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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • Hi Bryan.. Seems I'm very chatty today...!!!
    Thanks...Yes, I went to the web site and yes sir-eee, those are exactly the same mags that are in my 2007 Impala brochure.
    Very , very nice....!!! I'm Just on my way out , but before leaving, I went into ebay.. quickly typed in " 18 inch chrome impala wheels" and WWWWELLA... I saw what appeared to be the identical looking ( not sure if they were exact GM Parts)10 spoke chrome wheels....They were brand new and still in the box for anywhere from $ 500.00 - $ 700.00 for all 4 !!!! Have a closer look and see what you think....
    Frank ;)
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Those optional blade wheels for the SS and the chrome ones for the LTZ have been offered by chevy since the 06 Impala came out.
  • Frank, thanks for the info, I looked on ebay...those wheels are close, but not the real optional wheels that GM offers. In this case I want the "real McCoy"....I'll either pay a hefty price or do without....I asked the Parts manager at my dealer if anyone has purchased those optional wheels, he said... NO!!!!....I'm kind of a correctness freak...I want GM options my all weather floor mats, I only would buy the GM ones....probably could have bought others for half the price.............anyway, I'll keep looking...............thanks.................bryan
  • Hi Frank,
    I went with the K&N box filter don't really know if it made any difference as the car was brand new but I do run K&N in all our other vehicles and have noticed a difference in them.When I pulled out the paper filter our SS came with I couldn't beleive there was any air getting through it,it's like a super compact accordian unlike the K&N.I did look at the high performance model and I'm sure it would be better but after reading the installation instructions decided it was a little more complicated than I wanted to mess with.Hope this helps.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I have the drop-in box K&N as well and also didn't really notice a difference but I got it almost immediately after buying the car (I didn't notice a difference between regular and premium fuel back then either but I do now). At the time, the higher-end version wasn't available or I'd have probably gone for it. If you look around on the web, you can find pictures of people who have installed it (and other accessories).

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Sometimes, I still kick myself in the pants for not hanging on to my "69.. 427 Chevelle ( COPO )- 425 HP.

    You deserve a kick in the pants! ;) I don't think we're the same age, though. I grew up lusting over cars like that but never had the chance to own one (at least not one WORTH owning). I came of age in the 80s with Chrysler turbos, wimped out GM 305s, and the good ole Ford 302. But, I wasn't able to afford anything worthwhile. I am staring down 40 (in July) and this Impala is my first REAL performance car. Hopefully, it won't be my last.

  • Hi Bryan..

    Good for you... and I don't blame you !!
    I try to stay away from that imitation stuff myself and keep it all chevy. That's why i went for the REAl GM '07 SS 18 inchers. Too bad you don't have a Gm employee friend or retired relative .. You could use their employee card and get about 30 % off. Keep looking...Let us know how you make out....
    Frank ;)
  • Hey Ron..
    I'm sure it won't be your last...Once it gets into your blood ...that's it !! Thanks for your (and Carl's) input on the K&N..I think I'll try the square stock replacment filter for now and see how I make out.

    Again, Many thanks
    Frank ;)
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    QuietPro and Ryster--Thanks for your analysis and input. I can rest a little more comfortably knowing mine isn't the only one making those sounds. Identification and isolation is the key to determining if it is an issue for concern. I guess I'm overly sensitive to strange sounds until I can get reassurance that it's not a problem. Comes from too many years of flying. Thanks again guys.
  • Hi Bryan....

    Ooops ! :surprise: Sorry ! :blush: I hope I haven't offended you... :confuse:
    'Ya....I have about 15 years on you. And, the funny thing is.... I'm still very much enjoying my cars like I was at
    20 , 30 , and 40 !! Hope I run into you one day...

    Frank ;)
  • Offended me?...about what Frank?..... :confuse: ....Soooooo, your 76 years young?...Wow!!! are an old-timer..... no offense here......Mr. later................bryan ...if we run into each other hopefully it won't be in our Impalas!!
  • ....Ooops again.....!!

    Sorry Bryan...Message was supposed to go to Ron...
    I must of had you on my mind for some reason, and not thinking, just typed in your name. Old age here..???!!...Naaaaa probably because I was searching through ebay alittle for you to see if I could spot any of your original GM 18" chrome wheels... Nope..No luck yet !! Anyway , good talking to you.....
    Frank ;)
  • Soo, your not 76? :confuse: :)
  • Well.... it's supposed to be 15 years over Ron ...yep, that makes me a big " 55 ". This is getting messier by the minute - I'll stop here.!!

    Frank ;)
  • Sooo, your saying now that I'm the old man here, huh?.......nothing like offending me!!...I knew I should have bought a Toyota!!........ :cry: later..............bryan
  • Hi Bryan's all relative, including age.. Right!!
    I think it's the maturity factor here , age and other, that
    sets this Message Forum apart..... A great bunch of guys...!!!

    Frank ;)
  • Well, today my onstar light stay green all day...still havn't had the battery changed..................probably won't now!! :D
  • Hi all, well, just my luck, the car has developed vibrations similar to a tire or tires out of balance. It started Thursday morning on the highway at 60mph. I thought I lost a wheel weight on one of the wheels, so I had my garage re-balance all the wheels. They found two a little off. Anyways, after driving all weekend, with the same symptoms, I had the wheels re-balanced again today. Same result, although it now seems like the car is shaking at 45mph! Has anyone had these symptoms?? I hope its not the driveshafts already, especially on a 13000 mile car! The right front rotor assembly was replaced at 6500 miles, but I dont know yet if the wheel bearings are inside those assemblies or the rotor stands on its own. No wheel bearing noise is evident, just a noticable shaking in the seats, and the shifter! Thanks for the input! Perplexed, but otherwise ok! -Rob
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,046
    Has the alignment been reset to the middle, preferred settings? This is not "within specs." It means set to the middle.

    Have the wheels and tire been balanced by a Roadforce balancer with a knowledgeable tech?

    I'm wondring how much of this may be similar to the stiff chassis problems with H and C bodies a few years ago. On mine the Michelins were off less than 11 units on the roadforce. I could still feel the one tire when it was on the front. BUT what fixed it all was realigning the rear toein. It had changed since the factory set it.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Sounds like Imadazol has some personal knowledge. The only thing I'd add is to ask if you had the tires rotated to see if the vibration follows one of the wheels. Hope you get to the bottom of it quickly. I feel for ya.

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