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Audi A4 2005+



  • Seriously, our 27 Audis and even our 2 BMW's have been pretty much trouble free.

    The brake rotor problem in the 2000 and 2001 models are the only major issues we have ever had and I should add the brakes worked, they just warped the rotors every couple thousand miles (Audi ponied up 9 sets at no charge until they finally found a vendor that got it right.)

    Those problems and some key fob battery problems (which were primarily annoying) have been the sum and substance of our Audi experiences.

    You may have a terrible experience -- my bet would be that you will have a delightful experience (but the DEALER more than anything will make or break the experience.)

    I must confess to having taken a liking to my wife's BMW X3 and the treatment at the BMW store in Cincinnati. But this is NOT meant to damn with faint praise my Audi dealer, here in River City -- The Audi Connection.

    Audi has had spotty dealer issues and in the past couple of years have made great strides in righting some wrongs in this regard.

    Audis are great to drive -- this alone would not mitigate completely a crummy ownership experience, but at the end of the day I would take the Audi driving experience and a wee bit of other issues over the Bland Boring Experience that some folks relate -- but with "perfection" with respect to reliability.

    Actually, I want both a fun to drive car and reliability -- Audi is pretty good at this.
  • My dealer in NE Ohio is pretty kicked back. Before ordering a car I do the numbers in Excel and see if what they propose (including the trade in) match up with my expectations. The last time we were within a couple of bucks while this time we were within six bucks. This was a factory order with no money down. Now I'll just try not to wreck my car before this Saturday.

    The service department has been very good. They actually seem to listen. If I request my tires to be set at 37 psig, I can rest assured that they will be. The one issue that I do have is that they don't seem to keep much of a parts inventory on hand. My '99 A4 Avant had those exterior mirror heaters that came on and stayed on whenever the temp dropped near freezing. This resulted in about three blown mirror heaters. The dealer always had to order them. Certainly bits and pieces like that should be stock items.


    But gotta say I very nearly went for the new BMW 330i. Great car... probably should have tried to drive the Bimmer back to back with the A4. Oh the heck with it! Who wants those run flat tires any ways :P

  • pd1pd1 Posts: 2
    i just got the car back after the second attempt to fix the locking problem. they replaced the keys with a new "upgraded" set (they seem a lot lighter) and now the alarm is not working.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh
  • I'm looking at the same car. I test drove the 2005.5 2.0T last week, and really enjoyed it!

    Problem is I'm the owner of a 1998 A4 1.8T Quattro now -- and while driving the car gives me a great deal of joy, I'm frustrated with reliability (or the lack thereof). I've meticulously maintained this car, and it's actually got pretty low mileage (75k), yet I've had some doozies over the years. I had the heater block leak, and fill the passenger compartment with radiator fluid, not a pleasant experience on a long trip!

    Last month I had to replace a wheel bearing for $1100 & this month I've got another wheel bearing that needs replacement. In fact, the dealer gave me a $2700 estimate for this and that. :cry: We all know you wouldn't get that sort of problem out of a Toyota or Honda, but we tolerate it because we'd prefer to drive an Audi!

    So, as I prepare to buy another car, I'm asking the same question: has Audi's reliability improved? Because, when you're paying $35k for a car, it's fair to expect better!
  • giovanni1giovanni1 Posts: 106
    I currently have a 2002 225 TT that will be coming off lease shortly and sans the radio being replaced (under warranty) at 5K, I haven't had a single problem with her (knock on wood).
  • I was just quoted a premium price for the Quartz Grey ($450 or so) on the 2006 A4...
  • Strato435,

    The reliability issue is a tough one. It is said that Audi has worked very hard to improve quality to "near-Japanese"' but we won't know until we get > 50,000 miles on our Audis. Because of that, I tend to dump mine prior to the warranty expiration. OTOH, if I planned on keeping my new A4 (picked it up yesterday) beyond the warranty, I would certainly price an extended coverage plan.

    BTW, I know someone that has an S6 that's about 12 years old (not exactly sure of the model year) and he's hitting 230,000 miles. He's had little difficulty with his ride and still on the original turbo. Maybe he's the world's luckiest Audi owner :P

  • onkloud9onkloud9 Posts: 25
    I've searched this forum but I couldn't find anything about this...

    Does anyone know what the drive bias is for the new generation of Quattro? I learned that the 2006 S4 has a 40%front/60%rear bias. Did the 2006 A4 quattro change? I am currently deciding between a 2006 Infiniti G35 6MT Coupe and a 2006 Audi A4 2.0T 6MT quattro and love both cars. Unfortunately, the local Audi dealership only had the 2006 Front-Trak 2.0T A4's available for a demo.
  • I'm pretty sure that the A4 is still 60/40, front/rear... between those two cars you can hardly go wrong...

    Byron ('06 A4Q, manual)
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    To my knowledge, the only 4 series cars that are 60/40 is the new 2006 S4 6 speed manual and the upcoming RS4. I thought all 2.0 and 3.2 cars are still 50/50.
  • You know, I think that you are correct on that 50/50 split... I'd look it up but I'm too lazy.

  • I know these are distinctly different autos, but the commonality is AWD which is a must for my location. I am down to these as choices, would prefer the A4, but have some concerns on reliability. I am coming off a Ford Explorer and am tired of the ride, boxy feel, etc...

    I drive 170 miles a day, put about 40K miles on a car per year. I need to have some degree of confidence that I can get 5 years and 200K miles on a car and not be killed on reliability. I service cars regularly, don't neglect but don't want a lot of shop time, nagging stuff and extraordinary repairs.

    I would like some opinions from Audi owners. People who have gotten this kind of mileage, etc.

  • The local dealership finally got an 2006 A4 6MT quattro for me to test drove... and I bought the only one on the lot (besides the grey demo):

    2006 Audi A4 6MT quattro
    Black on ebony
    S-line package
    Tech package w/Bluetooth
    Premium package

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The S line package on the 06 model looks incredible. I like it even better than the S4.
  • How did the price you paid compare to list?
  • Do you have photo's of the S-Line car? I have not been able to see it? How is it different form the S4 (which I don't really care for on this model). I have an 06 A4 on order, but didn't get the S-line as it seemd like a lot of dough for a few cosmetic changes.

    If you can, please post a photo.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The S Line has the 18 inch 5 spoke wheels, sport springs, front end chin spoiler, painted rear spoiler, and S4-like lower doors skirts. There's also some nice stitching detail on the steering wheel and the satin alum. trim inside.

    It's not cheap @ 3 grand, but it's really nice looking.
  • At the moment, the A4's, A6's A8's and TT's offer only 50/50 torque split.

    If they never changed this, it would be hunky dory with me -- for the real benefit that would accrue to Audi drivers would come from a better F/R weight distribution, perhaps a lot closer to 50 50 than the NOSE heavy distributions currently offered.

    But, to shut the press up (primarily if you asked me, which you didn't), Audi gave in to the Rear Wheel Drive bias is best crowd.

    Don't get me wrong, I am ALSO in favor of the RWD bias -- but since I assume this took engineering talent and time -- and MONEY, I would rather that Audi have put such resources into balancing out the car rather than something that I consider (I said "I" -- I am not speaking for the great journalists at all) more for show than go.

    Give me an Audi with a near 50 50 weight bias and a 50 50 quattro drive line and leave the competition in the dust.

    Better yet, give us both.

    I say, more's the pity Audi chose to incorporate RWD bias for their AWD cars first.

    But Audi didn't consult with me -- once again! :shades:
  • I paid 1000 under MSRP. Couldn't get better than that.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Has anybody else seen the new 2006 A4's w/ the wood package? The steering wheel is now 2 piece wood w/ shift knob as well.
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