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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Hhmm I might wonder if the door is really unlocking on first attempt. On my 11' GMC version I believe the default from factory is to unlock ONLY the drivers door with first click on fob. There is a programmable option (going through menu) to unlock all doors on first click. ( I believe hitting the button twice unlocks all doors)
  • alisamanalisaman Posts: 1
    Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the 2013 Equinox. I have only had my car for 49 days, and already it has been to the dealer 3 times for the same thing. My a/c stops working, temperature gauge buries in the "C" location, check engine light as well as the oil light come on. When I shut the vehicle off, the coolant fan continues to run for a good 20-30 minutes. They have bled the a/c line, changed a sensor, changed the main computer, but this continues to keep happening. I have called Chevy directly, but was given the run around...was told that it isn't an issue unless I was without my car for 30 days or more...I have been without it for 11 days out of the 49 that I have owned it. But they don't see an issue?! Would like to get to the bottom of this issue. It seems that it has no get up and go something is going on with performance as well.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    Lemon laws vary from state to state. Some states give the dealer three chances to fix a problem, other states give the dealer 4 or 5 chances to fix it. The laws usually read "3 attempts OR 30 days out of service". You may want to check with your state's AG or consumer protection office and get the details in case you decide to go that route.

    A lot depends on the dealer - if you have another one in your area, you may want to let their service department give it a shot.

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  • I bought the car used 11/2008. A few months after having the car went to turn car off, took keys out of ignition when all of a sudden my radio started turning on/off, headlights and dash lights start blinking and the engine tried to turn over. Luckily my husband was in the car so he witnessed it. Took it to the dealer who thought I was crazy and thank god it did the same to them. They replaced a power control module and told me that it should fix the issue. Well since 2009 the car has been doing it on and off. The last time was today. I had my phone with and recorded myself taking the key out and the engine trying to turn over and the dash lights flashing. It even kept running when I took the key out. I've noticed it does it when it rains or if I do not hear a "click" noise after I take the key out.

    I had the head gasket replaced about a year ago (45,000 miles) with the assistance of Chevy and mentioned this issue to them. Of course Oscar from Chevy told me there is nothing he can do about it. Unfortunately I still owe on the car or I would have taken care of the issue and traded the piece of crap in on anything other than a Chevy product!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    edited September 2013
    Good Morning Alisaman:

    I have been following the "Equinox issue," because I almost purchased a new 2010 4 cylinder Equinox in 2010. ----- (I purchased a 2010 LTZ Malibu 4 cylinder. This is a "non direct injection fuel engine!" ----- The equinox has a "direct injection engine.")

    I though that GM had solved the problems with the Equinox for 2013, and I was going to take a hard look at the vehicle, but GM seems to have dropped the ball BIG TIME again! ----- These are on-going problems! ---- What are the engineers at GM doing between "coffee breaks" and "meetings at the water cooler?"

    If I owned this vehicle I would be VERY professional, and call Chevrolet Customer Service, and open up a "case number" that describes all the issues that are related to this vehicle. ---- (Explain to the representative that you expect the vehicle to be repaired in a timely / professional manner, and since it is under warranty you need a loaner vehicle.) ----- I would then make a service appointment with the selling dealer for service. ---- I would be up front with the service adviser and give him / her the case number. (Be professional to everyone that you speak to with regards to this issue.) ---- When leaving your vehicle for service make it VERY clear that after the repair has been made you want someone at the dealership to drive the vehicle to be sure that the problems have been resolved. ---- (I had a "hesitation issue" going up a hill with the 2010 - 2.4 Malibu engine, and it was a "software issue!") ---- This is how I resolved the issue! I only owned the vehicle for a few months, and they knew that I was headed to the "Lemon Law" in my state if the issue was not resolved. ----- My vehicle now has 47,000+miles and it operates properly. ----- (I am a maintenance person, so I change my oil and filter at the "selling dealer" every 2,500 miles, and I use a fuel additive at every fuel fill up! ----- I DO NOT believe in 5,000 mile oil and filter changes. ---- I use a fuel additive because the gasoline sold today is "dry" in terms of lubrication, and fuel pumps and fuel injectors need some lubrication along with the upper cylinder of the engine. ------ The two products that come to mind are "Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricate, and / or Marvel Mystery Oil. ---- YES, the manufacture does not recommend these products, but I have seen the results of the use of these products. ---- When I first picked up my new Malibu the engine sounded life a "4 cylinder American coffee grinder," ---- now it is "smooth" and "quiet." I do not use oil between oil and filter change intervals.) ----- Best regards! ------- Dwayne
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Your problems could be related to an ignition switch. ------ I had a new loaded 1995 V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee, --- (THE VEHICLE FROM HELL), --- that had most of your symptoms, and it came down to a bad ignition switch. The switch was changed and the problems went away! ---- (I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER JEEP PRODUCT!) ---- Poor quality products, and VERY poor dealer service!---------- Dwayne
  • I did go with the EBC drilled and slotted rotors and brake pad kit and have not had a problem with them since I put them on over a year and a half ago.
  • skiziksskiziks Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    Had our 2013 Equinox in for fuel in the oil. They replaced the high pressure fuel pump. We too thought that problem was solved in 2012.
    This week it's going back for a fuel module replacement. On cold start-ups we here a popping sound from the fuel tank. It goes away in a about 15-20 seconds but it should not be doing it.
    After that repair I'll be doing another oil analysis to confirm that the fuel is or is not still entering the crankcase and diluting the oil.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    This problem started in 2010 with the Equinox! ---- What is wrong with the engineers at GM? ------ Do and oil analysis ASAP! ---- Watch your oil consumption! ---- With fuel in the oil you may have already damaged your timing chain assembly, the piston rings and cylinder walls, and the main & camshaft bearings. ---- You may now have an engine that is an "oil pumper!" --- DO NOT let the engine run low on oil. Keep oil with you to "top off the oil level as necessary!" ----- Contact GM and open up a case number on this vehicle. ------- If you have additional problems with this vehicle activate the "Lemon Law" in your state ASAP! ------ Get some "legal advice" ASAP from a Lemon Law Attorney! ----- THIS IS SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE! ----- All the best to everyone! ---- Dwayne
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    GM is trying to squeeze as many MPG out of an engine. GM has made a corporate decision to fully embrace sophisticated overhead cam engines with direct injection in order to achieve this objective. Problem: GM engineers, at least until this point in time, have shown an inability to design a reliable direct injection engine to achieve this objective. There's no point in asking GM to step up to the plate and make it right when their engineers can not design the product to make it right. GM needs to change its objective and go back to multipoint fuel injection. In fact, I remember reading something a few months ago where a Ford engineer stated that Ford was not going to fully embrace direct injection because of the reliability issues associated with adopting direct injection. GM needs to get back to basics and produce reliable products.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Why doesn't GM install the 2.4 ---- four cylinder engine that is in the 2010 Chevrolet LTZ Malibu into the Chevrolet Equinox. ----- This engine IS NOT a "direct injection engine," and the best part, ------- IT THAT IT RUNS without a problem! ---- How come GM cannot come up with this solution? ----- Have they lost the ability to "problem solve" or "brain storm a problem?" ---- I am sure that the 2.4 Malibu Engine will fit into the Equinox as a replacement engine! --- The basic engine block is probably the same! ---------- Just sharing some ideas! ---------- Dwayne.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    I did some research on the "net" today dealing with the "NEW & IMPROVED four cylinder GM engines in the Malibu line of vehicles. ------ It seems that the 2.0 / 4 cylinder Turbo engine, and the 2.5 / 4 cylinder engine are both "Direct Injection Engines." ---- Does this mean that now the "Malibu line of GM vehicles" are also going to have the "fuel in the oil problem," and the "engine issues" associated with the failure of the high pressure fuel pump? ----- Only time will tell! ---- Is this the same engine in the new Impala? ----- If this problem continues, it will destroy the product line! --- I will be following the postings on the 2013 Malibu site to see if engine problems exist! ------- All the best! ---- Dwayne
  • My wife and I bought this thing used back in August. Since then, we've had a few issues out of it with the newest one being a strange grinding noise. It started late Saturday afternoon. I was driving it, when over the radio, I hear a strange noise as if I were dragging something. I pulled off the road, looked under the car, nothing. So I turn the wheels, in and out, seeing nothing. So I get back inside and drive on. The noise continues. And it seems to do it mostly when you let off the accelerator. I at first thought it was brake related but now, I feel that's not it. It feels like its coming from under the console between the driver and passenger seats. And it goes up and down with intensity too. Sometimes it sounds louder than others. I'm by no means mechanically inclined and no warnings or indicators are on either so I'm just stumped
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    It can be difficult to really pinpoint where a noise is coming from inside the cabin. A grinding sound would make me think about wheel bearing. If the noise changes when turning, maybe front bearing, if it changes with speed or perhaps when going over a hump/bump (where load is changed) perhaps a rear wheeel bearing. Is it an AWD version?
  • I had the same issue with my 08 Equinox. When it would happen, I would just slow down and I would here a "click" and it would be fine. It would happen once every few months.

    I could never figure out what it was and of course it never happened when I took it into the dealer.

    I had an 08 LT AWD
  • Yes its a 4dr Sport AWD version.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I believe the only non-direct injection engines offered by Chevy in their cars are found in the Spark, Sonic, and Cruze. I could be mistaken but, I believe these are the only three vehicles. For example, I believe the 1.8 liter engine found in the Cruze and Sonic are non-direct injection.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    If that is true, then why haven't we seen "high pressure fuel pump issues" in the 2010 Chevrolet LTZ 2.4 Malibu? ---- I do not think the "Malibu line" has direct injection engines. ----- I think each cylinder has an injector behind the intake valve. ------ If I am wrong, this car is history as soon as issues develop, and it is repaired under the extended warranty. ----- Dwayne
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I am referring to current model year (2013) and not prior years. The standard engine for the 2013 Malibu is the 2.5 direct engine 4 cylinder engine.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    You are correct! ---- That is why I will not purchase a new Malibu! ----(I like the body of the new Malibu, and I like the GM four cylinder engine. ----- But I do not like the high pressure fuel pump, ---- and the customer relations attitude of GM and their dealers!) ---- My 2010 runs well, but I will not take a chance on getting a direct injection engine lemon! ----- Here is the all important question; ----"Is GM using that same high pressure defective / poorly designed fuel pump on the new 2.5 engine?" ------ Dwayne
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