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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • mr_botsmr_bots Posts: 225
    When they use an impact it doesn't always torque the wheels right which causes the torque to differ between the lug nuts. Uneven torque to the hub causes the pressure to differ along the rotor causing it to warp. To fix this you still bust the lug nuts loose yourself and use a torque wrench and retighten them in the proper order and to the right pressure.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    At 1000 milles they had to cut the rotors because they were warped. Every time I touch the brake the whole thing would shake like I was driving on a gravel road but I was on the interstate. I'm not to rough on the brakes. In all my vehicles everytime they put the wheels back on it was done with the impact and I didn't have to cut the rotors everytime. I think this is a problem with the Nox.
  • dynadyna Posts: 4
    Thats impossible!!
    The hub is pulled up tight against the rim, the only thing over torquing a lug nut will do is stress the stud which will eventually break.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Hmmm, that's not what Tire Rack says:

    "Be careful because if you over torque a wheel, you can strip a lug nut, stretch or break a wheel stud, and cause the wheel, brake rotor and/or brake drum to distort."

    Our own Mr Shiftright says:

    "If you use the star-pattern for tightening, and use only reasonable force, I can't imagine how on earth you could warp a rotor unless they are making them out of frozen pizza dough." Mr_Shiftright, "Torque Lug Nuts to Avoid Brake Disk Warp ?" #10, 6 Jul 2003 8:11 am

    There's some good points in that thread.

    Steve, Host
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    As hard as it is to believe, tightening the lug nuts the wrong way does indeed cause the rotors to warp on certain chevy models. I have a 2004 Malibu Maxx and a 2005 Equinox. The Maxx was fine until dealer rotated the tire the first time. 3000 miles later the rotors were warped and had to be turned. The next time they rotated the tires, the same thing happened. After they were cut a 2nd time, I manually retorque the lug nuts to spec any time anyone removes a wheel. I have not had a problem since. Now have 30k miles.

    Since the NOX was new, I have always retorqued the lugs to spec and have not had any problems with the rotors so far.

    The owner manual for both cars says that improperly tightening wheel nuts can lead to brake pulsation and rotor damage.

    GM has also published a very long TSB on warranty brake service procedures. This TSB also says improper tightening of wheel nuts can cause brake pulsation and warped rotors.

    Of course I never had this problem on any other car I've owned. Chevy is just using cheap, lower quality rotors to save money and car weight to help with mileage.
  • I had (in past tense due to too many problems I had with the Equinox that I traded it in a week ago) 20,000 miles on my Equinox with the tires rotated every 6,000 miles and oil changed every 2,000. I never once experience a rotor problem and I rotated my tires 3 times within that timeframe. My father owns his own mechanic shop, so I was using the air gun to tighten the lug nuts and never re-tightened the lugnuts to specification.

    With all the problems my Equinox encountered, I wouldn't doubt it was a problem with the Equinox and not the lugnuts.
  • dynadyna Posts: 4
    Since the NOX was new, I have always retorqued the lugs to spec and have not had any problems with the rotors so far.

    And I tighten em up so hard you would think the studs are ready to bust off, yet I haven't had any brake issues in over 40,000 miles so far.
  • I had my fiance talk to a Chevy Dealer where he knows the Service Manager - he basically said this is the biggest complaint he is hearing about the Equinox and its from the cheap exhaust system that Chevy is using - poor quality steel, which means we will all be replacing our exhaust system sooner than we should. I am glad I purchased the extended warranty. Haven't decided if I am going to live with this annoying sound or just go get an aftermarker better quality exhaust system and having it installed on the Equinox.

    I have come to the realization that no car company is perfect, I just got rid of a 2003 Honda Accord which was the biggest piece of crap I ever owned. Quality just isn't around anymore.
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    After my last tire rotation and flat repair I never made it out of the parking lot, applied brakes and thought the entire vehicle was coming apart. I've been driving for 30 years, never experienced this from over tightened wheel nuts. Read your manual 5-69 " Improperly tightened wheel nuts can lead to brake pulsation and ROTOR DAMAGE" California driver's stay tuned, as it appears we are being overcharged for vehicle registration. They have the Equinox listed as a PK for commercial use, I could not get through to them that it is a LT for passenger use. I had to leave before being escorted out. Can anyone tell me the platform the NOX was built on? Thanks, a lot of good info here. Make sure your GM Tech applies the correct wheel nut torque during your next service. (just kidding)
  • mr_botsmr_bots Posts: 225
    The Equinox is built on GM's Theta platform. This platform is used on the Saturn Vue, Chevrolet Equinox, Pontiac Torrent, and the new Suzuki XL-7.
  • judge3judge3 Posts: 1
    I have identified a significant rattle in the back of my Equinox. The dealership missed it twice. It is the spare tire wheel well which is defective. I would think that this is the source of the water and perhaps the smell. They are aware of the problem at GM and have sent the part and have provided me with a car in the meantime. This vechile has been in 2xs for struts as well. Also, there is a thumping noise in the rear when at rest at a light...this has something to do with the awd differential.
    Overall I do like the vehicle but looking forward to the end of the lease in two years.
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    I rotated my tires and looked at my Nox rotors and didn't see anything abnormal after over 1 year. (I live in the North Salt Belt.)
    Rotor surface are clean and true.

    There are 4 main reasons for "Rotor warp".

    1)Rust & Dirt not cleaned off of wheel hubs and rim plate before tire
    rotation.(Most common)

    2)Lug nuts not tightened in proper sequence at GM Nox Spec. of 92ft/lb of torque
    on each lug nut.(Very common)

    3)Rotors have been cut too many times or not properly.

    4) "Over Heating" of brakes, which may be due constant hard braking or rear brakes not working properly.

    There is only 1 rotor complaint filed with NHTSA.

    CR's consumer survey shows Best for no brake problems on the Equinox.
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    I guess it's human nature to complain, most people don't say anything if "life is good".

    For me, my 05 Equinox is treating me good.

    Here are my mileage results:
    City; 17mpg
    Mixed local and highway; 20mpg.
    Some local and more highway; 22mpg
    Little local and mostly highway with cruise set to 65mph; 25mpg
    All highway cruise set to 70mph; 26mpg
    I had a 30mhr tail wind, highway cruise set to 70; 30mpg
    Yes, 30 mpg.

  • johnpeterjohnpeter Posts: 2
    Our 1993 Oldsmobile 88 air conditioner is not getting cold like it should be. It eventually starts sending out slightly cooler air - but not at all like it used to. Blower is working fine just that the air is only slightly cool and that takes a while. What is most likely the cause and any inexpensive ways to fix this?

  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Hey! Same thing here. I get great gas mileage as well with my 2005. The Equinox is not so bad on gas. Lots of people complain that their m/p/g is not as rated by G.M.
    If you drive jackrabbit style or always with the pedal to the metal don't expect to get 19 city and 25 hwy.
    Mine gets 17-19 city and 23-26 hwy.
  • We have an '06 Nox and love it. 5000 miles on it and so far no issues at all. The gas mileage has averaged 22 - 24 mpg all around and 27-32 highway. I don't mean to plug for GM but it rides great, looks great, runs great, and so far, smells great. We looked at all the makes and came very close to getting a Hyundai but dollar for dollar the Nox was the best value. :)
  • noxnonoxno Posts: 19
    Jim, you've had a lot of great post here. I'm not always one to complain. We just got back from a beautiful mountain trip to Lake Tahoe, 4 passengers and a topper full of luggage, back full of grub and ice chest. Nice comfortable smooth drive with the air on, no gas mileage complaints and never any excessive RPM's. Cell phone had no service in the mountains, got through with OnStar no problems. Just received an e-mail from my NOX, complete diagnostic of most all components. Shows remaining oil life at 48%, But I,m still old school, go with every 3,000 miles. Quite awesome monitors conditions as temp , average RPM's,etc., instead of just every 3,000 miles. Went through HELL today trying to get the NOX registration changed over from a Truck to a passenger UT. Even made me bring it in for an inspection, yep it's not a TRUCK! Chevy has the VIN listed as 05/CHEVROLET TRUCK/ EQUI/UTILITY. I was escorted out the first time when the clerk suggested it's listed as commercial if I have a camper on top! California driver's check your registration, if listed as a commercial truck I can tell you everything you will have to do in one trip!
  • jntjnt Posts: 316

    You also forgot to mention that GM has had a long history of underdesigning the front disc rotors. Most of their cars ranging from Cavalier to Impala have had warped rotor problem in the past.

  • ops1ops1 Posts: 25
    I too have an 06 Equinox - leased it in January of 2006 and have about 5,300 miles on it now. I get 16 or 17 mpg in all local driving and 24 mpg (or a hair better) on the highway. The vehicle has been trouble-free except for one issue during the second week of use (ignition key was stuck and would not turn, dealer could not duplicate problem and it has not happened since). I never thought I would drive another GM vehicle, but I have been very happy with this one.
  • senseless1senseless1 Posts: 16
    27-32 on the highway?? This is hard to believe. I had a Nox for 25,000 miles and NEVER got more than 20 mpg under any circumstances. Suburban mixed driving ranged 14 to 16 mpg. You must have been going downhill all the way.
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