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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • bugley1bugley1 Posts: 10
    I took my remotes to the Dealer they said they reset them or reprogramed them but i am still having range issues is there something else i should be telling them?
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    I really love my ’06 LTZ (black with ebony cloth interior and “brushed steel” trim). I'm up to 25,000 km with only the key fob issue being a problem.

    Things that stand out the most? Engine (loads of power), Transmission (soooo smooth!), Clean lines of the dash, Headlight system (one touch to turn on everything including the fog lights, and they turn off automatically), Lane change signals (one quick push up or down gives you 3 blinks), Flash to pass (wasn’t on the previous Impala), Steering wheel controls (nice improvements over previous Impala), OnStar (used it while tailing a seriously impared driver last week), Seats (very comfortable for my 6’1”, 280lb frame), lots of power outlets, HUGE trunk, the flip and fold back seats, airbags all around, sliding sun visors, tire monitoring system (with real tire pressures!), drivers’ information centre (nice improvements over previous Impala).

    Not so great things? Hate the new hazard light switch (have to reach through the steering wheel – the previous Impala was much better), lots of drinks fall out of the cup holders, no hooks for dry cleaning in the back seat (have to use the roof handles – not the best solution), hard to hold the steering wheel at 9 and 3 (my preferred driving position), no good place for coins (they slide out of the small flat part on the driver’s door map pocket, and it’s too small anyway), headrests don’t tilt forward. Mostly just little nit-picky things! As I said before, my fob range sucks too, but I haven’t given them a chance to fix it yet (hopefully they don’t just blame my tinted windows).

    The only thing I liked better about my ’01 Impala is that more people moved out of my way on the highway because the Ontario Provincial Police had LOTS of that model. They haven’t embraced the new Impala, so far fewer people move over when I come bombing along in the left lane. Poor me ;-)

    I agree with quietpro. The car isn't perfect, but it's getting really close!
  • Are you referring to the "tire issue" as the actual tires or the tire monitor system? I've dealt with both, but the tires have been the problem that worries me the most. It is impossible to know whether to trust the monitor or not. As I said earlier, a few weeks ago the light was on because of a bad tire. Last week, it was not really an issue---just reset and go. If there is a solution that would reassure me, I will travel into the winter months much less concerned. Snow and bad tires is a scary thought.

    Fortunately, the service writer I deal with is very willing to get the car in quickly to resolve any issue, but that doesn't lessen the apprehension on the road.
  • 06fasst06fasst Posts: 48
    have them replace and reprogram the reciever with the new software in tis update
  • trucker50trucker50 Posts: 148
    Does the 3.9L run on premium gas?
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    The 3.9L will run just fine on regular grade (87 octane) gas. It does not require premium.

    Chevy only "recommends" premium for the V8 Impalas.
  • rysterryster Posts: 471

    A few days ago I posted message number 2099, in which I basically said my Impala is an okay car that I would probably keep for 2 years and then move on.

    Well, I think this car is giving me a nervous breakdown. Between the creaks in the dash and the clunk in the door, I am not sure how much longer I can tolerate this car. I have a shim in one section of the dash to quiet one of the creaks. I attempted to put a shim in another section of the dash, but that shim proceeded to disappear into the dash somewhere?! I have all but given up on yet another severe creak that has formed. The door clunk is very annoying. It almost sounds like the door is loose or something. These types of issues should not be happening on a 2006 model year car and I shouldn't have to be shimming the dash to keep it quiet.

    For a car with only 3,000 miles on it, it sounds more like a 75,000 mile vehicle. Very disappointing and frustrating. The build quality on this vehicle is probably the worst I have seen in the past 14 years (and I have owned many cars in that time). I seem to be getting a new noise every 3 or 4 days. I may just take the depreciation hit and get rid of this thing as soon as possible.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry to bring the discussion down as I know it has been going in a positive direction recently.
  • bugley1bugley1 Posts: 10
    Where can you find free TSB's? i had the tire monitor issue in 1 tire now another one is doin it and the remotes were "reprogramed" but still acting up
  • I have a few problems with my 06 impala LT. I get the service air bag and passenger door open. Even though door is closed. :confuse:
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Here's a little add on to my earlier praise of the car. We took a trip through the Great Smokey Mountain National Forest in NC and TN and it was a blast. The views were incredible and the car made it even better. Climbing and descending the mountains was effortless and it sounded SO good. Also saw something that surprised me. I was actually climbing some fairly steep grades in 4-cylinder mode at around 20-30 mph. I didn't think that was possible but it speaks to the power of the engine.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Anyone see an 07 LTZ yet?

    I am wondering if there are any changes other than the engine and the warranty? Thx
  • I have test drove two LTZ and there is no other changes.
  • Sorry for the late reply. What I'd do is keep taking it to the dealer for your problems and when it isn't fixed -after three times for the dash noises for example - then invoke the Lemon Law and get the dealer to buy it back. If I had done this with my 2000 LeSabre instead of selling it at 12,000 miles I would have saved about $10,000. My dealer (and zone office) refused to replace a faulty strut bushing after many trips over there and a lot of frustrations, letters, etc. Check out your state's lemon law. It is better than losing $10k on a quick sale since these Impalas appear to be worth about $17k when you drive them off the lot and $14k a little later.
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    No need to apologize :)

    Unfortunately the Lemon Law here only applies to safety related problems or problems that significantly impact the value of the vehicle. Squeaks and rattles do not qualify for the Lemon Law unless they are directly related to a safety defect :(

    I looked into trading recently, and your comments on resale value are right on the money. I am electing to keep the car for now and just live with it.

    My issue right now is finding a replacement for the atrocious Goodyear Integrity tires. I have 5,000 miles on my Impala, and although the tires are still technically "new" they are the worst I have ever experienced in wet weather. I am actually nervous to drive this car in the rain. My '99 Camaro was a treat in bad weather compared to the Impala.

    I have narrowed it down to the Bridgestone Turanza LS-T, the Yokohama Avid TRZ, or the Kumho Solus. Can't decide which to get out of these three. Leaning toward the Yokohama, but just can't decide. :confuse:
  • Sorry about the Lemon Law. I guess the thing to do in the future is to buy a used Impala with less than 10,000 miles on it. You can then determine if it squeaks, rattles, etc. I don't have any problems with the '06 I bought new in March but would have saved a lot of money if I had bought a used one. I wanted the fold down rear seat and Bose stereo so I ordered one but won't do it again. The depreciation is terrible. I always get certified Devilles a year old and save a fortune. I should have waited a few months and looked around for one.
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36

    Sure I have scratches on my door windows too. Also noticed them on my 05 Impala. Power steering recall anyone? How about the wind noise at highway speeds or The tire monitor system coming on or the clunking sound when you turn the wheel at low speed or the clicking and popping sounds coming from the dash and the list or annoying problems with my 06 LTZ. I have been back to the dealer numerous times to have these problems fixed. Other than that, the car is a nice vechicle to drive with lots of pep.
  • rjp92rjp92 Posts: 4
    I have a new black 2007 Impala LTZ that I bought back in the middle of October and I'm noticing excessive paint chipping on the hood. Looking closer at the chips, the paint coat appears to be paper-thin. I'm doing normal driving on local roads and highways - no dirt or gravel roads. Has anyone else experienced this problem with the '06 or '07 models?
  • Yes, we have a 2006 SS in Sport Red and are also getting the chips in the paint.I was amazed how well they were able to cover the entire car with 1-onethousandth of an inch of paint.We really like the car but are a little dissappointed with the paint.
  • I have a 2006 SS impala the paint was very thin in spots i could see primer so i took it back to the dealer they repainted the hood quarter panels and trunk
  • I recently purchased a 2006 Impala LT. I previously had a 2001 Impala and was happy with the sound system. The sound in the 2006 is horrible. I'd like to get a new audio system, but I'm very confused. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg, and I'm looking for something as good as or better than the standard sound system used in the 2001 Impala. Basically, anything better than what I'm currently stuck with. I'm not asking for much :)
    Is it possible to take it back to the dealership and have them install the Bose (premium) sound system? Is the average car audio store capable of installing a new system if I have the radio controls in the steering wheel? What is it that I actually need? A new receiver? Amp? Just new speakers?
    I also have a Delphi Roady (xm radio) that I'd like installed. Where can it even be mounted in the 2006 without drilling holes, or having wires all around? Is it just easier to get a new XM ready receiver?
    Thanks in advance for any replies. Sorry for such stupid questions, but I'm new to this all.
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