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Natural Gas fueled vehicles



  • I could use one, you can get me at my handle here at yahoo
  • epnfrnepnfrn Posts: 87
    had my previous 'email laden' post moved ... would still like one please! email in profile.

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    If you have any left, I'll take one too. Email:
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    Hey I've got use for 3 labels if you still have any left. Myself & a couple friends would like for our cars. Thanks,
  • Has anyone used a home fill unit supplied by a company other than Fuelmaker? Price? Quality? Shipping costs? Can a pump be purchased for it when it is worn out? I am ready to buy a car but, lack of a Fueling Station nearby has me needing to home fill.

    Thank you
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    You can check out
    but it is in England, and I don't know if it is licensed or AGA approved for use in the USA.
    Right now I believe FuelMaker is the only game in town, unless you have multi thousands of bucks for a big time commercial CNG fueling system such as the transit agencies and filling stations use here.
    I have two (3000 psi) cars and a used FMQ-2, and it works great.
    Keep checking the Internet as used ones pop up now and then.
  • patcngpatcng Posts: 2
    Yes there is another company which will soon be available. I'll post the information as it becomes available. The big differences with them compared to the Fuelmaker monopoly is they'll be cheaper, the compressor heads last the life of the machine, Etc.
    On the upside I currently use a modified FM4 for the past 4 years at least and almost 7,000 hours. Never had to replace the heads.
  • patcngpatcng Posts: 2
    Keep the Contour and keep the pump.
    They could be used together.
    Send me your email address and I'll forward you the information and costs as soon as possible. Also possible secrets on how to modify your Fuelmaker to run indefinitely without having to replace the head. So far I have approximately 7,000 hours on my FM4 and it's still running strong and safe.
  • I am interested in the new pump and the mods you did to the Fuelmaker. My e-mail is in my profile. Thank you Patcng.

  • d_linkd_link Posts: 17
    There is another company which has been planning to enter the US market, though they have run into problems locating a US partner. You may check their website for current information:

    This company states that their CNG at Home unit will retail for approximately $1,800 US, though FuelMaker told us many years ago, when we were supposed to be part of their pre-production program, that Phill would sell initially for $1,900 and drop to $1,000 within one year. We all know now that they were off by $2,500, only part of that increase due to the increasingly stronger Canadian dollar. We are very interested, but are still awaiting positive news.
  • az5az5 Posts: 2
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    This is most interesting - a potential competitor for FuelMaker, and better yet some $avings for us home fuelers. Just hope Homeland Secruity doesn't stop them at the border!
    Keep on it and post updates for us all here.
    It will be interesting to follow as I believe Honda owns roughly 20% of FuelMaker, so there will either be some FuelMaker price concessions and better availability or strong resistance keeping the competition off shore and far away.
  • Did anybody ever get any info from patcng (user from a few post up) about the fm competitor or the fm mods?
  • I just bought my '07 Civic GX last month and had trouble finding NGV/CNG decals too. So I designed some of my own and put them on a shop ( There are some "cleanest on earth" decals as well as some custom decals that look similar to the blue diamond CNG decal. They look cool placed near the blue CNG decal that's already on the car. I put the one with 4 small diamonds in it above and to the left of the CNG diamond and I get questions about it about every other day. I put the "cleanest on earth - natural gas vehicle" decal just above the chrome CIVIC emblem on the trunk and I've received several compliments on that.

    Has anyone else noticed that the Civic GX's no longer have a "GX" emblem on the car anywhere? At least there wasn't one on mine. So, I bought a "G" and an "X" from for pretty cheap (free shipping) and put it below the CIVIC emblem right aligned. The emblems from are really nice. In fact, I think they provide custom emblems for some car manufacturers.
  • You could likely order the real "GX" from the parts department at a Honda dealer for any 2005 or older model, as they no longer are branding the various new Civic models for some reason....makes them all appear the same so you can't tell the spendy ones from the others I guess.

    Thanks for the links on the decals.
  • All, I have a 2000 Ford Contour with 48000 miles. The transmission has gone out and they want $3,000 to fix it. Has anyone tried to remove the Natural Gas system and put on another car such as a Ford Focus? Or should I just part it out? It has the new module that Ford replaced under warranty and I just hate to junk it out. Thanks
  • Where are you located? How much do you want for the car?

    Thank you,
    Jim Kuhlman
    York, PA
  • adeaadea Posts: 44
    Marty...the cng kits are only for certain cars...I doubt that there is one for the Focus, so you won't be able to transfer your system to another. But, you may be able to get another transmission cheaper than 3K, depending on where you are. We have a Geo Prizm here in AZ, and all the transmission places wanted 3K also for a new/rebuilt one, but we found a mechanic that had someone rebuild one for $750 and then our mechanic installed it for $100 for a total of $850 and it works great!
  • 1. You might consider donating it to a local community college automotive program. The CNG aspect might be of special interest there. You can get a tax credit.
    2. Check out more places to quote the transmission fix. That $3K seems rather off the scale... With a warranty replaced compuvalve, that car should run a LONG time. Just remember imported oil is not getting cheaper.

    I own 2 of the same model with replaced compuvalves - everything is running quite OK. One will be for sale shortly, to be replaced with a Civic GX.
  • How much do you want for your Contour?
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