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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesels



  • I have my mercedes e 320cdi for almost one year and I am really empressed with the overall workmanship. I picked it up in Stuttgart last October. There is one major problem: after driving this car I will not be able to drive anything but mercedes.
  • Anyone hear of late model E320 CDi's getting vegetable oil (aka SVO) conversion kit added - the latest I could find in threads about that topic was a '95...
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The E320 CDI was just put out by Mercedes around April 04 as 04 model. I got the 98 turbo diesel which was the E300D and that was the last diesel in E-Class until the E320 CDI showed up. The name CDI was never used before for all the diesel models here in US; the abbreviation for Common Rail Direct Fuel Injection. To answer your question about the alternative fuel; the manual insists that only #2 diesel can be used. I had just put almost 600 miles in the CDI’s odometer. By comparing the CDI to the 300D, the different is like day and night. You feel the 300D was slow and heavy, on the other hand, you wouldn’t know that the CDI is a diesel while you drive the car; this car is fast and quiets enough as any other luxury car. The one significant character is the 3.2 L. CDI consumes the fuel as good as my 05 Passat 2.L. TDI does! ( 27/37 vs. 27/38, 3835 vs. 3455 curb weight ) And I did contact the Greasecar at (413) 529-0013 and I got all the information on vegetable fuel system which gives the instructions saying the system is not good for PD ( TDI ) injector and the similar super high pressure injector that used in CDI. So, if you intend to use the vegetable fuel system, the older diesel models might be the choice.
  • r69sr69s Posts: 4
    I looked at a couple new '05 Mercedes E320 CDI's today and they impressed me. I got a price on one: List $54k; dealer offered at $47.5k. Don't know if this is good or not, since it will effectively be a year-old model any day now. Comments? Thanks
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The car is 54k msrp, and you were asked only 47.5k which is 6.5k off and that turns into more than 12% off, regardless the model year, the dealer is selling you a car below his cost, I would run over there and get that car right the way! The fuel price is up, up, up to the sky! If the car was made on 04/05 or 03/05, the deal would be even better. All the cars come out after 05/05 will be 06 models. I was not that lucky, I just pick one made on 05/05 and I was only able to negotiate 2k down the msrp. Why wait?
  • That sounds like a great deal, where did you go and do they have more than one CDI ?
  • Willie Nelson and Pat Goss (motorweek master mechanic) both have a CDI..

    Indianapolis, Indiana: Pat, if you were a car ... what car would you be and why?

    "Pat Goss: I would be what I drive. A 2005 Mercedes Benz E320 CDI. It's a diesel, it's unbelievably powerful, it's comfortable, it's quiet. And I love the 30-40 miles per gallon. And 6-700 miles between fill-ups.'
  • r69sr69s Posts: 4
    Sorry to be so slow to reply. I left for the weekend at Lake Erie and just returned home. I went again today to the dealer. He has 2 E320 CDI's, one Listing at $53,905 and another at $52,995. He'll sell them for $47,583 and $46,736, resp. My wife, who wanted another Midnight Blue has opted for the Black one rather than Desert Silver. I don't know when either was made, but the Black one is older, as it has the 2-piece console cover for the cup holders. The Desert Silver has the sliding lid that resembles a roll-top desk. Part of the discount is a $3000 rebate from the factory for the holdover '05 E320's. There is a further discount if you are a Chrysler/Mercedes employee or related to one. I don't qualify for this, but I think it's only another thousand dollars, not that I wouldn't like to get it if I could. Thanks for your input!
  • r69sr69s Posts: 4
    Did you get the iPod option. I have negotiated for one on an '05 CDI that I hope to close on tomorrow. They have quoted me $299 for the iPod parts, plus 4 hours to install (@$90 per). How does this compare with your experience? Also, we've had 2 previous MB's with MB tex. It's wonderful. Our 1980 240D had 275,000 miles on it when I gave it to a niece, and the seats, including the driver's seat, looked almost new. Likewise with our 1990 300E with 115k. Upholstery looks new!
  • r69sr69s Posts: 4
    Does the 2005 Mercedes radio/CD Changer play MP3 CD's?
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    According to the Comand (a misspelling for command?)Operator’s Manual for 06 & 05, the single CD on the dash board is equipped for CD & MP3. The CD CHANGER doesn’t say that on the manual. I haven’t gotten a MP3 to try yet.
  • I've been searching for an '05 CDI with parktronic and xenons, preferably white, or other light color. Also would like most of the other options. Prem pkg, rear seat pkg, electronic trunk closer (does anyone have opinion yay or nay about this?). Keyless go seems like it would be nice although I'm sure it is a lot of money for a relatively minor convenience. However, Parktronic with the lighting pkg (xenons) seems hard to find. Anyone got any ideas/ input?
    ('06 doesn't have as many options available. However if I don't find what I want then I"ll just do a Euro dely '06)
  • smwls8smwls8 Posts: 103
    Am I the only one who has seen the recent article in Car and Driver magazine by Tony Swan on the Jeep Liberty Diesel? At the end of the article Swan states that new emission regs taking effect in 2007 will eliminate all current diesel passenger cars in the US. Why would Mercedes be investing in a V-6 diesel if this car does not meet future EPA regs? I hope I am missing something as I am interested in a diesel Mercedes (preferably an S class like I recently rode in in Europe) in the next 18-24 months.

    Back to the S320 in europe, I was a front seat passenger in this beauty for 3 days before I was informed it was a diesel! It really pushed you back in the seat and according to my embassy driver was very frugal. Oh, to have the ability to purchase such a car in the states. Why are we so penalized here. The worst part of going to europe is seeing all of the automobiles available over there that the "experts" won't allow us to have here.

    Thanks for the info....
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,830
    i saw a recent c&d editorial saying similar things and everything i've read is consistent with that. there are unresolved issues with future diesel cars in USA. EPA requires no urea-canister swaps until 120k - current tech cannot meet that requirement- but can meet a 25k urea-canister-swap interval. it's not clear if other particle-filters will make the grade either. i think the fact is that nobody knows for sure. don't count out the diesel engineers yet though. and maybe epa will relent on the 120k requirement. ok, that's gotta be a longshot!
  • Part of the equation that may be missing here are new regulations that will bring cleaner diesel fuel to the pumps in, I believe, 06. One of the reasons the US struggles with emissions for diesels, and manufacturers struggle with some of their CDI technology here, is that Europe has cleaner fuel. The fuel is to be cleaned up here allowing for more diesel cars to meet NA standards rather than fewer.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,830
    my understanding is that even with ultra-low-sulfur-diesel, all these problems remain - the newest EPA regs cannot be met by the latest technology. so i've already snagged a 2005 passat tdi, traded a 2003 jetta tdi for it. the 2005 has its bugs, but it's reliable, as was the 2003. i'd consider a Benz diesel too if Benz could only make reliable new cars. it's nice to see some new CDIs going for thousands under MSRP,- but i still can't bring myself to pay twice the cost of a volksy TDI for a car that isn't half as reliable. i owned a 1999 E320 4matic wagon for 4 years - the features were great but it was the least reliable new car i've ever owned - out of more than 15 new cars - including 5 Z28s. if Benz ever learns how to make reliable cars i will consider buying another one, even at twice the cost of a VW.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,679
    I have thought about the E320 CDI after I sell my 2005 Passat TDI. Maybe I should rethink this. I like the Passat. I just bought it to drive for a while and sell in CA after the 7500 miles are on it. I am having a difficult time finding another so my price keeps going up. It must be hard for people that have had MB forever to experience a lot of reliability issues. Kind of sad with that grand heritage.
  • I purchased a 2005 E320 CDI in July 2004 and now have a little over 10K miles on it. So far I have no problems with it. My wife has a 2002 C320 with about 15K trouble free miles. Previously I owned a 2001 E320 and it had about 45K miles on it when I traded. I only had a very minor temperature display problem right after I purchased it. I also had a 1995 C280 that I drove for about 50K miles with only a fuel pump replacement at about 42K miles.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,679
    have you kept track of your mileage on the E320 CDI? I do like that car. We want to do the Germany delivery if we buy one. I would go for the "R" if it was offered with the CDI. My wife does not like the looks of any of the new SUVs on the market.
  • Message for gagrice: Yes I have kept records of all fuel used. My usage/mileage is as follows: Overall 27.932 mpg calculated (total miles/total fuel)with 9856 total miles, 352.86 gal, mostly Houston, Tx driving.
    Highest, 35.5 mpg calculated (33.3 mpg per onboard computer), 552 miles mostly highway between Houston & Dallas, Tx.
    Lowest, 18.75 mpg (18.7 mpg per computer), Houston.Tx driving. Please note that I am not the best driver for good mpg as I tend to be fast start and fast stop! However, on the highway I try to stay close to the speed limit (mostly 70 mph) by using the cruise control.
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