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VW Jetta TDI



  • hopeful99hopeful99 Posts: 20
    IS THERE AN AIR INTAKE SYSTEM FOR THE 06 JETTA TDI ANY WHERE OUT THERE? And will it help with performance and mpg.
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    Don't know what's available in USA but here's a link to a very respected outfit in the UK.

    You want 220bhp ? You got it. Just browse the site :)
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    You might find something useful on the UK Briskoda forum. Scroll thro' until you get to Maintenance & Performance. Could be something there, after all, all the techy bits are common across the VAG group.

    Also look at the UK VW forum. Is there a USA version, perhaps ?

    Would be interested to hear if you're successful.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    You wont find much power in an "air intake system"... Perhaps you are thinking about a GASOLINE engine.

    Besides, VWs come from the factory with a cold-air-intake system. Why pay money to replace what is already pretty good?

    A TDI engine is TURBOCHARGED... so it already swallows air pretty quickly. A diesel engine is SUPPOSED to swallow huge amounts of air. The intercooler then cools off the compressed intake air.

    Look for power by injecting more fuel. That is where a diesel engine makes power. (and smoke!)
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    For the first time in my life the oil change sticker says I need to change the oil based on the "date" and not the miles on the car! With my wife as a stay at home mom the Jetta is not getting too many miles racked up.
    I need some feedback on this:

    Last oil change - 30,554km November 11/2006(just shy of the 20,000mile mark)

    The dealership puts 6 months or 38,554km whichever comes first. The tell me I should have changed it in May 07. I am only at 37,000km now. DO I really need to change the oil out because it is "old" but not fully used? I wanted to get the miles on to meet my service intervals. (25,000km) is the next one due and it is only a oil change. I am planning a trip through the rocky mountains in 2 weeks probably put on the needed 1500km or so.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    2006 Jetta TDI

    My service interval guide that came with the car mentions the timing belt to be replaced @ 90,000miles and then again @ 100,000miles. Does this seem right? SHould it be replaced sooner? Why do they do it back to back like that if this is the correct interval?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    No, that's not right. I believe it needs changed at 100k miles, but 90k miles certainly wouldn't hurt anything. If the belt breaks, your wallet will be empty for awhile....

    As for the oil change, I'm guessing your manual will tell you that as well. My Jetta is older, but I believe the service intervals are the same: 10k miles/16,000km. Most manuals recommend changing the oil at least once a year if the mileage isn't met. Now, assuming your dealer used synthetic oil, your next service really isn't needed until 46,000k or more likely in your case this coming November.

    Dealers like to make money and 10k mile service intervals don't do them any favors so they'll put all kinds of crazy stuff on the little stickers. My Dodge is rated for 12k miles between changes and the one dealer always put a little sticker saying to come back in 3k miles.....yeah right....12 quarts of oil every 3k miles....? Get real.

    If your dealer didn't use the correct synthetic oil you need to find somewhere else to have your vehicle serviced. These are very sensitive to using the correct oil and it can damage the engine.
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    My little Skoda, with the 130bhp 1.9 TDi needs belt change at 60,000 miles or 4 years - whichever come first, (WCF). This was originally 80,000 miles but was reduced due to, (I'm told), a history of belt failures before 80k miles. Earlier owners manuals, (mines a late-'04/MY '05 car), don't reflect this update for obvious reasons. Might be worth asking the question of VW America............if there is such an entity. Belt failure could be a financially withering experience. No, not could be - would be.

    10k mile/1 year oil, WCF, changes are the norm for the 1.9TDi although the later 2.0 TDi has "variable" service intervals depending upon usage. Not a big price to pay for long life.

    I'm looking seriosly at a Jag S-type with the 2.7 twin-turbo diesel..............206bhp/435Nm. Having driven one I have to say it is a gem and I have the VAG Tdi engine to thank for my conversion to diesel power. ;)
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    sebring95 The dealer uses the Castrol 505.01 spec oil for my 2006 Jetta TDI. So to me it should be good for 1 year. I am not sure if that is a synthetic oil? All I know is that the spec MUST be met for the pump deuse engine or things get ugly fast.

    Why would your service interval be 16,000km between oil changes etc. when my book says 5,000miles! That is 3x's the difference? :confuse:

    However I am curious as to what the Maintenance Booklet 1.1 for the 2006 Jetta says for other owners especially south of the boarder from me. Our service intervals are every 5,000miles or 8,000km. And in my book timing belt change isnt even mentioned until 90,000miles/144,000km. And then again at 100,000miles.! To me this is a serious error in VW's Maintenance book. Especially if the timing belt should be changed earlier. If anyone else has this booklet stuffed inside their glove box I am curious to know what it says.

    I need clarification on this.

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Most TDI engines are speced at 10,000 mile OCI (Oil Change Interval) Only the 1st 2 oilchanges is 5,000 and 10,000 miles... after that it is every 10,000 miles.

    The VW-speced oil has been shown to easilly be able to go over 15,000 mile OCI.

    I am curious... does your book REALLY suggest 5,000 OCI - or are you mistakingly reading about the 1st oilchange with the breakin oil?
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82

    It really says so I can scan it and post it if you want.. I dont understand why this would be different??
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    I dont think I can post pictures.? Can I?

    Anyways i think the best thing here is to compare apples to apples. We need someone else with a 2006 Jetta TDI Maintenance book to look and see what their service intervals are. Mine are very clearly laid out as every 5000miles.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    I imagine your manual is printed by VW Canada and they may have different ideas on what is needed in your colder climate. I find it best to use the dealer for oil changes on the interval in the manual. Then they have no recourse if the engine fails under warranty. The timing belt issue sounds like a typo error.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    I am going to call VW tomorrow. The Maintenance book only states printed in Mexico. Nothing really about a specific Canada edition. And if there is different editions per country that makes zero sense to me. Someone in Montana would get similar weather to someone in Alberta.

    VW doesnt seem to have their literature correct on this one. Makes me feel real confident in VW and the service I get performed on my $35,000cdn. Jetta. UNREAL :mad:
  • OK,first thing to do is disconnect the vacumn hose on the egr valve and plug the hose.After 40miles the engine light will come on,so what. Carbon and soot buildup in the intake manifold seems to be a problem when the egr valve is functioning so that is why I disconnected it. Always use a good quality diesel fuel treatment,summer and winter. I also installed a frantz bypass oil filter. I used amms 5-40 european car formula synoil. I installed a van akken chip which increased HP from 90 to 110. Torque went from 155 to 200 ft lbs. This unit moves! I have had a few minor problems,egr cooler started leaking,a window fell in. These problems were near the end of the warranty.So far,so good! Would I buy another one? Yes,but only if the dealer signs off on disconnecting the egr valve/warranty thing. I am looking forward to the new bluetec diesels. 137horsepower and 240ft lbs of torque!! My jetta has 126000kms on it and it seems to be behaving itself. Anybody got any info on how to change a timing belt? It is due at 128000kms
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    The maintenance manual that came with our U.S. spec 06 TDI states 5K, 10K, 20K, 30K, etc. You can find the maintenance schedule at
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can post pictures in your album on your CarSpace page. Links will be generated for each pic that you can then use in a post to display it here.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    I spoke with VW directly. There is a major typo in the service manual in regards to the timing belt change. And it is not supposed to be back to back at 90k then 100k.

    I also talked with the dealer regarding the 5k service interval and according to them even with a TDI you MUST do the oil change etc every 5k miles and follow the service interval of a gasser.?? :confuse: I talked with the service manager and he claims that they see too many problems with the TDI's and it falls back on maintenance and with the 5 k interval this resolves alot of problems. Sounds a bit like a sales pitch to me!
    He also claims change the oil every 6months or 5kmiles or else you get condesation in the oil....I dont know who or what to belive, why would the dealer and VW tell you 2 totally different things?

    Anyways, with all this hasstle maybe I should have got a gasser.....unreal
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    why would the dealer and VW tell you 2 totally different things

    Hmmmm, maybe because the dealer makes more money on service than anything else?? If the dealer has seen problems with TDI's due to long service intervals, it would have to be from using improper oil, not the service interval itself. Use the oil spec'd in the manual and you'll have no issues at 10k (or likely 15k miles based on testing I've seen).

    If you want to rid yourself of all further hassles with this vehicle, learn to do some very basic maintenance yourself and be done with the VW dealer. The TDI is possibly the easiest vehicle to service yourself with just a little research. Lost of how-to at and links to buying parts at a fraction of the dealer.

    If you're the type that MUST use a dealer for service, then something besides a VW should be in your cards. Just my $.02 (or $.021322 Canadian) ;)
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,829
    seanjohn , sounds like the dealer is lying in order to generate more business.
    the TDI service interval remains 10k not 5k.
    The local TDI-expert VW dealer sends out a postcard recommending "supplemental 5k oil change". But the word *supplemental* is crucial and truthful.
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