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Volvo S80 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks for your 2cents. I definitely agree that a loaded S80 not worth $50K. (My local dealer still has a 2007 V8 in stock that's nearly $54K). Some of these optional safety features on the new model (Blind Spot and Personal Communicator) seem to be answers to questions nobody asked. But a base S80 has many features that were optional or not even available on my (at the time) top-of-the-line 2000 T-6, which stickered for $45,425.

    Invoice on a new '07 base 3.2 is $37,113. According to Edmunds, there is no rebate when I enter a western PA zip code. I'm sure the lack of heated seats is why this particular car is still on the lot. Not sure if I'm willing to live without them. Dealer's fault for ordering/accepting this car without Climate Pkg.

    Maybe I'll wait until next year for a closeout '08 T-6, if the reviews are better. Crude oil just hit $80 a barrel, and the current buyers' market for autos will only get better, IMO.
  • Portland Jim Fisher (who I hate but always seem to do business with...)looking for my 5th volvo but have never leased before.
    dealer offer 07 metallic silver on black with sports package and climate and otherwise loaded V6 S80.
    terms are 3k up front and 399/mo with waived security. List on the car is $45k.
    They claim all this wonder expires on Oct 1 (monday)but it seems to me it can only get better after that because of the '08s taking up lot space. Thoughts??
  • I've been looking at these cars since the new '07 and had decided to buy. I visited DeMontrond in Houston and was surprised to hear them tout the benefits of the overseas delivery program. I found what I was looking for in a new '07 on the lot and got a price of $36,500 on a sticker of about $41,000. I did a lot of searches and couldn't seem to beat the price, but they checked and found one in Gothenberg with the sport package, climate package, metallic paint and navigation system and no delivery charge. By picking up the car prior to April 30 (I'm taking delivery April 23), I also got flights for 2 to Rome, 3 nights hotel and breakfast, flights to Gothenberg, 2 days in Gothenberg (breakfast) and limo transport from the airport. The options were free, except for the nav system, which I negotiated down to $1500 from $2200. So I got the car for $37,300 on a sticker of $45,415 and the free vacation, which we were talking about anyway. We're going to take a month after delivery and cruise Germany, Czech Republic and some other Eastern Europe destinations, and the additional insurance is $50. For us, we can wait for the car to be shipped home, and we do a European vacation every year (I can take the time off) so it worked perfectly. I think this is the best deal out there right now, but curious as to what others think.
  • Looking at buying a 2004 s80 for 1st car for teen. Looked at one today for $11950 with moonroof, heated leather, great condition in/out but high mileage at 90000. One owner (now at dealer) . Most consumer reviews are great, but wondered if mileage should scare us off also if price seemed fair. Thanks for any help out there!
  • Is your teeen going to be going off to college? I traded my daughter's 2001 Infiniti that I had bought for her when I bought my new S80. I gave her my 2000 S80 thinking that it was a better car and I knew the maintenance history, etc. When it died on her and I took it to a local gargage that is excellent, they told me I had to take it to a Volvo dealer. Said that they couldn't diganose it adn that Volvo was the most difficult foreitn car for non-dealer shops to work on. Bottom line, the car died again a few days later, towed to dealership adn was quoted $2500 to fix. Since she was going off to college in Sept. I didn't waqnt her being stranded and not being able to get the car worked on. Took a "bath" and sold to dealer for $3500 "as is" and bought her a new civic.
  • I went to a Volvo dealer over the weekend to look at the S60 and S80. I was offered the S80 at $3500 below invoice and the S60 at @2500 below invoice for a purchase. Has anybody else had seen this. I haven't seen any rebates that large
  • Just got a 24 mos/ 10.5k lease quote on a base (no climate, non-metallic) S80 3.2 :
    $415 / month incl NJ tax
    $0 down, $0 due @ signing
    What do you guys think? Would I be able to get it under $400 ? :confuse:
  • What are the best Volvo dealers in NJ to work with? Just starting to shop around for new s80 and would like to know the best NJ dealers in terms of price and service. I'm in central Jersey and willing to travel anywhere in the state.

    Also what prices have you guys been seeing in ny/nj area?
  • Looks cheap...

    What is the MSRP?

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • penn2penn2 Posts: 54
    I posted this in Lease area but thought if might be of benefit here as well.

    Host & others

    To add to these great offers, I was offered in writing(email) from two dealers (their INITIAL offer by the way) almost identical for the following 36 mos/12K yr lease. Not pulling the trigger until Mar though

    '08 S80 V8

    no money down - Monthly paymennt $548 incl tax
    out of pocket $1,560 due at signing (tags, bank fees, etc)

    I believe this to be fairly good but but neither dealer would provide specifics as to what gets them to the quote (ie selling price, MF, etc).though they acknowledged the $9k of cash available for the V8 ($7K for the T6 I believe).

    Host - can you provide me what is current MF/residual for above term and if you know whether they can/will use their buy rate? Is MF likely to change in March?

    thank you!!
  • MSRP approx. $39500.
    Just a base car, but it has everything I need and more. :D
    There is a bulls--t $300 "disposition fee" at the end, though :cry:
  • hollydoghollydog Posts: 15
    I am looking to lease a S80 T6 with climate package, satellite radio,etc with an MSRP of $45,425. I have 4 payments left on current Volvo, which the dealer has offered to split (give me a check for $1,130 to cover 2 payments). $698 due at inception. 15,000 miles per year. 36 mont lease at $611 including tax or 48 month lease at $589 including tax. If I purcahse the car the selling price would be $39,750. If I lease the cap cost would be $35,507 (dealer said they have extra money toward leases).
    Is this a good deal? I have been reading on line that others are leasing for under $500 per month with little or nothing down.
    Live in Ohio with top credit rating.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
  • onconc Posts: 26
    I got this offer on S80 base model:
    Cash Down 0 2,700.00 3,700.00
    24 Months 490 370 325
    36 Months 510 430 396
    48 Months 490 425 399
    12,000 miles/yr
    MSRP: 37,900
    Final price: 30,150

    What do you guys think?
  • onconc Posts: 26
    Hello, any takers on above deal??
    Please, HELP.
  • archie8archie8 Posts: 2
    Take the deal, it is a good offer. Great car!
  • onconc Posts: 26
    Thank you for your reply,
    I am actually getting better deals from other dealers. The car is great as you said, but it is NOT selling. Every delear I called had new 2007 leftover as well as plenty of 2008 and they are aggressive on pricing.
    I will post my final deal here.
  • Thanks in advance for your help and insight.

    2008 S80
    Metallic Paint; no other options
    MSRP $40,020
    Res. Value 44%
    Lease Term 39 months/12K per year mileage
    Penalty $0.20
    Lease End Value $17,608
    Intial Cap Cost $29,153
    Cash Cap Reduction $380
    Adj. Cap Cost $28,773
    Lease Factor .00207
    Base Monthly Pmt $382.27
    Tax $26.76
    Total Monthly Pmt $409.03

    Out of Pocket
    Sales Tax $1,070
    Lic & Reg $150
    VCF (?? - not sure what this is?) $695
    Fees $73.16
    Total Due at Start $1,733
    1st Pmt Date July 25
  • How much of MSRP should I expect to get on a 2008 Volvo S80 V8. Can also get Ford A plan too. I think MSRP is around 54k. Thanks!
  • we were in the dealer looking at a v70 (still not sure what current pricing is on it), and as a guide for everyone here they have a leftover 07 s80 on the showroom floor. msrp was $51k+, advertised price was $40k, so more than $11k below sticker without even negotiating...
  • dreammakerdreammaker Posts: 3
    The Incentives on the 2009 S80 on are confusing to me. I am looking for a loaded (no navigation) AWD and the incentives listed are $6500. factory to dealer and there is also listed Lease cash of $3500. (T6) or $6500. (V8). Can anyone verify this? Can you get both or are they mutually exclusive?

    The lease cash is for a nonVolvo lease. Since I usually pay cash what is the best way to get the lease cash without the downsides of leasing?

    Thanks for any information.
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