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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • I hate my 2006 ss impala! I've had nothing but on going never ending problems! I traded a 99 grand am never had a problem with except alternator.Figured it was getting older didnt want the problems,so I traded it for a 2006 impala and got nothing but problems! First my water pump went out then my left tie rod needed replaced third power steering hose leaked needed replaced then battery needed replaced now I'm back to leaking hose in power steering and tie rod on right side needs replaced not to mention spring in passenger set broke,sunvisor won't stay up and rear defrost doesn't work.I HATE MY CAR!!!!!!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Many of the problems you mentioned have been common on this car but most have had them fixed under warranty. I'm sorry to hear about your problems, nevertheless. If you have still have warranty coverage, those repairs should be reimburseable.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    To those with heat problems, my sister had an issue with her heater and it turned out to be a bubble in the system not allowing coolant to the heater core. They flushed it (under warranty) and all was well. Mine was acting up and I checked the coolant level and it turned out to be about 2 quarts low.

    Make sure you coolant levels are adequate and try leaving the heat on its hottest setting (fan speed shouldn't matter). If there are any bubbles that can be flushed easily, this should do it. If the problem persists, you will need to flush it. It can be done by the owner if you're up to it but otherwise a coolant flush will suffice at your local mechanic's shop.

    As for water pumps, it's a shame that I'm seeing so many issues with them. My nephew's Impala had that problem and it cost over $300 to repair. So far, the other 3 Impalas in our family haven't had water pump issues.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,048
    2006. Isn't it under the 3 year warranty?
  • No when I bought it the dealer was driving it as a demo so it already had over 6000 miles. I now have 39,000 on it .Put even if it was still under warranty no one buys a 2006 32,000 dollar car to have all these headaches. I don't know maybe its just me but I've never had so many problems with any of my cars I've owned.I know theres gonna be problems thats expected ,but not all that in two years.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I have an '06 Impala SS and apart from the power steering hose (mail notification, never an actual leak) and a bad battery, both covered fully under warranty, I have had no problems whatsoever with the car.

    It is one of the best and most trouble-free cars I have ever owned. Super power, fabulous Bose audio, great engine burble at idle, excellent high-speed highway cruiser, the car is a sheer delight.

    Sorry for your problems. Maybe you got a lemon . . . .
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    Add me to the list of people quickly losing confidence in my '06 Impala. I have a 2LT with 33,600 miles. It seems as these cars "age", they quickly start to become less reliable.

    Mine had the cold weather power steering high pressure hose issue. At 7,500 miles the hose burst on a 10-degree morning requiring an unscheduled trip to the dealer. Sure it was fixed under warranty, but it should not have happened in the first place.

    The driver's seat creaked constantly. Took it to the dealer and they couldn't fix it. I fixed it myself eventually...all that needed to be done was to loosen the seat rail bolts and re-tighten them. Creak eliminated.

    Brake rotors were warped when the car only had 12,000 miles on it. Common Impala annoyance that I didn't get fixed until 32,000 miles. Dealer would not resurface them under warranty even though GM has a TSB (that I have a copy of) stating that brake rotors are covered under the 3/36 warranty. That was disappointing.

    Exterior, glossy black pillar covers are delaminating. Again, a common problem that would be fixed under warranty if I want to have it done.

    Front passenger seat back pops and creaks when people sit in it. Again, another problem that GM has issued a TSB for. Luckily, I don't regularly carry passengers so it is an infrequent annoyance. Nevertheless, it simply shouldn't be an issue.

    Something is rolling around in the driver's door. Every now and then, when stopping or accelerating, you will hear something roll forward toward the front of the car or roll backwards toward the rear of the car. Nice.

    The felt tape that GM puts on the underside of the front door panel pulls keeps creeping out from under them. I continually trim it away, but more keeps coming out. It even comes out of the passenger door, despite that door being used only once or twice a week. For example:

    Dash creaks and rattles

    Doors creak and rattle

    Windows rattle, even when all the way up

    When driving in the rain through a standard puddle on the road, there will be a sudden, loud vibration/noise. Sounds almost identical to a motor boat pulling away from a dock. Slight power loss during these episodes as well. The vibration and noise will go away 20-30 seconds after it starts. Almost sounds like water going into the exhaust system. I have read of this happening to other Impala owners as well, with dealers having no clue what it is or how to fix it.

    Taillight bulb burned out at 29,000 miles. Easily replaced myself for $2 and 10 minutes of my time. None of the 10 vehicles I have previously owned ever needed a taillight bulb replaced the entire time I owned them. Possibly a fluke, but still a minor annoyance.

    Water pump failed at 33,000 miles. Another unscheduled trip to the dealer and another day out of service. Fixed under warranty.

    Original tires worn out at 26,000 miles. Again, previous vehicles owned went much longer on OEM tires. I would expect original tires to go 40,000 miles or so before needing to be replaced. Granted, the OEM Goodyear Integrity tires were terrible so perhaps it was for the better that they wore out early.

    All-in-all, this vehicle has required the most maintenance and tweaking of any vehicle I have ever owned. After the recent water pump failure, my confidence in the vehicle was basically shattered. It will take several weeks before I am confident again that the car is somewhat reliable, but I will always have that "what next" thought in the back of my mind. I seriously doubt that I will keep the vehicle much past the 36,000 mile mark when it is out of warranty.

    GM wonders why they aren't selling as many cars as they would like. I have owned more GM vehicles than any other brand, but this is by far the worst in terms of build quality and reliability. For the first time in over a decade I am looking to the Import brands for a new car.

    The Impala will have 40,000 miles on it by the time Spring rolls around, at which point it will most likely get traded in for something else.
  • Most everyone on here has had the same problems,water pump,power steering hoses,tie rods,and my front passenger sit has the same popping sound we figured it was a broken spring.My stereo goes out all the time nothing but static.I contacted an attorney they said that I had a lemon law case.My car is sitting at Bob McDormans right now and has been there seen Thursday getting the power steering hose fixed once again and wont be getting it back until Tuseday.So far in all the work thats needed repaired on my car they've had my car on and off a total of 17 days in the past 2 years.Its crazy a 32,000 dollar car you expect no problems for years,but thats all you get with these cars are problems after problems.
  • Maybe you got lucky and got one they took their time building.I really don't know because everyone on here has the same problems after problems.Tie rods,power steering,water pumps so on so on.I have contacted an attorney and he is now working on my case because he said my car is a lemon.
  • levellevel Posts: 28
    Had same problem with my 2007 Impala. Service made repair. Said it was due to low pressure/air in coolant system hoses. In basic terms he said they had to remove air from hose system and fill with coolant. He expressed that I could not correct by simply filling the reservoir. Problem has not returned.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    It is simply unacceptable that the dealer cannot get your car back to you for so long. Assuming the service department is open Mon-Saturday, that means they will have had Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday to make a simple fix. When the power steering hose blew on my Impala, I took it in at 7:30AM and had it back the same day at 5:00PM. The dealer called me at 2:00PM to tell me it was done. The dealer I go to is also a large dealer (Cadillac, Chevy, Subaru, and Honda), so they service dozens of cars a day and were able to get it done the same day.

    Ohio must have a lenient Lemon Law. Here in PA, it is basically during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles that you can put in a lemon claim. The car must have been out of service for 30 days during that period, or the same problem in for repair 3 or more times. After that in PA, you are on your own. I wouldn't have a lemon claim anyway. My car is always having issues with different stuff, and creaks, squeaks, and rattles are not considered problems that change the value, safety, or use of the vehicle. They are just "non-lemonable" annoyances.

    I noticed that Consumer Reports recently added the '06 Impala to the "used cars to avoid list" and I see why. I usually take anything Consumer Reports says with a grain of salt, but in this case they are correct.

    The popping seat can be fixed by the dealer if you are still under warranty. Chevy has issued a service bulletin addressing the problem. I'm not going to bother getting it fixed as I am not sure I want the dealer pulling out the seat and disassembling it...that just seems like asking for more trouble than it is worth.
  • I have a 06 3LT with the 3.9L and i bought the car in 06 with 10k.

    @10k in 2006
    I had the coolant piped replaced for ticking, the dash retaped for snapping and popping, TPM replaced for errors, remote remote replaced for poor range, and was told my rough shifting transmission was normal and car jerking back and forth when coming off idle was normal and a random chime that comes through the radio and only turns off when the turn signal is activated cant be replicated. And parking brake not holding to be normal and heavy power steering is normal.

    @ 34K in 2008
    ISS REPLACED: Knocking/clunk felt through steering wheel

    #2 TRANS CLUTCH PISTON REPLACED: for rough 1-2 shift and shudders between 1-2 shift w/ with light throttle and then more things in transmission had to be replaced when they saw some worn items.

    KEYFOB, ANTENNA, TRANSMITTER REPLACED: more remote start issues

    TPM: yet another malfunctioning tire pressure sensor

    PARKING BRAKE ADJUST: same issue that they considered normal the first time

    Random chime and car jerking back and forth when going 1-2mph still cant be replicated.

    And to make thing worse they didnt test the remote start, so when i got home i noticed that remote start now opens the trunk instead, even the dealer laughed when i told them about it.

    NOW @35.5K
    Transmission is still a little rough for a 2006 car, so im assuming GM just made a bad transmission for 3.9L engines and the rear seats squeak since they have plastic behind them. Power steering is still very heavy at low speeds or parking. Not to mention the garbage goodyear tires that come on these cars.

    I don't think ill ever buy another GM car unless its been out a year or 2 so they can fix all the initial bugs. I was considering a 08 V6 Malibu, G6 GXP, or G8 V6 but im just waiting to see what wrong with those cars also.
  • This is now Monday still haven't heard anything back from GM.My car has been sitting at Bob McDormans since Weds.What they are saying is that the hose that was replaced in Feb.08 was under a 12 month parts warrenty but the part didn't fail so the warrenty wouldn't cover the part.The problem is, I took it to Bob chevrolet where I bought it, when the power steering started to leak the first time they replaced the hose.Well the guy that worked on it the first time had it for 4 days I kept calling and asking what was taking them so long,he said they were having problems getting the hose on .Well now 8 months later come to find out he put it on wrong he ran it up against the oil pan and it burned a hole in it sooo the parts warrenty wouldn't cover it so Bob McDormans won't replace it unless I pay 312.00.
  • Anyway I called GMC because I'm not paying a penny for something that I did not cause.I took it to a GMC dealer they put the part on wrong so they need to pay for the new hose.So I'm waiting for GMC to give Bob McDormans the okay to fix it.But their taking forever.They said I may hear something by Tues.But my attoney said the longer they have my car the better.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    Your dealer is definitely giving you the run around. The replacement part failed due to incorrect installation by the dealer. If the dealer is acknowledging that their "technician" installed the hose incorrectly 9 months ago, they should be correcting the problem and installing a new one at no charge. On top of that, they should be apologizing and giving you a free oil change or two, or maybe a free detailing or something. This is not a parts warranty issue but a poor service issue. Again, the car should be out of service for no more than 1 day for this repair.

    Calling GM can help somewhat, but most dealers are independently owned and operated. Ultimately, GM has very little influence over the dealers when it comes to resolving issues of this nature. Shoddy workmanship by the dealer caused the failure, the part itself did not fail on its own. GM may not agree to pay to fix a problem caused by incorrect installation by one of their independently owned dealers. GM can call the dealer and suggest for things to be handled a certain way, but that is about it. Some dealers are more responsive to calls directly from GM than others.

    At this point, you should be calling the General Manager of the dealership and escalating the issue to him or her. He/she will have more influence over the service department than will GM.

    Does your dealer know that you have contacted your attorney, or has your attorney ever contacted the dealer directly on your behalf? Once attorneys get involved in resolving car issues (Lemon claims, warranty issues, etc.) it becomes next to impossible to get timely service from a dealer. I would suggest your attorney not contact the dealer at all until such time that you actually file a lemon claim and start the arbitration process. Your attorney can certainly advise you behind the scenes in the meantime.

    It sounds like you need to find a new dealer after this gets fixed. When/if you get a follow-up call or survey about the visit, give them all poor ratings. A poor survey rating will hurt them more than calling GM. You can take your Impala to any Chevrolet dealer for warranty and non-warranty service. You don't have to stay with the original selling dealer. I currently use 2 or 3 different dealers for warranty and routine service depending on when and where I need work done.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    My neighbor has a 2006 Impala LTZ, he has not had any problems with his car at all. He always tells me it's the best car he has ever had. I am surprised to read some of the issues people are having here.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I have had no serious issues with my 2006 Impala SS and it is indeed one of the best cars I have ever had.

    Keep in mind that the people who post here on this thread of problems are in the vast minority of individuals who've had problems with the car as the great majority of people who own the car have had no problems at all and do not post. Sometimes one gets a false and disproportionate impression of the total problems with the car by looking at the people here who have had less than optimal experiences with the Impala.

    As far as I am concerned, the glass is definitely half full!
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    I have had no serious issues with my 2006 Impala SS and it is indeed one of the best cars I have ever had.

    Keep in mind that the people who post here on this thread of problems are in the vast minority of individuals who've had problems with the car as the great majority of people who own the car have had no problems at all and do not post. Sometimes one gets a false and disproportionate impression of the total problems with the car by looking at the people here who have had less than optimal experiences with the Impala.

    As far as I am concerned, the glass is definitely half full!

    While I generally agree with such an assessment, in the case of the '06 Impala there are known issues that all owners will face at some point in their ownership of the vehicle. Whether it be the prematurely warped brake rotors, the Intermediate Steering Shaft issue, the popping seatbacks of the front seats, reduced range of the keyless entry system, failure of the high pressure power steering hose in low temperature climates, loss of heat at idle due to air bubbles in the heater hoses, etc. These are all problems that General Motors has acknowledged and for which they have issued Technical Service Bulletins.

    In fact, Chevrolet has issued 66 Technical Service Bulletins for the 2006 Impala. In comparison, Dodge has only had to issue 39 TSB's for the 2006 Charger, Ford has issued 17 for the '06 Five Hundred, and Toyota has issued 14 for the '06 Avalon.

    Consumer Reports is also reporting the '06 Impala as a used car to avoid. The V6 models have only average reliability, while the V8 models have worse than average reliability. I normally ignore CR's ratings, but after having lived with my '06 Impala for the past 28 months and 34,000 miles it is hard to argue with their survey results. If I am experiencing "average" reliability I would hate to see what "worse than average" is like.

    The '07 Impalas are slightly better. Chevy has issued 39 TSB's for the '07 model year. However, there is a rather serious rear wheel alignment concern on the '07's that should be watched for.

    Where there is smoke there is fire. If I go to a message board and see 500 postings about a model, then your assessment is most likely the case. When I go to a message board and see 3400 messages, many discussing "this problem" or "that anomaly" it gives me great pause.

    I bought my '06 Impala because my parents had great service from their '03 Impala. Their '03 was as trouble free as a car gets and in 40,000 miles never went back for anything other than one recall and annual state inspections. Their replacement for the Impala, an '07 Mercury Montego, is just as reliable as their '03 Impala.

    If you really want to see what the vast majority of owners are experiencing with their Impalas, check out online communities like naioa dot com and read the thousands upon thousands of postings (both good and bad). It can be a real eye-opener.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,048
    I'll address some of the aspects of the items here.

    > I go to a message board and see 500 postings about a model, then your assessment is most likely the case. When I go to a message board and see 3400 messages, many discussing "this problem" or "that anomaly" it gives me great pause

    The number of posts in a discussion is not relevant. I can probably go find lots of Honda and Toyota discussions with 10000+ posts. What is relevant is how many different posters actually have a problem. Notice I said different: in some discussions a single person keeps reposting about their problem and then evoking responses from some of the same people declaring there is no problem with the car or at least not with their car or their friend's car. Reading the flow of the discussion and comparing that with the number sold and the type of buyers to whom they are sold can help gauge the scope of the real or the imagined problem.

    >, Chevrolet has issued 66 Technical Service Bulletins for the 2006 Impala. In comparison, Dodge has only had to issue 39 TSB's for the 2006 Charger, Ford has issued 17 for the '06 Five Hundred, and Toyota has issued 14 for the '06 Avalon.

    The number of service TSBs that are PUBLIC knowledge is not relevant. In fact that means the company acknowledges something is there for some cars out of a group. Again I can search discussions and find where people said that certain popular cars with no problem reputations hid problems with their cars in the 90s and didn't issue fixes just to avoid the stigma of the TSBs or recalls at a greater depth of problem.

    >Consumer Reports is also reporting the '06 Impala as a used car to avoid.

    I take Consumer Reports with a big grain of salt. Remember their automatic love for anything Toyota or Honda. And then remember their having to say the Camry V6s aren't that great; they were "over-loving" the brand. And the Avalon came out with a rebuild based on the Camry and it was automatic love again. But months later there was a small picture and a statement that there were some problems with the car.

    And I realize you said that you don't accept CR as the automatic authority that's always right.

    CR relies on the same reporting mechanism that the forums do-voluntary participation by a specific group who happen to be internet savvy and have a problem with a car they don't love and are willing to complain about; as opposed to those who won't complain because they don't want to affect the car brand's image.

    I would evaluate a car for purchase by driving it first and being alert for symptoms of any of the problems which might be in some cars. I can go to the TSBs list for my Buick and there are many, many problems but my car doesn't have them. It means they occured in a number of models with parts from a certain supplier's group or day's output; but not all cars will have them.

    Notice that I have not said there are not cars with problems.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    The number of TSB's issued is relevant in the sense that GM has publicly acknowledged 66 "concerns" that may exist in certain '06's. That is pretty poor. I realize that some manufacturers keep such information to themselves and make it available only to dealers. My original point was to support my statement that Chevy/GM has acknowledged the issues I mentioned as well as numerous others. The more bulletins that exist, the greater the chance that at least one of them will affect the sample you buy or are currently driving.

    I understand that the number of posts in a discussion may not be a hard indicator of issues, but the more posts there are the more likely there will be a higher concentration of reported issues. Particularly in discussions related to "problems" or "issues". Granted, popular models will have more posts. At that point you just have to skim through them and see what they relate to. It's always fun and interesting to read through them :)

    When purchasing a new car, it is next to impossible to check for symptoms of known problems. When I test drove my new '06 Impala 28 months ago the steering was fine, the exterior trim pieces weren't peeling, the dash didn't rattle, the doors didn't rattle, the windows didn't rattle, the brakes weren't warped, and the seatbacks didn't pop. By 7500 miles the power steering hose ruptured, by 12K miles the brakes were warped, by 32K miles the ISS was unacceptable, and at ~33K miles the water pump failed. Somewhere in there the seats started popping as well. Additionally, TSB's for these issues most likely didn't immediately exist back then.

    If buying used, then a careful evaluation as well as awareness of a models known problems can be invaluable while shopping.

    Honestly, I couldn't care less about a brand's image. Be it Chevy, KIA, Lexus, doesn't matter. If someone asks me to complete a survey about my car I am honest and report everything realistically. I will report problems regardless if I love or hate the vehicle. You hear people all the time say "I love the car, but it seems to have a constant problem with blah, blah, blah." Too many companies are riding purely on their image/brand name and need to start becoming accountable for their actual products and services (good or bad).

    I agree that there are no perfect vehicles. Some are better than others, even within the same model. Myself, along with numerous other different posters in this forum, seem to be experiencing very similar problems across various trim levels. We talk about them, share our solutions (and our frustration), and try to help. Many times it can be therapeutic to know we aren't alone :)
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