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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • Has anyone had any issues with only the low beam headlights not working? I have high beams and every other bulb is lit on the car. All the fuses are intact and the headlamp relay is clicking when the light condition is detected. I am hoping this is not a headlamp module on the steering column that failed similar to when the highbeam switches on the floors of the old trucks would fail.
  • I need your help. I have an Equinox that I have had a problem with. It would do alot of clicking when I tried to start and then slowly start. Dealer could not duplicate problem so they cleaned battery terminals.

    I was going down road and key fell out while i was driving and the car kept running like the old fashion kind. It just went out of warranty so i had to pay half for new ignition.

    I am hearing a whistling noise it started from the rear I thought but it seems to be from the front. It kicks on from a cold start after driving for about 8 minutes when you hit around 25 mph. When you put the brakes on it still stays on. When you slow down it seems to stop but slowly.

    This has happend to me twice. I started car and steering dosen't work. If you shut car off and restart it is is okay. This happend twice.

    I got a flat the other day and I oppend the hatch and where the tire was had an inch of water.

    The drivers door hindge needs to be replaced.

    I already replaced the hatch pistons one of them had stopped working.

    I have around 68000 miles and most of this occured after warranty except for the clicking noise when trying to start. Could you please tell me what I should do and what the problems could be so I can get them fixed, I called the dealer today and they said there is no reacalls or bullentins.

    Please Help
  • The only input I have is for your key issue. If you have a gob of keys on your ring it adds way too much stress on your ingnition switch and problems like you are having occur. My suggestion is that you take your ingnition key and put it on a separate ring and have only that ring in the ingition. Use a detatchable clip (like a carabeaner) to reattatch your keys when you are not driving the car.
  • Bad multifunction headlamps switch! $50 at the dealer and a piece of cake to replace.
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    Get rid of it before your repair bills go past a down payment for a new one.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    The steering on this vehicle it either comes with Hydraulic or Electric steering assist.
    If it's the electric system there is a service bulletin 06-02-32-002C about if has difficulty operating it goes into system thermal error and sets a code to the DTC either C0476 ,C0176 . If this has happened it goes into a fail safe mode so the system doesn't over correct and damage the steering with too much force from the electric motor.

    Have it checked for safe operation of the vehicle.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for water leakage in 2005-2009 Torrent ,Equinox's. Dated Oct 8 2008 TSB 08-08-57-001A covers all types of water leaks in the vehicle and your water in the spare tire compartment.

    Have the chevy dealer check this TSB ,water is coming in from one of the seams . Probable needs to have new sealant applied to the seam area of compartment.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    News that GM will drop four car lines and remain with just Chevy, Cadillac , Buick and GMC to start 2011 model year .

    Also Obama asked Mr Wagner CEO of GM to resign before he reads the Auto sector bail out plans on Monday 30 2009, Mr Wagner did resign from his post as CEO of GM, i guess 13 million a year was too much money to be making when your company is in DEDIT.

    I guess showing up in November in front of congress having flown your private jet there and then asking the Government for bail out money wasn't that smart . What's it cost , at least 50 to 60000 dollars to fly round trip, oh ya there is airport landing fees on top..Not to smart maybe that why he got the boot, not spending money wisely is how the President looks at it.

    Sounds like the Chevy brand will continue to reach the 100 year mark so the value will rise.
  • Thanks for everyone helping out. I am going to call them again as soon as they open, One last question as far as the noise coming from the front. It sounds like whirrr or noise from the radio (it's not ) the weird thing is it takes about 8 minutes to start making the noise. The car needs to warm up. I had the brakes replaced in the winter. I read some other posts. Do you think that is the struts. It is not when I turn. Car hits about 25 mph and kicks on untill car slows down. Shut car off while driving and it still did it.
  • one more question. THis problem happend shortly after the steering locked up. Could the noise be coming from the steering?
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    It could be electrical noise , sounds like the motor is fighting against the steering ,over working creating a load on the motor.. Seems to be in fail safe mode hopefully.

    Have you had a message on the driver information display about the steering.. service power steering.
  • no I did not, I am going to go to dealer again today to have them listen to the noise.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    There is TSB 07-08-46-002b about audio whine on the speakers from the OnStar ,for 2007 2008 car and trucks.
    They put a filter in voltage system to correct it. This audio whine increases and decreases with the speed of the vehicle.
  • Well I took it to the dealer again for the whinning noise. They heard it. They said it is probablly the rear differential housing. $2000.00 And not sure if it will fix the noise. Has anyone had that replaced for the whinning noise and did it work? I spoke with my local mechainic and he suggested changing the fluid first.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    The diff case holds 500 ml, 16.9 ounces differential axle lubrication GM 89021677 us -6778 cda. Just two plugs , looks like a hex key used for the plug takes about 40 minutes to complete.
    Is your an AWD Equinox.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    You can check the level by taking out the top plug in the differently. The fluid level should be at the bottom edge of the threads. Just stick your finger in and feel for the fluid in the diff. You can a synethic diff oil or use GM's.

    Check for any leaks from the input shaft into the diff and also on the seals on each side of the diff housing where the drive shafts from out from.
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    This was in a message I posted a few weeks back on my 05 Nox, see rear issues I had, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there wasn't a hidden warranty some where with the rear of this SUV. I would say the same change the fluid first with a synthetic conditioning rear oil from Lucas first.

    Rear growling like noise - They had to replace rear differential - 17,115 mls
    ABS light came on - They had to replace the right rear speed sensor - 24,236 mls
    ABS light came on - They had to replace left front speed sensor - 32,115
    ABS light came on - They had to replace the left front speed sensor wire harness - 32,815

    The whinring noise - They had to replace the right rear bearing.- 32,079 mls
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    There is transfer case on the front of transmission it too has a drain plug and and fill plug to check the level. I believe it uses different lubricant than the rear diff but should be checked as well for leakage and fluid level .

    There are two types of transfer cases Getrag 760 and NVG 900 both have same amount of synthetic oil in them GM specs. The Getrag has the both plugs on the driver's side of the case. NVG looks to have a bottom drain plug and the fill plug is on the passenger side of case

    Man i love the AWD system but it has alot more maintenance issues than the FWD model version.
  • I am trying to install cross rails on rack,where do you pry to pop back covers off,I dont want damage anything on a new car ,i tried to get covers off
    but no luck, instructions are very vague,thank you for any help
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