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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,046
    I keep looking into cars next to me at the quick market where I get coffee each morning. I don't see any cars with better plastic interior than the GMs I see parked next to me. What's the difference...
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    It didn't make any sense in removing the coin holder, PRNL markings, glove box light trunk net, etc....a negative marketing strategy, to save what $12.00 off the cost of a $28,000 car.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    and I'll say it again. It wasn't so much the things they removed that I COULD see...I just figured if they were shortcutting interior features like that, they may well be doing the same to the powertrain...a little cheaper part here, a little less durability there.

    And largely for that reason and that reason alone, I have now driven a Ford fact, it just brought me home! :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    Please. There are plenty of News & Views topics dedicated to GM, GM's future, and GM styling.

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  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I personally don't care for retro styling on most cars, I'm sick of the PT, Beetle and the 300s. Works ok on the Mustang for now though. What would I change, not much. Maybe a 5 or 6 speed auto, a slightly more aggressive nose and your suggestion of SS stitched into the leather optioned seats might be cool.

    GM has made this car accessible to a lot of people by keeping the base price low and not loading it up with leather and such. I like that.. and I think that's what Chevy is all about. Performance for everyone, value and fun.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I popped into another Chevy dealer on the way home and saw a black LTZ. It was fairly loaded up listed at C$33800. Had leather and a power roof. Great compromise between the LT and SS. I wonder how the sales breakdown will go, I think most people will either go base (ls/lt) or go all the way with the SS.
  • jcooleyjcooley Posts: 46
    Edmunds currently has the TMV price after the $1000 incentive pretty close to the Invoice price (for all trims). I checked the Employee price for a base 2005 Impala and you can get it $2500 below invoice. With that and the thought that GM is pricing the 2006s closer to the final price (i.e. less incentives), how much will a 2006 Impala cost in let's say mid January 2006 when there are a lot of 06's on the lot and all the 05's are gone? Basically, how much lower than invoice will it be in January 2006? Thanks and this is interesting reading.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Depends on the market, I don't think anyone can tell you what you will be able to get an 06 for in 6 months. I suspect the discounts will not be as big but the prices may be similar as MSRPs will tighten up to dealer invoices on most GM cars for the new model year.

    I would wait and buy an 06, it is a much improved car in every way and even worth paying a little more if you have to.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    . GM indicated last year that the 6 speed auto that they are working on is only capable to handle up to I believe 250 hp for front wheel driver applications, so that will probably be available for the 3.5 & 3.9 engines. not the 5.3 V8....
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    When calculating gas mileage of the Impala or any other Chevy determining your operating costs, you might want to factor in the residual value of these cars.....Edmunds listed The Cavalier, Aveo Malibu, Malibu Maxx, & Impala in 2004 listed in the top 10 with the worst residual value after 5 years of operation......there were 32 cars grouped in this top 10...there were some Chrysler & Ford products also Japanese cars made the worst list......a list like this hurts the sales of the big three, because eduacted consumers weighing the possiblity of purchasing a car take this into consideration.......I believe Fleet sales have hurt the value of all these cars listed. Fleets are sold by the thousands and are dumped on the market every year or two......The real winners are people shopping for a second hand car.......great deals can be found.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Popular Mechanics says the demographics of Impala owners.......Under 30 9.5%.......30-49 31.5%........age 50 plus.. 59% of sales - thats me!

    The Impala satisfies the needs of many across the spectrum but mostly owners over 40 who need a large roomy family sedan that can seat 5 or 6 comfortably. It will continue to do well if they keep it fresh......6 years was too long with the original style 2000-2005 models. The freshening of the 2006 Impala was way overdue.

    I personally like some of the retros PT, Bug, 300, Mustang etc.......cudos to those manufactures that have given us something more then the melting pot blandness of whats been on the roads for the past 20 years. These manufacturers took a business chance and it has been successful....If you don't take a chance you don't get a chance! The PT & Bug have sold well and will soon be refreshened. The 300 they can't make them fast enough...The Mustang is a huge hit and the Shelby Cobra GT 500 next year. These Halo cars also bring consumers to the showroom to see these cars and see the other models that the manufactures offer........A WIN WIN situation...The SSR from Chevy is a lame duck too heavy, to expensive, not practical when you can buy a Corvette for a few $ more.

    There is a huge segment out there that want the Impala to go RWD in its next format, or revive a Caprice type vehicle. Hopefully Chevy will check the pulse of the consumers and if it is warranted...... DO IT!!
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    ...that the Mustang is bringing others into Ford's showrooms to look at Five Hundreds or Focuses (Foci?), at least based on Ford's results.

    Back to the Impala... yes, there is currently a battle inside GM going about the next-gen. Rumors are of a new "Chi" platform for FWD vehicles (high-end replacement for the W-bodies; low-end will be the forthcoming Epsilon2 FWD/AWD vehicles (G6, Malibu, maybe a LaCrosse replacement). There is some discussion of a new RWD platform (cheaper Sigma or Americanized Zeta), rumored to revive the Caprice name...

  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    You seem to have a lot of info on this possible future RWD......I am guessing that the Caprice will be larger then the 2006 Impala, is that the consensus?.....

    Your right about the will do OK on its own.
  • llumpirellumpire Posts: 5
    I'm in the process of buying 1 or more cars and I research as much as I have time for. The Impala is a car that always catches my eye every time it passes me by. Then I get the flashback of "Oh yeah, it's a FWD. NEVER MIND". As Radar O'Reilly would say, "Wait for it". On the horizon, you hear that GM is bringing in RWD models from its Holden car company in Australia. If you go to you might get a peak at some future GM models. They seem OK or better for someone who is starving to get back to grandpa's GM loyalty and say good-bye for awhile to European dominance (I have an Audi A4, nice car). The design of the holden's may need to be "AMERICANIZED" taste for sexy, fast and cool. I think we lost our cool trying to make aerodynamic a priority, which is what made all cars to start to look alike.

    Personally, I too like a couple of the retros. I've had my dad's Impala and my grandfathers Caprice. Nice roomy rides for those cross country trips. Too much money is being spent by the manufacturer's on the interiors forcing the overall price of cars into outer space. Give me a sound, large, powerful and well-built car. How about those flat bench seats. Cheap to make and plenty of room to stretch out on for all the right reasons.

    If the Impala ever goes RWD, and I hear it will soon, then there'll be one less to choose from. Otherwise, I'll wait for the Cadillac DTS to go and I'll be there instead unless someone comes out with an acceptable equivalent. Hopefully, it's before GM and United go bankrupt.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    6 speed auto could be in the 07 from what I have read. I think the 6 speed in the Fusion comes from the joint venture between GM and Ford. Chevy should see an application from this venture soon.

    I don't care for RWD though for a 300 hp SS is would be better I suppose. Still, living in the northern climates, I prefer FWD in general.

    I'm 36 and well aware of Chevy's heritage and I still prefer the classics to redone retro vehicles. Mustang was well done but in general, BLA. I don't mind classic styling cues, but retro vehicles like the PT don't really do much for me.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    The 6 speed transmission in the Fusion/Milan/Zephyr is from Aisin, a supplier to Toyota. The GM/Ford 6 speed is due in about a year or so..
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    The Impala isn't going RWD soon, if ever. The rumors are that GM is developing a new platform called "Chi" to replace its larger FWD cars, and "Chi" will be FWD/AWD. There are no rumors of any additional RWD Chevrolets, except for possibly a new Camaro, but probably that won't even appear for at least 2 to 4 years.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    You aren't talking to the same folks that I am :-)

    Yes, there are rumors of a new large RWD sedan for Chevy, but we are not talking until 2010-2011 at the earliest. Whether or not this is named Impala or (more likely) Caprice, is yet to be determined... at today's GM, nothing is set in stone until you see the show car (look what happened to Zeta)...

  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    You can probably find some rumors that the next Impala will be made in England out of cream cheese. Rumors, schmoomers.

    Reliable information is much harder to come by...
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Thanks for that info. I was wondering why Ford would get first crack at those transmissions.

    Personally, I don't care that much but a 5 or 6 speed is what some people want these days and they do have their advantages.
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