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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • wincrasherwincrasher Posts: 12
    Such frequent oil changes are simply a waste of money and non-renewable resources and will not extend engine life. At 7500 miles interval, with regular oil, they are willing to warrant 10 years or 100,000 miles! That says alot.

    Just about all new car engines are built to such tight tolerances these days that they all recommend 5000 or 7500 mile intervals. I have a diesel truck that recommends 25,000 mile interval!

    Save the planet - stop wasting oil. :)
  • jojo6jojo6 Posts: 20
    Chevymalibu - the 30 mpg - what engine and transmission?

    Boltman - I assume you can constantly monitor the MPG. What does it read when you are cruising at highway speed ? I think the change to Mobil 1 is a great idea. Has worked great with my last two cars - both over 150K and never a problem relating to engine wear. I think I would change somewhere around 1K-2K.
  • gkelgkel Posts: 2
    Anyone out there gotten a good deal on a 2006 GLS? I got a quote for 21875 including taxes and tags (with a 1000 trade in), but I thought I could get under 20000. Any ideas? Also is the 4 cyl much more fuel efficient than the 6? Thanks
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85

    I totally agree, the only reason I'm advocating swithching to synthetic very early in the engines life is to get the most benefit from the extra lubrication/safety and the extra fuel effieciency. Not to mention draining out ASAP any residual shavings or such that might be in their from the initial break in.

    One reason I switched to synthetic a long time ago is the fact that I'm not wasting non-renewable resources, I usually go somewhere between 6,000 to 12,000 miles between synthetic oil changes (also use Mobil 1 filters). I am always amazed at the pristine black oil (no sludge, bubbles or particulates) that drains out looking into the engine I see no indications of wear. I've been using the stuff since it came in a can through mail order and the original Mobil 1 can stated 25,000 miles between changes.

    Got 150k out of my 5.0 Mustang LX (traded it in on the Windstar), and currently 100K out of both my Contour SE and Windstar SE. All cars engines run great and none have needed any engine work. I expect to hold on to the Sonata LX for 10 years as well and after the initial oil change will follow Hyundai's 7500 interval while under their warranty then may go longer between drains after that.
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85
    Jojo6- the MPG is an average over the period since reset so at highway speeds I usually see it climb from city driving and then settle in on a number. I think it simply calculates how much gas has been used over what miles have been driven at that exact moment . So initially you see pretty good flucuations but as you drive it slows down and displays your actual MPG since the last reset.

  • jimstrenkjimstrenk Posts: 56
    It would appear that after careful examination, that my suggestion that Chicagoland dealers are asking MSRP + $2000.00 is incorrect. After re-evaluation of what Hyundai gives as MSRP and what is listed via, dealers are listing 2006 Sonatas for MSRP.

    I stand corrected!
  • byrdebyrde Posts: 1
    Doesn't look as good as the previous years. I bought mine for the style. I wouldn't buy one now for the looks.
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    I already posted my price of 18,791, but believe that was a 1 time opportunity.
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85

    I give the 2006 Sonata LX high marks in just about every category. The power, handling and brakes are excellent (even keeping it under 4000 RPM during break in) can't wait to really wind it out in a few weeks! The looks are great. I like the manual shift feature, it is nice to downshift when coasting to a stop instead of using the brakes all the time. I have yet to see another LX on the road yet. I keep on thinking those accords may be Sonatas from the back, but the Sonata looks better. It has a nice raised in back stance when you park it. Looks fast even at a stop.

    The interior is fine I don't find it dull at all. There is plenty of room in all seats and the trunk is huge.

    It makes me buckle my seat belt by it's annoying ring right after you drive.


    Really nothing major! But I'll nitpick a little for some clarity...

    The seats could be more comfortable for longer drives. My wife liked the leather seats for comfort in our 1995 Contour better, I agree. I think it is because the seats in the Sonata are much firmer (sportier). I find for normal trips (less than an hour) there is no issue but she is probably right a few hours in those seats at a time may be on the uncomfortable side especially if you have a lousy back like she does. Be aware because of the airbags you cannot alter the seats at all and maintain proper operation (no sheepskin or different padding etc.).

    Gas mileage... hopefully it improves 20.5 is a little on the low side. Hopefully after a few more miles and synthetic oil the MPG will improve to the mid twenties.

    The horn is a little on the tinny side.

    Things I found out that I didn't know when I bought it...

    The power plug in the trunk... great for electronic usage in the back seat.

    The trip computer has lots of functions. Good MPG estimates and range to empty.

    The speed sensitve door lock feature(currently disabled), we really like that feature on out Windstar. BTW I'm having it turned on at the dealer next Tuesday.

    The gas cap holder in the gas door... just screw it in, no dangling.

    The fact that the compass needs to be set to your specific region for accuracy. Probably not set by the dealer correctly. Think it was on the Alabama zone.

    All the little touches... a handle inside the trunk to pull it down, the ridges in the door handle to grip better, the underside of the vehicle is streamlined and protected well. The EXCELLENT owners books... very well laid out and detailed.

    Easy car to wash and wax... very streamlined.

    I still look forward to driving everytime I need to... it's a great car so far. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even at MSRP.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    Well, as Hyundai says (or used to say), "driving is believing"! :)
  • kwonc71kwonc71 Posts: 245
    I have 2000 SONATA base model and been wating for 2006 model long time. My base model SONATA been a good car for over 5 years- 62000 miles on it. Had some problems, but nothing major and I love the way it drives. Since I drove my in-laws 2000 V6 Sonata, I decide to buy V6 model this time. I have not seen one on the road yet (I live in Vancouver, WA), but I saw news paper ad selling
    base model for $15,500, after owners loyalty rebate. I asked my wife If I can get one, she said "Keep your promise". When I got my 2000 SONATA, I told her I will keep my car until the warranty runs out. This HYUNDAI's long warranty kills me. I still have 5 years 40000 miles warranty left. I might be the only one who hates HYUNDAI's long warranty. I may have to work overtime to change her mind........I just can't wait to have one.

    By the way, I don't understand people's complaint about Korean cars trade in value. People can't do simple math or what? This happened 2 weeks ago. My brother-in -law just married to a lady in Seattle who has Minit-Mart. Since he will move to Seattle to help her business, he decide to get a full size truck from Dodge. He asked trade in value of his 2003 Kia Sorento which he paid $19,000 brand new. Sales person told him only $9000 because 4X4s are not popular at summer time and hige gas price makes it worse. My in-law was very upset about Kia's low trade in value, and decide to trade his wife's 2003 Toyota Highlander which she paid $34,000 brand new. You know how much same dealership offered her?.......$21,000. Do your own math to figure who is losing more money. After all they decide to keep Kia because Sorento is bigger car than Highlander.
  • kwonc71kwonc71 Posts: 245
    One more thing I want to share with you guys. I watched Korean TV program about Korean cars , and I amazed how much Korean cars are getting better. First, German buying Kia Sorento. They even have to wait about 2 months because Sorento is popular in Germany. Second, only about 7 countries can make their own engines. The new 4 cylinder engine on 2006 Sonata is made by Hyundai's own, and they will even export to England. Hyundai invested over 13 years time and tons of money for that engine development. They say it would be cheaper to buy Japanese engine and put that on Hyundai's cars. However, Hyundai decide not to because they have learned lesson from the past which ruined their reputation. Using other's engine was way more cheaper than create one, but hard to fix the problem when they don't really have knowledge about it. Basically, they created their own engine for better service.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    give me a break. 7500 miles?? that might be under normal conditions. My accord is 10K normal, 5K severe. And almost everyone drives under at least one severe condition. At 7500 miles, dino oil will be piss water coming out. Get a grip on that tree hugging stuff. Change yours every 7500 miles and you'll need new rings before the car dies. Then you'll be poluting the air with emissions.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    I'm assuming that poster said it was a 4 cyl with auto 4 speed trans. Could be manual but I haven't seen one yet on two lots. Doesn't mean they aren't being made. Hell, I still haven't seen a GLS on either lot. Too many V-6's down here.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    unless you have extra options on the GLS, it's MSRP is 20000 and the invoice is 18500. But that car might have some extras. I've seen two GL's here with leather or sunroof added on and the price goes up. Yes the 4 cyl is rated 24/33 city/highway and the 6 is 20/30 city/highway but I seriously doubt that the 4 cyl gets 33 MPG on the highway alone. Engine was reving too much. I say 30-31 at best.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    yes indeed. going 7500 on synthetics is fine. going that much with dino oil is insane. You'll beat that oil to a pulp. I agree with your assessment 110%. I guess your extra cost is recouped by me going every 2500-3000 with regular oil. But I pay 2-2.50 per oil filter and get the oil on sale at 1.50 max. That's 8.50 bucks per change max and it takes me 1.5 to 2.0 months per change. So I have 2-3 changes per your one. Hell, gives me something to do on weekends. And it makes me feel good that I'm taking care of my toy. Good luck and enjoy that car.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    you said you're using a mobil one oil filter!!! have you changed it yet?? is it a cartridge insert?? Has mobil one come out with the oil filter yet?? I know purolator has the L14459 spin on but all hyundai's last year used that model. The guy at one dealer said the 6 might be a cartridge insert??? thanks
  • wincrasherwincrasher Posts: 12
    well, I guess if it needs new rings before 100,000 miles then Hyundai will pick up the tab.
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85

    I am using Mobil 1 filters $11.99 on my current cars (spin on). I contacted Mobil about the 2006 Hyundai Sonata and they said that they "typically" do not make cartridge filters... so for now only Hyundai's own filter element is available as far as I know for now. I'm sure it is good for 7500 miles. Hopefully if I keep the car pas 100,000 miles by then Mobil 1 will make a filter so I can go even longer on the drain times and still feel safe. Mobil 1 filters fiter at 96% effieciency vs. low to mid 80 percent for most others... why not 100%? Because you need proper flow rates so 96% is as good as you can get and still have a filter that works.

    I'm taking my car in on Tuesday to have the automatic door lock feature turned on, I will buy a cartridge insert and probably do my first Mobil 1 oil change on Wednesday. I let you know how it goes.

    I think it is a good idea to buy the filters at Hyundai during the warranty because there exists a record that you bought a filter element so you have some proof as to doing the oil change in case any warranty issues creep up.
  • dfochtdfocht Posts: 6
    Sorry you are wrong. I have a 2006 GLS 4cyl. :blush:
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