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Audi A4 2005+



  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    Anyone purchased the normal phone cradle that works with the built-in phone system (without Bluetooth)? How's that working out?
  • dlaz3dlaz3 Posts: 1
    I've been checking out wagons to replace an aging Subaru Outback and really like the A4 Avant for the ride and style, and fact that it is smaller for both city driving/parking and mileage. Question is whether it's too small to be the sole family car? I have 2 very young children and my wife and I are on the smaller side. We've tried most of our kid gear and it seems to fit, but I'm wondering whether, based on practical experience, people feel that this car is big enough for day-to-day life with car seats, stollers, kelty backpacks, and related kids gear. The interior seems about the same as the Subaru, but the rear storage is definitely smaller. Any thoughts and comfort level on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  • What's the policy regarding free loaners? Having just closed a deal on a 2006 A4, I called the Service Department about this and was advised that free loaners are provided only for scheduled maintenance but not for repairs under warrantee. This was not the case back when I had my '99 A4. Does anyone have info on this?

  • joemalejoemale Posts: 28
    I've test driven the DSG version of the A3 and found it great.
    Is this offered in the A4? Will it be?
  • ckelly14ckelly14 Posts: 105
    I test drove the new 3.6 VR6 Passat two days ago. There is no question after driving both the Passat and the Audi A4 recently that the Passat is no longer the "just a little bit less rich" man's A4. This is not necessarily a compliment. There is a significant difference between the two at this point, some good, some bad...

    As a family man that needs to fit a car seat in the back, the increased room is a welcome addition in the Passat compared to my current 2000 A4 1.8T. The interior with the burled wood upgrade is a "night and day" change vs the monotonous fake metal on the Passat 2.0 version. The seats are similar to the Audi's- i.e. comfortable but not very "sporty" or bolstered". The trunk on the Passat is excellent.

    Although the VR6 was very powerful, I came away very unimpressed. The FWD version is the only one currently available, and the VR6 completely overwhelmed this car. The engine toe-in was very abrupt and led to quite a herky-jerky ride. I "spun" the front tires much more than I every would want to at 38 years of age. The VR6 did have a very nice "growl" when pushed hard.

    Overall, I would opt for the 2.0 T in the Passat if it could be similarly equipped as the 3.6. But here's my biggest gripe- It can't! I can't even order what I would consider "given" in a car- a fully powered driver's seat or auto-dimming rear view mirror- without ordering the VR6. I agree that the Passat currently has two personalities. At it's most loaded, it's a "poor man's" A6 (although this is a significant drop-off we're talking about). In the 2.0 T, it's a very good alternative to the Camry or Accord. In no way is the Passat and A4 comparable at this time.

    I'll test drive the Passat with the 4 Motion when it comes out to see if the extra bulk and the 4 wheels smooths-out the big engine, but I'm back to looking at the A4. I wanted to a little closer to the dealer (Audi- 35 minutes, VW 5 minutes) as my Audi needs a little work from time-to-time but the extra drive for a guaranteed loaner may be worth it.

    Finally, the new haldex system is a full-time FWD system that only switches to the rear wheel if there is slip. I'm no sure how this will effect performance. My take is that the Passat is trying to mature into a legitimate family vehicle, but it is taking away from the old "Farfegnuten" image. Good luck VW in trying to compete with Toyota and Honda!!
  • schweikbschweikb Posts: 111
    I went round and round on this and wound up with an A4 that I've leased for 24 months (2.0T Quattro w/performance pkg, sunroof pkg, metallic Quartz Gray paint and the dark mahagony interior wood trim). The interior wood package only added $8/month to the bill and for me puts the A4 into a whole new class of vehicle - I look at the interior pieces it covers every time I drive the car and it really looks LUXURIOUS - also, it is real wood. Besides that, I noticed a difference in the ride (handling too, but that did not as much of a concern me) resulting from the different front suspensions. For my money the Passat's strut-type setup lets a lot more of the shocks, etc. into the car - its drivetrain, my body and the car's structure. The Audi's 4-link lower/upper arm setup with separate shocks makes for a wonderful ride, isolation from abrupt movements and noises and a great feeling of what's going on. Very importantly for me the A4 seems much more structurally rigid than the Passat. The feel and sound of slamming the driver's door on the A4 is so satisfying - the proverbial "bank vault." The Passat door seems to just "be there" and sounds clumsy and thin when you close (slam) it. There are many other things I prefer about the Audi: the Passat's tail sits way high up - probably because the rear springs are set up for 3-abreast in the back seat and a bigger trunk load; the Audi A4's dash is pure Teutonic and very straightforward (better than the A6 or the BMW 3's or 5's too); the leather seating material itself is much more up-scale on the A4. There is much more I could go on about too. The Passat's big plus is interior room, but it is just me, and despite being 6'3" and 205 lbs. I fit very comfortably in the A4 - so that's all she wrote.
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Posts: 152
    I wanted to look at the passat before buying an A4 but its not a fair fight when the passat doesn't have 4 motion available yet. I live in Chicago. I refuse to drive anything without all wheel drive.
  • craigp1craigp1 Posts: 17
    I just picked up my 2006 A4 2.0T Quattro, Ocean Blue/Black, 6 sp, Prem Pack, sport susp, Sunroof Pack. I ordered this car back in June! Due to the sport suspension being sold order only, it took forever. But I have say, it was worth the wait! I had a 2003 A4 1.8T, Denim Blue. At first I liked the 2003 Body style more (I thought the rear was nicer, but I did like the new front), and was a bit sad to see it go. After seeing my new car, I have completely changed my mind. This car is beautiful. And the more I see the 2006's, the more I prefer the new rear end.

    After 80 miles, this car drives great. It sticks to the road like glue, and the new engine blows the 1.8 T away. Smooth, responsive, no turbo lag. Could use a better tune as the sound is kind of hollow, but with the great sound system, who cares. The new electronic steering is fantastic. I didn't really like it during the test drive, but longer driving time has showed me the way!

    And the 5 double-spoke wheels are sweet. With tinted windows and some nice pinstriping, this car is a head turner. Love the look of the lower suspension with the sport package.

    When I ordered this car, I was so unsure because I loved my 2003. But you can't keep these cars once the warrenty is up (unless you get a good extended warrenty), so I went for the new one. No comparison, this car looks, drives, and handles way better. Whoever still has doubts, leave them behind. Get a 2006!

    Now lets hope my 2006 is as trouble free as my 2003 was.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You've got to ante up and get the $3,000 S line package to a get a sport suspension without it being a sold order car.

    It's pricey, but the S Line package looks incredible.
  • ...and what a difference. While I'm still not wild about the new look, the car is improved in all critical areas... steering, braking, suspension, blah blah blah. I skipped the costly S-Line package for a factory sports suspension. And after about 1600 miles I have yet to encounter even one issue with the car.

    The two liter engine is a nice compromise between performance and economy. I'm just surprised that there aren't more people cross shopping the new A4 with the competition.

  • craigp1craigp1 Posts: 17
    I hated the wheels on the S-Line, liked the double spoke much better. Plus it came with Summer Tires, useless in the Northeast, so it was a deal killer for me. So $3000 (plus new tires) for a couple of minor spoilers just wasn't worth it. And my dealer is not ordering any S-Lines anyway since they do not think it is worth $3000 either.
  • I got my S-line two months back and its totally worth it. The 18" wheels, 18" tires, and suspension are already about 3 grand from the dealer if you bought these individually, so the S4 body parts (front bumper, side door sills, s4 trunk) are a nice bonus. If you aren't going to mod the car, then the S line package is the way to go.

    Or you can debadge the S-line, flash the ECU (APR, Revo, GIAC), and have 250hp/300lb-tq and have people wondering if its an S4. Little do they know, its a 4-banger :shades:
  • Let me see, $3000 for lousy looking 18 wheels, tires that only grip in the hot dry weather, and sport suspension that can be ordered seperately for $250. I think not. As for the spoilers, the only one that looks good is the S4 trunk. But the trunk is not worth $3000. But to each his own, and enjoy your A4 S-Line.

    I'll take the 5 double spoke wheels (nicest wheels Audi makes IMHO) with all season tires, and with the $250 sport suspension, there is no gap between the tire and fender. Who needs 18's.

    I now have 200 miles on my A4, and lovin every minute of it. Recently saw a couple of the new 3 series on the road, thank god I chose the A4 as I think it is much nicer looking. Go Audi!
  • zcar3zcar3 Posts: 22
    craigp - i see you drove your old a4 in new england. were you able to get away w/ all-season tires? my 2000 1.8t had the performance package, so it came with summer tire which were almost useless - even with quattro - in the snow. i picked up a used set of s4 rims when the original tires needed replacement and ran summer tires on the s4 rims, with winter sports on the stock rims. it worked out great year round, although at 6 years, i'm looking for a new car in the immediate future...
  • Well, IMHO, anything less than 18's is small for such a large wheel well. Not only does it handles better with the larger wheels (18-inch 5-arm quattro® GmbH wheels with 235/40 high performance tires compared to 17-inch 5 double-spoke cast alloy wheels with 235/45 all-season tires) but it sits much nicer with the larger wheels and lowered stance. Sure the ride is slightly rougher and more responsive, but thats a matter of preference. I think that calling the RS6-style wheels "lousy" is a bit much. They are the same wheels in design (created by quattro GmbH) as the ones on the fastest production Audi before the B7 RS4 and I like em :D

    But this is coming from someone in sunny California, where the only snow I will see is when I go to Big Bear or Tahoe, and even then I wouldn't rely on all-seasons; I would definatly get some chains and 16" steel wheels. I used to live in Baltimore, where it snows a good amount, and I think that 18's are great for the summer/spring/fall months, but come winter, I would always invest in a cheap set of 16"s with snow tires.

    Did you check out the Vortex front spoilers from the dealer? If you didnt get the s-line package, you should check out the Vortex body pieces.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You're in the small minority of people who think the S Line wheels are lousy. I think they look gorgeous.

    Go and price any type of aftermarket rims and tires, and it'll cost you about $1000 to go from 17's to 18's. Michelin Pilot Sports are $250 each for 18 inch tires.
  • My old 2003 A4 1.8T was a front wheel drive with all seasons, and it handled great in the snow. Keep in mind it was a stick, which is better in the snow than an automatic.

    If your looking for a new car, the 2006 A4 2.0T is a great car, far supperior to previous Audi's, even my 2003. My 2006 Audi has quattro with all seasons, so I suspect it will be even better in the snow than my 2003, so snow tires will not be needed. Keep in mind I do not live in the mountains.
  • 18's are nice, just not the current S-Line wheels. Basic 5 spoke design. Although the rim is 1 inch larger than the 17's, keep in mind the tires are a lower profile, thus making the overall diameter of rim plus tire just 1/2 inch larger for the 18's.

    For me, the design of the double-spoke wheel more than makes up for the slightly less overall diameter. Plus I'm not a big fan of the ever decreasing tire profile. Whatever happened to nice looking tires? But that's a whole other topic.
  • A local Speed Shop has offered to design, build, and install a new Exhaust System for my 5 week old A3 .....FREE OF CHARGE!! He could then use the prototype to build similar systems to market to other A3 owners. My Concern is what effect this new exhaust system will have on my warrenty. Any of you A4 guys have experience with this type of thing. Thanks Bill H.
  • zcar3zcar3 Posts: 22
    The 2006 looks nice, but I just checked the options selection, and Audi seems to have lost me... you can't get the technology pack (I need/want bluetooth) without the premium package, there are no sport seat options anymore, the S-line package requires the premium package, the interior/exterior color combos are very limited, etc.

    Maybe I'm just being overly picky, but it seems like they stack their packages far too much, so if you want a few options in certain packages, you end up with a car in the upper 30's. Doh! I was hoping the A4 would be my "low-cost" alternative to a 330...
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