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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    If you are considering an Impala SS wait until June (if you can) and order a 2007. There will be some improvements but nothing major. The current glitches affecting the 2006 will probably been taken care of. Waiting just 3 months will also give you a car a model year newer as well.

    If you can wait 15 months order a 2008 Impala SS. It will be the Impala's 50th anniversary and there will probably be a special edition SS.

    LOL..If you can wait until 2011 it will be Chevrolets 100 anniversary and probably special editions offered on all models...

    Just something to think about.
  • sbb2sbb2 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. on the future Impala. Currently, my 01 Intrigue has over 225,000 miles. It runs excellent and still looks great but realize it will not run for ever, this is why I'm gathering info on the Impala. What about fuel requirements on the Chevy?
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    The manual states 91 octane for maximum performance. I have a GXP which has had 7000 miles of 87 octane and shows no noticeable problems.

    Mike :)
  • sbb2sbb2 Posts: 4
    Thanks Mike, if I do purchase the SS maybe I can use 91 octane every 3rd or 4th fill-up. What are your likes/dislikes regarding your GXP?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Bias is something that tends to follow a herd mentality. That isn't meant as an insult to anyone who puts their faith in the various reviewers out there, it's more about trust. Due to the dark days of the American automotive industry, it's hard for many to trust that American makes have closed the gap or matched the quality levels of foreign (Asian/German/etc) makes. Personally, I'm an American nameplate loyalist for the most part but I would buy a foreign model if I found one that has what I want in my price range. Unfortunately for the foreign makes, there isn't a V-8 sedan anywhere close to the price of the Impala.
    As for Consumer Reports and the others, I have often found them to be inaccurate in the simple details about vehicles i.e. powertrain options, trim levels, etc. I have also owned cars that, according to them, should have been nothing but trouble. Most notable, my '87 Dodge Shadow ES Turbo. It was covered with solid dark circles but I had only one minor problem, an O2 sensor, in over 6OK miles. They are hard on manufacturers and have long memories. Unfortunately, just as they assume poor quality standards will continue with American makes, they make the same assumption that high quality will follow the Japanese brands. While it is easy to judge things based on past performance, it's not always accurate.
  • zjimzjim Posts: 51
    I'm glad that you evedently have great respect for the opinions of Consumer Reports. Have you read the March issue? With all the hoopla over the "Top Ten", guess which car got the "recommended" buy in the family sedan class? THE '06 IMPALA!!!!! Isn't it interesting that Impala was considered "not only testing well but also have shown average or better reliability and performed at least adequately in crash-tested or included in a government rollover test." That's right!! The Impala got the same recommendation as the Toyota Avalon and Camry, Honda Accord, and a number of other "quality" Japanese cars.

    Consumer Reports further listed the Impala's reliability as "very good". That's the same as the Honda Accord 6-cylinder and better than the Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima and Altima. Don't be brainwashed. American cars, for the most part, are no better or no worse that many of the foreign brands!

    Oh, by the way, I'm one of those who feel that my '06 Impala is just as good as the majority of the foreign cars out there. Honda and Toyota build great cars! Their styling and all the hype just doesn't appeal to me. I still believe in "Buying American" whenever I can.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Consumers lists the Impala in the Very Good catagory. Right. The 2006 Impala is listed at the very bottom of the group in the VERY GOOD catagory. Check it out, behind the Camry/Accord. I don't know why it was reccommended when overall rated below everyone else in the VERY GOOD catagory. There are also many American cars listed as only FAIR. Volkswagen Passat was listed as EXCELLENT overall. I have read every car magazine, watched all the road tests, read dozens of newspaper car comparisons for the 2006 cars and time after time the Japanese are still the most liked.

    The 2006 Impala is an improvement over the previous model, and so it should be, but the competition is getting better too. This Korean Sonata has surprised many that have placed it above the Impala. Check out the interior of the Sonata. Again, it doesn't matter if a few posters on here prefer American cars over Japanese/Korean etc. Thats a personal choice. Some people will only wear a certain brand of jeans, or swear by a certain coffee brand and never try another. GM isn't concerned about a few postive posts on car forums, their focus is on the yearly sales year after year, and right now and going back many more years Honda/Toyota are still leading the pack. When the Impala becomes the #1 car in sales in its class, then it will deserve bragging rights. But right now the Camry/Accord deserve what the American public who buy their cars in higher numbers has given them. Bragging rights.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Every car maker make good cars and not so good cars. So as consummers, for our own sanity, we need to stay away from lemons. Some domestic vehicles like Chevy Equinox actually has more foreign contents (in terms of dollar value) than others. For example, its engine is Chinese made, Transmission is Japanese, assembly in Canada (you can argue US vs. NAFTA). Just like Wal-Mart had advertized themselves to be American company for American communitity. In fact, they're buying $30 bil from Chinese manufacturers, shunted "high cost" American companies, employing illegal immigrants, underpaying workers and turns around wrap our Stars and Stripes around themselves.

    Unfortunately GM, Ford and DC are immitating them now. GM just moved their Electronic Purchasing Dept to China to take advantage of cheap Chinese parts as expense of their domestic suppliers. They are open for importing cheap car parts into the country. But at the same time, they are against lifting the 25% tariff on Import trucks. When it works for them, it is the patriotic song that they sing, but they turn around singing different tune if they see some financial benefits. Most of our ECOs would sell their mothers to make quick bucks let alone being loyal to the country or the community they are living in.

    Personally, we are rooting for our home teams (GM and Ford). But the home teams must also fullfilling its obligations to its employees, communities, ... Our Auto industry will prosper as long as it has many high paying jobs in this country (UAW or not). It will not help any of us if GM spent billions in China or India to create a Middle Class there at the same time wanting to pay Walmart wages to its US employees. Thanks goodness for the ocean (and its $1000.00 cost of shipping vehicle), otherwise GM and Ford probably have moved all of their factories oversea by now.

  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I agree with you. Up here in Canada three years ago Chevrolet started importing cars from Korea under the Chevrolet banner. US and Canada both have the Aveo and up here we also have the Chevrolet Optra a small/midsize car and the Chevrolet Epica a quality midsized sedan all imported from Korea. My understanding is they are selling well, and Canada is the western world testing centre. If they do well here look for them in the USA in the next couple years. Every car imported under a US nameplate is one less car and all its components made by US or Canadian workers. I don't think the US public is aware of how much damage this global economy is doing to us. The only winners will be the offshore companies, their economies & citizens. The Chinese will soon export an upscale small car to America at a very low price. If it performs well, another blow to the American car industry. I do believe that most Americans would rather buy American, example the 2006 Impala etc. right now the consumer is interested in what their long term $ value will give them, and the sales figures prove that. I am as guilty as the next person. Most of my everyday clothes I buy are from Bangladesh or China. The US textile industry not many years ago was as big as the big 3 auto industry. The US textile industry which once had a work force in the millions will soon fold its tent.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    As stated in my post, I wish I had saved the article about the Japanese car owner study that showed these people don't report all the problems on questionnaires, and yes some dealers are convincing disgruntled customers that these problems are normal. Yes I have known of these people with one friend claiming that he never had to pay for any work on his car only to find out that the warranty covered his clutch repairs. So yes, people are not telling the truth, and some foreign owners are embarrassed when things go wrong, and hate to admit it.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Lets see, GM had what 4 or 5 out of the top 10 best sellers last year. You say early statistics show that no American auto's are in the top 10 in sales this year, so what, if thats true. It's early and I am sure that will change by year end.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    You read it wrong or misunderstood my post. Consumers Report says in their testing/evaluation, they pick the top 10 cars overall for 2006. Not 1 of the big three automakers had a car in the top 10. Its nothing about sales. But in sales I believe the Impala is #4 or 5 in car sales for 2005. I believe they are 10th or so when trucks are factored in. Back in the 60s the Impala was #1 in sales year after year in America, but competition back then was just between the big 3. Its obvious GM couldn't continue having over 50% of the car sales today when competition is coming from all parts of the world. Competition is a good thing. It brings about change and improvements. GMs problems aren't so much sales but extremely high legacy costs of having 3 workers retired for every 1 worker on the assembly line. The Japanese/Korean have a huge advantage because being a relatively young company in America they have very few retirees to pay for, and they utilize more part time people then the big three do. Thats a huge cost advantage to the foreign car makers. The big problem with foreign competition is its really hurting our workforce & economy.
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    GXP Likes:
    The quickness of it, acceleration and handling.
    The brakes are great, although lots of brake dust on the front wheels.
    The seats very comfortable (10 hours in the seat on one trip, felt as good at hour 10 as it did at hour 1).
    A nicer look than the Impala (my opinion only).
    It is just a fun car to drive.

    GXP dislikes:
    Fuel economy, although good for a V8, not anywhere near the sticker. Expect 20-22 in highway driving in the 70-80 mph range.
    No spare tire. Because of the bigger brakes, no donut will fit. You get an air compressor and a can of fix-a-flat.
    Monsoon sound system is not the greatest. Not bad, but I’ve heard better.

    Try one, you just might like it. I cant see how you could wrong with either an SS or a GXP

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Here's one of those little details that you expect to work smoothly but annoys you when it doesn't.

    I just got a recall notice in my OnStar monthly report. Campaign # 2005122. No details, just the number. I can't find anything on the web yet but that's expected since I'm sure it's too early in the cycle to have been passed around. What is a disappointment is that although I'm getting OnStar reports that include my VIN, when I try to research the issue on My GM Link, my VIN isn't in the system. It notes that my VIN is valid but may not be in the system if I purchased in the last 60 days. Granted, I've only had my car for 77 days, but the inconsistency isn't encouraging. I'm just acknowledging the issue in hopes that some of the GM folks reading will pass it up. Sometimes the smallest details make the largest impressions on people.
    That said, does anyone have any info on recall # 2005122. I will be contacting a dealer but maybe one of our "team" will be quicker than me. :) I own an SS with everything but the convenience group (auto-dimming & heated mirrors).
  • Check out my "realcarguy" review under the 2006 Impala SS review section - this car stinks from the bad design to the bad quality to the bad sales and marketing promises not kept. (Like the gas milage.) The thing that really has made me switch is the fact that corporate know's all this and still leads people arround the issue without any resolution - by the way they still don't have a seat fix and spring is coming as I prodicted. Your use of the BBB is an example of thier idiodic approach. Face it we got fooled by a company that used to be good. Cut your losses and trade for another brand - unfortunately most people can't do this. Let these lemons loose on the used car crowd. Just look at this formum and you get a feel for people duped and those trying to rationalize the trade off's for looking cooler than they really are in one of these. My 86 Grand National blows this car away hands down. Beats it on the strip. Get's the 28MPG HWY. And the fit and finnish is comparitively stellar - even though when I bought it new I thought it was not that great. By the way it has less road noise and rattles at 35K and 20yr than the SS at 8K and 5mo!
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    CR sucks in my opinion, my comments earlier were just to make the point that the car can't be all that bad if CR who is biased against domestic anything is giving it their ok. It's a "for what ever it's worth" kind of comment.
  • Just what I want to do with my non-work time is watch the what ever for Chevy's fixes to a new car I just paid good money for. Thier dealers should contact the customers direct and come pick these cars up - fix them completely - and redeliver what was paid for! Especially when they know the owner has had numerous problems and is actually in conversation with the corporate platform mgr. Mean while I have some restoation work to do on my 69 Superbee. This 06 Impala SS saga is like an old keystone cops or three stuges movie. I don't know who is dummer - us who got taken, chevy or thier dealers! Maybe we all deserve what we got. Owners a lesson learned, chevy no repeat business, dealers a chance to get out of thier contract commitments.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Anyone interested in getting Canadian wholesale prices for free on the Impala or anything else, Q107 has a promo with for free memberships. Go to

    As an FYI example, the invoice on a Impala LTZ is almost exactly $3000 Canadian under list. Probably won't get invoice, but $2000 under list is possible I'm sure.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I think you read too much into some of these posts. No one said the car is all that bad. CR is basically stating that the competition is just a little better in their opinion. A little more refined, a little quieter under acceleration, and better resale value to name a few. Whats in it for CR, Motor Trend, or Car & Driver to be biased against a certain brand? As I said before Chevrolet spends millions advertising in Motor Trend/Car & Driver. If GM put a little more effort into the rest of their car lines like they do with the Corvette, the rest of the chevy line would race past the competition. I have seen nothing but thumbs up from all car magazines regarding the Z06 Corvette. Sure there are posters here that have had problems with their 2006 Impalaa, and there are many that are very happy with their cars. If Consumers Report said the Impala was the best car you would say their magazine is great. The buying public determines what is going to be the sales leaders, what cars will rise to the top, not any magazine.
  • veligerveliger Posts: 30
    I took delivery of my 2LT last week and so far so good. No static on the radio, no clicking sounds, etc. CU commented on the "unsettled ride" and the wind whistle. I've had it up to 75 on a windy day and I get the normal wind sound I have in the Cadillac Deville and other cars I've driven. Nothing out of the ordinary. The ride is perfectly normal as well -smooth on good roads and you can feel bumps through the wheels on bad roads but the car itself is steady. I frankly don't know what CU is talking about.

    Anyone who has taken even one introductory statistics class can tell you CU's sampling methodology is ridiculous. I'll cite a few examples:

    The Wind noise problem CU had on their Impala was probably a bad seal on the one and only sample they had. Sample sizes of "one" are not even close to statistically significant.

    CU samples their readers, a biased group, and only gets data from readers who voluntarily return their survey, making the group even more biased. A proper survey would sample the general new car buying population randomly, and follow up to get people who didn't return their surveys to complete and return them. For example, retired people with time on their hands are far more likely to return mail surveys than working couples with kids who don't have the time to spend filling out a survey.

    CU does not even explain what the percentage ranges of their silly circles are anymore. Those circles are worthless if we don't know the range of problems they represent. A graph with the average problems per 100 cars and error bars would be much nicer. For example, an "average" car in CU's stupid circle system may not be significantly different from a "below average" car if they are near the bottom and top of their unknown respective ranges. It would also be nice to know sample sizes, since very low response rates also make the data less reliable.

    That's just a start to the problems with CU's survey methodology. JD Powers does a much better job using proper statistical methods in their surveys.
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