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  • Yo brothers.......the Mazda6 is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] to work on. But I have good not buy the stupid oil filter socket. If you have a large pair of channel locks, it actually works well. So save yourself a little cash and do it that way. If you don't have a pair big enough, well, get the stupid filter socket cause its cheaper than large channel locks!!
  • Yo Brothers........I hope that workshop manual for the Mazda 6 is good. I ordered one today. I could not change the parking light bulb! The engineers engineered it so complex, you can't do it yourself. Those bastards!

    I have a 09 Silverado.

    I bought this car for my daughter. I would never own a Mazda.
  • That's very interesting, but this is a forum about the Mazdaspeed6, which was only manufactured in model years 2006 and 2007, and is a turbocharged all-wheel drive version of the Mazda 6.
  • 06 MZSPD6 - Amazingly enjoyable. 54k on it now. Wonderful performance from 80->120MPH.. Drove the sh## out of it. Drove over 100mph over 100x. Over 120mph probably 35x. Once hit 143MPH (when it was 1/2 packed with some of my gear).

    Zero accidents. Zero maintenance problems. Looks pretty much like new (I kept those dang hubs clean!)

    Once I turn it in here shortly, all the wheels and doors will probably fall off LOL .. but who knows?? Been wonderful car to me.

    A great & thrilling experience!

  • I enjoyed your post, but it made me wonder - what about the performance at under 50 mph? Unfortunately, that's where I spend most of my driving time!!! :sick:
  • ...thanks for giving everyone another reason not to buy off-lease cars...
  • richt5richt5 Posts: 43
    Ive been looking to trade in my 2006 speed6 GT. Gone to 6 different dealers , various makes, no one wants to give me whats its worth (using Edmunds Values). 2 sales managers let it slip--- your cars worth too much. I bought the car new , have 25 k on it and it about perfect.No mods , dealer serviced and still under bumper to bumper warrentee . IF Mazda still made the speed6 I would be in line to but another. Many sales managers were really rude, almost grabbed one guy.Its really a problem , guess ill sell it privately or keep it. I like to trade every 3-4 years. Works the best for me. This is Florida, moved from Connecticut. Seems here in Florida , few people own every dealership--- so no deals. Better to go out of state . Ethics here are non existent. So bad.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    What do you think your Mazdaspeed6 is worth?
  • thegamperthegamper Posts: 9
    I have sold my Speed6 recently and wanted to give final impressions. In case you were wondering, I got $11500 for it on trade in. It needed 4 new tires, 4 new rims, 4 rotors and pads, had dings and scratches, etc. 90K miles of wear.

    Anyway, Still love the way this car looks even after 5 years. Ride is very harsh, and loud. Creeks and rattles everywhere, mostly due to stiff suspension and poor Michigan roads. Never had a break down in a 90k mile daily beat down. I really, really had fun with this car to the tune or 5 sets of tires (including stock set) in the time I owned it. Still performed well on the day I turned it in. Thankfully, I bought extended warranty when I purchased the car because I brought the car in for numerous small repairs. I dont think Mazda ever really got this car right. Within a few weeks after I purchased, they reflashed the computer in a recall and it has never been the same since. Turbo operation was inconsistent, sometimes, just sputtered, hesitated. Difficult to reproduce. The smoking turbo was never fixed, and I always found it quite embarrassing to lay down a half mile smoke screen, even though it seldom happened. I tried desperately to have multiple dealerships put the car in order, to no avail. In the end, car was a blast. But little nit picky things drove me nuts. Long term, I think this car would have been a maintenance nightmare, so decided to drop it right before my extended warranty ran out, which paid for itself and then some incidentally.
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    Thanks for the interesting post. My 06 Speed6 just turned 50K miles, and I've had a better experience so far, although I can relate to some of your issues.

    Mine has an intermittent suspension squeak that nobody can nail down, but it drives me absolutely insane when it happens. I also notice a grinding in the gearbox when I shift aggressively. Unlike you, I don't have an extended warranty, so if anything major happens I'm screwed.

    What did you replace it with? The only cars I can think to replace mine with is a Subaru Legacy GT, or a BMW 3-series AWD. Those seem to be the only 4-door, AWD cars that you can get with a stick.
  • thegamperthegamper Posts: 9
    I leased a Nissan Maxima. I looked at the Subaru WRX, too small. LGT couldnt be found anywhere in the Midwest and I was not going to order one without being able to drive it first. A4 would have been an ideal car but I have never really trusted European cars, especially anything associated with VW and a bit pricey for what you get IMO. I checked out Volvo S60 which again was a bit too pricey for what you get and a also felt they were a bit feminin. I really considered Buick Regal. I wouldnt have considered anything from buick a few years ago, but they are very nice, to look at and drive, I found a pretty good deal on a turbo Regal with 6 speed manual, but in the end, I needed the room of the Maxima as I have 3 kids now and they were having great lease deals that I just couldnt pass up. I wasnt totally thrilled with any of the potential replacements so I was happy to lease and maybe in three years there will a car will come along that I just cant live without like the Speed6 when I bought it, and I wont need something large enough for rear facing child seats, as boosters for older kids take up much less space. In the mean time, the Maxima is surprisingly fast but not nearly as nimble as the speed6. I will have to learn to love understeer I guess.
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    Interesting. It is odd, I have also noticed that Subarus seem to be thin on the ground here in Ann Arbor.

    I had a 2002 Maxima with a stick-shift, and I didn't buy a newer one because I was turned off by the CVT. Mine was fast too, but boy did it plow through corners.

    I rode in a rental Regal a short time ago. Interior is very nice but back seat did seem a little tight. Plus even the turbo is way down on HP from the Speed6.

    I don't understand why manufacturers won't make big fast sedans with sticks (imagine a new SHO Taurus with a stick)! There must be a group of potential buyers that number in the hundreds, or at least dozens :)
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    Not sure if anyone still watches this board or not. I see I made the last post here, and that was almost two years ago.

    My Speed6 has been making horrible noises which a mechanic diagnosed some time ago as a problem with the upper and lower control arms. The noise is only present when the outside temperature is > 60 degrees, so I didn't hear it all winter, but now it's back with a vengeance.

    Has anyone else had this issue, and is it something that someone could tackle themselves? I'm reasonably mechanically inclined, such as replacing alternators, etc. but I've never done any suspension work myself.
  • lodicarfanlodicarfan Posts: 3
    edited July 2013
    Well it's been over 6 years since I last posted any comments concerning my '06 MazdaSpeed6 (aka late8). I still own this car (original owner) and I now have over 170,000 miles on the odometer. The car has been very expensive to maintain on the road. Besides tires, brakes, belts, alignments and fluid swaps, I've had to replace the following parts within the last 10,000 miles:

    Replace OEM clutch and dual mass flywheel- $4,500
    Replace transfer case- $2,300
    Replace shift shaft module- $1,800
    Clean intake manifold/Replace PCV valve and oil separator at 100k- $1,100
    Clean intake manifold/Replace PCV valve and oil separator at 160k- $800
    Replace front right and left forward upper control arm-$1,200
    Replace reverse light module- $650
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    ouch, those are expensive repairs. The clutch is a shocker. The transfer case also seems abnormal with that kind of mileage.

    Do you plan to keep it for a while after such hefty investment?

  • Hi John. The clutch was expensive. You can't resurface a dual mass fly wheel so I had to purchase a new one and the clutch plate was down to rivets but I got a lot of mileage out of the original clutch due to me taking advantage of a TSB for the '06-'07 MS6 for "hard to engage clutch pedal" complaints filed by MS6 owners. Mazda replaced the clutch spring pedal assemble with lighter gauged springs back in 2006. The labor for the clutch replacement was $1,500 for the removal and replacement of dual mass fly wheel and clutch plate.

    The transfer case on my '06 MS6 was replaced 3 times. Twice under warranty and once on my dime at 136,000 miles. The first time the transfer case was replaced (36,000 miles) was due to "porous casting issues" according to my dealer. This issue caused the transfer case to leak at different locations around the transfer housing. The second time it was replaced was due to leaks and the third time it was replaced was due to the transfer case 'cooking' the gear oil to a boiling point where it spewed gear oil out of the vent hole located at the top of the transfer case housing when the engine reached high driving temps.

    As of this writing, I'm chasing a MIL code P2188, (lean at idle bank 2-2nd o2 sensor) and I'm suspecting a leak somewhere along the SRI intake. I have an Cobb AccessPort device which allows me to troubleshoot and clear codes as well as to install OTS (off the shelf) fuel maps to increase horsepower.

    I plan on keeping this car. The car was packaged well. AWD, 6 speed manual transmission, factory turbo, Xenon headlights, sunroof, Bose stereo, leather inserts/heated seats and mirrors, climate control, cruise control, and tilt/telescopic steering wheel for just under $24k new back in '06. I don't see too many similarly equipped cars at that price range today.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    the adage rings true again about manufacturers selling cars for their future profit in parts sales. We sold our Mazda MPV at 130k miles because it was starting down that cycle. The engine compartment layout wouldn't allow access to the rear bank of the V6, so I opted out.

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