefergie Posts: 6
    Its not just yours, mine has been in the shop 5 times and still no fix thank god the service director drove it and felt it but still they can duplicate it, we have a lemon law suit going on..
  • fromcincyfromcincy Posts: 2
    I wondered, what is the month/year production of your Equinox. Maybe that is the same problem as mine. My dealer is telling me that they need a special tool to test mine and the tool is on back order and not available until August 22nd. They are trying to locate another dealer who has one. Supposely this was not an Essential tool needed by the mechanics to repair the cars. My dealerislooking into why it would be doing this but told me in the meantime it won't hurt it to drive it.
  • fergiefergie Posts: 6
    I do have this problem along with other problems, and it was in the shop today for that reason which the service dept say that there is no fix at this time GM is working on it HAHA whatever :mad:
  • bmoebmoe Posts: 2
    they are able to test it no problem....I just can't believe the story about the cobwebs....I called 5 other dealerships, and none of them heard anything about it. The told me Chevy had a service bulletin out on it....I asked to see it, when they showed it to me, it did reference the error message, but they were saying it was due to the gas cap. I wonder if Peter Parker built my nox......
  • noxguynoxguy Posts: 8
    Does any one know how to remove the cross bars on the Equinox? I may need to modify the bars for carrying my canoe.

  • If I remember correctly, there's a hang tag in English and French. The bars should have end-cap lift levers to "unlock" the cross bars; according to the tag.

    Which reminds me; I had decided to remove mine and put them in my "trunk" for safe-keeping since there are no garages or car-ports here. But then I went to sleep and forgot :blush:

    J K F

    P. S.: Welcome to Town Hall Meeting. jkf
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    I use only "Top Tier Gas" in my newer vehicles.
    At my location, little to no difference in price.

    Poor grade gasoline effects your emissions and will cause your Check Engine Light to come on.
    This is true with all newer vehicles, foreign and domestic, due to stricter emission standards.
    Poor gas will also cause deposits and clog fuel injectors.
    Check out this link for high quality Gasoline Retailers:

    If your Check Engine Light comes on, try a different brand of gas. It may take up to 150 miles before the light resets.(An EPA thing!)
  • ericb8276ericb8276 Posts: 7
    Hello all. I was reading/enjoying many of your posts and have decided to join the family of NOX posters and probably soon to be a NOX owner. I must tell you, I am a little concerned with some of the TSB's as well as the poor gas mileage. My other issue is , do I wait for the 2006? (May not have a choice). I am curious ..does anyone know if they made any changes between the two years?

    Eric B
  • pdwpdw Posts: 5
    I purchased my Equinox in June 2005 (it was assembled in April 2005). I presently have 2400 miles on it and I have had no problems! I love driving it and my gas mileage has been about 19-20 (combination highway and city.) I am a Home Health nurse so I'm on the road quite a bit. I'm happy with my decision to buy the vehicle. I too have read many of the postings on this site - both good and bad, Any new vehicle that is released is going to have glitches - some of the most popular makes have had far more problems than the Equinox has had. I think the later the vehicles were assembled in 2005 many issues had been worked out. I wasn't expecting the gas mileage results of a Honda Accord or other small car. It's a mid sized SUV so 19-20 MPG is acceptable! There is only very minor changes in the 2006 model - the body style is the same and they added an indicator light for the heated seats. (That would be nice - as mine has no light and you're not aware if the seat is on, except for the heat!) There are pretty substantial savings in buying a 2005 right now. The employee discount incentive is still being offered until the end of the month. I bought a fully loaded model for thousands less than a friend paid when she bought hers in March. Good luck and enjoy! ---- Pam
  • ericb8276ericb8276 Posts: 7
    Pam, thank you for the added insight. I have pretty much made up my mind to purchase a NOX however, there are almost no 2005 models left in my area. Second, the employee discount is just another marketing ploy unless you outright purchase the vehicle. I plan to lease it, therefore, the price drop is negligible since the lease rate went up. The price is actually more expensive with the EPP than it was before when lease rates were ate 1.9/2.9! Anyhow, I am going to wait for the 2006 model to come up (I think August or September) and wait for another lease promo. If anyone knows of a site where I can get detailed info on the changes to 2006 models, I would be thankful. I am wondering if they "fixed" the electronic steering and the tranny lock-in at 60mph going downhill.
    Thanks all,
  • gaspoor1gaspoor1 Posts: 9
    Well, here's an update on the tranny, after 2 resets it is finally shifting like a real transmission should! 1st tank of gas after the fix averaged only 16.14 mpg, but part of the tank was used while tranny wasn't shifting properly and some was used in the "retraining" process under the TSB. Already see a difference in the next tankful. Got 86 miles on 1st quarter tank, usually get 65, will update when I have used several tankfuls, but car is much smoother, might even start to like it again, thankful I leased though just in case! ;)
  • ericb8276ericb8276 Posts: 7
    I just looked on the nhtsa web site and found a tsb for the odor issues. I dont recall anyone mentioning the tsb so I am posting what I found for all those interested.

    Make : CHEVROLET Model : EQUINOX Year : 2005
    Manufacturer : GENERAL MOTORS CORP.
    Service Bulletin Num : 3169 Date of Bulletin: JAN 01, 2004
    NHTSA Item Number: 10010166
    Check to Request Research. Submit below.
  • :blush:mumble-grumble. Sorry, had my foot in my mouth:blush:

    Hey, noxguy, did you ever get your Equinox cross bars off?

    Now that the Midwest Heat Wave has abated a few degrees, I went out to do what I said I was going to do in the last post to you.

    ;)I can't get the cross bars off without using a jumbo slotted screwdriver or a battery-operated saber saw to open the rail's tracks. And then arc-welding to military specifications the tracks back together in one piece;)

    J K F
  • At purchase, I asked my sales guy about the tranny TSB. He said something to the effect of it's not a problem.

    Congrats on the better mpg in your vehicle:)

    J K F
  • Well it looks like I am going to make the trip to NOXville! :) I am waiting for the lease rates to drop and get the 2006 or possibly find a 2005 with employee discount and interst rate of 6.25. Who knows, I may be the first one in this newsgroup with a 2006! Will keep everyone posted! :)

  • noxguynoxguy Posts: 8
    No never got them off, I built a rack that sits on top of the factory one. Too bad they are more decoration than function.
  • jimnoxjimnox Posts: 2
    We have had our 2005 NOX since October, 2004. Since the summer heat has hit in Houston the driver's leather seat sticks to the armrest. This only happens when the seat is left in the forward position and the car is left to cook in the sun. The plastic trim on the armrest has actually stuck to the upright side of the seat so that when you open the door the trim piece is pulled off. The dealer is replacing the trim piece but this sound more like a design problem.
    Anyone else having this problem?
  • tis1tis1 Posts: 2
    I have an 2005 Equinox AWD LS it has been in the dealership three times for a total of 15 days and counting and it's obvious they have no idea what is wrong.

    The problem is intermittant. Each time the engine will not turn over even though the battery is fine (lights, CD/radio, wipers, etc function). Occasionally after multiple attempts turning the key the engine will start (twice required towed). Each time after this occurs and the engine does start about 5 minutes into drive all engine alarms and lights come on, a/c quits, and all indicators on dash go to zero (rpm, mph, fuel, battery and odomoter quits adding miles). Despite all of this, the engine continues to run. Twice the dealership told me 'fuse connections were loose and were reconnected' and most recently they replaced the starter switch. Needless to say the problem repeated itself last weekend and they have no idea what is wrong.

    Does anyone have any insight? Thanks.
  • I have the answer to your problem. Tell them you want a new vehicle! Demand it. If th vehicle has been in the shop for the same problem at least three times, they are obligated to replace the vehicle. Called the lemon law. Get out of your problem while you still can.
  • czipperczipper Posts: 2
    I complained of this back in February (#283) and have now gone to 10,000 Miles, and it is summer (no longer cold weather) and none of these have alleviated the mpg problem. I havent noticed any extremely unusual shifting, so I hesitate to have the transmission reprogrammed to solve the mileage problem. Has anyone noticed a significant improvement after going through this transmission reprogram?
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