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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesels



  • ppattersonppatterson Posts: 22
    Does anyone know if the MY 2007-2009 requires the use of the AdBlue Urea Solution as part of the emission control system. If so, what is the cost of replenishment from the MB Dealer? Is it available from other retail businesses, and will the sensor in the car recognize it as the legitimate fluid? Thanks.
  • mbdickmbdick Posts: 7
    Can't speak to 2009, but 2008 was called Blutec and did not use urea.
  • Our '07 has 42K trouble free miles. Average of about 32.6 mpg overall since purchased. High of 37.3 on trip of 410 miles from VA to NW PA with cruise set at 74 mph. Change the Mobil 1 ESP every 7500 miles - cannot bring myself to go 10K plus, and am using oil analysis as my backup. Also, the 40K air filter change is ridiculous - I changed them myself and am amazed the car could even breathe with the amount of debris, leaves, etc. caught in them. Will go to what I've done for years and change at two years or 25K. Also disagree with the 40K trans fluid change and nothing thereafter. We'll go to a 30K flush schedule from here on. Cheap insurance.

    Best car we've ever owned.
  • Our '07 does not require the urea. Wonderful. I just wish they'd continued to call it a "CDI" and not confused the issue. The V-6 will get to double the double nickle quite rapidly and without strain. A real thorobred.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,678
    Good to hear. Keep us posted as I am looking for a used ML or GL with the pre blutec CDI.
  • You will have to look afar. There were no ML or GL pre blutec CDIs available in North America.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,678
    Auto trader has 56 ML320 CDIs listed for sale. And a dozen GL320 CDIs all pre Bluetec.

    ML320 CDI for sale
  • I stand corrected. I was misinformed! Thank you.
  • danstdidanstdi Posts: 10
    I just picked up a 2008 E320 Bluetec 3 weeks ago with only 38,000 km (24,000 miles). Love the car - had a Jetta TDI for 10 years and always wanted to get the E320 diesel - now my son has the Jetta.

    I too have noticed a somewhat abrupt downshift just prior to stopping - but only when the engine is cold - once the engine warms up this does not happen. Will bring it up at my next stop at dealer to see if this is a problem.
  • auaqauaq Posts: 12
    Hello there!

    I just recently test drove the e300 turbo with 193,000 mi on it and it drives beautifully. The car is for sale at about $7900. Every switches and buttons works fine. I am a bit concerned about the blower which doesn't blow fast on the centre console but does on the outer sides. I do think the a/c needs a bit more of charging. Rest all is fine. Would like to know your opinion.


    (Note: This is my first time on edmunds)
  • bdhplayerbdhplayer Posts: 14
    Just purchased a used 2007 E320 Bluetec. Has around 44500 miles and so far the mileage is terrible in comparison to my 2005 E320 CDI.

    I believe that one of the reasons might be that the car has 19" wheels. According to my local tire guy, the heavier tires cuts down on the mileage. Is there a reason that the 2007 would be worse than the 2005?

    Also, driving from Primm, NV to the Las Vegas strip, the 2005 was in the low 40's going the speed limit.

    Driving the 2007 from the strip to Primm, NV the mileage was around 28 mph doing the limit. I'm spoiled with the mileage I get on the 2005.

    Any comments would be helpful.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,828
    edited July 2011
    playa, you and the tire guy are right.
    if you swap in smaller/16" or 17" factory benz rims and low-rolling-resistance tires similar to factory michelin MXV-"energy" tires, you may see a significant increase in mpg and smoother ride too. also what tire pressure? you can probably bump up the pressure by a couple psi from the cushy factory-recommended setting.
    another possible factor is that 05 benz diesel has a significantly different engine and fuel requirements than the 07 benz. I will bet you a DM that by now there are gurus who know how to "tune" the 07 engine to get the increased mpg that it is probably capable of. Forget about dealer service if you go in that direction however...
  • bdhplayerbdhplayer Posts: 14
    I took the car in and there were a few minor things including resetting the codes for the transmission.

    Went ahead and swapped out the 19" tires on the 2007 to the 2005 since my son won't be putting many miles on the car.

    Looks like the2007 V-6 and emission requirements are a drag on the 2007 mileage.
  • I have found an E320 2005 CDI sedan at a Certified Preowned dealer for 20k with 51k miles. Does this seem like a good purchase?
  • I have not been searching for prices on E320 CDIs but, for what it is worth, I can tell you that we have an E320 CDI that we bought new. We would not sell it for 20k.
  • Has anyone compared the new 2012 E class engines? I'm curious to hear about the performance of the diesel against the new gas engine. Thank
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    The 2012 blutec hasn't it's performance hasn't changed.
  • I am looking for my next car and have been researching into the MB E-class diesels for the past few weeks. Overall I think the car has a great presence and very good feedback on performance and fit/finish. I am close to making my purchase. I have an offer for $48K for a 2011 new car equipped with the premium 2 package? Should I take it?
    Also can someone advise on how much it costs to replace the urea fluid periodically? Can this be done at home without going to the dealer?

    thanks a bunch all.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    edited October 2011
    that's a great price for a $58K car. I leased my e bluetec, my first diesel, in August and I love the car.

    BlueTec fluid can easily be filled by you for about 1/3 the price of having a Mercedes dealer do the job. You only have to refill the tank every 10K miles or so and you can buy the fluid almost anywhere these days...or just go to a VW dealer to buy it if that's easier or you feel more comfortable.

    If it will help your decision, mercedes leasing gives a residual value of about 76% after two years. That's 76% of the MSRP. That's what they think the car will be worth in 24 months. If they're right, you'll drive that car for 24 months for $3000 depreciation. Consider leasing by the way....ask about a 24 month lease on that car and you may be shocked at how little it costs.
  • Thanks ghstudio. Are there instructions available online on how the bluetec fluid can be refilled? Also have you purchased the MB prepaid maintenance? Is it worth it?
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