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2005 Lexus ES 330



  • wjlwjl Posts: 11
    Sorry, I wasn't at the dealership, just spoke with the sales rep. When asked a week or two ago, I was told that the "cars" were coming in August and the SUVs were coming in the fall. I called again this week, and was told the specifics about the ES330. If I get a chance, I might take a drive out there on Sunday to take a look around.
  • branminbranmin Posts: 6
    Slightly OT and not sure if this is the right forum but appreciate your replies. Been looking at the LS430 and ES330(2004) and made up my mind that couldn't justify the huge difference in price between the two, even though the LS430 is quite substantial.
    Anyway..keeping in mind what you have been saying about the 2005 about to hit the showrooms(and whether I should wait) and the Salesman has virtually told me that he wants to make this sale by the end of this is what he is offering. He has a Gold coloured 2004 ES330.(which comes with the following)
    MSRP----- 31725.00
    Heated front seats.........440.00
    HID 640.00
    Power Rear Shade 210.00
    Nav system package with
    in-dash CD player and
    6 Disc CD player 2220.00
    Wood/leather Steering
    wheel and shift nob 330.00
    Cargo net 59.00
    Trunk Mat 69.00
    Wheel Locks 66.00
    Delivery fee 625.00
    Total $36384.00

    The salesman then tells me that this particular car comes with Exotic Wood trim which adds another $895.00 for a total $37279.00.(can't seem to find this package announced anywhere, even on Lexus's website, thought it came with this wood??) Provided that I take the car by the end of this month he will deduct $2000.00 and give me $1000.00 for my 92 Lincoln(which is all it's worth, unless I sell privately for perhaps $500,00 to 1K more)

    So we now come to $34279.00
    Fees and Service
    Inspection, cleaning etc
    (BS or normal?) 499.50
    Waste tire and lead acid 8.50
    Sales Tax(6% in Florida) 2087.22
    Tag and Title 150.00

    Grand Total $37024.22 this a good deal?(keeping in mind that Naples FL. appears to get much higher prices than elsewhere)...I thought around $35,000 might be nearer, or am I wrong........or should I just wait for the 2005 version?
    Sorry for the long post......Bran.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289

    First off, the wood trim is not a factory installed option. It is a dealer installed option that is not even supplied by Lexus. This wood trim kit generally costs the dealer about $300 to $400 installed and it is merely attached around the radio/climate control area and maybe on the doors around the window switches with double sided tape.

    The total invoice of the above car is about $32K + the dealer installed wood. At $35,279 they would be making about a $3K profit. Seems high for a ES to begin with and higher when you consider the 2004 model year is winding down.

    Also, the $499 cleaning/inspection fee is pure dealer B.S. Basically they are just padding their wallets with that fee. Their is already a PDI amount included in the invoice(PDI stands for Preperation Delivery Inspection which covers cleaning and preparing the vehicle for delivery).

    In the end, I think you should be getting a '04 for close to invoice.
  • branminbranmin Posts: 6
    Thx very much for the speedy reply. Have you taken into consideration(as mentioned) the $2000.00 they are deducting(plus the $1000.00 trade in) and the Sales tax one would have to pay? That is why I thought the figure of $35.000 was more resonable. However, I totally agree with the BS regarding the Wood and the extra $499.00 inspection fee.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289

    You should only count the $2K they are discounting the car. The $1K they are giving you for your trade-in is not a discount, since they are going to turn around and sell your car for more than $1K, hence they are still making $3K.

    You have to remember alot of people are getting this car at or near invoice, which means you should still be able to save about $2-3K, especially at model year end.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    maxhonda99 beat me to the punch, but I agree with everything he said. The car should be bought for a little above invoice, especially because the 2005s are due to arrive within the next few days. Not only will the 2005s have cosmetic changes that will instantly make your car a bit outdated, but the resale on your car will also drop significantly since if you buy the 2004 your car in a few days will be one year old by industry terms.

    Two other notes to expand upon what maxhonda99 said:

    1. The cleaning fee is a total farce. Refuse to pay this.

    2. I would highly recommend you DO NOT get the extra wood trim. The money you will spend on it is a complete waste. The car already has enough wood trim inside...adding more will make the car look pimpish (in my opinion). Further, I have heard from others that over time the aftermarket wood "stickers" (which is all they are) start to fade and discolor.

    If you are concerned about getting a good deal you should not be wasting $1,400 on the above two items.

    Hope this helps.
  • branminbranmin Posts: 6
    Thx guys..will keep this in mind. Tested one today and couldn't understand why I felt every bump in the road (unlike my town car which is still so smooth). I then tested the tyre pressures and they had between 37-39 PSI in them. Is this correct? Shouldn't they be about 29PSI?
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289

    The PSI should be about 29PSI.

    But also remember the ES will not ride as smooth as the Town Car anyway. The Town Car is bigger and more softly sprung. Also, the Town Car is RWD so it has a more even weight distribution front to back, which helps smooth the ride.
  • branminbranmin Posts: 6
    In your opinion which is the smoothest ride out there for a near luxury car? Wife broke her ribs few months and tends to feel every bump.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    The softest ride is probably a Town Car, but that doesn't mean it's not a upsetting ride. I always get kinda sea-sick sitting in one because it is soo freakin' soft it bobs up and down over dips in the roadway.

    As far as FWD cars, you aren't going to get a much smoother/softer ride than in a ES330, except for maybe a Buick or Impala.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Um, what?

  • branminbranmin Posts: 6
    I actually liked the ES330, thought it a great car for the money, but the wife admitted to me that she found the seats uncomfortable and actually fely sick in the car?? Could be with all the varnished wood, but if she don't like, I don't get. Did test the LS430 and boy was that smooth, just thought it a little pricey.
    Totally OT, but personally can't wait to test the new Corvette 2005 out.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The 2005 ES 330s are in. I saw two at my dealership this weekend. One feature they added I really like is that when you get the heated seats it now comes with cooled seats as well. The leather is perforated (to allow for the fans blowing air through the leather) and the heated seats button has been replaced with a round dial (heat by turning it one way, cool air by turning it the other).
  • wjlwjl Posts: 11
    The dealership that that I spoke to last week, and thought they would be in (Northern VA) this week, didn't get their shipment : - ( The estimate is within a week or two. Are they showing up anywhere else in the country? Lenscap, how is the pricing? My understanding that the MSRP went up between $200 and $300 dollars.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Couple of questions:

    How do you get sick from varnished wood?

    Did you not figure out she didn't like the car before you got prices on the car?

    How can she feel sickey in the ES and not in the Town Car?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I didn't look closely at the sticker price, but if I recall the price either didn't go up at all or only went up a few hundred dollars as you said.

    Some notes:

    1. Both cars I saw had the 17" wheels, which have a six-spoke design very similar to both the 17" LS 430 wheel and 17" RX 330 wheel. The 17" option was $80. There was a sticker next to the window sticker indicating the 17" tires will possibly experience a tread life of less than 20,000 miles.

    2. One car was silver, and they have changed the shade. It has less green in it than the current silver. The other car was the new gold, which is more taupe-like than before.

    3. The black plastic on the dashboard (where the radio/climate buttons are) is lighter in color than before...more like a dark gray instead of black.

    4. There are now memory buttons for the passenger seat (on the passenger door).
  • Living in Phoenix, cooled seats are a greeat option. Saw the 2005 ES330 at a local dealership today. So they are definitely in stock.

    Just don't have a handle on the price to pay for a 2005.
  • philly2philly2 Posts: 19
    Has anyone seen a 2005 ES330 show up in a dealership in the Philadelphia area?
  • vanboyvanboy Posts: 6
    If you want to see it online....goto They've got the 2005 model that you can now compare to the 2004 model.
  • Has anyone heard of any real improvements to the AT for 2005? (other than their "software reprogramming" that appears to be a poor fix) I have a 98 ES300 whose transmission is fine but I have personally experienced the annoying "lag/hesitation" when I recently drove a 2004 loaner car from Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, NJ. I plan to replace my car soon and unless they fix it for the 2005 model, I am (reluctantly) switching to an Acura TL.
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