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Acura RDX



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I wonder if the younger owners skew the claims numbers a bit? RD-X owners are probably younger and drive more enthusiastically, I'd bet.
  • flatsflats Posts: 44
    Plus insurance companies love hearing the word 'turbo'.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Insurance premiums (in part) reflects the cost of repairing the vehicle, do they not? So, perhaps an RDX suffers more damage, or more expensive damage, in their standardized collision tests.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    My husband showed me your post so I figured I would reply...

    When I look at any type of wagon, it doesn't exactly say "hip new mom to me", regardless of the badge on the hood. I have no complaints about the has been very good to us. I ruled out keeping it for two reasons (1) It doesn't have a few amenities that the new one has, that I really want (Bluetooth, Nav, and a MP3 plug) and (2) I don't trust owning a German vehicle outside of a warranty..although it is so much fun to drive.

    I am looking for something that will fit the needs of a growing family, without me having to feel like I sold-out on a car that I don't enjoy driving everyday.

    I didn't really care for the RDX interior. I felt like it had an identity crisis. It didn't feel very luxurious, but didn't feel so bottom of the barrel as the CRV. But if I got it at a cheap enough price, I would consider it.

    I am seriously rethinking the MDX. After reading alot of reviews from new moms and just raving about how fun it is to drive, and the peace of mind having their children in it. I think I will drive it again, but with the Sport Package. *My husband keeps telling me it will drive like a Cayenne We'll see what $45k compared to 90K will give us.

    Being the value-conscience person that I am, I want the most car for the least amount of money, but above all, I want a vehicle that will be fun, safe, and not cost me our first born.
  • I just test drove an '08 RDX at Tustin Acura and observed the following traits; wondering if these are typical, or if something was wrong with this vehicle: 1) engine sounded coarse when cold; 2) highly non-linear power delivery (surges) even with easy throttle/no boost; 3) steering didn't have an even effort at low speeds - felt weird; 4) braking required lots of pedal effort. This vehicle had standard 18" wheels/tires.

    I've driven AWDs before as well as owned 4-cyl turbos, and wanted to like this a whole lot more than I did. The one factor I was concerned about based on reviews, namely ride harshness, seemed fine to me - firm but not harsh. However the engine smoothness, steering feel, or braking feel didn't even approach that of an '07 Civic I'm currently driving! Comments? Thanks.
  • What are comparing the RDX too? In general, Acuras are significantly cheaper than similar vehicles from Lexus or Audi or Porshe. You do give up a little luxury for the lower price. How much you want to pay is your personal decision.

    Regarding safety, Acuras are consistently top rated by the IIHS ( You should believe those folks a lot more than you believe car salesmen or anonymous message forums.
  • Well, these are true statements, in general. 1)the small 4-cyl engine is not as refined as a large V6, like the RX350 or the Murano. But, the RDX beats all of these in the 0-60mph test. 2)that's the turbo lag effect, not serious but still visible. 3) I'm not 100% sure if the RDX has the variable steering assist, but I believe so. 4) it is hard to stop 4 thousand pounds of mass.
    Despite these minor points, I trully love my RDX: great perfomance, functionality, and reliability.
  • Hello everyone, I own a 2007 Acura RDX with over 23,000 miles. Has anybody experience any problems with the front door locks? For me, everytime I unlock all the doors, the driver side makes a squeaking noise and the front passenger door does not even unlock. I do plan to take it to the dealer for check up but I feel it's embarrassing when I get a passenger and I end up unlocking the door manually.

  • stathisstathis Posts: 32
    My 2007RDX with 14K shows "A 16" service due. I think it means oil and rear differential oil change due(?) But according to the manual, I think you only have to replace the rear differ. oil at 15K if you drive in mountains or towing trailers.
    I drive all city, flat lands, no towing. :confuse:

    What has been your experience with rear differ. oil change?
  • stathisstathis Posts: 32
    Well, I just found out: it is $300. Ouch! I guess A-1 (oil+filter) is $110, and A-6 (rear differ oil) is $180, or so...
    The service person tried to get me to do alignment and balance, even though it is not in the maintenance reminder! I declined. At 14K it is redundant. I got a very negative opinion of Santa Monica Acura service from that upselling...
    I checked again the cost of owneship at Edmunds and it is all the way up to "highest" at its class. (Was 3/4 of the way to High last year).
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Any drivers over 6 feet with 2 kids in car seats opt for the Acura RDX out there? That is the situation I find myself considering getting in to and I wondered how it worked out for you.

    Did you consider the RDX and then get something else that worked better?

    I like the sporty character of the RDX and that it is an Acura. Current car is 2005 Accord. Others considered are new Murano, Honda CR-V, Element, even Acura MDX (though a little big, we also have an Odyssey).
  • Hi,
    If you're 6' 2" and you want to spend any amount of time in the passenger seat, make sure you try it out. The drivers seat is very adjustable and should be ok for you but the passenger is not (only forwards and back); there is not a lot of legroom for a tall person. I bought an RDX (love it) and my father was all ready to until he sat in the passenger seat. He ended up in a CRV because of it.
  • $110 oil change...ouch!!

    I bought a $10 Mobil 1 oil filter from Pep boys and a $25 jug of Mobil 1 oil from Wal-Mart and took it to my Acura dealer. They charged me $11 labor to do the oil change.
  • Anyone notice the downshift from 5 to 4 when slowing below about 48 MPH? Is this normal?
  • stathisstathis Posts: 32
    The CR auto issue for 2008 is out: the RDX still recommended, better than avg. reliability, and beats the X-3 in the 0-60mph, and matches it in the 60-0 mph. Awesome!
    The only bad mark is for the stereo system (as expected). :)
  • rwhissenrwhissen Posts: 1
    I just traded a 2005 MDX for a 2008 RDX. The MDX was Onstar equipped. The RDX is not. Does anyone know why Acura dropped Onstar? Or was it vice versa?
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Onstar was originally designed around an analogy network. They scrapped that network a little while back. Even if you'd kept your '05 MDX, the Onstar would have stopped working. (Not sure exactly what the cut-off date is.)

    Acura was given the choice of upgrading to the new Onstar network. They opted out. Upgrading from analog would have required hardware changes to all vehicles equipped with Onstar. Instead, the company chose to pursue their homegrown AcuraLink system, which is based on XM's satellite radio network.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yep, same problem for old GM owners with OnStar, those are now out of service, too. No upgrade path, either.
  • angelina247angelina247 Posts: 17
    If you take your car to Santa Monica Acura, you might want to go to Kondo Motors also on SM Blvd. They take care of all models of Japanese cars. I've been going to them since someone at SM Honda told me about them almost 10 years ago. They are good and honest. Unless you just have to go to the dealer, you might consider Kondo for tune ups and oil changes, etc.
  • ptd1ptd1 Posts: 3
    I am complaining about it, even at higher speeds. Dealer "doesn't feel it"

    Any more info?
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