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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Automatic door locks on most vehicles can typically be activated or deactivated by a "non-published" procedure. For example, on my Dodge Grand Caravan, it's a series of on-off toggles of the ignition switch to place it in the door lock progamming mode.

    I'm sure the Sonata activation is a simple procedure as well, one in which it takes the service tech a couple of minutes at most - and, really should be done for "gratis" as it's simply good dealership PR.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    "I'm sure the Sonata activation is a simple procedure as well, one in which it takes the service tech a couple of minutes at most - and, really should be done for "gratis" as it's simply good dealership PR."

    You're correct. I looked up the procedure through the hmaservice site. It's an eleven step process including,1) plug in the Hi-Scan Pro 2) turn on the Hi-Scan Pro.....10) disconnect the Hi-scan and 11) test drive the vehicle to confirm the auto lock setting. The steps in between are similar to changing the settings on a home programmable thermostat.

    I'd be surprised if it takes 10 minutes including accelerating up to the "activate lock speed." Also, it should be done as part of the dealer preparation prior to delivery to the buyer.
  • billmdbillmd Posts: 24
    Last night I was driving home on a single lane road when an oncoming car attempted to pass some cars and he was heading straight for me in my lane. He was very close and there was only a couple seconds to impact. I'm sure that the ABS was working hard and I heard tires screeching from the tailgaters behind me. The amazing thing was that I was able to maintain control and steer out of his way, avoiding both his car and the other oncoming vehicles. I think I would have rather been in a Hummer at that moment but the Sonata allowed me to avoid the accident. Today I looked up the crashworthiness of the Sonata vs say a Dodge Truck. Surprisingly the Sonata had better numbers. I really like my Sonata!!
  • kwonc71kwonc71 Posts: 245,4070,2380476-6-wm_modem,00.html

    German video. Interesting, but could not understand. Someone please translate!!!
  • blnewtoblnewto Posts: 146
    Scary stuff, glad you came out unharmed and it sounds like the Sonata played a big part in that :)
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Posts: 11,558
    I had trouble with the video and my german is rather rusty but the website states something about the Hyundai offering quality security with the Sonata having many options at a low price in its attack on the middle class.

    There are three types of people in this world. Those who are good at math and those who are not.

  • Crash safety ratings compare vehicles within same type. A subcompact rated at 5 would be about as safe as other subcompacts rated at 5. But a large car rated 5 would most likely be much safer than a subcompact rated 5.
    It is kinda like treadware ratings of tires which are only useful in comparing tires of the same manufacturer.
    You should not place importance on the numbers if you are cross-shopping tire brands or different classes of vehicles.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,618
    That is true for frontal crashes--you can only compare cars that are within a few hundred pounds of each other. But you CAN compare side crashes (maybe rear crash tests also), because in those cases there is a sled that rams into the car--the same sled for every car. So for example, a small car that gets a "Good" on the IIHS side impact test offers as good protection as any other car that gets a similar score.
  • You are going to complain about a $48 service bill after they gave you ESC, Traction Control, Abs, 6 airbags, for practically the same price as last years model. The reason the auto locks on the doors aren't set on every car before you leave the lot is cause you didn't ask, most dealers out there will eat the cost of a $48 dollar service bill to sell a car. I am not sure if you realize this or not but just because you wanted it done doesn't mean everyone does i have actually met a lot people that are happy its not activated unless they want it to be. I am not in any way trying to be mean but if you look at what else is out there in the same feature bracket as the sonata the prices are a lot higher.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    I simply meant that if an item comes standard in a car, it darn well should work when the car is delivered to the buyer. If that involves dealer prep., so be it. But the car should be delivered with ALL standard features functional.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,618
    But when you think about it, this could develop into a nice income stream for Hyundai; consider...

    * Activate ESC: $50
    * Activate Auto Climate Control: $100
    * Activate Remote Locking: $50
    * Activate Automatic Headlights: $50
    * Deactivate Seatbelt Warning Chime: $100 (Gov't may not like that, however)

  • rrcrrc Posts: 30
    My dealer set the door lock feature for free, no questions asked. Also threw in a free detail b/c a tail lamp inexplicably went out after I had the car in for the 1st free oil change/door lock/seat belt recall and I had to bring it back to get fixed. So far I'm completely satisfied with the car and the dealer.
    Again - for the money - its a no-brainer.
  • jojoejojoe Posts: 81
    We bought our Sonata in Ontario,Canada and didn't have to pay for any prep work or standard functions that needed to be activated.Now saying that,we did ask for the door locks to be set and we were not charged.One can not and should not assume that anything in life is automatic.One should always make sure of their standard equipment and options.One should speak up and ask what is and isn't done on their new vehicle.Also your sales rep should have gone over all aspects of your new vehicle and then you should have been told anything you needed to know.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    "The reason the auto locks on the doors aren't set on every car before you leave the lot is cause you didn't ask"

    How the heck could I "ask" when I didn't even know the option was available? It is not mentioned on the website or the brochure I have.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I think the best way to accomodate everybody...well, nearly everybody would be for the sales person to simply ask new buyers if they would like this feature activated, and if yes at what speed, prior to delivery. No return trips...cost (which is minimal anyhow) incorporated in pre-delivery prep. As noted not everyone would even want it. Personally I might if there was an auto UNlock also. Having rented some cars with the auto lock but not unlock AND hauling my mother-in-law in those cars...probably not. She is one of those who is tugging on a locked car door even before it comes to a stop and if the door won't open well.."why the hell not". I can't seem to get through that in order to unlock the door she needs to stop pulling on the handle in a futile attempt to open the door !!
  • docjoshdocjosh Posts: 21
    Okay, just as a little side-note regarding the autolock feature... I didn't know that was included w/ my 06 Sonata LX. I think when I get back to Erie that I will be calling up Hallman's Hyundai and having a chat with their service department.

    Now that that's settled, I just wanted to say that I am thoroughly enjoying my Steel Gray Sonata LX w/ the power moonroof and 6cd changer. The only real complaints that I have is the gas mileage (and yes I've read from multiple people that this will come UP) and the fear that buying those 17-inch low profile tires will bankrupt me - okay, not really but I'm sure they will be pricey.

    BTW, I highly suggest putting official hyundai mudguards and a custom spoiler on your Sonata. IMHO I felt that Hyundai's spoiler was kind of "ugly" - please don't anyone castrate me! I said IMHO! When I get the chrome stripping applied around the grille, I'll try and post some photos of everything so that you all can see how these simple alterations makes your already beautiful car even more pleasing to the eye. Until then, those of you with your 06 Sonata, enjoy the ride - and those of you still deciding... take one for a test drive. You seriously won't be disappointed.


    P.S. -- Something else I will probably be investing in is a cargo net for the trunk. For around $28 (shipping included on ebay from the same seller I bought my mudguards from) I can keep my stuff from sliding around in that beast of a trunk!
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Bought my mudguards for $20.62 per pair. They are genuine parts and my cargo net for $24.47 at:

    I was very pleased with the service. I don't want the rear spoiler but might get the sunroof deflector.
  • I agree. I saw a picture of the spoiler on the website desertguy provided (thank you desertguy) but I didn't like the looks of it at all - it looks rather small or something. I was really looking forward to getting a spoiler before.
  • docjoshdocjosh Posts: 21

    As you stated... the official hyundai spoiler IS a little small. Here is a link to the seller on ebay where I bought mine. You can at least see what it looks like on a car. They automatically paint it to match your car as well - just give them the Hyundai color code for your car. Enjoy!

    trimking1's ebay store

    Good luck!


    P.S. -- I didn't check to see if they have any in stock. If not, email the seller directly and tell him that you are looking for a painted "Custom 06 Sonata Spoiler." I'm sure he'll help you.
  • I personally like the Hyundai spoiler - yes it's small (though not as small as it appears on the picture) - this is exactly how I wanted it. Hate those cars with spoilers as high as the roof :confuse:
    By the way, if you want to equip your Sonata, there are plenty of sites around and with prices usually cheaper then provided above.
    Some of them:
    Your Hyundai - official Hyundai US dealer with some of the cheaper prices around;
    Dreamka4U - Korean distributor with good prices and some interesting accessories;
    KSPEC Performance - another Korean custom accessories seller;
    EvoFusion USA - US distributor for Korean Sonata body kits.

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