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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • No answers/suggestions were given to me from the dealership.

    I have come to my own solution, of keeping the vent pointed in the defrost mode, instead of at my feet, especially on nice days when I want the windows open or air coming in from the outside. This position does not engage the AC compressor to turn on, thus helping to save on gas. Chevy decided to change this feature in the Equinox compared to their other vehicles. Most other Chevy's will engage the AC compressor (whether you have the AC on or not) while in defrost mode. This is one feature that I am annoyed with.

    That is my only suggestion to you, good luck! If you come across any suggestions or any more information from your dealership, please let me know.
  • tks for your update hackenator, chevy came through for me, so far anyway, replaced entire igntion system. car so far running great, thank you for your post. any furthur developments with my nox i will certainly post to this formun.
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    I checked the owners manual again. It says "Defogging and Defrosting - Fog or frost on the inside of windows is a result of high humidity (moisture) condensing on the cool window glass. This can be minimized if the climate control system is used properly. Use the defog mode to clear the windows of fog or moisture and warm the passengers. Use the defrost mode to remove fog or frost from the windshield more quickly. When you select either of these modes (or the floor mode which also helps defog the windows slightly), the system runs the air-conditioning compressor and cancels recirculation mode to dry the air.

    I check my Nox with the hood and driver door opened and the fan speed on low. When the right mode knob is on vent or bi-level, you can turn the compressor on/off with the snowflake button. The light is on when compressor is on and light is off when compressor is off. As soon as the right knob reaches floor mode, the compressor turns on and the snowflake button is useless. You can push the snowflake button to turn the A/C light on and off, giving you the impression you are controlling the A/C compressor, but the compressor runs regardless. Defrost and Defog mode work the same. Floor, Defrost and Defog mode also cancel recirculate, but the recirculate button continues to go on or off when you push the recirculate button. The least they could have done is to force the A/C light on and Recirculate light off in floor, defrost, defog mode to match what the system is actually doing.

    It appear compressor always runs by design in any mode that directs any amount of air to the windshield. I doubt any dealer can do anything about this.

    If you set the mode to floor, then turn mode knob one click to left (between floor and bi-level), you can control the compressor with the snowflake button. In this setting the compressor does not run with the A/C light off and most of the air comes out of the floor. A little air comes out the dash vents and you can adjust them to direct air away from you.
  • I purchased an Equinox in Jan '05. Since then has been in shop 7 times. First struts, then smell and hose changes, flush, and then no fluid with badly stained surge tank. After next flush coolant is somewhat opaque with white flakes and film on top. Dealer says it is normal, however I took a sample with a syringe from '03 Avalanche with 46,000 miles (I have 9000) and Burban with 97000. Both other samples were crystal clear. Took pictures! Now rear is making clunking sound when applying brakes which appears to be synchronous with roll of rear wheels as sound frequency decreases as wheel rotation decreases. Anyone have this problem? Have filed manufacturers defect notice with GM, but they say dealer says car is fine. Have had Gm's all my life (and I am not young!) and never had so many problems or service mgr treat me like I am an idiot because I am female! If anyone has any ideas, please reply. Thanks
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 84
    Does not sound as though your dealer has been effective with the coolant flushing procedure which is quite complex. See post #408 to access GM TSB listings then go down the list to find TSB# 04-06-02-010A which was issued on April 19 2005 and posted May 24 2005 as "Cooling System Underhood Odors". (I believe the original bulletin was 010 issued in December 04)
    There must have been a consignment of off spec. hoses installed sometime after initial production commenced early in 2004. Pity GM has not come clean on this and identified/recalled the VINs affected.
    The bulletin states that discoloration of the coolant is normal and is the result of sealant pellets added to the system during production, however they emphasize that sealant pellets are not to be added during the flushing repair so one could conclude that your flush has not been fully effective.
    My Nox was manufactured in March of 04. It has about the same mileage as yours and the coolant is a slightly opaque pink.
    Have not seen any prior references to rear brake pulsation although there are a number of references to front brakes rumble due to warped rotors (see post # 470). My front rotors were skimmed at 7000 miles.
    Hope this is of some help.
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    Have you ever tried or for invoice prices? Many sites availabe that show the dealer invoice. Remember dealer can still sell under invoice with certain incentives. I paid $1500 under invoice for my 05 nox with the employee discount plan. 2006 Chevrolet Equinox 4dr AWD LT
    New Vehicle (BASE MODEL)


    Invoice Price: $22,997
    MSRP Price : $24,675
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  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    Over 3000 miles, still at 15 MPG. I can hear the front brakes starting to rub, a lot of brake dust still being put off. Have seen messages getting 26 MPG, find this so hard to believe, which is why I purchased the nox. Thinking this meager 185 horse six is to small to handle a mid size, causing the consumption of more fuel. Asked the dealer if any complaints on fuel milage, of course he said no. Have all reciepts and mileage for fill-ups. Paid cash, wishing I had leased. I understand this is a SUV, the 19-26 MPG estimated fuel mileage needs to come off the sticker, more like 15-19.
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    Oops! Can always look up the invoice price on the site we are on,
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 84
    US Department of Energy/EPA Nox fuel economy survey results range from 15 to 21 mpg with the average Nox driver getting 18.4 mpg. (
    I drive an AWD and it's possible to get a 19+ mpg average by driving at the posted speed limit and controlling rev. surge below 3000 on the tachometer. The vehicle is very throttle sensitive, has good acceleration and will travel fast but seems to require a more conservative driving style to get close to 20 mpg.
    My previous ride, a 3.8 V6 T'bird, had about the same fuel consumption but with much better streamlining and little or no electronics controlling the engine and transmission. :)
  • Cruise control does not work 50% of the time. Took it to the dealer and they say nithing is broke. Bulletin from Gm says they know about thep problem and there is nothing they can do about it. They did give me an extended warranty if the cruise happens to break after my initial warranty. I told them it already does not work. We went around and around. I am reporting it to the Better Business Bureau. ANy body else have this problem?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    maybe you should file a complaint with the national highway transportation safety administration so others might benefit:
  • Warning-Radio problem
    I have a 05Chevy Eqiunox-The problem is the Amplifier is under passinger back seat ,bad-place. If someone spills pop or water on seat it runs down seat right in to the amp, which causes the amplifier to short out. GM should put the amplifier in the rear of the car where people will not be sitting and drinking. There are cup holders in the back seat area and it is normal to drink in an auto, but people need to be warned about the amp and where it is located.
  • I purchased my Equinox in Nov of 04 and have nothing but trouble with it. Twice it has been in the repair shop for the stench of foul odor coming from the coolant system and the sound of water running from side to side when turning. The first time in shop they replaced all coolant lines and flushed the system with this recommended cleaner by GMC and stated that they water sound was normal, but again they were wrong. I just got my vehicle out of the shop for the 2nd time for the same problem. This time they did a pressure test and stated that the heater coil had a crack and this was the problem all along. They replaced my coolant tank and flushed my system several time and stopped the water sound. I have only had my vehicle back less then 2 weeks and waiting for the next go around. I truly believe that they are grabbing a straws trying to fix this car. I really think GMC need to take a closer look at this problem and do a recall, because every day I am reading more and more about the same problem with other owners. I am truly unhappy with the Dealership that worked on my vehicle, every time I turn around somebody is not telling the truth and there stories never add up. I will be glad when something is done about this. One more time and I plan on filing a lemon law on this vehicle. Truly Unhappy in Florida
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    GM issued a fix for the coolant problem way back in Jan or Feb possibly even Dec. Go back to your dealer and tell them there is a TSB issued for the problem and they have to follow the repair insructions exactly or it will not work. If they say it can't be done take your Nox to a differnt dealer because you may be dealing with numbskulls.
  • Me and my husband had the same problem with the coolant.. We took it in during the beginning of september because our coolant was a thick black mucky color and had mold in it.. Well needless to say the problem has come back :mad: , but not only that now we have smoke coming into the cabin from the AC vents, and when you turn the car makes a horrible squealing sound, and our driver window kinda whistles when you put it down.. This car is starting to be more of a pain than a pleasure and for 32 thousand dollars I didn't expect to get a crappy car :lemon: i am about to either trade it in or if they don't file a lemon law suit, if anyone else has had this problem please let me know
  • m4825m4825 Posts: 11
    Dexcool with mold? That's a new one..... 32K for a nox????

    I have had my fully loaded LT nox ( a lot less than $32K) for over a year now and other than the coolant issue- for which there is a permanent fix. I have had no other real problems.

    I wonder how many of these postings are from ACTUAL owners of an Equinox?
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    Read post #582.

    In regards to the other problems, im not sure. But its surely under warranty. Tell the service people to be thorough in their repair job.
  • Yeah sure, mold in antifreeze and $32K price tag.
    The last "Hit and Run" was reporting total vehicle break down with no facts or information to back it up.
    I wouldn't waste my time with them other than to expose them as il-legit and disturbing the peace.
    I guess that what happens when a new GM product comes out to rival the competition.
    My wife and I totally love our Nox and would buy another one.
    Nox On!
  • Hello CRG

    I know that it is 1 year after this note was posted,,, is there anyone else that has had problems with the battery.
    My battery is draining often and the source cant be found. I have to use a battery pack 8 out of 10 times to start my car.

    If anyone has any thoughts please post it for me.
    What is a BCM?
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