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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    I think you are right. I got a response back from Chevy stating that limiters are installed on all their vehicles to "protect the majority of our customers". In short, they are trying to cover their tail. Nowhere did they mention any government mandates, so it looks like another case of the legal beagles dictating policy. Too bad I didn't know this going in...I might have given the Nissan Maxima more serious consideration.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Chevy says the limiter is to "protect the majority of our customers" What does that mean, protect them from what? The 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS with Z rated tires from the factory has a top speed of 143 mph no limiter there, and the Corvette 198 mph. That protection crap statement doesn't make sense.

    I have no interest in driving at such high speeds but having a car such as the 2006 Impala SS with over 300 hp has a limiter that keeps its top speed less then a Dodge Neon, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and many others, doesn't make sense.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    According to, Impala SS have "18-inch W-speed-rated Performance tires" installed at factory. I believe that electronic speed limiter "protects customers" almost up to to the maximum speed for W tires, i.e. about 168 mph.

    1997-2003/4 Gran Prix GTP and Buick Regal GS were built on the same platform, and had the same inherent speed limits. However, Regal had T-rated tires installed at factory, and was limited to 115 mph or so. GTP had better tires and its limiter was programmed different way. The few Regal GS sold in Germany had different tires and were limited to 137 mph.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    This car is really beginning to make me regret leasing it. I went out to the car after remote starting it today only to find it not running and ice cold inside. Tried starting it with the key and nothing. In less than 24 hours the battery was drained enough to keep it from starting. I've never had this many issues with any car I've owned. First it was a brake recall that they didn't do prior to me driving it off the lot and then it was clicking noises behind the instrument panel. Ths will be my 3rd trip back to the dealer in the month I've owned the car. :mad:
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    Someone explain this one to me.

    I used a tester to check the battery and the alternator. It indicated that the alternator is charging the battery and that the batter is holding a full charge. The car also has battery rundown protection in case you leave anything on (which I didn't). How does a battery go dead in 20 hours even if the temperature with wind chill was -15F? :confuse:
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36

    I hear your pain. I've been back to the dealer 3 times myself. I own a LTZ. IVew had the same clicking noises and the brake recall as well as 2 trips back to replace a faulty temperature gauge. Everthing is back to normal now. So hang in there.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    This sounds like the dealer has to determine what went wrong. I have heard of batteries breaking the connection inside the positive or negative post. I have heard of leakage from the side post areas corroding the interior of the battery cables. Your car is new. Let the dealer worry over it.

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  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    Today the car started just fine after sitting all night. I'd feel better had it been dead, at least then I'd know the battery was bad. :confuse:
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    This entire process doesn't make sense to me. If they are going to make a car that is capable of some decent performance, then hamstring it, what's the point? A person might as well buy something with a little 98HP 4 cylinder engine. I'm not done with Chevy yet. I feel as if I paid for the extra performance, and they sold me a bum deal. Nowhere in their sales literature, or TV ads, or salesmans pitch was there any mention of the car having a speed limiter. It was only thru comments on this forum that I learned about it. In my opinion, that is false or deceptive advertising, and I am just onery enough to make an issue of it.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    More than 99% of the cars on the road have rev limiters, get used to it.
  • I live in the Boise, ID area and I have a problem with my radio (2LT preferred equipment group up grade) nothing major but it doesn't read the RDS signal from one particular station 105.9 that happens to be the one I listen to. I've checked other Impalas in the area and they have the same problem. Is it just this area or is anyone else having this problem?
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    Are you sure they are broadcasting the signal? Not all stations do.
  • I went to 3 dealers and all of them showed the invoice price sheets that has 2 extra items. One is for advertisement and the other for soemthing I do not quite understand, total of which is around $350. Two dealers quoted me $200 over the invoice price that include the $350 charge. So it is actually $550 over the car invoice + destination. Is this normal?
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The advertisement fee is a normal part of invoice. GM pays for regional ads, then charges all dealers from the respective regions, in a separate line on invoice. In other words, the money goes to GM, not to a dealer, and the amount of the fee is the same for all local dealers.
  • Yes. I can pick it up on my 2003 chevy truck.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    This is one reason why buying from rural dealers can be cheaper (notice I said "can," not absolutely will). I purchased a Silverado from a dealer about 30 miles out of town and paid no tack-on fees (advertising or otherwise). Of course, you have to figure in the inconvenience of their location as the compromise to get a little cheaper price.
    This regional advertising fee can also put a GM dealer at a price disadvantage with non-GM dealers in the area, if their manufacturers don't add advertising charges into the invoice, or don't charge as much. As an example, the Toyota dealer isn't going to charge GM's ad fees (although they might charge more for Toyotas). All a part of the "game" we have to play.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    When I was looking for a 2005 GXP, I was disappointed with my treatment as well as the deals I could negotiate with 3 dealers reasonably near where I live. (Northeast of Metro Atlanta.)

    Since I certainly did not ** need ** a car at that exact moment, I checked gmbuypower and found 1 with the equipment I wanted at a “One Price” dealer approx. 135 miles away at a small (rural) dealership in another state. After a little “due diligence” research and a couple of email interactions, the GM and I finalized the deal by telephone, contingent upon my trade being as I described.

    Specifically, the deal was: GMS pricing (Employee price less $2,000 rebate), less $300 further discount, plus NO Doc fee, plus NO Adv. Fee – in fact no additional $$ to the dealer, period. Plus over $1,000 more allowed for my trade than the best offer of the dealers near me with GXPs in stock, or inbound. Plus no ‘We put that super wonderful paint protection / sealant / high profit goop on every car as soon as we receive it so we have to charge you an excessive price for it” sorts of silly tactics.

    A very pleasant and efficient transaction experience. If I decided to buy another Pontiac product (before the brand is killed by GM) I would at least check with them again.

    Point is that I saved at least $1,500 by driving to North Carolina. A couple of tanks of gasoline!

    - Ray
    Loyal to those who treat me well . .
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    As mentioned, the station may not broadcast in RDS.

    If you go back to the Impala discussion title page, you will see an Impala forum about radio issues. You may find something there on this subject.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Went to the Toronto Auto show this evening and looked the Impala over again very closely all over and top to bottom. I still think the car is a winner over all but the following things need to be fixed.

    1. The steering wheel needs an upgrade, it's looks and feel are not as nice as the rest of the dash.
    2. The foot room in the back does indeed need some attention. The drop down of the carpet give too little room for feet.
    3. The doors need attention as I think the thud noise from the doors could be more Accord like.

    Of course, a 6 speed auto and better fuel economy would really push the greatness of this car but at least I know that it's coming. BTW.. The SS was getting a lot of attention, a good sign IMO.
  • what do you mean its comming? GM is putting something new into the Impala?

    I just hope GM does not screw themselves with a redesign (50's styling cues). This car is attracting people, and looks that much better in person than pics. If people are buying it, then just improve the current design. Make it have more room and the things vanman, amoung others mentioned.
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