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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • Been reading these posts for the last half hour. Of course my 06 Impala has the same problem of no heat at idle. I burped the system yesterday and it took a half a gallon of coolant. While I was waiting for the air to dissipate I was looking through my owners manual. Noticed 2 pictures of the cap in there and each one said 18 psi. My cap is a 15 psi. Maybe they had 10,000 leftovers from a different engine they thought they'd get rid of and put them on our engines. Just a thought. Going to the parts store tomorrow for an 18 psi cap. How bout you?
  • same problem with my wifes 2010 Impala. windshiled freezes up in snowstorm'
    REALLY STINKS also JUST out iof warraty. getting nowhere with chevy support
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Good morning hammurrzz,

    It looks as though you're already in contact with us. Do you have a Service Request number (71-**********)?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Is it freezing up when she is using the remote start or when she is driving?

    Apparently there was a TSB about the remote start on these cars - since they automatically turn on the heat when it's cold and a/c when it's hot - I guess that some of the programming for this was backwards. That is one of the first things they checked when I took my car to the good dealership.
  • Started clunking bad when hitting bumps and turning sharp. Noticed

    the rim has damage. Just had hubs breaks and tie rods done. Possibly a

    ball joint?
  • robs6wagonrobs6wagon Posts: 68
    Hi everyone. Is there any chance that some old friends of mine that I chatted with back
    in early 2007 are still on this forum? Quietpro, colchester47, and the many others that greatly helped me out in deciding to purchase my 2006 black SS......If any of you are still here, I just wanted to drop a line and say hello and to let you know that I recently purchased a 2012 LTZ, with none of the problems that plagued my far! I hope you folks are doing a-ok and thanks again for all your help back then. -Rob
  • my 2009 Impala also won't warm up with remote start and also cools of when idling! My wife and I also hear "the water sloshing noise coming from the dash-board upon start-up and initial acceleration! We had this checked into at our local GM dealership and they could find nothing wrong! We just recently had oil changed at said dealer and they did 27 point inspection and found all fluid levels to be satisfactory so how could we be low on antifreeze/coolant?
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