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Audi A4 2005+



  • On the website, under Bluetooth under the Technology Package section, it say's "Confirm availability with dealer". It seems to me that if Bluetooth is not available on a particular car that has the Tech package, then the cost of the package ought to be less...
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I thought Audi changed the order guides and there is now only (1) technology package that has memory seats, xenons, and bluetooth as well. The website has only (1) technology package.

    You cannot get "retro" bluetooth added in your car from the parts or service department. You have to get it from the factory via the technology package when your car is built.
  • My sales guy specifically told me it did not have Bluetooth and I even tried to have my phone discover the car hoping that it just was not listed, but alas no Bluetooth. Anyone have any idea if Audi will be offering this as an add on in the future?
  • schweikbschweikb Posts: 111
    I just picked up an 06 A4 2.0Q auto this past weekend - Quartz Gray with Ebony leather interior. This is the first Audi I've owned since a 1978 - that was a disaster and I'd sworn off the brand until now. I looked at new Passat and BMW 325 as alternatives. With all the discussion of Bluetooth, tech packages, etc. the thing that pulled me to the Audi (besides Quattro) was the overall build quality and the solid feeling of everything - doors, seats, console, trunk lid, etc. The earlier BMW 3's (including my buddy's 2003 M3 convertible) had rock solid, bank vault doors that you could slam to your heart's content and you would loosen nothing. I was appalled at the "new" 3 Series - the doors "click" closed and feel very insubstantial (kind of like my 02 Altima I just got rid of). I'm 64 and have driven many, many cars over the years, and this 06 A4 has the best "hewn from a granite block" feeling of just about anything I have ever owned or driven. On top of that, the interior design is the best in class. Even the new 3 Series is trying to look "Tokyo at night-lite" in its approach. The monotone dash panel and Teutonic look of the A4's buttons and such to me are a real treat. I opted for the dark Walnut interior trim and it makes the interior very luxurious looking for a "bread and butter" product. To me the Passat interior looks cheap. Not just the design of the instrument panel, but the materials and colors offered, not to mention the arrangement of buttons and controls. The 06 Audi A4 looks better on the inside than the new A6 and even the A8 (my daughter owns one). This car is definitely a case of "less is more" and change isn't always for the better (as in BMW 3's). Topping it off is the great new engine, the 6-speed Tip and the upgraded suspension. The 5 double-spoke 17" wheels that are now part of the Premium Pkg. are snazzy and put lot of rubber on the road. Smooth ride, great handling, no squeaks or rattles and sufficient power for a "sixty is the new 40" kind of guy. Love it!!
  • It is almost a certainty that there will be NO ADD ON of Bluetooth possible without stupid money being spent.

    It would be cheaper and more reliable to trade you car in on one with Bluetooth than to attempt to retrofit it.

    On the other hand, there may be a kit that allows you to build in a phone into the arm rest that will permit hands free use of the phone -- ask Audi.

    The lack of Bluethooth is an issue and if you wanted a car with it and were misinformed, shame on them -- the reality is that it is probably just not practical to get it afterwards.

    Sorry. :cry:
  • The 17" 5 spoke double-cast wheels are apparently part of the Premium Package for 2006. In the brochure, (which is apparently 2005 but is unmarked) there appear to be 2 styles of 17" wheels. One is a "normal" 5 spoke, and the other is the "double-cast". Have the 17" 5 spokes been discontinued for 2006? Having owned Euro cars in the past, including an A4, I know what it's like to clean brakedust off the wheels. My current car (Saab) has 10 spoke wheels and it's a real pain. Is it possible to get a 2006 with Premium package but with 5 spoke 17" wheels? Half the cleaning...

  • Oh well, will just have to get an after market kit, thinking of getting the Parrot CK3100
  • schweikbschweikb Posts: 111
    According to my dealer the "normal" 5-spokes are considered just one step up from the standard 16" wheels and are still available as a stand-alone option if you are not ordering the Premium Package. The Premium Package is designed to kick everything a little up-market, hence the 5 double spoke wheels come with that package (they are the ones that used to come with the Sport Package - something that seems to have been replaced in 06 with the S-line option). I like the double spokes, but it is a matter of personal choice or taste. I looked at the photos of both wheels and to me the actual surface area of the "normal" 5-spokes looks greater than that of the double-spokes, but the devil may well be in cleaning the nooks and crannies. Even so, I usually use a good brand of alloy wheel spray cleaner which has easily taken off the dust you mention with my other cars. I agree the catalog they give you appears to be up to date for the 2006's but the content of the option packages is definitely 2005.5. The Premium Package in the catalog includes the leather seats, while in my 06 the leather seats are part of a Sunroof Package (to be found no where in the catalog). Also, the Premium Package in my car includes heated front seats, and the Cold Weather package (I didn't get it) is simply a ski sack and heated rear seats.
  • I have a 2001.5 Passat GLX. Honestly, knowing it had a lot of Audi parts and the Audi V6 engine was a huge sell for me. Especially for the price.

    Now the new Passat with it's Toyota looks and VW underpinnings, is less appealing to me.

    I'll keep my Passat for a few more years, but if I bought today I would lean toward the A4 V6 (although it's a bit pricey).
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I see you've never experienced the joy of driving behind a VR6. Year by year a much more drivable engine than the Audi V6 from my perspective. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    I am stuck in my Jeep GC lease for 2 more years so most of this is moot right now, but. I test drove a Passat 1.8T about two years ago was not impressed with the power, especially from a stop. I get the impression that the new 2.0 T Audi is very fast, I have read all the reviews on Edmunds,AOL,Yahoo, Msn and most give glowing reports. My son just got a 3.5 SE Altima and that has power 249 foot pounds of torque with a 5MT. Pushing it I get torque steer through 4th gear, quite a thrill. I suspect that the A4 is much more refined with much better handling than the Altima, and of course with a much higher price. I will be 59 by the time I get out of this lease, 12 years of driving 4 new GC's is enough,
    I realized that after driving the Altima that I would like to drive something more exciting. The Subaru Legacy GT looks to have the same power as the Altima
    and I presume handles better. I have also read all the threads on these cars,
    BMW 325, Audi A4,Legacy GT,TSX, Passat, S40. Most like their cars and say they are the best, except for the people with problems. I guess my questions are what makes an Audi special, how would I like off the line power compared to the V6 Altima. No sense taking a test drive yet, too long to go on the lease and no easy way out. Oh by the way just sat in a 525 BMW and for some reason was not impressed with the interior, am I crazy or what, I do like my friends Passat interior. If you go over to the TSX board it is the best car in the world. Thanks Old Mike
  • wlnwln Posts: 1
    I have a new 2006, 4 door Audi A4-t. When you push the lock botton in the driver's door. Three doors will lock but the driver's door will NOT lock. Audi has told me this is a safety feature so you will not lock yourself out. I have never had a car that did this. All my other cars would lock all 4 doors when the automatic lock feature was pushed in the driver's door.

    Does anyone know if this is the way these doors really work or is Audi handing me a line?

  • You are not being handed a line -- this is the way the locks are designed to work.

    I think you can do the following:

    Close all the doors.

    Walk to the passenger door of your choice and open it.

    Reach over and lock the driver's door, all the doors will lock.

    Close the door you opened.

    Unless the system has been made even more intelligent, this would do the trick.

    What is wrong with using the fob to lock the doors remotely rather than pushing the door lock button itself?
  • edwardsfedwardsf Posts: 187
    Old One, I have test driven all those cars except the Biiiieeemer. (I won't because I hate the nickname). The Altima 3.5 has nice acceleration and for us tall guys, it does have way more headroom! But is not on the par with the other cars in regard to: interior, handling, braking and road feel. I think it is a great looking car and a good value but it really does not strike me as a sport sedan. (The Passat is now a little dowdy too).

    If you are comfortable with the ergonomics of Japanese cars, I think the Legacy and the TSX are wonderful cars to drive - and have great reliablity. The Euros have a bit more panache, even more road feel, and fit and finish are more elegant but the Euros are not so great to own as out of warranty repairs are pricey. Good luck ... in two years.

    Sort of old Ed
  • How do we find out what phones are compatable with the Bluetooth option? I use Verizon Wireless and before I shell out the extra $500 for the Tech Package with Bluetooth, I want to be sure that Verizon has a phone that works with it.
    Anybody know?

  • Audi knows. And if you call them 1-800-FOR-AUDI, they will tell you.

    For unknown reasons, however, I will tell you that THE PHONE that has THE FEWEST issues and the greatest performance (in these applications) and, frankly, the lowest price is the Sony Ericsson T637. It is available in "unlocked" form on the Internet and all you need to do then is go to your provider du jour (no contracts please) and purchase a plan and a SIM chip, then you are good to go.

    Moreover, Audi and BMW offer in-car build-in kits that will allow you to:

    1. Use the optimized charging and battery conservation feature

    2. Use the car's rooftop antenna (fewer dropouts)

    3. Use the phone in so-called handsfree and eyesfree mode (and some even offer full voice response mode)

    I had almost purchased an Infiniti M35X and when I went to the Infiniti dealer, they gave me "the bluetooth list" (also on the websites); then the salesman said "word of advice, fewest problems, greatest functionality etc, with the Sony T637."

    I got mine off of the Internet and called Audi for the in-armrest mounting kit and went to AT&T/Cingular/Cincinnati Bell for my SIM chip, then I ordered a German SIM Chip and an Italian Chip (I am now, as they say, "nationwide and global." )

    I think the phone was $129 (unlocked -- which basically means "you can use it in some 65 countries on the planet Earth), no contract required for service and -- here in Cincinnati -- bought a plan that combines my home phone, high speed Internet Access, BlackBerry utilization with unlimited e-mail and two T637 phone chips (one for my wife's T637 and one for mine) with free intra-carrier calling, unlimited free domestic long-distance, $.05/min international calling rates and a 30 day automatically renewing "contract."

    The Audi phone book integration (probably with and without the Navigation screen, even) is easy (I have the multi-function steering wheel) with the T6XX phones is seamless and with the ability to use the roof antenna rather than the in-device antenna, the dropouts "dropped" by about 2/3rds over my buddies who use solely the in phone antenna.

    I don't know if Verizon offers this device (T6XX phone) or not. "If" they use SIM chips in their phones, you will, however, be able to use the unlocked Sony-Ericsson phone (assuming they use GSM standards.) If they don't, and you ever travel over the oceans, well, I'd dump Verizon like a hot rock, for, at this point in time, GSM is "the standard."

    If you love CDMA, TDMA or whatever for whatever reason, that is certainly OK with me -- GSM at this juncture just happens to be in very wide use in both NA and all over the eastern hemisphere.

    Hope this helps. :shades:
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Thanks for the comments sort of old Ed.
    I guess I have been driving I6 jeeps too long, what has now peaked my interest in cars again is driving my sons new Altima, I find the 250 ft pounds of torque from the Nissan V6 rather exciting at my advanced age. One worry about Audi is of course reliability, wife has had 3 new accords since 1995 none of them were ever in the shop for anything except routine maintenance. But she even got tired of driving them, she now has an AWD Escape which we own, so I dont need two 4/AWD drive vehicles in the family. Which leaves me when it is time to get a nice car. I do not see much mention of the FWD A4 all the talk is about the AWD, which I really dont need anymore besides the FWD is less expensive. But then again the AWD will provide better handling even on dry roads, but do I really need to drive that hard, who knows. I guess I will be having fun reading these boards for the next two years and then decide on what is the latest and greatest at that time.
    I will have to test drive an A4 2.0T and see for myself about the low end torque or lack of it from my perspective. Actually believe it or not I don't need a sun roof and really don't like leather that much, but I am attracted to very nice interiors, just minus the leather. Thanks Old Mike
  • Mooselook,

    I have a Treo 650 with Verizon. It pairs with my A4's bluetooth, but it isnt "fully functional." ie you can dial out by numbers but not by saying the persons name from your phone book. Incoming calls will display the number on the window between the tach and the speedo, but not the persons name. Honestly, if you talk while driving and hate those goofy headsets, the option is worth it.
  • Thanks, Mark.
    Very helpful and very comprehensive. I checked out the T637 but unfortunately, I don't think Verizon supports GSM standards, and I have too many phones on the plan to easily switch. I guess I'll talk to the folks at Audi and see what they say.

  • Word on the net is that Verizon BT phones have been deliberately crippled -- don't know if this is totally accurate and even if so, don't know why.

    Audi has another new accessory -- works on Motorola phones (but they too appear to be those with SIM chips and GSM.)

    Check it out -- maybe there is a way to get the Verizon system to be more open with Audis BT implementation.
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