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Audi A4 2005+



  • Wow!... I hadn't considered that as my '06 has just about everything but the girl... I mean nav.

    That is a shame but just goes to show that you really have to do your homework. This current gen A4 is much improved over the previous generation in virtually every respect. Perhaps the dealer will be willing to work with him on another A4 with the tech pack.

    Best of luck

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,106
    It isn't as obscure as you think for a clutch to burn out with so little mileage on it. It has happened before. A valet on his (or her) first night could do some real damage. A poster on the BMW 5 series board who has very similar stick driving credentials to you had to have the clutch replaced at 14,000 miles on his 530i. It wqas just a freak thing. I recently replaced the clutch on my 2001 Honda Prelude Type SH after only 53,000 miles. The forst half of my car's life was spent in lots of bumper to bumper traffic, city driving, on and off the clutch while parallel parking... when I lived in NYC.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I was going to mention that as well. That's a nice feature and it's a shame after so many years that Audi took it out for 2006, and you have to order the technology package to get it.

    The trip computer should be part of the premium package.
  • Hi again... looking for expertise on something that my instinct tells me is a big deal...

    I bought my 2005.5 A4 2.0T Q Auto in May. Have been driving it and apart from a few rattles and squeaks, it has been great. It has adapted to my style of driving, and I barely notice the tip lag that was such a pain initially.

    Now, yesterday, I'm driving from A to B, using the manual shift mode as I often do, when out of the blue, it goes into "fail safe mode"... Changes to automatic, and the "gear selector" display goes to red background with all capital letter indicators... doesn't even tell you which you're driving in.

    I thought this was probably something major, although the car continued to drive normally, and as soon as I arrived at B (10 minutes later). Turned it off, opened the manual and called the dealership. Turns out they are swamped today, and although they want me to bring the car in, they don't have a replacement audi, and we're expecting a winter storm tomorrow!! So needless to say, I drove it to work today. Now here is the bizarre thing, after I finished at B last evening, I started the car, and it was still in fail safe mode initially, but within 5 minutes it had gone back to normal, and yes the tiptronic system worked fine. No problems this morning on my drive to work.

    Has anyone experienced this problem?? Does anyone have any ideas... I guess I best take it in anyway....
  • I just made a deposit on a manual pre-owed 2005 A4 2.0T (the newer model, the FSI one). The car only has 82 miles. My friend test drove the car for me and he said the car was smooth. After we got back to the dealer and popped the hood, the engine sounded kind of loud. It has some kind of “ metal knocking metal” sound. We asked the dealer and he said it is normal. Then he offered to pop another one (new 2.0T Quattro). It sounded loud too but did’t have that shape metal knocking sound. So is it normal? The car is new. We asked the dealer how the car was used. (They said the car was Corporate Demo) But he isn’t sure the history of the car neither. He said it might be used in the car show, picture models, stuff like that. I worried perhaps the engine was screwed by the ppl who test drove it. Thus, my main concern is the weird sound from the engine. Any clue? Thx
  • 82 miles? A good deal? Well, it will have full protection and maint. Is it a good deal?

    I would take it based only on what you have written.
  • 06a406a4 Posts: 2
    I also am disappointed that my new a4 does not have the trip computer. The salesman told me that it did. They were so confused at the dealership that they told me that the button on the ww arm had not been installed on that particlur car and they would order a new one if I would buy the car. latter they found out the trip computer was no longer standard without the $1800 tech package.
  • I'm 95% sure that the sound is normal. It may have been louder because the engine wasn't fully warmed up? When you do a cold start, does the engine almost sound like a muffeled diesel? If so, its normal and nothing to be alarmed about.
  • If I were you, I would complain to AoA. Dealers are not very forgiving on situations like these. You really have to pull some teeth to get some sort of compensation for their ignorance.

    Call AoA. Even send them a letter via certified mail. If they have it on record, they will be willing to work something out.

    I've had 2 situations with AoA and both had positive outcomes:

    My car had a check engine light a few weeks after I first got it. It turned out to be a small plastic valve (or so they told me) that needed replacing. No biggie, except the Service Department was waiting on Parts to receive it from Canada. So I went chugging along in a 2003 A6 loaner for about 3 weeks before I got my car back. A6's aren't bad, but it really started to irritate me that I couldn't drive my new car after 6 months of car shopping. After I got my car back, I complained to the Dealer Manager. He did nothing except pass the buck to AoA (lame). I called AoA and within 15 minutes got one month lease payment credited. Pretty fair if you ask me.

    On another note, I had ordered a front plate filler usually reserved for states that do not require a front license plate (I live in Cali). It gives the car a much more cleaner/Euro look. Anyways, since my car had the s-line package and therefore a different grill, Parts Department had to call Germany for this plate (BTW, the front plate filler from the S4 would have fit just fine, dunno why the Parts Department didn't compute that even after I suggested it). Part cost was 70 bucks. Parts even told me that they could get it shipped within a week if I paid for Express Shipping (biggest bunch of BS I have heard) which was 20 bucks. A month rolls by, and the parts department gives me a lame excuse, that the part they received was defective. OK, so I waited for another month, still no front plate filler! I went to the parts department, got into an argument with the Parts Manager there, and stormed out. They said they could not refund my money (not even the "Express Shipping" charge) because the part was a special order. I got on the phone with AoA. Three business days later, the Parts Department suddenly has my part and the Manager who I had got into an argument with quietly refunds the shipping charge.

    The kicker: Right afterwards, I asked the Service Department how much it would cost to install the plate. $150 bucks! I went to Auto-zone and bought a Torx screwdriver for $5.

    By the way, my car has had no problems since. Dealerships suck for the most part (especially mine), but AoA redeemed itself for their quick response to my problems.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Those front panel plates screw off in less than 2 minutes w/ a phillips head screwdriver. A 10 year old kid could do it. It's crazy that a dealer would charge you $150 in labor to do that.

    The S line grill is indeed different than the regular ones, and those filler plates cannot be swapped out with the regular cars.
  • Hi again... I'm in a 6 month relationship with a 2005.5 A4Q with Auto/Tip transmission.

    Early in our experience, (I posted this some time ago) made a strange metallic buzzing noise, only at certain RPMs... this resulted in my dealer replacing my differential after only 2 weeks of driving. Guess what... the noise came back. Finally after several months of putting up with this, I made the lead tech go driving with me... within 5 minutes he had found the problem, a loose trim piece around the shifter (I have the aluminum trim). He pushed it hard, it went "click" and I have not heard that noise since.

    Now, lately, particularly on cold mornings right after starting and while it's idling a little rough, there is a rattle that seems to be coming from the windshield... is it possible that the windshield is loose?? It doesn't feel like it when I push on it... and its hard to drive and push on the windshield to try to stop the noise... any thoughts??

    Also, very annoying... when I'm coming to a stop, or sometimes going over bumpy road, there is a kind of creaking/clicking noise that sounds like it is coming from the console, but it doesn't stop when I apply pressure. A couple of times I've thought the sound was actually coming from my seatback, because it seemed to happen/change when I changed positions in the seat. The seat has a little play, but I assume that's normal. Any ideas on this one??

    I know this sounds a little petty... but I left a beauty of a car (2002 Lexus GS) to move to Audi. I never once felt/heard any unusual noises in my Lexus. I guess I'm sound sensitive, but I really think this is too much. Am I over-reacting, are all A4s like mine, making little noises all the time? or is this something that I should bring to the dealer???

    Sorry to be so long winded... just really frustrated!
  • Almost all of my miles are highway.
    It turns out the problem with the Audi was much more then just the clutch. The 1/2 inch steel plate below the clutch broke in half, the clutch went and the steel plate acted like a saw and cut the transmission. Audi repaired it all, but they treated me like dirt. I have never had so many problems with any car including my still operable 1995 Acura Integra, which I still own. I find it hard to believe that a valet can cause so much damage in a few minutes of time. Since they couldn't blame me directly I have to wonder if the steel plate was defective.
  • I can't tell you what might have caused it (yet). This just happened to me last night but with a slightly different twist. I own a 2004 S4/Tiptronic V8 30k mi. I started the car threw the shifter in reverse and proceeded to back up a driveway on a grade. The car shuttered at first as if the parking brake were still on. I checked and the parking brake was not on nor was it sticking. So I tried again, gunned the engine, the shuttering gave way to the sensation of bad clutch slippage but the car moved and made it up the small hill. At the moment the shuttering stopped the inverse lighting on the control panel lit up (Failsafe mode) and my check engine light came on.

    I shut it off and started it again. As long as I drive forward tiptronic works fine in manual mode etc. As soon as I use reverse it jumps to failsafe mode. Check engine light is persistent.

    I was out of town so I called Audi Roadside Assist and they towed it to the nearest dealer. When I hear something more I will post back.
  • For those of you who are interested, I found a few TSB's and complaints with the B7 A4:

  • lednameledname Posts: 23
    Quick NAV question...I am looking at the A4 on the web and was wondering if the NAV has a touch screen or if you must use the little joystick that is in the pictures.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    No touch screen in any of Audi's nav systems right now. You have to use the MMI knob. But it's not a "jostick" like an I drive. It only moves side to side and you press the center button to complete the task.
  • Actually it doesn't move at all. It is a knob and it functions like a dial to select what is on the screen. As noted, you select by depressing the knob. The 4 buttons around the knob are also used to navigate the menus. It's really pretty intuitive once used a few times.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Don't know if we're talking about the same thing. But the big round MMI knob DOES move side to side like a radio control. So it does move...just not like a joystick.
  • Maybe it is different on an A4, but the MMI knob rotates clockwise and counter clockwise, it can be depressed as well, it can not rock side to side or up and down like the idrive.

    It is a selector dial, almost like a rotary phone dial that moves a mouse point around based on the mode you are in.

    If this is wrong on the A4, and I would doubt it, I stand corrected.

    It is easy to use, but touch and/or full voice would be the next best thing IMHO.

    I have voice and I find it quite easy and friendly, it just needs a few more things that it can control to really move it forward.

    I especially appreciate the phone commands and radio commands avail via voice.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Mark, You are correct. The MMI knob works the same for both the A4 and A6. It's just a matter of location of the knobs and buttons for the A4/A6. The DVD loads in the back for the A6, but the whole screen flips down in the A4. I like the Navplus on the A4 because it has SD slots for your MP3 files, and the A6 does not.

    The A4 is technically called Nav Plus and is very similar to the A6 navigation system, but it is a little different in a few of the features.
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