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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesels



  • vl39vl39 Posts: 14
    I opted for the 2006 because the in-line six is a proven engine. I am concerned about the V6 diesel. The V6 balancing requires counter balancing(all V6)and there have been some problems with the gasoline V6. Given the much higher compression ratio for the diesel which leads to bigger loads, will the aluminum V6 hold up?

    I would like to have the lighting package on the 2007, but I don't care for the more aggressive front end.
  • oldtaroldtar Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the no-cost sports option will be available in the 2007 CDI MB?
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The catalogs which sent to the dealers by MBUSA just got to the dealership today; the long expecting diesel engine data are not as good as I would expect, for the E320 Bluetec, the engine has aluminum cylinder block with cast-iron cylinder sleeves, it gives 208 hp @3800 rpm and 388lb-ft @ 1600-2400 rpm, with curb weight of 3860 lb, 0-60 at 6.6(same as the inline six), for ML 320 CDI, the engine has the cast-iron cylinder block, aluminum crank case with cast-in grey iron liners, aluminum-alloy heads, the hp is 215 not 221 @3800rpm and 398 lb-ft @ 1400-2800rpm, with curb weight of 4817 lb, 0-60 at 8 seconds, both of engines require the ULSD fuel which is allowable with 5% biodiesel.
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    According to the 07 E-Class catalog the sport Package is not available for E320(should be E300) Bluetec and E63AMG.
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    BLUETEC diesel fails to meet 50-state emissions requirement

    link title
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I'm not sure why this is coming up now, it has been common knowledge that the Bluetecs won't be sold in those 5 five states until the EPA approves Adblue (urea) injection.

  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    With a specialized set of filters and catalytic converters the Bluetec is not tec enough to be blue; on the other hand, the ML320 CDI with no such things mentioned in the MBUSA new catalog has a different set up of the identical engine which puts out more hp and ft(215, 398)looks more attractive! I wish would be the otherway around.
  • How much did your MB Extended Warranty cost?Am at 40,000 miles and am going to buy the MB extended warranty. But I've heard the cost varies widely from dealer to dealer. Can anyone share with me what yuo paid and when it was purchased? WOuld your dealer allow me to buy it from them? Or is there a truly reputable and cost effective alternative?

  • What if you are a CA resident who buys, registers and drives the vehicle in another state for a year, then wants to transfer registration to CA? Thanks.
  • Has anybody done this?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,117
    benzodiesel, yes, i understand that is a workable technique. you can transfer the reg to cali after the car has 7500 miles. you will need to use a valid address in the non-cali state. and be sure to let your insurance company know where the car is *really* garaged/parked most nights, wink wink nudge nudge say no more.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,117
    greezykid1, i haven't done it but i understand that the AMG wheels for the same chassis are 17s. i think there is a guy on tdiclub who has done it, not sure if he used AMG wheels or got some properly sized/offset/lug-pattern aftermarket wheels.
    fwiw, there might be an mpg cost to swapping 16s for 17s, especially since "kids nowadays" like to go for wider and/or softer tires too. check the AMG17" tire size available on the most recent E55 - sticking with that size should ensure that the tires don't scrape the wheel-wells when you are doing opposite-lock countersteering after disabling the stability control. (actually i think in this car it is not possible to entirely disable the stability control, so forget about those drifting contests and opposite-lock countersteering, ok!?)
    also it wouldn't be a bad idea to verify your plan with your local Benz-certified Hans & Franz mechanics or service reps before shelling out $.
  • thought i read in one of the responses about winter driving a particular recommendation for type of winter tires. have looked through all of the responses and seem to have missed it. any help as to good recommendation for winter tires for the 2006 e320 cdi?. winter coming soon in my neighborhood and want to be prepared.-----henryb1
  • I just bought a new 06' e320 CDI and purchased a 1 yr/100K MB warranty for $1900 with $0 deductible.
  • You mean 10 yr?
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47
    2006 E320 CDI
    -Premium Package
    -Sirius Radio
    -Iridium Silver (Metallic Paint)
    -MSRP listed on Window Sticker: $55,965

    With no negotiation on my part, dealer came back with a price of $50,500 + Tax, Title & License. Car still has shipping plastic on it and only 16 miles. Seems like a pretty reasonable deal to me, but please give me your feedback.

  • The last few cars I have bought "preowned" All 3 were MBs.

    4 months ago I bought a 2005 CDI. It had only 3500 miles and I have the original sticker for $64,000. It has EVERYTHING including panorama roof,dynamic vented front seats,parktronic,keyless go, full leather pkg, light pkg,electronic trunk,nav,HK sound system etc. Paid $48,000.

    18 months ago bought a SLK350 with only 1800 mi on it---90 days old. Almost 20% off sticker.

    Located both cars on the internet but did not buy until I actually saw the cars.Had to follow sites for 2-3 months until I found these cars.

    No more buying new from MB dealer for me. Together saved $25,000 off list on the 2 cars
  • nimhrodnimhrod Posts: 49
    My 2005 CDI has a water problem. Whenever it rains, the trunk lid ends up with water IN it. When I open and then close the lid I can hear and feel water rolling around and shifting in there. Plus the inside of the trunk is wet.

    Anyone else with this same problem?


    David - VA
  • I too own a 2005 E320 CDI and have no problems with water in the trunk.
  • 2006 CDI in South Fla and in all the summer rains the entire car remained dry as dust.
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The CDI trunk is same as the other E-Class' lids. The materials for the lid is made of ligt alloy. I own my 05 CDI for over a year with almost 15k in the odometer; so far so excellently good, the lid is glassy smooth, the trunk is as dry as it can be. In your case, you may have some kind of cracks or pin holes on the lid. Just take the car back to the dealership, and have them replace the lid!
  • tuffy72tuffy72 Posts: 12
    Hello, and thank you for reading this. I'm new to the forum experience but I have been watching your forum for the last year or so. I've finally worked up to the Mercedes. This will be my first one and I would like make sure I can get the best deal with your help. I've pre-arragned financing at my bank 3.90 for 60m I plan on putting up $18k myself to keep my payment cheap. I've spoken to the manager in Baton Rouge told him I would be paying cash. He offered invoice price and mentioned $3500 cash back if I buy this month. However I am in Military in Bahrain and won't be back until 2nd of November. Would waiting until I got back get me a better change of a deal since the 07's are coming in the next week or so? Or should I make the deal now becuase the cash back program will be over? The TMV price with the options is saying $55k. With the new year coming out can I get it cheaper, I am willing to travel :confuse:
  • nimhrodnimhrod Posts: 49
    My understanding is that that cashback is not likely to disappear until later this year. It may have another name, but it should be there.

    One other thing to consider if you are thinking of a CDI. The new Bluetech engines are not iron, but aluminum alloy. translated- not as durable. I think this is right. Plus, in order to comply with new emissions regs they have some sort of tank the exhaust flows through where it's mixed with some sort of chemical to "detoxify" it. This tank needs to be emptied and refilled periodically. Another maintenance issue.

    Look at the posts here for buying a used CDI. I bought mine on eBay for almost $20k UNDER the sticker. It's a 2005 and was a year and a half old. Still smells, runs, and looks new. And what a savings on taxes and depreciation. And it's got the 50k mile MB warranty.

    It's something to consider. Save your hard earned military cash. These cars (CDI) are amazing. What a horse!


  • tuffy72tuffy72 Posts: 12
    Thanks for your advice David. To get the 3.90 it has to be a new car or it will be 5.0%. Needs to have the GPS, keyless go, lthr wood steering wheel,xenon,lthr. I'll be looking all the time, but if you see anything of interest give me a ring. I Ebay everyday too. But if I can get a 05 a lot cheaper I'll jump for it.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    One other thing to consider if you are thinking of a CDI. The new Bluetech engines are not iron, but aluminum alloy. translated- not as durable.

    Ummm, I'm thinking that one has nothing to do with the other. True, if you took a sledge hammer and started bashing the side of the block, you would most likely break cause considerable to the Alloy block well before you broke through the Iron block. That said, a case can easily be made that suggests that the Alloy block will significantly out last the Iron one. What?!? Blasphemy!

    Well, not really. I have no problem believing that DC designed the Alloy block so as to be more than rigid enough to deal with the torsional forces applied to you typical engine block. Assuming that is the case and that the crank, pistons, rods and all other moving parts are kept perfectly positioned, the only wear point would probably be considered to be the cylinder walls. The thing is that the cylinder walls can be sleeved or coated with any number of metals or silicon formulations that will actually make the cylinders considerably stronger than Iron.

    Best Regards,
  • tuffy72tuffy72 Posts: 12
    Called a couple of dealers in and out of the area. No one has a 06 car with keyless go and even new 06s for that matter are east to find. Except a dealer that is asking $57 for a used with 12000 on it 1900 miles away. :cry: I looked into the 07 but for what I want it is out of my price range plus the wait. I have changed what I want many times just to try and find it cheaper, not really working out. Still looking :shades:
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    I just did a testdrive the 07 A8 this afternoon; the car felt no faster than my 05 E320 CDI which was offered $37100.00 for the trade in at 14k miles. I plan not to work so much as I am entering 60 and don't drive as much as I intend to take easier life. In order to enjoy somewhat mountain winter snow, I look into the A8. The price I was given was only one k off $74020.00 MSRP( with the ppd package) for the royalty discount(I did own 04 4.2 Allroad). The 07 4.2 engine is a direct inject 32 valves instead of the 40 of 06 and earlier ones. Any advice or suggestion will surely be appreciated! The CDI has been an excellent car, it went back to dealer onetime for 6.5k check up and onetime the oil and filter. Much less trips to the gas station is one of the best features that CDI gives to me.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 30,606
    If it was my car I would offer it for sale in CA. You should get near what you paid with 14k miles. Dealers are all going to shaft you on trade-ins. That is the name of the game. They are at least $8k under what it is worth. You wonder how they sleep at night. Dwelling on the bottom with lawyers.
  • kpc02kpc02 Posts: 2
    Can anyone explain the straight six 320 cdi's current pollution specs re sulfur dioxide with the new fuel formulation. Aslso does anyone know about levels of particulate ie soot? Thanks!
  • I thought I would mention in passing that MBenz states that the ultra low sulfur diesel can be used in the 06CDI. There is no impact on mileage or the warranty. I wanted this confirmed in writing. I am finding the price of the ultra to be the same as the other in South Florida.
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