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  • Not great many will dispute the value this car represents at 22-23k and had I not been driving 3 year old M6s I would have been sitting in MS6 by now. I have a loaded '03 6s manual with 57k that I am only being offered 50% of my purchase price for by the dealer (11.5k) as a trade-in. Looking at the outside prices and listings I don't see how I can sell it for much more. This is a pretty bad residual and a tough reality, and it would probably not be a sound financial decision if I traded my 6s in and pick up MZ6 sport for an additional 11k...but then again, the residual will not get any better and MS6 prices might not be that low ever again...still debating this one.
  • I test drove the Mazdaspeed 6 several times and owned an Rx8(no rattles in mine). I don't see where you find that difference in quality... both are built in Japan and the MSRP is pretty much the same. If your RX8 rattles is just bad luck. I had a Honda Accord that could won any contest for the biggest rattle trap ever built.
    You are right... the steering cannot compare. Rx8 has the handling of a real sports car. I suggest you to drive them again.
  • One more thing...just to let you know RX8 has the same numbers as the current BMW M3 on a track. That should tell you something about the way RX8 handles.
    You didn't get the lion share when you shopped for cars with your wife. She did.
  • Only DSG on the R32?.That is sad. I find DSG to be a lot closer in feel to an automatic transmission than a manual one. I guess I have to start saving for the new M3.
  • Audi and VW will be pushing DSG/S-Tronic hard on all cars in coming years. My sister in law was in town this weekend with her new A3 2.0T DSG (oh, I mean "S-Tronic"), but I didn't have time to drive it. It could be the best semi-automatic in the world, but I doubt I'd buy one. Still, I want to give it a try...maybe next time she's in town.

    Luckily, my wife has owned more manual transmission cars than automatics. She has an automatic now, so we have one of each tranmission depending on our "mission du jour" -- one for cruising, one for driving!

    I think the MS6 would be a really weird car with an automatic given the narrow power band and lack of low-end torque -- maybe a 7-speed auto would help if it had complimentary ratios. The MS6 would probably kick [non-permissible content removed] with a CVT, though I wouldn't buy one! ;)

    I'm guessing that's one of the reasons Mazda retuned the engine for the CX7. Its torque peak is 258 lb-ft at 2,500 RPM whereas the MS6 has 280 lb-ft at 3,000 RPM. The HP peak also occurs 500 RPM sooner.

    Anyone drive a CX7 and an MS6 for comparison?

  • Very neat description of the process of creating a passs-through. Thank you. I only want a pass-through large enough to be able to put snow skis in the trunk, but you've shown how it can be done.
  • Yes, the pass though with the current equipment is pretty easy but it will require additional padding on the skis unless you are dropping the 60% part. The added bracing is pretty rough/sharp. Furthermore, putting 4 people and skis is not going to work nicely with the MS6 as-is.

    Frankly, I think it is an unfortunate oversight on the part of Mazda not to have an armrest pass through (which is pretty cheap) like those available on the LGT and the G35x. I guess this AWD sport sedan is not targetting skiers? :cry: In addition, many have already acknowledged that a set of winters is likely need for any real winter drives.

    For those who cannot handle the 6 speed manual, G35x is probably the only decent choice. LGT auto is not comparable in IMHO. I recently test drove the '06 G35x and it is comparable to MS6 performance: it has a tad less go but it has a slightly nicer balance that results from the weight distribution being much closer to 50/50. The auto in the G is a decent one and it might work for a few folks as it can shifted manually. There is more driver involvment with the MS6 but the G is a tad more upscale. The G should be more comfy in everyday driving too but it does not feel as sharp as the MS6 when pushed... it needs a bit more torque!

    Obviously, there is $4-5k in price difference at the current street price levels (comparing MS6 GT with msrp ~30.5k to bare G35x msrp ~$34k).
  • An armrest pass-through for skis would be nice. Next research for me will be to buy winter tires for the MZSpeed6. Think I wll mount them on their own rims. Turbo works good in the mountains.
  • I drove a CX7 last week. There was no way to compare. The CX7 was an automatic. :confuse: It had a delay when you hit the gas, Before you could feel a surge......
    Very strange. I didnt like it at all.
  • wife..? I am the wife. Hubby drives a Gold Ford F350. He has the Lion. ;)
  • My mistake...I mean your daughter ...She got a better car. I guess you wanted her to have the best.
    And yes...I always think at Ford as being the lion.(????)
  • In terms of reliability, would you pick a mazdaspeed6 over an rx8? any comments are greatly appreciated
  • RX8 does not have a good track record in the past. Supposedly all the flood problems have been taken care of though. MPG pretty bad, but the MS6 isn't great. Didn't expect either to be good, so no disappointment. Each has had a recall. Do alot of research on both. They are very different. One is a sport car and the other is not. MS6 is new, so reliability is hard to judge. So far very reliable. RX8, so far, fine. And so far, no flooding problems.
  • I would pick the car I like more. People that think that there is a brand out there or a certain car that will be totally safe in terms of reliability are wrong. Every single manufacturer has lemons or cars with problems.
    Mazda has in general very reliable cars and I would think you cannot go wrong with any of this two cars. What I know for sure is that your choice should not be influenced by any reliability study.

    P.S. The rotary engine in the RX8 requires a little more "maintenance". You will need to add oil between the regular oil changes. If that sounds okay I don't see any reason in choosing based on anything else than the performances of the two cars.
  • hey thanks for the great feedback. I know that if I chose the rx8 I'd have to treat it with the knowledge that it's a rotary engine and it needs to be treated like one. thanks again
  • RX8 is actually a very different beast, it looks better IMHO but it offers less utility; it is only a decent 4 seater and not a real 4-door. The rear wheel drive bias is going to give the vehicle a better feel in some situations but the performance will suffer in more diverse weather conditions.

    Of course, its rotary engine means that you may not be able to take it anywhere for work but the Turbo in MS6 is not exactly a simple Chevy small block either.

    My $0.02: it is a choice in lifestyle and function that may altimately dictate your decision.
  • eviljoeeviljoe Posts: 14
    So I'm hoping to buy an '06 MS6, however, since I can really only afford to finance about $18K-$19K, I'm wondering a few things:
    1. Will there still be any new '06 models around in December and January? Will the discounts/incentives continue to decrease the price (it seems now they're going for around $22K)?
    2. How long will it take before the new '07 models get discounted to the $22K-$23K range? I'm just wondering if, having learned about their value from the '06s, if dealers will bring prices down sooner?
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 209
    On the Mazdaspeed3 discussion it was quoted that about 6800 2006 Speed 6s were produced, but less that 2000 expect to be produced for 2007. That will change the balance between supply and demand. I doubt if discounts will increase; in fact prices could firm and even increase.
  • The orginal estimates from Mazda where 5-6k units for each '06 and '07. Mazda needs the numbers to help with economies of scale! MPS maybe selling much better outside of the US (particularly Europe)... less than 10% of Americans buy a stick shift!

    For those interested in a real world example: in '05 Saaburu 9-2x Aero had $7k in incentives and even with the lower production numbers in '06, the same units with slightly better 2.5L Turbos are now carrying $5k in rebates. The same WRXs get $1k extra in '06 over '05 models because of the bigger engine. Basically, the discounts are very similar in spite of lower production numbers for a very similar vehicle.

    My guesstimate: similar prices will be available next year but the discounts may still not come until summer... just as they arrived this summer. Frankly, MS6 GT cannot be justified at over $30k, not this year, not next year. Does anyone think that even 2000 MS6s were sold prior to the current discounts?

    Remember the current reality: prices typically fall until the model change.
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