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Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous



  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 6,304
    Abarth at the Cincinnati auto show stickered at $28K.

    The one I'm considering has the 17" wheels, leather seats, the "Comfort and Convenience" package(auto HVAC, SiriusXM, heated seats), the audio upgrade, and red mirror caps/stripes. MSRP is $26,600. I could do without the 17" wheels in which case the MSRP would be $25,400. The only other available options are a hole in the roof and navigation(which is little more than a pre-wired Bluetooth capable TomTom unit with a dash mounted backet).

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  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,420
    Great pic! I love your D350. It is just stunning.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 6,304
    edited February 2013
    Nice!!! You can guess which one I prefer. ;)
    I'll have to do a "35 Years of Evolution" shot with my '02 and 328i.
    Funny thing; I just received an invitation from our local M-B dealer to test drive one of their new cars- in exchange I get a $100 gift card to a very nice local restaurant. They are also offering up to $6,000 off some of their new inventory. I'm taking them up on it, but I want something small and nimble with three pedals, so I seriously doubt I'll be bringing anything home other than the gift card... :P

    2009 328i / 2004 X3 2.5/ 1995 318ti Club Sport/ 1975 2002A/ 2007 Mazdaspeed 3/ 1999 Wrangler/ 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica

  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    The 500 looks like a fun little around-town runabout, but really does not seem like a viable choice for Michael's wife to do her business travelling with.

    Not necessarily true. Her new commute will be 22 miles - most of it interstate. The other driving she'll do is around town to different child care providers, so the nimbleness would work well. No long trips, and, given what we're learning about her new responsibilities, she won't need to haul around a lot of stuff (iPod, calendar and notebook).
  • fintailfintail Posts: 33,515
    edited February 2013
    The old car is a 220SE, a fuel injected model. It is a late run first series fintail, just about to have its 50th birthday.

    It feels a lot more related to the new car than the E55 was - engine clatter, not as fast, smoother ride.

    Thanks for all the compliments on the pics, guys. I've taken side by side pics with all the cars I've owned alongside the old beast.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 33,515
    Hmm, I should see if I can get a free meal out of my purchase too :shades: I ended up negotiating the new car to roughly 6K off, which was about 2500 under invoice. There are some deals to be had right now, I think the sales war is really in effect.

    The old car has its positives, like lightness and visibility. The new car is certainly not small, and no third pedal for those of us in NA.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,080
    Beautiful cars, fintail!

    One of the features I've noticed on the GLI is the way the cornering lamps work--they are integrated into the headlight assembly but point to the side and provide quite a bit of light. When you activate the turn signal, they don't come on until you slow below 25 mph. I think that's a neat way for them to operate--it's one of those touches that makes a car feel special. Anyway, I suspect you'll notice a lot of things like that on the new Merc.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 33,515

    My car has adaptive lights, which has cornering and high beam assist. It's cool to see the lights swivel with turns, and the high beam function is interesting - if you are in the city the lights are normal, but on empty dark road you can see the lights aim higher, then go low for oncoming cars. Also, all lighting on the car is LED/xenon. All of this stuff does feel special, gives a feeling that the money went somwhere.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    edited February 2013
    WOW, a 1964 Mercedes 220SE... nice. I took the 1964 RR Silver Cloud III out today for a spin.... and it gets quite the attention. We'll have had it 15 yrs. this Oct., time sure goes by fast. :blush:

  • Hey fin-

    Looks like your E55 is actually up on the lot at Barrier. Listed at just under $20k.
  • boomchekboomchek Vancouver, BC, CanadaPosts: 5,108
    It's funny because the Fintail was probably quite large for its day, and looks like a decent size today, but the new E class looks gigantic parked beside it.

    2007 BMW 328i Sports Pkg, 1993 Honda Accord EXR (my 33rd car).

  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,626
    Finally got a new Malibu in blue today and it was a pretty impressive ride! Had 1998 on the clock and had everything including Sirius/XM and a sunroof which I used the latter half of my trip...way cool! The day was absolutely perfect for it with sunny skies and temps in the lower 80's. Now this is a car I could get used to...and if they made it in a compact...might actually buy one, it was that good! And no, the Cruze just isn't the same...this Malibu drove like I was on a cloud, so smooth with effortless acceleration that I hi 90 + a couple of times and didn't even notice it! The power seat controls were easy to operate and I finally found the perfect driving position. This car just handled so nicely and just did everything right! This car is one of the top 3 that I have driven so far and the blue color looks so good on it, like it almost as much as the red color GM has. Now I'm very curious to try the Buick Regal and Lacrosse to see how similar they are. Funny, compared to the new Fusion, I like the Malibu better but to be fair, I really need to do the same Tampa run in the Fusion to really back up that statement. Here's hoping that tomorrow's choices will be that good.

    They had the 10 cars lined up when we arrived and I let the others know that I really wanted to take the Malibu today. They also had a couple of Cruze's, a Corolla, a Flex, a couple of Elantra's, a Nissan Quest, a Chevy Captiva and an older Escape. The Flex looked very interesting and was going to be my 2nd choice if things had worked out differently. The Malibu had just come in off a week's rental in Miami and they drove the car about 500 miles. They left their gas receipt on the floor and filled it up at 7:03 this morning before dropping it off. The base cost for the week was $409, a bit expensive but being in season and it being a full size offering, I guess it's not that outrageous a price. One thing though I didn't like. The infotainment center was a bit confusing and I didn't have time to master it. I just listened to my usual sat channels of 6, 7 & 8 and was a happy camper. I screwed up the a/c a few times also, why can't they just make these systems as easy as possible? There's something to be said for 2 knobs on each side of the radio and easy buttons for the climate control. Just wondering if GM is gonna use the touch screen adaptation on the rest of it's cars eventually that's on the new Caddy...if so, they probably need to "dumb it down" for the tech challenged folks like myself! I just want excellent sound quality and easy peasy climate control on my vehicles...period!

    So another outstanding day at be honest, if I didn't need to get my car serviced on Wednesday, I probably would've wanted to work as I don't see this job as work...I get to have fun every day now and get paid to do it! Am also going to have the Mazda detailed and the headlights cleaned up that day also since we'll both be home. Her car is really a mess inside and out and this guy is so good, the car will look brand new. It's funny, he did mine a couple of weeks ago and a guy at work asked me when I got my new car. I laughed and told him that it's almost 7 years old now and he couldn't believe it. I do try to keep my dd in tip top shape and garaging it nightly really helps keep it looking new. And it's funny, after driving all these different makes and models, I'm just as happy to get back into my own car and drive home. Have no desire to trade at this point and once I get new brake pads up front, I'll be one happy camper. Why go out and spend $ when I still am happy with what I got! I did spot a potential next car at the Sunshine State bridge rest stop earlier. It was a beautiful red 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT...a real looker! I could tell it had the sports package as the tires had a small sidewall, so probably 17" tires on it. Personally, I'd stick with the 16" rolling stock for the better and smoother ride. This vehicle looked so good I could actually see myself having it on my side of the garage in a few years...right now am aiming for 2017 for that to happen which would be right after it's mid-generation change, a perfect time to buy. But time will tell as the timing would have to be correct.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,626
    I did get an offer to get a $25 Visa gift card for test driving a new Kia so plan to go over on Wednesday to see if the new Forte has arrived on the lot yet. If not, I'll either wait till they have one in stock or take out a new Rio for a little drive to see the difference between it and the new Hyundai Accent. I have a very strong suspicion that one of these are going to be the replacement for our '05 Mazda3s in our stable. I'll test the sedan as the wife doesn't like hatchbacks as much as I do. From the short drive I had in one while doing a lot to lot a few weeks back, it was a decent little runabout and I preferred the dash/interior layout compared to the Accent actually...just a bit more pleasing to the eye in my opinion. Having the Hyundai store right across the street is a really good incentive to purchase one, but my Honda store is in the same auto mall complex so this would not be a tragedy to buy the Kia. Looking forward to doing this. I'd try the Optima but the wife wants to go down in siz3 and not the other way around. But as long as the a/c continues to work, I don't see her giving up the Mazda for some time...we could even see upwards of 200k on this puppy as she really really loves this car!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,708
    That's about 10 grand less than a loaded Mini.

    True... but, for the same $28K, I can buy a lesser optioned MINI Cooper S, that will run rings around that Abarth...

    Speaking of excessive MINI pricing, there was a MINI John Cooper Works Countryman at the show... Sticker was $45K... :surprise: :surprise:

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    True... but, for the same $28K, I can buy a lesser optioned MINI Cooper S, that will run rings around that Abarth...

    No matter how hard I try, when I configure a MINI on their website, I always manage to crack the $30K barrier.

    Too much stuff to choose from, I suppose. Although, it's nice to be able to pick and choose the options individually.

    For example, if I want HIDs on a Focus ST, I've got to get the Recaros. Unfortunately, since I'm - ahem - a bit larger around than most, I don't fit very well in the sport seats.

    With the MINI, I can get Xenons as a standalone option.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,150
    "run rings around" is a bit of an overstatement, don't ya think? We're talking fractions of a second in 0-60, 1/4 mile, and figure 8. And, base vs base, there is something like $2500 difference. You spend a little more and you get a little more with the MINI. That's all.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 6,304
    No matter how hard I try, when I configure a MINI on their website, I always manage to crack the $30K barrier.

    My problems with the Mini include:

    A local dealer with an extremely obnoxious new car sales manager who, among other things, wouldn't discount a new Countryman that had been in the body shop for over two weeks after being caught in a hailstorm- "Not gonna cut the price- not enough damage." Then there's the service department which has a 10-14 day wait to get booked in(By our sales guy's own admission).

    The Abarth interior isn't all that fancy, but at least it doesn't look like Fisher Price designed the switchgear.

    Here is what a very well respected BMW/Mini indie tech said in response to a question about replacing a manual gearbox in a Mini:

    List price on those things is quite low by BMW standards. Of course, that's still no guarantee. We have a brand new one sitting under a bench here that failed right out of the box, and MINI refused to warranty it. The second one I bought to replace this one failed right out of the box, and they did warranty it. Third one worked long enough for the customer to wake up to the fact that these cars are junkers from new, and she dumped it.
    Perhaps your friend can sell it as is, and use the money to buy a Le Car. 5 times the car for a lot less money.

    I will note that he is very opinionated(who would have thought?) and I do know friends who have owned Minis with few to no issues.

    For example, if I want HIDs on a Focus ST, I've got to get the Recaros.

    I have a similar issue; I want the heated Recaros and the HIDs- but not navigation or that horrid MyFord Sucks interface. I'd also like a mechanical limited-slip in a FWD with that much power. And then Motor Trend reported that their test car overheated on the track, which wouldn't be fun. I guess I should be thankful that the hole in the roof isn't bundled in as well...

    2009 328i / 2004 X3 2.5/ 1995 318ti Club Sport/ 1975 2002A/ 2007 Mazdaspeed 3/ 1999 Wrangler/ 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica

  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 6,304
    I'll take this M-B:

    1986 190E 2.3-16

    2009 328i / 2004 X3 2.5/ 1995 318ti Club Sport/ 1975 2002A/ 2007 Mazdaspeed 3/ 1999 Wrangler/ 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica

  • breldbreld Posts: 1,252
    I'm finding myself on quite a Subaru kick right now. I took my wife to look at the Impreza/XV Crosstrek last week. Now, my wife isn't much of a fan of the brand, and has expressed a particular dislike for the Forester and Outback. I had a '98 Legacy 2.5GT which I liked quite a bit.

    So she liked the Impreza and XV Crosstrek - then she looks around the lot and asked why I wasn't considering the nice small SUV. "Uh, you mean the Forester?" Apparently her dislike for the model was with the 1st gen model, and she hadn't noticed its evolvement through the 2nd and 3rd gens. :D

    I test drove the Forester (still the out-going model) and liked it quite a bit, but not sure if I'd be okay with the antiquated 4-speed auto. I'm looking forward to checking out the new model in person - I still like the CX-5, but based on the lease quotes I got from the Mazda dealer, they are very proud of their product as well. If the deals are better on the Forester (which I suspect they may be) I may go that route.

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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited February 2013
    Apparently her dislike for the model was with the 1st gen model

    I loved my '98. Manual trans, great in snow and on sandy beaches, and low enough center of gravity that it felt like an Impreza wagon.

    An Impreza wagon is more of a hatch, anyway.

    I still miss that car. Should have kept it as a winter beater.

    The public wants high seating, trucky looking things so it keeps getting taller and bigger. I'd challenge any similarly powered crossover at a Rally Cross event, and eat their lunch!
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