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VW Jetta TDI



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    I have a couple questions. What is the brand on the evacuator device? Do you think the 505.01 type oil is hype or real damage could be caused by using any other type oil? There are so many diverse opinions on which oil to use that it is very confusing.
  • oldboyoldboy Posts: 59
    I know you were asking Ruking1, but let me put in a word, Gary. It is indeed critical that owners of the 2004 PD TDI use only the 505.01 oil, as specified by VW. I've read something about the Pumpe Duse injectors having tight tolerances, subject to wear. VW developed the 505.01 oil specifically to meet this need, and they warn that using any other oil could void your warranty! It is a nuisance having to search for this oil, but necessary. I hear that Mobil and Shell have the correct oil available in Europe, but not here - yet. Meanwhile there is the Castrol oil, available only from VW dealers, and there is Motul, available on the internet. Best price I have seen for it lately is $27 for 5 liters. I don't think I'm allowed to give that seller here, but you can find it easily but searching Motul 505.01.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,480
    The one I got was the Mity Vac brand. There are many brands, such as the Pela. Mine happens to be a long cylinder and seems to evacuate faster than others have reported with the other brands. For me the Mity Vac stands in a corner with very little footprint. However, some folks will definitely like the compact app size of a basketball put in the trunk feature of, say like the Pela unit. They are app 15-50 dollars.

    For certain! Go with the warranty recommendations of VW spec 505.01. I would, if I were a 2004 PD TDI owner, i.e., Castrol and or Motul, 5w40.

    However, my own personal opinion before and after seeing the virgin oil analysis of the VW 505.01 oils such as Castrol and Motul is that it is primarily formulated to make the emissions control portion last longer. If you compare the three oils side by side; (Mobil One Truck and SUV aka) Delvac One (this is a CI-4 specification), Castrol, Motul, the Delvac One seems to have more of the elements of additive package than the Castrol and Motul. I also realize that my own personal opinion is a bit like cursing in church, But truly I am not interested in starting any controversy.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    Thank you both for the explanation. I doubt I would take a chance for $27 an oil change. I will look at the mity vac. sounds like a cleaner way to change oil. There was so much difference of opinion on oil for my Kubota tractor, I just wondered if this was the same deal.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,480
    Actually the oil discussion can get almost to the bizarre! VW (I am certain you have probably read the owners manual and/or technical data) basically adds "fuel to the fire" in regards to oil and oil viscosity!

    For the 2004 PD they are almost skitzoid! I have heard more than a few horror stories of VW DEALERS NOT putting in VW 505.01, despite the dire warnings to the contrary. VW dealers of course would be the warranty agent in case of fulfillment on engine warranty!

    Again it is important to use the 5w40 oils, again with the proper specifications. I also know that VW 505.01 is "backward compatible" with the 505.00 VW specification, i.e., I can use 505.01 in my 505.00 specified 2003 TDI.

    The TDI's also are not up to full PSI till around 60,000 miles. So in a manner of speaking my 33k TDI is still "breaking in" I use the Delvac One 5w40 in light of the long term goal to keep this thing running 500k - 1M miles.

    I really think it is only a matter of time before Mobil will get certified for the VW 505.01 specification in the USA. (some of the Mobil brands in Euro are already certified) But truly, I could be wrong.
  • oldboyoldboy Posts: 59
    Exactly! I would not trust any quick-lube place, or even some VW dealers, to do an oil change. Even if the dealer knows enough to use the correct oil, the kid he hires to do the work may not know, or not care. I even heard recently of some kid at a VW dealer pumping GAS into a diesel fuel tank! Until the diesels become more common, it's better to do your own maintenance in my opinion.
  • transfxtransfx Posts: 2
    The 04/05 Passat diesel with 5spd tiptronic has a problem in that it shudders at low in town speeds. It is much like driving a manual car too slow in to high a gear. Has anyone noticed this problem with the Jetta tiptronic auto?? Note consumer reports also noticed this problem with the passat diesel
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    I have not bought a Jetta TDI. I am thinking about it for our place in Hawaii. They are popular over there and more plentiful than CA. If you were buying a used TDI what is the oldest you would consider? This question is for anyone with an opinion. It sounds like I should keep my coveralls and do my own maintenance. I have gotten lazy in my older age (61). I usually watch and have caught inexperienced mechanics making big mistakes.
  • oldboyoldboy Posts: 59
    I did not reply right away, Gary, because I thought someone more knowledgeable might offer an opinion. Fact is I do not have a TDI yet myself, but I have read up on them. Personally I plan to wait until we get ULSD fuel in 2006. If you do get a 2003 or earlier Jetta, you should have no trouble finding oil, as the Mobil 1 or Delvac 1 5w-40 (which meets 505.00) is readily available. You could probably trust your VW dealer to do oil changes with the older models too, if you don't care to do it yourself. It is only the 2004 with its need for the rarer 505.01 spec. that would make me cautious.
    Another consideration with an older TDI is that you must replace the timing belt every 60,000 miles, whereas the new TDI can go 100,000 miles before this is needed. If you don't do this, and the timing belt breaks, it will likely destroy your diesel engine! So if you get an older TDI with about 60,000 miles, find out if the timing belt has been replaced. If not, get it done right away. Good luck!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    The real issue is the only dealer on the Big Island is in Kona on the other side. I have talked to them and they sell about 50% diesel vehicles because of the high cost of unleaded. I would assume they would be qualified to maintain. I would hate to have a lot of warranty issues and be going back and forth. I may just buy a diesel truck. They don't have ULSD over there yet from what I have read.
  • Went to a dealer yesterday, and the guy checked the coming 05 for me on his internal web. About 20 wagon TDI is on transportation to BC. Very nice! I will order one at Sep. or Oct.

    The bad news is nothing changed on new model. Hope they fix some bugs.
  • Tough Decision: I've narrowed it down to 2 cars, and have researched until my eyes bleed. I'm just looking for any advice on both cars or which one is the better overall purchase. I'm a little leary of Mazda's performance over time (a diesel Jetta would probably last me atleast 200,000 miles), but I've also heard some bad things about the Jetta's performance. Any advice from professionals and owners of these 2 cars would be helpful. THANK YOU!
  • caseyr1caseyr1 Posts: 11
    Need a little help here?

    Does anyone know of a good TDI mechanic in the Salt Lake City UT. area if so please let me know.

    I have an 01 with about 46,000K and my check engine light just came on. My turbo seems to be working fine and I haven't noticed any loss of power or mileage, however I have only been averaging about 36 mpg since I bought it earlier this year. (it is an auto).

    I know it is hard to diagnose a problem with this kind of information however any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    The dealer below has 2004 VW TDI vehicles with over 7500 miles legal in California. They have a Jetta Wagon GLS fully loaded, & others. I wish I needed one right now.

    Wild Rose Motors Limited
    1890 West Commonwealth Avenue
    Fullerton, CA 92833
  • I was wandering if it is ok to use the mobil with the vw 505.00 that is all i can find and the dealer just wants to charge an arm and a leg.
  • Can anybody tell me what oil they are using for their 2004 tdi? i can only find 505 00 and it is recommended 505 01? what is working?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,480
    Let me tell you first, the party line: VW 505.01. What this means in English is there are three so called commonly available oil in the USA retail distribution chain, which meets this standard. GC or "German" Castrol (which is available at the dealers, at or above retail prices) Motul, and ELF. If you have your 2004 TDI owners manual handy, you can read the actual verbiage, but in words to this effect, it says that if you do not use oils which comply to VW 505.01 you are in imminent danger of catastrophic engine damage, which of course will not be covered by warranty.
  • pruzinkpruzink Posts: 112
    There are only 2 oils sold in the US that meet VW's 505.1 standard (505.1) for the 2004 TDI PD. You REALLY don't want to use anything but those as you WILL void your warranty. You really should keep proof that you use the correct oil. I just bought a case of the oil (VW part # G-052-167-A2) from my local VW dealer, it was $6.50 per quart per case of 12. I also saw it sold online for $5.70 (plus S/H). Motul also sells an oild that meets this spec. I bought a case of Mobil 1 Delvac 5W-40 because I had read it was a highly recomended oil for this engine (unfortunately, not the 2004 PD version). There are tons of posts regarding this on Fred's TDI forum, after reading them, I decided that I will only use VW's sanctioned oil (it appears that it could lead to serious problems if you do not).
  • I went and drove a 2005 Jetta TDI 5-speed manual with leather and it seemed very nice. It was a lot faster and powerful than I thought it was going to be. Are there any changes added for 2005 over 2004. What are the main considerations of getting a diesel?


  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Q:What are the main considerations of getting a diesel?

    MPG is far better than any other available vehicle on the market today. (Even the "hybreds" cannot get 52 MPG on the highway.)

    Less maintenance (No ignition system to fail)

    LOONNNGG LIFE! (Life expectancy of the TDI is around 500,000 miles)


    In cold weather, the TDI will start as well or better than any gasser. But... the fuel MUST be treated for "gelling" and the engine takes about 15 minutes to warm up and blow heat out the vents. GET HEATED SEATS!!

    The VW TDI requires specific lubrication requirements. Some folks feel this is a negative thing.

    Most dealership service is AWEFUL. There many stories of apparently incompetent service departments. Take the time to locate a service department that you can deal with.
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