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Hybrid Gas Mileage Good? Bad? As Expected?



  • Careful driving - no hard acceleration in city and under 65mph highway: over 30mpg

    Normal driving - some hard acceleration in city, under 75mph highway: 27 - 28 mpg

    Extreme driving - Aggressive acceleration in city, 80mph and up highway: 22mpg

    Conclusion: even driving this vehicle very hard, my Ford Escape Hybrid can give fuel economy better than the Ford Escape XLT, which according to Ford is a similar driving experience from the point of view of acceleration etc. The Escape Hybrid is probably a little less sporty, in truth, but it does feel to me much quicker than the Honda CRV AWD I drove previously (which gave me under 20mpg in hard driving, by the way).

    My full review ...">link title
  • I just crossed 60K miles with my 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid last month. Zero trouble with it so far, and had regular scheduled maintenance.

    Mileage report:
    Lifetime average is just under 60MPG.

    2004 I was learning my new car and how to maximize efficiency and averaged mid 50's.

    2005 Fine tuned what I was doing and applied it to rediculous measures and averaged 65MPG. Had one tank go 941 miles and calculated to 69.2MPG.

    2006 Driving more "normal" now and mostly freeway. Still average 57-58MPG and +700mile tanks this winter.
    Spring is here with warmer temps and had a couple 60MPG tanks.

    I live in N.Georgia in the "foothills of the foothills" of the Blue Ridge mountains. I drive non-rush hour traffic.
    The car have been nothing less than fantastic.
  • eaaeaa Posts: 30
    I have a 03 HCH CVT and get 60+ all the time driving smart. My best has been 74.5 on a round trip of about 40 miles total. :shades:
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • My last tank came in at 935 miles and pumped 12.7gallons to the rim for 73MPG. Not bad.
    2004 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT (AT)
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    MPG = middle of sticker ranges 29 to 32.

    With 1000 miles on odometer I'm averaging 30.6 mpg.

    As Goldilocks would say... "... it's just right!"
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