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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    Started up my '06 3.5 LT this morning. It was 7degrees(F) and the car fired right up. Let it warm up for about 10 minutes. Sounded great. No issues. Drove 30 miles to work. Car sat outside for 11 hours while I was at work. Started the car to go home and the engine sounded absolutely awful. The temperature was 14degrees(F). The sound is a very pronounced whine, almost like an electric power drill. It gets louder and higher pitched as RPM's increase. As the engine warmed up, the whine went away while at idle, but would come back if I revved the engine. Didn't go away even after my 30 mile drive back home.

    I think it is related to the serpentine belt, so I am going to put some belt dressing on it and see if that helps. I just find it odd that it was fine at 7degrees this morning (and the car hadn't been driven all weekend), and then had an issue when it was 14degrees out and had already been driven earlier in the day for 30 miles (1 hour commute). You would think it would have had the issue this morning and not in the evening. Very odd.

    In any event, has anyone else with the 3.5L engine noticed a pronounced whine when running their car in extremely cold temperatures? My car has experienced a couple days previously this winter of sub 20degree(F) temperatures with no issues. It is supposed to go down to the single digits again tonight and not get out of the teens tomorrow. Hopefully the belt dressing will solve the problem and I do not have a different issue going on.

    Most cars "hate" extremely cold temperatures, but this engine whine is unlike anything I have experienced on any of my past several cars (GM cars included).
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    Went out and sprayed the belt. No improvement. Looks to be a problem with the A/C compressor. When I press the A/C button inside the car now, the A/C light flashes a few times and the system will not engage. Guess a trip to the dealer needs to be added to my schedule.
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36

    What type of problem are you having with the A/C and especially at this time of year. Do you live in a warm climate? Just wondering. I'm still waiting for the parts to come in for my Key Fob and new antenna, so I will let people here know if I notice any difference when its repaired.
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    I also tried my A/C last week just to see if it would engage and I had the same problem with the A/C light flashing a few times and not engaging. I told the service guy this last week and he said that it is problably too cold out for the A/C to come on. Does this make any sense to the fine people of this forum.
  • Since we were taking it in for the fob issue, we decided to check the A/C as well because we are nearly out of warranty and because we seem to have the worst luck with A/C.The light would flash & then shut off. Because it was a Sat. that I had it in, the guys didn't have time to get into it but said "yes, there is something wrong here". I will call & set up an appointment today. They have promised a loaner.Now that I have a new fob, I am loving the remote start- never had that before.According to the invoice : Tech Comments: reprogrammed door lock receiver and replaced 1 transmitter. REgards all- Bob
  • Hey Ron...
    Sounds like your remote range is getting a little better lately for some strange reason..?? It will be very interesting to see if it continues and under what circumstances ...Keep us posted...Ya, it just may be the nearly empty lot with less metal around that's helping with the interference.
    But, on the lighter side, you will have to be carefull when you are shooting yourself in the chin, any amalgm (Siver/mercury) fillings may still cause you a range problem (ok, ok,...small joke here...)If I recall, I think you said that you are somewhere in North Carolina...Wow, I'll take your chilly 40's (F) at this time of year any day...Be blessed..!! I can't take much more of it here in Toronto...Lately, it has been -16 degrees C (5 degrees F)and with wind chill it feels like -24 Degrees C (-12 degrees F ). Very, very frigid...!!!! It's no wonder our cars moan and groan..!! :sick:
    Frank ;)
  • Hey there newborn2b1....

    Well, I had to go all the way back to this one again
    (# 2347 Feb.1st) because it's been bothering me....
    You say you have a 2006 LTZ with only 43K and you are in your extentend warrantee.???? I know it's very cold here and it could be affecting my B cells, soooooo help me understand this...!!! How/why are you in your extended warrantee....?? It's a relatively new car and things
    like this should be covered....
    Just Curious... :confuse:
    Frank ;)
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    I think the flashing A/C light is normal in colder climates. Mine does the same thing in the winter. The car knows that it's too cold outside to need A/C so it won't engage. I'm pretty sure home A/C units do this too to prevent damage from running the system when it's too cold.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The A/C is recommended to be used in cold weather with your defroster. The A/C air is dryer and thus assists in clearing moister/frost from the windows. In extremely cold temperatures the A/C might not work as efficiently. Read your owners manual about this.
  • Yes..... I just experienced this exact symptom on my '06 LTZ.If anything is done to correct this problem I would appreciate the solution being posted and I will do the same if I learn anything.....Thank You
  • kw5kwkw5kw Posts: 19
    from the owners manual of my 07 Impala:

    (Air Conditioning): Press this button to turn the air conditioning system on or off. When A/C is pressed, an indicator light comes on to let you know that the air conditioning is on. The indicator light flashes three times and turns off when outside conditions affect air conditioning operation. This is normal.
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    My A/C indicator light is flashing more than 3 times. I think I counted 5 or 6...I will have to check on the way home.

    My Impala goes in tomorrow for diagnosis and hopefully repair. The power steering is also not operating correctly. Significant groan and vibration in the steering wheel, especially when turning left at speeds less than 20mph.

    Everything seems to be going wrong all at once with this car.

    The engine whine has become louder and "raspier".

    Poor car :sick:
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Been there, done that...lived in New Hampshire for four years in the late 80s. The '86-'87 winter was brutal with lots of snow and cold. have a nice Impala with auto-start back then...sure would've been nice. :)
    As for my FOB range, it's been very clear with low humidity. Maybe that's partly responsible for the increased range. Today was about the same as yesterday. Now that it's starting to work from a distance, I wish it was easier to SEE when it's working. I have lots of background noise so it's hard to hear the horn or engine start and from the side, the new Impala doesn't show any lights. It's kind of a guessing game unless I can hear the horn chirp from locking the doors repeatedly. Anybody have any suggestions for KNOWING when your FOB is actually working?

    Have a good night!
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    The parking lights and taillights should flash when you use your fob. When you remote start the car, the parking lights and taillights should also come on. If they don't, there is a way to program them to do so via the DIC.
  • Had to take the SS out of storage the other day got stranded at work when my Dodge truck wouldn't start, it's a 95 Ram and has never failed me before but it was -20 degrees F. with a wind chill of -40 degrees F. Key fob started the car from 175Ft and the heated leather seats are great. One thing you should know about the aluminum V8 is that you shouldn't push it until it's fully warmed up because of the extremly tight tolerances required on an aluminum block(Aluminum expands more than cast iron) So while I was dissapointed in the Dodge its great to be driving the SS again.
  • Well, here's my update..and at this point, I really don't know whether to laugh or cry...!!! :cry:
    It's been well over a week now since they called me, and no word on my fix, so I decided to pass by the dealership to see if my parts had arrived yet. Guess what, I was met with, " Oh hi Frank ..I see that your part (Antenna only) came in this morning." Did I hear right..? So, I said ..I thought the fix consisted of the new coax antenna, new fobs (transmitters) and a replacement receiver.Their response was... " well we have alredy replaced your receiver once and all the fobs are the same so both these should be ok " (should be!!!! :confuse: )..." And so we will make an appointment for you for next Wednesday morning and change your coax antenna, and oh by the way, since your last visit here we have found a better way to re-program the software in the receiver and it has made a remarkable difference."

    I sure hope so....around and around we go !!!!
    I'll keep everyone posted.
  • So I dropped my car off this morning (for the third time)to have this whole fob issue resolved. I just now called and I'm getting it back tonight but it's still not working (short range of operation).. They now say it's not the fobs - it's the "brain box" - control module that needs replacing and that's another 3-5 days before that comes in. Aparently this module is what controls the effective range of operation of the fob.

    Like I said before - winter will probably come and go before this is cleared up.
  • Hi all, the remote starter has worked every time since last Saturday, when I took delivery of my SS. Ron, Frank, and all, I have tried the remote from as far away as about 150 feet (my best guess) and it has worked. From my bedroom window, through the walls and windows, from approx. 75-100 feet away it has worked well! I programmed the DIC to have the parking lights come on when I remote-start the car. Of course, to hear that V8 start up and rumble like it does, well,..........Bryan, you are the man! LOL! I still cannot believe I not only made the trade, but this beautifully sculpted hot-rod sedan is sitting in my driveway, waiting for me everyday!! Anyways, the dealer ran new software for the transmitter. I dont believe they replaced the antenna, or the receiver, etc. I hope this helps! Thanks! -Rob
  • Glad everything is going well for you Rob!..Pipes sound nice, don't they?
  • Hi Bryan, well, I ran the car up to the dealer to ask to have the driver's headlight assembly looked at and possibly replaced. There was a lot of condensation in it that froze up really badly. The service manager couldnt have been any nicer! He took the car in (4pm today, and they close at 5pm), took one look at the assembly, and had a tech replace it, right on the spot! He told me that GM, in most instances, will not replace the headlight assemblies because they claim that a little condensation will eventually burn off with the headlights on. It never burned off in my wife's old '99 Malibu! Well, anyways, it looks 100%+ . The car is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. And, yes, those pipes play beautiful music to my ears! Thanks Bryan! Cheers! -Rob ps: the Bose hiss was looked at. He listened to the Bose in the other SS they had on the lot. Same hiss sound. I'll live with it! -Rob
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