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Volkswagen Beetle Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mwevermwever Posts: 1
    Have you bought yet? I have a 2006 Pkg 2 with rubber mats and XM satellite radio. It is Salsa red. I researched throught Florida all by e-mail requests and received a deal for $21,500 with all the above included. I had done my research thru Edmunds and asked for the best price over cost with the options that i wanted.I bought at VW of Ft. Myers. Now 3000 miles later I am happy,happy, happy. :shades:
  • pupspups Posts: 2
    Have been seriously looking for a 06 Beetle auto diesel and have gotten similar price quotes throughout the Tampa Bay area. No dealer seems to want to negotiate the price. It is the full MSRP plus. I can only find two beetles in my area. Have ?? regarding the fuel re: can these diesel engines take the new biodiesel fuel? If they can where does one purchase the new fuel in Pinellas County, Fl; and how much does the fuel cost per gal. Don't know if it is really worth the cost(to buy beetle) if I don't see major miles per gal. Have read that the Beetles have major maintenance cost associated with repair to engines. Any feed back. Also the cost quoted to me, not out the door have been over 22,200, w//o pkg 2. Would like to know what others are paying for 06 coupe, with pkg 2, automatic, diesel engine, color red or blue, moonroof a must. Speedy replies welcome. Want to purchase soon. Don't want the dealers to think I am jerking them around as I am a serious buyer.
  • Do VW's have more problems? Probably, but I have had a Beetle tdi for 7 years and am now trading for a new one. The diesel engines are very reliable, but the intake may clog with sludge due to EGR and particulates. I had to spend $500 at about 50,000 miles to have mine cleaned out. Other problems were less major and due to normal VW quality control issues. If you want the best in reliability, don't buy a VW. Fuel milage has been steadily 40-50 mpg. BTW, I still like my Beetle.

    Price, well, I found a dealer willing to sell at $500 over invoice, but they could not lay their hands on a Salsa. I could have ordered one, but then there is the issue as to what the old one will sell for in 3 months. No problem for silver or gecko immediately. Moonroofs are included in both package 1 or 2. I finally got my Salsa elsewhere, but cost about $200 more. They knew that Salsa was harder to find.
  • tbone76tbone76 Posts: 8
    I am in the process of purchasing from a private party a 2001 2.0L Beattle fully loaded 5 speed,Pearl Blue with gray leather inside.The miles are 93,000.
    I checked the Carfax report and it basically stated it was a 1 owner car.The second owner has only had it for 9 months.The Carfax stated it has been regularly serviced at a VW dealership at its required service intervals,But is missing the 80K service.He wants $7,500.00 for it.I cannot afford a new one.Does this seem like a good deal?
    What is the life expectancy of this vehicle if it is well maintained?
    I was also told if I do purchase this VW to run to the nearest dealer and have the timming belt replaced.
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 455
    The price seems about right if not just a bit high.

    However, I must caution you... Don't expect your VW to be as reliable as a Japanese car. You will probably have to spend some money to keep it running.

    If you are on a strict budget where a repair bill will really set you back...then this can is NOT a good choice for you.
  • I went to a dealer yesterday for getting a 2006 new beetle ,2.5 hatchback, with package 1, and satellite radio. The deal I finally got is $19150 as sale price ( tax or other fee are not included.) Does that sound like a good deal?
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Can you say "money pit" really loud? A VW Beetle with 93K miles, no matter how well maintained, is a ticking time bomb. You will probably sink another $ 7500 into it in the next few years just to keep it running. These cars are expensive to maintain and generally not reliable with mileage that high.

    If you look around, you may be able to find a compact Japanese or Korean car for $ 7500 with much lower mileage with much better long term ownership prognosis. In fact, add another $2k or so and you may be able to buy a brand new Hyundai. A lot smarter move than this Beetle. Hyundais have proven to be far more reliable cars than VWs in the last few years.
  • tbone76tbone76 Posts: 8
    Yes you don't need to wave a crystal ball on this one.I've only had the Beetle for less than 2 months and paid a mechanic
    to get the timming belt and water pump replaced,
    plus had a reconditioned Catalytic Converter installed as well from a frame and axle shop instead of the VW Dealer, because the VW Dealer was going to charge me $1,100.00 to have a new CAT. installed.
    My wife just loves the bug or I should say the New Beetle From Hell.I have only had this Beetle for 2 months I paid cash for the piece of junk.I got the car title just a few days ago showing me as the legal owner.No wonder the previous owner was so anxious to sell this garbage.He probably had all kinds of codes showing up on this Beetle and just had them all cleared out prior to me test driving this bomb.But on the positive side it is running much ,much better since the CAT. was replaced.AND YES I still love the New Beetle.I notice some companies still will do a 24 month 24K warranty on this car covering all mechanical expenses.I may need to take them up on the offer if this continues,or bail out while I still can without puttin another 7.5K into it.
  • tbone76tbone76 Posts: 8
    I seem to be replying to my own message.I may have gotten a somewhat good deal on this Bettle from Hell.Upon further investigation shortly after I purchased the Beetle I had made an inquiry from the dealer and unknown to me,I assumed the Beetle was a 2.0 L GLS that is what it was advertised for,but when I popped the hood it stated
    20 valve Turbo.This Beetle is a 20 Valve 1.8 Turbo Beetle
    GLX fully loaded.Yes this baby gets up and fly's and I only give it 92 Octane Juice from now on.
    Let me roll my dice a few more months with this Beetle and see where it takes me.
  • randirandi Posts: 10's a story of how much I will end up paying for my 2001 GLS Beetle. Silver exterior, black cloth interior, manual, power windows, tape deck (no CD), cruise control, heated seats, moon roof (or is it sunroof, I don't really know the difference). I got my financing from VW Credit (which I DO NOT RECOMMEND) at a 14.5% APR. They sold me the car for $19,829. I have 8 payments left. The car will eventually have cost me $30,866. So there, I think any of you getting this car for under $19k with a 2.9% APR is so lucky, I just want to spit. :P
  • Wow. I live in Ohio and am looking for a 2006 beetle convertible. I plan on buying next summer, when the 2007 models are out. I am hoping to buy a brand new 2006. Did you actually get a brand new convertible, package 2, for 21,500? Or, was the car used? Does your bug have the 6 speed Tiptronic?
  • samasclsamascl Posts: 17
    :lemon: Hello!!!

    I am planning after a long search to buy a Beetle 2006 automatic. My husband doesn;t like it, but so far foe me is the car that I like the most, is just there is something about the beetle!!!!!!!!

    I was wondering, if i can have a feed back of your experiences with the beetle, and if you know what could be the most common problem with the VW beetle.

    I am planning to keep the car for at least 4 years, so I want to be sure of my decition.
    thank u!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • WellI thought I should fire off this too you.Yes I did sell my VW Bug it was just costing me tooo much money to keep.I bought a 1988 Honda Accord with only 150K on it and I am very happy indeed.Its not a New VW Beetle,But it is going to save me alot of money on maintenance.
    Thanks for the suggestion.My brother a serious back door mechanic said the Hondas back then are very reliable.
  • wanwanwanwan Posts: 2
    I got a quote from pittsburgh dealer that a 2008 beetle with package#1 is 19,000. Is this a good deal?
  • Is there some interest in a 1971 Beetle, Formula V? Thanks.
  • PS: I'm new to this. (:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
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  • josh25josh25 Posts: 3
    Hi I am buying the 2008 Beetle SE (the very basic package, no additional equipments) and I got the driving out price for $21'000 from the dealer. Is that a good price? Anyone has got cheaper?
  • Hi,
    I just bought a 2005 gls, but it is also the special edition two tone black with red. i was trying to see if any one knew more info about .all i know is that it is rare.I am having a hard time even finding anything on it at all.
    thanks- a
  • I don't have much info either, other than I own one. I called VW and found out there were only 100 made for US sales and I think 800 in the UK. I love mine. Get alot of looks when I am driving down the road. I got a really good deal on mine. I paid 16900 for it with 13000 miles. It had sat ont he lot for a while. I guess there are those who don't like th color combo.
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