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Audi A4 2005+



  • I'll trade you the phone for the car. :)
  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    I have a 2003 A4 3.0 CVT which I'm thinking of trading-in for a 2005/2006 model (are 2006 available yet). Anyhow, I just wanted to get some advice on the type of deal I can expect. I want to go into a 3 year lease on the new 3.2 CVT. Also, what can I expect for the trade-in?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Just ordered my 2006 A4 Q 3.2 Tiptronic - Dophin Grey
    Sweet car... All 06' models are at the port. They are only releasing them if they are marked "SOLD"
    Bose w/Sirius, Prem, Cold, Tech/ w/out Bluetooth... iPod adapter and Sunroof. Everyone was correct, Dophin Grey Metallic is special order only.
    The only thing I am unhappy about... I went to 3 different dealers and none of them have a picture, brochure or can really tell you anything about the A4 06'.
    Did 05.5 vs 06' change any interior? I guess I'll be surprised. I love how the A6 added the LCD screen standard with or without the Navi. I'm hoping that the A4 06' would have done the same, being its no longer the entry level Audi. But, I doubt it.
  • Throw in an oh six 3 series BMW and you've got a deal :P

  • As the commercial goes: "I'm not a lawyer, but I do look like one." In my case, I'm not a lawyer but I am married to one.

    So here is the straight advice and comment. This is a crying shame. However, the Audi advantage should minimize your issues -- if the car is unreliable, you should get a free loaner car (typically one just like yours or a last year's model A4.) I know it isn't yours but at least you should not have to make repeated trips. My brand new 2003 allroad spent 11 of its first 18 days in the shop for a problem with On*star (turned out the factory had connected the GPS and the On*star "backwards" or something like that.) I had a one year old A6 with less than 10,000 miles on it (and never been smoked in) car to use. I was not happy that I didn't have MY car, but I didn't have to fool around with multiple trips after the first trip, anyway.

    So, you need to know what the lemon laws are in your area (and I assume they are difficult to find and understand but that they are available.) Then you need to see what documentation is required to exercise the lemon laws to reach the conclusion you want.

    The DEALER cannot eat the cost of the car -- the dealer is a retailer -- the dealer probably doesn't have too much to do with the car's issues of manufacture. The dealer sort of has his hands tied. I got a new Sharp TV this weekend -- the box says "if this thing doesn't work, don't return it to the store where you bought it. . ." bla bla bla. Now Best Buy gives you 7 days to return it but after that -- you have to make the warranty claim, etc etc etc.

    Here in Cincinnati, a person (who posted over on the A6 board) had a problem wherein his new A6 wouldn't run and no matter what the dealer tried it would not resolve the issue. Time passed. Let me repeat that -- time passed.

    Time passed.

    And, some more time passed.

    In the mean time, he was given another 2005 A6 (the sales manager personal demo which was above the car that he bought and was having problems with) -- this is above and beyond. But the dealer did this for this guy.

    Time passed.

    Audi of America called him and said, tell us what you want and we will replace the car. I don't know all the details, other than what was posted here, and I may not have totally accurately conveyed the story. This was a Buy Back, not technically a lemon law car as I understand my wife's brief explanation of Ohio's Lemon Laws.

    This was unfortunate -- but Audi came through. The guy was persistent. He was not difficult, but he did not give in or give up. He wanted the A6, perhaps if he wanted his money back 100% and wanted a Pontiac or something other than to be made whole with a new A6, things would have been different.

    This story may not replay with you. The fact that this story happened SHOULD, under the circumstances, give you some encouragement.

    You need to know what the applicable lemon laws are -- at least as a starting point. Thus far, based on my pea brain understanding of the lemon laws you do not have a lemon (at least in the state of Ohio, America.) Good luck!

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Has anybody else driven the 2006 (2.0T's) yet?

    The engine sounds a bit less noisy than the 05.5's, and the exhaust note sounds a bit sweeter as well.
  • Shouldn't be any difference... perhaps you are simply adjusting to it?

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I drove both a 6 speed manual and a tippy 2006 2.0, and it definately seemed quieter and more refined than the 05.5. Some people have complained about excess engine noise on the 05.5's, and Audi may have tweaked the cars a bit for 06.
  • ekutekut Posts: 1
    Anyone know if you can hook up an ipod to a 05.5 w/ navi???
  • Well, I'll know for myself in about weeks :)

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Arctic White has now been added as a stock color for dealer orders on the 2006 A4. It's no longer a sold order option.

    Brilliant Black, Quartz Grey, Light Silver, Moro Blue, Brilliant Red, & Arctic White are stock color choices for 2006.

    Ocean Blue, Dolphin Grey, Dakar Beige, & Liquid Blue are available as sold order colors only.
  • pd1pd1 Posts: 2
    I have an Audi A4 its a 05 1.8T multitronic. i have also been having problems with the remote locking. one minute it works the next it dosent. i had it back to the dealer twice but the problem is still there. my last car was an 04 model A4 and this had the same issue. i need help as i am at my witttttts end. i have been on to Audi and they are not aware (or so im told) that there is a problem with the remote locking..
    Paul (Ireland)
  • javan69javan69 Posts: 17
    1. I have a 2005.5 with just under 800 miles on it. Not one problem.

    2. Maybe it's just what they ship to Canada, you know, not quite the litigation rep. we have down here in whatever insult du jour you call us up there. We have lemon laws here. Trust me, a couple of nice letters from an attorney and you no longer own it.
  • bosox21bosox21 Posts: 6
    Is Audi improving on their reliability issues? Im looking into the new 06 A4 but dont want something thats going to be in the shop every week.
  • macmurdomacmurdo Posts: 31
    I called my dealer and told them that I had heard (on this forum) that there is an Audi Service Bulletin dealing with this issue. It only applies to a group of 05s that have VIN beyond some defined number. They replaced my keys with 2 new ones that look exactly like the originals. So far (1 week of use) and no problems.

    Call your service manager and tell him/her to look up the bulletin.
  • nwalbertnwalbert Posts: 49
    1. 800 miles mean nothing.

    2. It has nothing to do with what gets shipped where. If you look at Audi's reliability, it is horrible everywhere, it's a fact. Hopefully they have improved and yours will be a great car. I currently own a 2001 A4, and looked at getting the new one, but in the end though I don't want to take the chance so I spent a little extra and got the Bimmer. For me, I can no longer justify owning a /VW/Audi until they prove they have fixed their problems.
  • I now have in my garage: 1 2003 Audi TT, 1 2005 Audi A6 3.2 and 1 2005 BMW X3.

    Depending on my mood, my favorite is either of the 2005's.

    With over two dozen Audis (between my wife, my company and me) since 1977, I have had some experience with Audi reliability. Our Audis have been very reliable -- one, one time, right after we bought it (a 1993 Audi 90 sport quattro, as I recall) had a DOA engine -- Audi took care of us and our only small issue was the moment at which it died.

    Recently, the statistics -- availble on the WWW -- indicate that Audi, BMW and Mercedes have reliability statistics below some Japanese makes. However, the Audi -- at this snapshot in time -- is THE reliable German, NOT BMW and certainly NOT Mercedes.

    This may change, probably will -- but going to BMW for reliability (at this time) was moving to a less reliable marquis, not the other way around.

    Now in the past 30 years, we have had, including the one in our garage at this moment 2 BMW's (a 1988 325ix and the X3). The '88 had a premature dead battery and had brake pads and oil changes at the same intervals. The X3 at 5,000 miles is, thus far, flawless -- but so are the two Audis mentioned above.

    The dealership can make all the difference too. Now, however, notwithstanding -- Audi dealers have a bad (not bum) rap (or bad REP, better said) against them, and from what I can tell, it is well-earned. BMW dealers somehow have managed to be "the good guys" -- but I do think Audi dealers have improved (but when you're in the basement, there's only two ways to go: sideways and up.)

    The Audi products have, statistically, improved while the same has not been true of the other Germans.

    Wait a moment. . . .

    The shoe will soon be on the other foot, perhaps. :shades:
  • I'm about to pick up my third Audi. My current '02 A4 Avant has been terrible. One bulb in the rear plate holder blew. Luckily I was still able to drive the car. Seriously, my '02 has been the most reliable car that I have owned (usual mix of Hondas, Acuras, Nissans). However I would rate my previous '99 A4 as only average. I went with another A4 after the '99 because I do like my dealer... a very important part of the equation.

  • The blown bulb has been a well documented problem and one would think would be a cause for Audi to withdraw completely from the US market.

    I have also had several flat tires and am fed up with Audis selection of them furin' tires -- oh wait, I had Goodyear's on the last one.

    Well, the phone cradle on my wife's TT broke off its mount and it took two whole days to order the part -- I was verklempt.

    That blown bulb will be the cause of my leaving Audi for sure.
  • And the bulb replacement requires a special tool to disassemble certain components. I was hoping that I could learn how this is accomplished but the mechanic had a very thick accent and would only mutter under his breath...

    ...hope your experience with your present Audis goes well. I'm picking up my A4 in a couple of days :shades:

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