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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesels



  • Just wondering what sort of actual mileage people are getting in city driving with their CDIs?

    I have only 700 miles on mine so far, so am expecting it will increase. Currently seeing about 25-35, depending on city v. highway. BUT I'm also not sure about the interval of the mileage tracker on the dash display. It looks like it keeps a running average based on the current trip?
  • I have 38,000 on my 2005 CDI. I mostly drive highway and I am getting 32mpg averaging 70 mph. I checked the computer and that seems to be right on with my calculations when I filled up the car. I just got back from a trip to Omaha (400 miles) and made a point of filling up as soon as I got there so I could measure only highway mileage, still 32 mpg. I spoke to my MB dealer and he said he has customers that are getting 40 mpg on the highway. I' ve never come close. I even tried slowing down to 65mph and the mileage is still off the window sticker of 37mpg. I was wondering if anyone else is seeing lower mileage. I'd like to get at least the 37 highway that the window estimated. :(
  • I currently have 12977 miles on my 2005 E320 CDI and have detailed fuel usage records. I have used a total of 467.87 gal with both city (Houston, Texas) & highway driving. In the city I usually get about 23 mpg and on the highway about 31 - 33 mpg. The highest highway driving at 70 mph using the cruise control was 34.3 onboard computer & 35.06 calculated (miles/gal). I have never obtained the EPA estimate of 27/37 mpg although I am an aggressive driver (quick starts & stops).
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    By now, according to different sources, it is clear enough that new Bluetec V6 with displacement of 2987 cc diesel engine is to replace the inline 3222 cc diesel, and this engine called 320 will be installed in E, ML and GL too. (Source from Edmunds, the GL will get the 3996 cc as GL4.2 CDI.) If there had been 300D in E-Class up to 98, why MB wouldn’t name the Bluetec E300 CDI? There won’t be any incentive for current E320 CDI owners who got the real thing like me to get the E320 with 3.L only engine! But, if the 3996 cc V8 comes here in E, especially in the form of wagon with 4matic, I wouldn’t mind any name MB calls it!
  • Where on earth did you buy that car for $40K?

    Let me know, as I'd def. make a trip to the frozen tundra for a nicely outfitted CDI at that price!

  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
    There are a few oily drips on the garage floor under my 06 E320 CDI's exhaust pipes. Is this normal?
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The black color drops on the floor from the exhaust pipes are the result of the soot accumulated on inner pipe wall that washed off by the water splashed up on the wet surface (or by going through the carwash). You can wash the spot off with a bloom and water. But, if it is oily like black grease, I wouldn’t know what the cause is. I drove 97 300D for almost 2 years, by comparing, the CDI produces much less soot, I use a long small brush (I bend the curve coffee pot cleaning brush to straight) to brush off the soot from the ends of tail pipes now and then, it works well too on my Touareg V10 and Passat TDI. The particles trap equipped on the coming new CDI, the problem may be eliminated.
  • I have found that on the highway mine gets 32-33mpg, around town its about 27mpg. Overall, I'm getting about 29.5mpg. Don't be discouraged by not achieving the EPA 27/37 as very few drivers/vehicles achieve those numbers. I hear that the EPA will soon be revising its test (yet again) to get it more in line with real-world fuel economy. All ratings will decrease - especially those for hybrid vehicles which seem to be the most over-rated.

  • sullyaksullyak Posts: 30
    I am very interested in purchasing a 2007 E320 CDI. Do you or anyone know if they will be offering an AWD sedan or wagon with this new engine. I need AWD and I cannot find confirmation of this anywhere.

    A hopefull future owner
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well the new V6 E320 CDI is offered with 4Matic in Europe. This was made possible with the switch from the I6 to the V6 engine layout.

    I can't see why MBUSA wouldn't offer 4Matic on the 2007 E320 CDI. The only question is when it will arrive, best guess is very late in the year like Nov/Dec to make sure that low-sulphur diesel is in place all over the U.S. The new V6 engine needs this to fuction properly.

    The E320 CDI being available with 4Matic is mentioned here.

  • jrogers1jrogers1 Posts: 2
    I have a new E 350 that went back after 2,000 kilometers because of major tranmission problems and now the new one is doing the same thing. Have you had any luck at an explanation? :confuse:
  • jrogers1jrogers1 Posts: 2
    HELP! I am on my 2nd 2006 E350 because of transmission problems. Anyone else having the same problem? :mad:
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    For 06, the E350 uses the 7- speed automatic transmission, instead of the old proven 5- speed in E320 CDI, E55 and 4matic. To me, the new car technology from German seems carrying some bugs in my car buying experiences; the 02 ML55, 04 Allroad 4.2, Touareg V10 TDI etc., Those 1st year models gave me much unwanted headaches. The 06 CDI is a trouble free car with 7k miles in odometer, and so is the 1st year Highlander Hybrid 4i. Here is the E320 CDI forum, try the E-Class forum, you might get the opinions from those E350 users.
  • blissfulblissful Posts: 79
    I am getting quite noticeable exhaust soot on my rear quarter panel/bumper area on both sides. Noticed it quite markedly after a 400 mile round trip between Portland and SEattle last weekend. Mileage on highway (avg between 65-75mph) was about 33. Car is white, so it is quite evident. Prior trips have not had this effect. Car has just 1400 miles on odometer. :surprise:

    Coincident with the increased sooting, I put in the MBZ trunk liner/mat. It is a very close fit. In previous cars there has been some sort of fuel exhaust via the trunk. Am wondering if the CDI does this, and if this change might possibly have any bearing on the increased black blowing out the tailpipe?

    Also I have noticed the exhaust seems more evident puff of smoke, rather like the diesels of old, and not what I have noticed previously with this car.

    :confuse: Any input??

    Thanks a lot!
    Otherwise, LOVE THIS CAR!
  • blissfulblissful Posts: 79
    I meant to say that in previous cars I have owned, there has been a fuel tank vent of some sort via the trunk. Wondering if I have somehow closed one off in the CDI, thereby messing with the fuel delivery system and causing the car to run too rich?
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    you'll definitely see soot on the rear of a white diesel car in USA unless perhaps you are running on the cleaner california fuel - or wait a few months which is when 95% of USA fuel is supposedly going to be ULSD.
    i think there's no way a trunk liner is affecting the way the car runs or how fast the rear gets sooty.
    on an x-country cruise in passat TDI, dark blue with black bumper panel, the soot-stain was a huge ellipse-like shape on the left half of the bumper. if that's visible on a blue/black car, it's sure going to be visible on a white one! be proud!
  • blissfulblissful Posts: 79
    (but not peeuuw! :D )
  • rbarkleyrbarkley Posts: 14
    I found it in Iowa. I wanted to find one used as I put on a lot of miles. I also found a new 2005 last Decenber going for $45,000. When the diesel prices went up I think the prices came down. Sorry for the delay in getting back as I've been out of town.
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    All the diesel cars I got so far are black in color, except the silver Touareg TDI, and yes, after a long driver of the big V10 TDI, you notice a little noticeable smear spots on lower bumper near by the two exhausted pipes and the tail pipes get darker around and near the outlets, in order to keep the area clean, I spray the simple green and brush them off with water. My son drives the 04 Passat TDI to commute since the sophomore year and is graduating this May and I never saw him cleaning the bottom bumper near the tail pipes, yet, the car looks ok to me! The E CDI shouldn’t puff that kind of the smoke as you had described. Don’t start the car until the red roll wire sign goes off! I see some green smoke as I start the car in cold early morning; the green stuff disappears a few seconds later. The fuel tank vent is not in the trunk; I never smell any diesel order and I never notice any sign of smoke invasion to the trunk!
  • blissfulblissful Posts: 79
    Thanks for your input.

    I do think that my CDI has produced more soot this past trip than the trip previous in January (same trip).

    As I have Keyless Go, there isn't really an option to "wait" for the glowplugs- I will be asking the service people about this tomorrow. That may be an issue. Perhaps there is a subtler trick to starting the car: like maybe I have to sit in it, push the button without my foot on the brake and when the glowworm light goes out, then put my foot on brake and start. Hmmm. I'll give it a try tomorrow a.m.
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