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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • I am having the same problem with my 06 3LT, will roll back like there is no brake.
    Along with keyfob issues, transmission 1-2 shift is rough, popping sound from dash, ticking coming from engine compartment, and a random chime that will go off and stay on until i activate the indicators or leave radio off for a while.
  • alan34alan34 Posts: 11
    I test drove an 2007 3.5 LT yesterday. My wife and I have a 2004 LS 3.8. I found the power good but the car seemed floatly at speeds above 60 mph. Has anyone else noticed this as my 2004 LS seemed more planted to the road. Also, is the LTZ more of the comparison to the LS of the previous model? Does the 3.9 V6 with AFM work as well as claimed? Thanks!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,711
    >car seemed floatly at speeds above 60 mph

    Check tire pressures. Often they're set at the "recommended" pressure on the door post. But for my cars I usually run 3 over if not more. That takes away float.

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  • steve333steve333 Posts: 200
    There are TSBs on the popping and clicking sounds. Tell your dealer to fix them.
  • I keep 30 lbs of air in my tires when cold. I've driven my 3.5 LT on several long distance trips at 75-80 mph and never noticed any floating. The car drives and handles normally -like any other car. Perhaps the tire pressure makes a difference. If you really want the sensation of floating drive a '56 Chevy about 70-75!
  • Hi Imidazol, and everyone, just a little update on my SS. The dealer has been exceptional at trying to get to the bottom of the wheel vibrations. They have ordered one new tire to replace the one tire that is out of round. Also, they are replacing both right side tire pressure sensors, due to the light coming on in the dash even though the pressure in both tires is 32psi.! They are also replacing the antennae that is used for both the key-fobs and the tire pressure monitoring system (this has been talked about quite a bit in this forum and there is a TSB out on it). The one last issue, besides the dash popping noise (removing the dash part closest to the windshield with a plastic putty knife does the trick to get in there and apply some foam tape on those metal clips), is the AM radio reception. There is a bad ground somewhere in the car. When I hear the AM go out, meaning nothing is heard but static, I press the rear defrost button and the station comes back in almost crystal clear....for a little while, then it goes back out again! When I run the CD player, then go back to AM, nothing but static! Unbelievable! A few irritating bugs, but I am going to stick it out for the time being! Thanks for hearing me out and I hope this helps anyone with similar problems. -Rob
  • I had a reception problem with my AM radio - tok it in- the dealer found a TSB regarding a ground not working - fixed it and now everything is fine.

    On another note, has anybody experienced problems with their windshield washer blowing fuses? I've taken it in twice and the dealer can't find the problem. He did say they (the dealer) had the same problem on a couple of used 2006's they bought but have yet to find the solution.
  • Just wanted to send out a heart-felt hello to Bryan, Frank, Ron and Russ. A big thank you for helping me out in my decision to buy the SS! Although there have been a few bugs (car was built in 8/2005, perhaps one of the early first ones!), I am satisfied with my purchase, thanks to those gentlemen and to all of you who have given your input! -Rob
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You're more than welcome. That's what we're all here and support with our 06+ Impalas! :) You're feedback has helped us as well.
  • kw5kwkw5kw Posts: 19
    I, for one, am happy that you are enjoying your new Impala.

    May you have many, many memorable miles in it.

  • Hi everyone, this latest glitch with my SS is a really good one!! I was sitting in my car at work during lunch when, after listening to the radio for about 25 minutes or so, the radio screen goes dark, no sound, then a symbol that looked like a phone receiver appeared. Then, a recorded voice from OnStar came over the speakers telling me I am making a phone call to......"my home phone number"!!! Well, seeing how I have not subscribed to OnStar yet, or dont see myself doing so, I was quite shocked! Anyways, the "phone" starts dialing a number that shows up on the DIC display after a different voice says "dial my home number". I think this voice is that of the previous owner (best guess because it didnt sound artificial). It starts ringing until, fortunately, a Verizon recording tells me that the number cannot be completed as dialed! Then the recording repeats itself over and over again until I thought of a way to stop it. After shutting off the radio, taking the key out of the ignition, opening the door, nothing worked.....until I shouted "hang up!". It did instantly!! Go figure! Unbelievable! I guess that faulty ground is really playing havic on just about everything in the car! I cannot wait until they fix it, whenever the new tire comes in!!! Take care! -Rob
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    That is a weird one. Any chance you had your hand on the steering wheel and pressed and held the mute button? That will engage the phone in the OnStar system. Also, new cars come with a one year subscription to OnStar and 30 minutes of phone service. I guess it's possible that the OnStar folks were trying to call you through the car (I think they called my sister) to get things set up or to sell you a new subscription to the service. Just a thought...

  • Hi Ron, well, now that you mention it, I was looking over a few brochures and papers over and on the steering wheel! Perhaps a corner of the brochures pressed against that mute button! I didnt know that button enabled the OnStar to dial out! Wow! Well, as usual, your input has eased my mind!!! Thanks, Ron, for the help!!! -Rob
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Well, hopefully we squashed that gremlin. :) If it happens again, you can hang up the phone by yelling at it again or just press the phone button on the rear view mirror...whichever is more convenient. :D
  • topcop1topcop1 Posts: 28
    I'm a newbie to this forum. I recently bought an '06 Impala LTZ, previously trading a '98 Tahoe with only 49,000 miles on it. My Impale seems to come equipped with an assortment of factory maladies, including snapping dashboard, suspension snaps when wheels are turned full-lock, dead remote start,and faulty air pressure monitors. I bought the car in September,and just turned 4,600 miles. Is there anything else I should be on the look-out for? I miss my 'Hoe already!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Hey there, new guy. Are you aware of the available fixes for the dashboard and FOB/Remote Start/Air Pressure Monitor? The dashboard fix is pretty easy, robswagon recently had his done and reported it here. Basically, they just put a small piece of anti-itch tape on the screws next to the windshield. The remote start and air pressure monitor is sort of the same problem. The fix is a little ambiguous but, in your case, will usually involve replacing the FOBs, receiver, and antenna. As for the suspension issue, your's is the first I've heard.

    Other problems with the Impala are pretty limited. As a matter of fact, the only thing that comes to mind is the crappy Bose stereo (which I have) and defective stitching in the cloth head rests (my sister had). There have been some complaints of engine ticking with the 3.5L, I believe. There have also been a couple complaints about the front suspension (which I'm also not completely happy with).

    The only one of those that applies to you is the Bose stereo. Are you happy with it? Do you have the low volume hiss or have you had the amp replaced? I would like to pick your brain if you're up for it.

    Ron :D
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    I'm new here too. I'm experienceing a lot of the same problems with my '06 LT, but right after getting it the heater/ac just quit working on any setting, which was a lot of fun 20 miles away from home on a rainy night with windows fogging up. They had to reprogram it. Now the light indicating whether you are using outside air or recirculating inside air does not come on at times. Service dept said they are ordering a part for it, as well as parts for the fob proglem.

    I also have a problem when I have to maintain 35-40 mph because it is around the rpm for gear shift. The car cant' make up it's mind which gear it wants to be in and jumps back and forth. The GM mechanics resolution . . . drive slower or faster.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I had forgotten about the HVAC issue (A/C light, etc). If your light works but only part of the time, it's likely the programming. There were several versions of the software and I think mine does the same thing yours does. The latest software release that I remember was to stop your A/C from returning to fresh air after stopping and starting the engine (seems most of us like it to remain where we left it). It also addressed an occasional lock-up where you couldn't get the defrost to return to vent without turning it completely off to reset it.

    As for the transmission issue, I haven't heard of that on the new cars but you might try running in 3rd when you're having the problem. It's the old-fashioned "fix" for lower technology transmissions. If you're having the problem in rolling-hilly terrain, it is fairly common with other cars as well.

    I have an SS myself and aside from the V-8, I wish I had an LT. I much prefer the ride they offer. We have three Impalas in my family, 2LT, 3LT, and my SS. :D
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    Thanks for the tip. I do notice it most going uphill as you described. It definitely has a power drop after changing gears to 3rd. I don't notice it so much between other gears. I also have some bounce/vibration much like when a tire is out of round, that is more pronounced when it is having the transmission struggle. I've asked the service guy to check tire true and balance when I take it back when the parts come in and he agreed. He said they have the Roadforce equipment I've seen mentioned here.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You've probably also noticed that a few have not have good things to say about included. I have had that problem before and even though the Goodyears on my current car seem to be true, they are getting very noisy with just a little wear and the wet weather traction is already bad at 17,000. I wouldn't buy Goodyear and only have them now because I can't see replacing a tire this early in it's life. When the time comes, I'll be looking for Michelin or maybe another set of Bridgestones (had good luck with them last time).

    Good luck with your tire problem and hope the transmission tip helps you out.
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