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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • bsancatbsancat Posts: 27
    I installed aftermarket DRL on my '06 Sonata and they work exactly like any OEM system.When the car is started, the DRL go on at 80% intensity. At dusk, when the auto light feature turns on all the lights (or if you manually turn them on), the DRL goes off and the headlights return to full intensity. I even have it hooked to the parking brake switch, so the DRL will go off as soon as you apply the parking brake. It was a very easy hookup, took less than 30 minutes. If you want more info, let me know.
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Posts: 11,685
    You want a little white box with a small red 'X' in it?

    I mean thats all I see, not sure of anyone else.

    The sign said "No shoes, no shirt, no service", it didn't say anything about no pants.

  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    You are not alone. :(
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I see pictures ...
  • acronisacronis Posts: 29
    In thinking about the new interior of the '07 Sonata this pic of the upcoming '07 Elantra is the answer. One word. Sweeet!
  • mrdisco33mrdisco33 Posts: 58
    i love the sonata, but the dashboard is pretty weak. they really need to dump the 80s green LCD displays and the ungainly needles. i'm not saying it has to be the trendy blue - if anything i prefer the Audi/Pontiac red light displays. they also need a black interior option and the wheel desparately needs improved audio controls.

    if they were really ambitious they could even go with a sportier variant with similar red stitching as seen in the previous pic.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    Did you install this DRL kit yourself or did Hyundia dealership install? I`m not mechanically savey so I`ll need professional installation. My only concern is that once breaching the original wiring and putting in place a non OEM device, is anything went wrong with something electrical even though not related to the DRL relay, I don`t want to risk voiding the 5 yr/60K warranty or the 10yr/100 powertrain coverage either.
  • can you guys see the picture?
  • let me know if the links doesn't work again. ">

    <img src="
  • too bad u.s model own't have that automatic climate control.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    They are working now for me. Great pics, thanks.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I'm sure the Elantra will not be equipped like the photo when the US version comes out.
    Looks like it has navigation in Korea (but quite a small screen).
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    i emailed hyundai canada and they seemed to think it would come out july-august. i would love a May release though.

    my guess is that we'll see a new steering wheel and blue lights on the dash. throw in some new colour choices (maybe even a black interior) and you have yourself an '07 Sonata.

    One huge thing they're putting on the '07s is factory XM.
  • mrdisco33mrdisco33 Posts: 58
    hmm...xm doesn't really excite me that much. at the very least i would hope they add the subwoofer option to the Canadian models.
  • When I complained to my dealer about my low city mileage on my 4-cylinder Sonata I was told to wait until I have at least 3000 miles on the car and for the warm weather. Well, now the weather is warm and my odometer reads 3500 miles- and still my mpg in the city is just over 14- yes 14. On the highway I am getting about 32 mpg. Next oil change I'll mention it again but I'm sure they will tell me that it the way we drive. But I know that isn't the answer. Any suggestions?
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    With 32mpg Hwy, I think that your city/town mpg would indicate a lot of stop/go or long idle, or possibly technique would be the culprit. Hard to say, but 32 indicates better than beginning the "wait-until" period is probably past. I to am concerned about my town mpg, but seems to be in the high 18 area, which is bettter than 14 for sure. I would like to see their epa of 20 though. I only have 1500 mi on mine. Let's both hope for better. :) Sorry, just noticed that yours is a 4 cyl... mine is 6, so you should be doing much better, imo. Don't know how I missed that.. :D
  • mamamia2mamamia2 Posts: 698
    If you visit other boards, you'll read the SAME COMPLAINT about car owners getting low MPG in city driving....... There are so many variants in city driving that comparing one car's mpg to another is just not realistic.

    BUT measuring highway driving, when you keep a relatively STEADY speed of your choice, and can practically CONTROL your driving, that's where the TRUE gas mileage of your car can be measured.

    So if your I4 Sonata is getting 32 on the highway (at what speed?), you're OK.

    BTW, are you relying on your Trip-Tech reading, or calculating actual miles driven to gallons filled up at the pump?
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