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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,632
    Assuming you have a U.S.-spec Sonata... your LX does have a telescopic wheel. Read the owner's manual for how it works, or ask your dealer to demostrate it for you. You may need to give the wheel a bit of a tug initially to move it in or out.

    The car also has A & B trip odometer modes--again, read the owners manual for how to set them or ask your dealer.

    The automatic door locks need to be configured by the dealer. You could ask them to do this on your next oil change visit.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    I am glad I don't have the 5-speed auto... It is a new tranny, and it has some bugs which need to be fixed first, like Hunting /fishing on hilly terrain.
    Maybe, there will be another class action suit like the 147 hp engine when it was only 133 hp I believe... I don't mind another few hundreds.
    The 4-speed tranny is working just fine... I don't feel it at all while shifting... I had it in the 2001 Sonata (the old 4speed not the Shiftronic), and the present one is a lot smoother: it has been tested and tweaked for over 4 years now; it is just perfect.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    Hyundai Sonata Breaks Into U.S. Top 10 Charts
    Hyundai Motor’s New Sonata was the seventh best-selling car in the U.S. last month, becoming the first Korean car ever to make it into the monthly top 10 there. Hyundai Motor said Tuesday sales of the New Sonata surged 46.9 percent over the previous month to 14,216 cars.

    A company spokesman attributed that massive jump to successful marketing and the model’s quality. Hyundai’s last noticeable success in the U.S. was in the 1980s with the small Excel, because it was cheap, he said. The company expects to sell some 20,000 Sonatas in December, saying the firm’s Alabama plant has been producing as many of them a month since October. However, some observers say the sudden sales boom is due to extravagant incentives the automaker is offering.

    The four best-selling models were all Japanese, headed by the Toyota Camry with 29,707 cars, followed by its stable mate Corolla with 23,718. Honda’s Civic with 23,695 and Accord with 23,548 were next. Chevrolet’s Impala came fifth with 20,357 cars sold and the Nissan Altima sixth. The Pontiac G6 sold 14,175 units in eighth place, followed by 13,507 Chevrolet Cobalts and 12,647 Chrysler 300s.

    ( )
  • Thanks for the quick reply. The steering wheel did need an extra tug to get the telescopic function to work. On the trip computer, there is no A or B icon on the display when you cycle the trip switch through its mode of operations. I see by the earlier posts that the automatic door locks have to be activated by the dealer. Strange that you paid for a feature that requires activation by request.
  • blnewtoblnewto Posts: 146
    The car also has A & B trip odometer modes--again, read the owners manual for how to set them or ask your dealer.
    Actually the cars equipped w/ the trip computer only have a single trip meter(but all the other excellent features). The GLS's & LX's have the trip computer. Only the GL models have the A&B tripmeters (and no trip computer).
  • Thanks for clearing that up. My Brother-in-law has a older Sonata GL and has the A & B modes and no trip computer. Strange that they would not carry that over to the trip computer. My ex 2000 VW GTI GLX had a trip computer with the A & B mode. The VW did lack miles left to empty though.
  • "Strange that you paid for a feature that requires activation by request."

    That's nothing. The Toyota Highlander comes with a sunroof that does not close properly. It either stops too soon leaving an opening or it goes too far and starts to tilt up. It is supposed to be programed at the dealers before delivery but it is not done according to the many complaints on the Highlander board and my own experience. There is a procedure in the manual for setting the sunroof but it is ridiculous to deliver a car in this condition. And don't even get me started on how my '04 VW GTI was delivered.
  • quality lately. You know, my Kia's always come as a whole package, with everything working properly. Toyota's slipping and Kia/Hyundai continue to improve. Even though Kia scores worse than Hyundai on quality reports the Long-Haul covers over anything and everything that might not be up to your own personal standards during initial break-in time and then later.

    It's all turning South Korean for our automotive needs. Toyota's gained success on a lot of hype and it's time to smack yourselves upside the head and realize that.

    Watch as Hyundai/Kia rise towards their goal of becoming a top 5 worldwide automaker by the year 2010. They're right on the mark and surging upward as I type out this message.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • My 2000 VW GTI GLX had a VR6 and was made in Germany not Mexico. Quality may have been better but could not live with the reliability issues. I am hoping the 06 Sonata LX will make me forget about the VW. The VW was loaded and a blast to drive. Too bad it had some major reliability problems.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,632
    In the 2006 Hyundai Accent discussion, iluvmysephia1 said:

    my local Hyundai dealer has a half a dozen Sonata's on their lot, too. This gives me a totally different slant angle on things, as the Sonata is a great new car.

    backy, in your opinion, do the whiners over on the Sonata board really have much to gripe about with the new Sonata? I mean, to me the concerns seem bogus. Front seats that tilt forward too much? Give me a break! This changes my car search to seriously looking at a 2006 Sonata. Are there any current rebates on it?

    Will a dealer sell me one for only $15,499 with the 5-speed manual and will it have a CD changer and air conditioning?

    I've always dug the '06 Sonata's styling, it is spot on IMO.

    Personally I think most of the gripes on the Sonata are pretty small, but I think Hyundai goofed on a few details with the '06 Sonata, including the manual seat height adjuster (should have retained the dual-knob setup), lack of folding mirrors, and lack of a tuning button on the steering wheel. The last one is particularly puzzling. And I can't figure out who at Hyundai would make the decision to make a backwards step on the seat height adjuster (the dual knobs allow for greater range of adjustment) and the folding mirrors (all Hyundais used to have those). I expect cost cutting is the culprit. I think they put a lot of money into the new engines and platform for the Sonata, so maybe they had to trim elsewhere to offer such a great car for so little money.

    There is $2500 in total rebates on the Sonata GL through Monday: $500 general, $1000 loyalty (sorry, Kia doesn't count), and $1000 for financing through HMFC. But there's a $1000 general rebate on the V6 models, plus higher markup, so those are a particularly good deal right now. One of my local dealers is offering the GLS V6 for $16,999 before the $1000 financing rebate. Current Hyundai owners could pick one up for $16k + T&L.

    The GL has A/C and all the safety features, including ESC and ABS with traction control, standard, but the CD changer is not available from the factory on the GL. It has a 6-speaker MP3 CD player though, so just record a bunch of songs on a MP3 disk and who needs a changer? :)
  • I could just go to one of literally half a dozen local car audio places here in Pocatello. For a city of 50,600 people Pocatello, ID has an abnormally high amount of car stereo installation places. I should be able to score a great deal on a CD/FM player, or, as you say, just record on MP3 for CD. Whatever I do regarding the CD player, the stereo is not a deal-twister for me. What I'm curious about is how Lithia Hyundai will deal with my trade in Robert Allen Kia will deal with me.

    I'm waiting for us to settle down and finish moving into our new house before I go look for the car, if indeed I really do trade. But the fact that I could bet a '06 Sonata for $15,499 really changes my search to include the '06 Rio5 and the '06 Sonata.

    Chances that I'll trade in just increased to 85%! :)

    I'm guessing that both dealers will offer liberal trade-in, but that's just a guess as I'm new to Pocatello and both dealers.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • and I went to the GL model and here's the list of features for the $15,499 GL.

    * 2.4L, DOHC, 4-cylinder engine
    * 5-speed manual transmission
    * Dual front airbags, front side-impact airbags, and roof- mounted side curtain airbags
    * Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Nice!
    * Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Traction
    Control System (TCS) Nice! :D
    * Front seat active head restraints
    * 16” steel wheels with Michelin® tires Nice! :)
    * Tilt, leather-wrapped steering wheel
    * Leather-wrapped shift knob (automatic transmission
    only) Why not with the stick shift, too? :D
    * 4-wheel disc brakes Nice! :)
    * Remote keyless entry system with alarm
    * Power windows, locks, and heated mirrors
    * AM/FM/CD/MP3 Audio System It does have the CD changer!
    * Air conditioning
    * Cruise control
    * Cabin air-filtration system

    So, it has the CD changer as OEM! Score another positive
    for getting the Sonata!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Yes the fact you can't change stations from the steering wheel is very odd and annoying. I almost feel like bringing it back and having them fix that under warranty LOL!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,632
    It does have the CD changer!

    No, it doesn't. It's a single CD/MP3 player. Unless you are thinking of "CD changer" as in you push the eject button, pull out the CD, and change it. :)

    The stick shift doesn't have a leather cover because that costs money too. I priced a leather-covered shifter knob for my Elantra GLS (one comes on the GT) and it's over $100! There are so few stick Sonatas sold in the U.S., Hyundai probably said, "Why bother?"
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "* AM/FM/CD/MP3 Audio System It does have the CD changer!"

    Yeah, right - ya' might wanna go back and look just a bit closer. All Hyundai's U.S. website lists is the standard equipment "AM/FM/CD/MP3 Audio System with 6 Speakers" for all Sonata models across the board. There was no mention at all of a CD changer except for the LX - and, at that, only as part of an additional $1,450.00 "Premium Package" option which also includes a trunk-mounted subwoofer. You could probably have the take-yer-money-ship install the CD changer* in whatever Sonata you're interested in, though. I have an '03 and enjoy the standard, single disc CD player, but, I will NEVER own another car without at least a six-disc in-dash changer again. It's simply too inconvenient as well as suicidal to try to deal with a disc exchange while driving alone.

    *Dunno whether it would be a six-disc in-dash changer or a trunk mounted add-on as in the previous generation Sonata.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    I was talking with the Service Manager of our local Hyundai dealer yesterday, and he stated that Hyundai will be offering another V6 (optional engine??)in the Sonata. I've never read this anywhere, and when he didn't say, but I thought it was interesting nevertheless.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    Interesting, indeed. The Azera's engine is part of the same "Llambda" family, though slightly enlarged in displacement for increased power. Maybe a variation of that motor? (On the other hand, did you have the chance to note which orifice the guy was talking out of? ;))
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,632
    If it's optional, it's probably the 3.8L from the Azera. Can you imagine what a Sonata would do with 263 hp? Probably would be close to 6 secs. 0-60. Would be a nice variant to have, especially since the new Camry will likely have the big V6 from the Avalon available. (Personally I think the I4 has plenty of power, but I know for some folks, more is better.)

    The other possibility is the new 2.7L engine with about 200 hp, but that would be a step down from the 3.3L engine so I can't see it being an option--unless maybe it would be a new, lower-cost V6 option for the GLS? It is rumored the new Optima will use that engine.
  • As a further note about the automatic door locks, the factory ships out ALL units with this feature DISABLED.

    The dealer will be happy to set the automatic door lock feature for you at one of several different speeds. Check your owners manual for the range of speeds at which the automatic door locks will active at.

    NOTE: There is a charge for this service. IT IS NOT WARRANTY WORK and a $48 charge is imposed to have the automatic locks activated.

    I had my Sonata serviced specifically to have the locks enabled at 19 MPH. A follow-up service question from Hyundai USA came in the mail a short time later. Making a long story short, I did indicate that I was unhappy to have to pay for the locks to be activated, and should be made part of DEALER PREP. I had further suggested that at the least, this is something the dealership should be disclosing at the vehicle closing and have the locks actived PRIOR TO DELIVERY to eliminate a needless trip back to the dealer AFTER DELIVERY.

    The A & B Odometer modes are only available on vehicles NOT EQUIPED with the Trip Computer.

    The Telescoping Wheel Adjustment can be found underneath the steering column on the left hand side. It is used to adjust both tilt angle AND column length.

    I hope this information helps. :)
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Obviously, I don't have any other input, other than what he said. But, he's been a Service Manager at this dealer for over 10 years, a "straight-shooter", and very knowledgeable on the Hyundai product line. I used to be an auto technician, and we were just shooting the breeze - sort of shop talk if you will.

    One other item that may be interesting, especially as to brand marketing. This dealer is a large family-owned dealership with stores throughout the Midwest, and also in Florida, Georgia, and California. They're building a brand new six building facility here over a number of acres which will include the Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and VW stores. Currently, they're spread over town in two facilities. The Hyundai, Toyota, and VW brands will have separate showrooms and service facilities, whereas Kia, Mazda, and Mitsubishi will be combined into a single large showroom. The other two buildings are dedicated to a large service building for Kia, Mazda, and Mitsubishi, and a large used car showroom respectively. All of this is in one large contiguous land area off of one of the major interstates in the area. It's nice that Hyundai will have its own stand-alone building; kind of tells you the emphasis they plan on placing on Hyundai marketing and sales.
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