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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • equinox8equinox8 Posts: 1
    My engine light JUST came on yesterday. I read the book, looked at my gas cap it was loose, tightened it. Added gas this morning, closed gas cap tight and engine light STILL on. I've had my car serviced regularly so I am wondering if this is a "ploy" to get you in the dealership because I just hit 37,111 miles (past my 36,000 warranty miles of course - go figure).
    Are there any reset buttons that perhaps my Oil Change place missed for this just before the 36,000 change?
    Is this a way for them to get you in and get a diagnose becasue it will cost me money?? My sposue is not mechanically inclined and I dont' need this astronomic car repair bill right now! My car is NOT making any noices, no smells etc...runs fine the way it always has.
  • meandmymaxxmeandmymaxx Posts: 134
    The computer may have to run through a certain number of ignition cycles with the fault fixed before it will turn off the light.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    You are correct on that. It takes so many cycles over a few days.
  • kris66cakris66ca Posts: 1
    I'm sure this has been posted somewhere on this website, but I thought I'd ask again as I'm new to this site.

    For the last few weeks the tailgate back hatch would only open occasionally. Now it won't open at all. I have been googling this problem and it seems it could be a number of things.

    Something inside the latch itself is disengaged.
    Something called an accentuator ( not sure what this is)

    I saw somewhere saying there is an emergency release latch inside the cargo area under the carpeting. I looked and couldnt find anything of that nature. Maybe it's under the spare?

    I have not got a few hundred $ for the dealer to fix it. I really need someone to tell me what it could be...where to look. Please someone advise me on what to try. I have friends coming from overseas soon, and it would be extremely embarassing to not be able to open the back of my car for their luggage lol

    Please advise where and what this accentuator is and if it could be a fuse, where this is situated for me to look.

    Thanks soooooo much for replies.
  • earljoeearljoe Posts: 1
    we recently purchased a 2008 Equinox with 32000 miles - great car except for 1 problem. The headlights (both) seem to sweat and have moisture inside that won't go away! We have had as much as 2-3" of water in there. We had a local mechanic look at them and he says he has never seen anything like it. They are not "leaking" (he could not find any cracks or leaks) but appear to be condensating - BUT after we go through a car wash or a wet/rainy day, more water seems to appear in the headlights. Its beginning to cause corosion on the bottom of the headlights. Has anyone had this and do you have a solution short of replacing them? There are air holes with covers and they appear to be ok (according to the mechanic)
  • pamt523pamt523 Posts: 5
    Well, I have had my car to the dealer twice. First time, of course could not duplicate problem.....2nd time it locked up on them but they replaced a part on iginition, but the problem is still happening. I hear a click when I know I can remove key.....what could that be?
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    I've read about this on another forum as well- the problem was that the latch was not lining up properly with the metal bracket, so it would get "stuck". Some had their dealer fix it, but others fixed it themselves. It sounded like it was relatively easy, maybe do a google search on it, just a little adjustment. Probably only takes about five minutes.
  • rugbymomrugbymom Posts: 1
    No warning, really blew - burned plates, parts everywhere. Chevy rebuilt it - question, should I keep the car? I've seen posts on Edmunds indicating this is a common problem. Is a rebuilt tranny the same as the old one (so the original design is bad) or do you think they have fixed whatever causes 2008 transmissions to fail? And suddenly by the way, no slippages, no warning.
  • kpoticherkpoticher Posts: 1
    i have had nothing but problems with this car. My major problem right now is the bucking or jerking that my vehicle is doing when I am driving. I thought i got bad gas at first but I have tried different gas since and it is still doing it. Another thing the dealership that i take my car too says they cant do anything about it because there is no dash lights coming on. My rear wiper blade is not worked in over three and half months and they say the part is on back order.I took it in for a noise coming from the front tires and it still is making the noise and they are billing me for it. i have so many other problems with this car that it makes me never want to buy another chevy again. When i first bought this vehicle i loved it cause it ran good and now one problem after another and the dealership doesn't want to help me out at all.
  • The battery light has started coming on when accelerating hard/going up a hill and stays on until I release the pressure on the pedal. No apparent impact to performance. Have had no prior problems. Replaced the battery last year. Took it for service and they said the alternator was on its last legs so we swapped out the alternator last week.

    Just got back from a weekend trip and the light is still coming on when accelerating hard only now, it's kicking off the cruise control and A/C. The A/C comes back on once the acceleration evens out.

    I'll be taking it back in for service this week but am hoping someone has had a similar experience or thoughts about this so I can go in armed with some information...

  • Had the same problem with mine, in the shop right now, have had a lean code for over a year that the dealership could not figure out. Finally got so bad that they could get a different code on it, turns out that there are 2 gas tanks in our equinox and the fuel pump and transfer pump was going out. Oh and extended warranties will not cover it since it is covered by the powertrain/powerwrap 100,000 mile warranty.
  • Bucking/jerking are not likely from bad gas (almost never the issue); more likely you have an issue with the plug wires and plugs going bad. I have the Torrent (essentially the Pontiac Equinox) and it is such a common problem that GM issued a service notification; but only extended it to certain VIN's. I've gotten nothing but the run around from GM; I believe they just refuse to admit the extent of the issue. If you want the details check out the Torrent Forum, the issue is discussed extensively there under Lurching on Easy Acceleration.

    If you want a shot at GM doing it and eating the cost go to a dealer; it's no guarantee, but based on my experience if you don't you have no shot.

    As for the GM reps that troll these forums......useless; IMO just here to act as if GM cares.
  • I have a 2007 Equinox. The current milage is 94,000 miles. At or around 30,000 the warning light came on stating "Service Traction Control" and also, "Service Stabilitrac"? The car would "buck and Jump" when trying to pull out from a dead stop. The car had about half the power as usual. After 3 trips to the dealer they replaced the transmission. A few short months later the car did the exact same thing?? Took it back to the dealer and they replaced the valve body inside the tranny. The car was fine for about 3 months then the same problem occured again. Back to the dealership again!!! They then replaced the computer that controlls the transmission. Again the car was fine for about 2 days??? By this time I am FURIOUS!!!!! I took the car back and argued with the service manager and they fixed the car again??? He said that the tech that worked on the car "Forgot to program the new computer"???? After about a year in the shop and total of all the bills around $5000.00 dollars the car seemed "fixed"??? Luckily it was still under warranty!
    Now a couple years and 50,000 miles the problem has come back!!!!! What is the problem with this POS? The car is out of warranty and I don"t have $5k to fix the problem again! What can I do to fix it myself??? I was a mechanic for 15 years and feel like I can fix about anything but, I can't find any information on the "Stabilitrac/Traction Control system/ All of the service manuals that I have looked at say that the Stabilitrac and Traction Controll system is a propriatary (spelling?) dealer only system and wont disclose any information on it or how to diagnoss problems with it..... Please help!!! I am at my wits end. I can't even trade it off because of the tranny problems. If I do I will take a major loss because of mechanical issues.
    Please, Please, Please Help!!!!
  • pamt523pamt523 Posts: 5
    I have posted this about my key being stuck in the ignition - of course this doesn't happen all the time - I can turn the engine off, but the key won't turn past the accessory mode. Then I have to wait - sometimes a few seconds up to a minute (feels longer when it's 95 degrees out and be driven insane by the door open bell) and I have to wait for it to decide to release. I hear a little noise in the steering column - then I know I can continue to turn the key to off. Does anyone possible know the answer to this? I have had my car to the dealer twice and trying to work up the stamina to take it in for trip number three. The dealer doesn't have a clue, does anyone out there know? Is there a manual release that I can reach thru the hole in the steering column? Thanks for listening.
  • Hello everyone I have an issue with my Equinox. It currently has 71,000 miles on it. My gas cap was broken and I purchased a new one and had the check engine light cleared. It's came back on and I've had the purge solied replaced. The error codes are showing its a large and small environmental leak. I've tried to research this but I'm not having any luck. I've called my dealer and they have no idea how to fix this. I've mentioned the EGR and that part is $285 and who knows how much labor to fix. My local garage isn't sure either because he's not worked much on the Equinoxs. We're trying to find out what the valve is that is on top of the canister that's close to the fuel tank. I can't really afford $285 plus ungodly labor right now. Any suggestions? I still owe 3 years on the thing and can't trade it in right now.
  • jnd1022 - did you ever resolve the issue?

    I have a 2006 Equinox LT, front wheel drive with 72,000 miles, and noticed it vibrates quite a bit at 70 mph, but even more at 80 mph plus.

    I added 4 new tires, thinking the vibrating was caused by older tires. The new tires did not help very much.

    I am wondering if it is a tie rod or an axle. Anyone have an idea?
  • Hey, my 05 is leaking like you stated--my question is. should I check the pipe on the drivers side or the passenger side? My problem sounds very familiar to yours, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I apologize for your frustrations. Have you spoke with your dealer regarding your concerns? Please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Service
  • mdawnsmdawns Posts: 1
    We are the 2nd owners of our '06 Equinox AWD. Purchased it in Aug 2011 with 61K miles and have put not quite 4k on it. On December 23, 2011 we noticed it driving funny, it felt like it wasn't wanting to shift into overdrive. So we took it to our local transmission repair shop, they had the car until after Christmas (5 days total) and said it was most likely a Chevy computer issue that they can not diagnose; so we took it to a local Chevy service shop. The put it on the computer and said it was the purge solenoid and fixed that and sent the car home. That might have needed fixed but it did not solve the shifting problem. We finally got it back to them and told them they didn't fix it in the first place and we needed them to look at the problem we are noticing. They drove it for about 50 miles and had the computer attached; noticed it went through all of the gears but the computer told them the casing around the rear drive shaft was broken. We got a quote of $1,500 to repair.

    We have had this car for 4 months, and are stuck having to put a huge amount of money into getting it fixed when it's a part that would have originally been covered under the original drivetrain warranty. Is it possible for Chevy to offer any assistance? We still have 35k miles before we hit 100K - the drive shaft should not have gone bad already!

    Anyone else experience similar problems?
  • I have a 2006 Equinox also, and it is in the garage now having the same problem and it only has 80 thousand miles, I actually took it to get a oil change and the staff said that my carrier baring was going bad and made me an appointment to get it fixed, they did not fix it, I drove it in the garage with no noises or problems and ended up having it towed home, I contacted the owner of the garage and he had it towed to another garage, well now they are saying that the carrier baring, 2 U joints and the driveshaft is bad. I don't know what to think. The current mechanic said that the driveshaft shouldn't have been removed because there not made to take apart, I don't whether the first garage tore it up taking it out or if it was messed up to begin with. I hadn't had any problems w/it untill that day. I am curious if any others out there are having similiar problems.
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