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Ford Ranger Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • That Ford 3.0 is from the dark ages... as is the underpinnings of the Ranger. Ruling out the Nissan and Dodge due to price, I would have gone with the Toyota first, then the Chevy 2nd when buying new.

    Used, however, Ford is the clear choice due to uber depreciation and dependibility of the old technology.

    If it'll make ya feel any better... Toyota is having lots of quality/reliability issues the past 2 years, and I've heard horror stories about the seating position/fit and finish in the Colorados.

    So, you basically traded engine power for dependability and cheaper repair costs due to older design/technology. There, did I find the silver lining within a pile of dog poop? lol!
  • I have owned my 01 Ranger since new and I have to disagree with the poster who said that all repairs are going to cost a minimum of $250. In my experience over the last 120K miles I have paid $70 in parts. This includes one U joint at 60K miles and a heater resister last week for $20. If anything there are so many parts out there that it cost next to nothing to fix just about anything. I do have to replace a upper ball joint soon but that is only $40 for the joint or $125 for the whole upper control arm. The 3L is a waste of money and anybody with half a brain would choose either the 2.3 or 4.0 depending on what their goal is.
  • I'm thinking about getting a 2006 Ranger (incentives are super right now for that model). XL, auto, AC - other than that, pretty simple. Pulliam Ford in Columbia SC quoted me a MSRP of $18500 and an internet price of $18,300 pre-rebates - that still seems high to me!! Any feedback would be appreciated. :confuse:

    Also, I posted a question on the performance vs mileage of the 2.3L and 3.0L on the "engine" forum - if you have any ideas, please let me know!
  • I just got an 06 XLT SuperCab 4-dr w/ tow and cruise for $18995 before rebates here in Seattle if that helps. Super great deal. But for an XL with auto and AC, (1k for auto and 850 for AC), it should run around 17K at invoice based on what I have seen during the past month I was looking. Invoice on these trucks has been around $1500 to $2000 under MSRP when you factor dealer holdback and the like.

    For a great research tool while looking at Ford Truck, hit
    and click on "search dealer inventory" to see what the local dealer has. You can even see the window sticker with MSRP (from Ford) and options for that truck. Hope this helps.

    BTW, on the 2.3L vs. 3.0L question; I've had both and the economy on the 2.3L is great (23-25mpg typical). The 3.0L isn't worth the waste in gas for performance. It lacks any real power, :lemon: (acts much like the 4 banger) and only averaged 18mpg for either city or hwy. I have the 4.0L now and see the same mileage with way better performance for 17mpg so far. :shades:
  • Rangers are dinosaurs, but look at the junk yards what do you see. Imports, they make up >50% of the junk Yards.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Dinosaurs yes, but would not even consider buying anything but. Are people paying invoice to own? My first 1983 Ranger 4x4 2.3l drove it for over 11 years, 250k + sold it to my brother for $1K and could have got more if it wasn't my brother. Bought a 1994 Ranger 4x4 4.0l and my son is still driving it with 295K miles and going strong. Only complaint was the auto 4x4 push button crapp, should have kept it manual hubs with a shift on the floor. I'm going to be buying my third Ranger in a few months, won't even consider taking another make for a test drive. Yes sir I will stick with the brand I trust the most. My current vehicles are a 1966 Mustang, 1994 Ranger, 2001 Escape, 2004 Freestar(...wifes), and last but not least my 2007 GT 500 Shelby. P.S. Ford did not pay me to post this message, nor am I affiliated in any way with Ford. HA! HA! Although I think they should give me a few shares. :shades:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Ford shares? Better get any payment in cash!! ;)

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  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    What Ford should do is demand half of the mark-up premiums the dealerships are charging for their Shelby's and GT Mustangs. That would right the ship. HA! HA! They are having problems, but they will come through it with no problem. :shades:
  • fordenvyfordenvy Posts: 72
    Ford may claim they have the most fuel efficient pickup, but they sacrifice more then its worth. That engine won't pull a greasy string out of cats butt hole. Forget about the A/C, turn it on you'll be doing 3000rpm rolling backwards. I traded that in for the 4.0 V6, much better, also forget about the 3.0 also. The 4.0 is the only engine that makes the truck worth anything.
  • contrary to previuos message,, and of course depending on how ya use,.... or abuse it,, this is an excellent tight,... quiet,... plenty of power,... great on gas , very comfortable,.... well built twin cities,... p/u,.. the 3.o v-6 severs its designed, intention, again,,, its all in how you maintain,... and treat the thing,,
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Well, I couldn't hold off any longer and took advantage of Ford rebates on left over 06 inventory. Bought the 06 2-dr 4x4 extended cab FX4 model. MSRP was $24,660 Ford rebated $3,000 and dealer took off additional $1,600. Final cost before adding premium bump to bumper $20,060. I am very happy with deal and believe I will have for many years. 1983 Ranger 200,000+ miles, 1994 Ranger 297,000+ miles and still going strong. The Ranger maybe outdated to some other truck makers, but I will take ol reliable USA anyday. :shades:
  • i have a 93 ranger xlt 2-wd 3.0 with 568000 miles. yes those are the correct miles on the original motor. bought it new in 93 and have put it through hell but maintained it well. it's never had a wrench on it other than basic preventative maintenance (oil change, brake pads, tire rotations). hasn't lost fuel economy or power. i don't think this truck will die. she's runnin strong without a thermostat, a 4th gear, mass air sensor, and various other necessities. im not puttin much more money into her...just gonna see how long it takes her to die. anything bad about a ranger???? i don't think so.
  • im lookin for a 4x4 3.0 reg cab manual trans. with my budget i can't find anything newer than the 93 or 94 model in good enough condition. i wouldn't mind one in that year model but would like somethin newer if possible. the 4.0 would be much nicer to have but they don't offer it with a manual trans AND reg cab do they? if anyone knows of a newer 3.0 5-spd reg cab for a very low price or if the 4.0 is offered in reg cab manual, let me know please
  • I went to this used dealer the other day and found 4 Rangers you might be interested in. You can see the list of Rangers on their lot @ I bought a car from them about 3 years ago and they treated me right. They also have their own service department.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I just purchased a 2008 Ranger from Mullinax Ford Apopka, Florida. Paid about $12,300 brand new for the XL regular cab with air and payload package. The four cylinder is quite peppy with the manual transmission and I am very happy with the performance. Buying experience was very good as it always is at a Mullinax dealership.
  • Just picked up an01 Ranger XLT Flareside, 2 wd, 4 drs with 97k miles. It has the 3.0 6cyl with AT. Not the fastest thing I've driven but at least it will hold speed on the highway with cruise set.(unlike my dads 2000 S-10, 4cyl- what a dog!). But I digress, I paid $5000 for the truck from a private seller (no tax) and the thing looks and drives great. What do Y'all think? Did I do OK?
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    If it looks and drives great I think you did OK! Used vehicles are generally a better buy if you can find one in great shape. I decided to go new because with the rebates going on right now it was not much more than what a used late model would have been with the four cylinder and manual. I wanted that combo for the gas mileage. I averaged 27.4 mpg on my first tank!
  • I bought a 08 ranger 4x2 4 cylinder .Bare bones except for the cd/mp3 player. Xm satellite radio with 6 months subscription is included. I ordered it from a dealer 300 miles away. Why? 300 miles away? Cause i'm not crazy about white.
    Asked the dealer to eat the 495.00 doc fees. Said he couldn't budge on that. I said I'm not going to pay that kind of money for someone to walk to the printer. So we parted our ways and I pondered a white one close to home. Half hour later phone rings. Guess who? "We will deduct the price of the vehicle by 495.00." Total price not including taxes 10,990.00 The vehicle should arrive tomorrow. I hate the games you have to play with these dealers, but at 59,I"m starting to get good at it.
    These are canadian prices.... or should I say Pesos?......
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    $11K CAD for a new Ranger!?

    That's cheap....

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  • The fellow from the dealership arrived yesterday. I drove him to where he wanted to go and he filled it up for me. The truck had 519 KM's showing on the odometer. Or if you rather 321 miles. I wasn't paying attention to the price per litre, but I'm guessing 88 cents. He did tell me it was 36 dollars. 4.54 litres to canadian gallon...3.78 litres to american gallon . I figured it at 35.66 miles to the gallon.
    Truck still had about a quarter tank before he filled it. Can't complain about that mileage. The list price was $16,014 plus the $495.00 doc fees . So at $10990.00 I quess that was a pretty good deal. The cd/mp3/sattelite radio is well worth the extra money. $325.00 here in canada. Just wish it had heated mirrors.....oh well.....
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