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VW Jetta TDI



  • I purchased one of the first 2009 TDIs a month ago from a dealer in Warwick RI. I paid MSRP and there was never a mention of upcharging. Mileage is running about 39 mpg with mixed driving (65% hwy/35%city). On long trips to New Hampshire I am at about 42-44 mpg. My TDI has the 6 speed MT.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,495
    So if you do a much greater % of stop and go driving Prius is the leader. Combo to mostly highway... almost a no brainer.

    link title
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    Interesting for car shoppers. Old hat to TDI owners. Thanks for the link. :D
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,495

    Jetta TDI continues to OVER DELIVER in the EPA ratings department !

    Prius, despite the RADICAL changes to the EPA ratings and the resulting bru ha ha, still falls short- only falling less shorter. Here is the take:

    ..."Results (238 City Miles)
    Prius: 44.7 mpg /// Jetta: 32 mpg
    We expected the Prius to dominate our city test, and it did. After all, the hybrid powertrain meant that every time we hit a red light or traffic snarl, the Prius would sit silently—burning absolutely no fuel. But the Prius's overall 44.7-mpg count is still about 3 mpg less than the EPA City figure of 48. And, interestingly, the Jetta TDi's 32 mpgs are exactly four mpg more than its EPA City rating. Still, it's clear that in city-only driving the Prius has no equal—except perhaps a motorcycle. On the open road? Well that's a very different story.... "...
  • My car is expected in next week so I can't address the mileage question, but I can tell you that I shopped several dealers in Central Connecticut and Western Mass and all were selling at mark up
  • Glad to hear other dealers are selling at MSRP. Even Ebay has a few at list.

    Regarding TDI vs. Pirus, drive both then decide which is more fun to be riding in. :) In addition. TDI is for the long haul. Lets compare $4-5K battery replacement in 8-10 year time frame. Then do the math.

    Regarding your 6M how do you like the shifting? I didn't find it as smooth as my outgoing Maxima, but figured I would get use to it. Not sure why VW can't build a nice smooth shifting manual.

  • Here's my mileage info...

    I'm a few days short of 1 month ownership. I have one of the demo cars.

    My typical drive is a 25-29mile 1way commute depending on which path I take.
    the longer has about 12 miles of highway. Otherwise I vary between 25mph and 45mph typically with hills. I'm fortunate I don't have very many stops on my commute which helps the mpg. My typ is 40/60 highway/local but my local is backroads and small towns west of boston (495 to sNH area).

    My first full tank was ~43mpg (some extra local errands)
    2nd full tank was ~47mpg (had some extra highway with trip to Durham).

    I'm working on >48 halfway through my 3rd tank. Based on the first 2 tanks the trip computer is high by ~5% so this is a guess based on what I saw with the first 2 fill-ups. I'm hoping for 700 miles on this fill...

    I'm noticing that the car is sort of immune to highs. The low torque helps to keep the mpg from dropping like I would see in my minivan.

    As you might guess, I'm very happy with what I'm seeing so far. :-)

  • You are claiming the world's first test of the Jetta TDI. I beg to differ.

    Look here and here.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,083
    I thought everyone would be interested in this article.

    New VW Jetta Diesel Tops Prius in Fuel-Economy Marathon Test
  • Ther are 2 Jetta TDI'S at Demontrond Volkswagen in Houston for sale.
    One is a red w/ manual transmission, no sunroof with a sticker in the low $23K.
    The other is a gray Sport Wagon, manual transmission,panormic sunroof, unknown price. Ask for Jason @ 281-872-3985. Jason was our salesman for our Laser Blue Loyal Edition TDI back in August. Tell him Chris referred you, and he'll give me
    $ 100 for the referral.
  • shriftyshrifty Posts: 255
    I just purchased my TDI on Saturday for MSRP. Around 70 miles the check engine light came on. I've checked the fuel cap to make sure it is screwed on completely, and the light is still on. I am taking it back to the dealership on Monday to see what the problem could be. Has anyone else had a problem like this?
  • Not sure on the new 2009 model. On the older models, it frequently means an emissions problem. My 2002 model says check engine and it means check the EGR. Please keep us posted on what the dealer says. Thanks
  • jkinzeljkinzel Posts: 735
    How the hell can we spread the word if you will not put any on the dealers lots. You throw a had full to the masses, the dealers gouge the public and VW wants us/them to tell the world how great diesel is? Bight me. :mad:
    Diesel speakes for its self, it does not have to be in VW.

    VW taps 'zealots' to promote diesels
    Volkswagen Group of America is enlisting the help of "diesel zealots" to spread the word about its new Jetta TDI clean diesel. The 2009 Jetta TDI, which went on sale in August, has been the subject of much attention in Internet blogs and chat rooms over the past 18 months, said VW spokeswoman Jennifer Jacoby. Jacoby said VW has been monitoring the chats and openly sharing information with diesel enthusiasts so they can spread the word on the merits of clean diesel. [SUB] 12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 29
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,690
    I do not believe that VW cannot put pressure on their dealers to sell at MSRP. I realize they are independent. If VW wants to spread the word they need to cut off gougers at the knees. I felt the same way about Toyota and the way they gouged Prius customers. Honda may have been the worst when the Accord Hybrid came out. Dealers were selling them at $3k to $5k over MSRP. It made me happy when the car was a total flop. I have NEVER wanted a vehicle bad enough to even pay MSRP. Just not in my make-up. I put car dealers in the same bucket of crap as bankers and attorneys.
  • Good point, Gary.
    My folks live in NH and they had a friend who used to work for a dealer (not the one in Nashua), apparently they have loads of legal issues with their customers. I would buy one from MA before i get one from NH any day, screw the sales tax. I currently have an 06 which has been great, except for the fact that i had to have the tranny replaced twice, clutch replaced twice, and the egine mounts broke in mid drive and the entire engine was replace excluding the cam.
    It seems these '09s are getting a little better mileage than mine. I currentlt live in NJ and i get 36-39 mpg city with about 10 miles of highway every day (stop and go). I took a trip to NH this past weekend and i ended up with the same, 37-39 (but keep in mind my normal speed is 80-90). Something about the diesel is just great, it held the hills like a knife on butter and didn't slow at all. The torque, even at 2k rpm in 5th gear is outstanding.
    Granted, the TDI's are a little heavier and roll much easier with all that extra front weight but if the '09s are anything like my '06 i would jump on one.
    I'm waiting to give it a little time because i'm worried this new engine exhaust recycling system may cause a shorter life in the diesels, or a higher cost to maintain.
    I'm movign to NH soon, and based on your point Gary, i will make it a point to drive from Claremont to Nashua for all my VW checkups. Thanks!
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I'm there with you. I won't pay sticker add-ons. I'd have to swallow real hard to even pay MSRP.

    Speaking of Honda, back in the '80's, my wife and I were in the market for a new car. We wanted a hatchback and tried a lot of different models. The Honda dealers in Philadelphia at that time all had dealer mark-ups on the windows. I tried to deal with one and bascially got "that's the price on the window" and the salesguy walked away. So did we.

    We continued trying different cars - almost bought a Mazda 323, looked at Renault(!) something or other, and finally bought a VW Golf. The car was solid, the dealer negotiated, and we ran the car for ten years and two pretty significant traffic accidents.

    Just wait until Honda brings out a diesel. They'll treat buyers the same way as they did then and as they did in the early 2000's with the Oddy van.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,898
    Just got back from driving from Chicago area to Dallas area and back. Noted the price difference between the two to vary widely. Actually saw only a .10 difference at a couple of stations in southern Illinois. Many times it was just .15 to .20 difference. Biggest gap I saw was .55 and only noticed that much of a difference once. I think I even saw one instance of diesel actually being .05 cheaper! I don't have a diesel but it seems the price difference is not as great as it used to be.
  • shriftyshrifty Posts: 255
    Hi blundy, this morning the Malfunction Indicator Lamp went out and went to work with no issues. When I started the car to come home, this light came on and the Glow plug light began to flash and did not go out. I called up the dealership and they said to come in right away. As I was driving, it felt as if the turbo went out on the car, I had very little power. I pulled over and they sent a flatbed to haul the car back to the dealership. I currently have 125 miles on the car.

    As I find out more I will keep you posted.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,495
    Sorry to hear of new car complications. The good thing, if it has to happen, it is best under full warranty. It also helps they seem fully motivated to make the problem go away.
  • shriftyshrifty Posts: 255
    That is the best way to look at it, better to have the problems dealt with right away than to have it out of warranty and then try to fix it. I just hope this isn't the first of many. Currently I have a loaner to drive while they troubleshoot to determine exactly what is wrong with the car. I spoke with the dealership briefly today, they mentioned something about a sensor or two, nothing seriously wrong with the engine. When I get the car back I will post the full diagnosis.
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