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BMW Z4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kh08kh08 Posts: 7
    There are a couple of dealers that still have 04's left in both the z4 and 330i. I saw they had incentives way back and was wondering if the BMW gave them to the dealers already. What would be a good price for the z4 with just a pwr top or a 330i with the perf.pkg.? Could I go lower than the 04 inv. minus the incentive? Thanks.
  • ritsrits Posts: 3

    I am planning to buy used 2003 Z4. The car has 19K miles on it plus premium package. I am not sure whether it is premium leather but it has red color leather seats. The color is SILVER.

    My offer is $25K. Its 2.5lt. Do you guys think I am making a reasonable offer or its high? If high the what should be me arguments?

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    Are you buying from a dealer or a private individual? From an individual, you might be able to go a little lower, but you'll be fighting their impressions of what their vehicle is worth...

    From a dealer, that sounds fair... If the interior is RED, it is definitely leather.. BMW doesn't make red leatherette..

    The arguments for a lower price? BMW has put massive incentives on the Z4, every year it has been out.. This lowers the re-sale value of the used one..


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  • ritsrits Posts: 3
    Thanks for the message.
    It is frm a private seller? So, do you think considering all the discount which BMW is giving on new vehicle...$25K is a okay price?

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    I'm not a very good appraiser of used cars.. I can't see, touch or drive the one you are looking at.. But, the later the model, I can at least compare it to the price of a new one, and see what kind of value you are getting..

    Is he asking $25K? I'll tell you... privately selling a used car in the $20K and up market is tough... He'll have a hard time doing that... If he is asking that, I think I'd hit him up at $23K, and see where it goes... I can guarantee you he'll come down at least $1000, if he is serious about selling the car..

    Go to RWTIV and put in a complete description of the car.. Terry will be along in a day or so, and give you a good private sale price for it.. Be sure to follow the template at the bottom of the thread, and give a complete description, including location, and that you are considering buying it from a private seller.. He is a dealership owner/used car buyer, and knows much more about values than I do...



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  • jlettie1jlettie1 Posts: 9
    Too bad that the Z-4 does not offer a spare tire. The run-flat tires are premium tires that last about 10,000 miles. They are noisey and most garages do not want to repair them. When you contact the tire manufactures they do not stand by the product. The want you to contact the dealer. The dealer claim that there nothing they can do to assist you. Everybody passes the buck. This applies also for the Nissan 350Z, Chrysler Crossfire and other manufactures who offer run-flat tires. The are not reliable or possibly safe.
  • peakpropeakpro Posts: 65
    Buy a set of regular tires, carry a can of fix a flat and air compressor and a AAA card.

    problem solved.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    Get used to it.... All BMWs have, or will have runflats.. and all other premium brands are headed that direction..

    What are your alternatives?

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  • john72john72 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2005 Z-4. No floormats. Dealer said floormats did not come with the car. I thought this wierd as I had them as standard on the 530i. BMW USA said they were standard and not option. Before I go back I would like to hear from others as whether they came with your Z4. Thanks.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    Don't know about Z4s, but I know they are not standard on the 3-series..

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  • james_ocjames_oc Posts: 8
    Hi kyfdx,

    I am planning to lease a 05' 3.0, my friend (actually a former employee of mine) is an indep. auto broker and has stated that after shopping around and negotiating with the dealers, he was able to secure a deal. Basically the deal is the vehicle I had specified, 3.0, sports package, xenons, auto top, heated seats at 7k below MSRP, 2500 down, 12k milage alloance/year at 495$/mo. including taxes.

    I have also seen your previous advice in this forum that 7k below MSRP is a good deal,
  • james_ocjames_oc Posts: 8
    what do you think of this offering?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    $7000 off MSRP sounds good.. Hard to know if the lease price is good, without knowing the MSRP.

    Also, is it a $2500 downpayment, plus 1st payment, security, etc.. Or is $2500 the entire amount due at signing?

    A good deal is all in the details... What would be a good deal on a $42K car, wouldn't be so great on a $45K car..

    $2500 due at signing is a big difference from $2500 down, plus other charges for a total of $4300 due at signing..

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  • vizzinivizzini Posts: 6
    I'm going z4 shopping next week and was curious what current money factors and residuals are for 15k/36mo leases for a 2005 z4 3.0. Anyone have recent data?

  • james_ocjames_oc Posts: 8
    Hi kyfdx,

    Thanks for the response, a little more details....

    The MSRP is $45,600 and total deal negotiated is roughly a little over $7k off MSRP
    $2500 total due at signing.
    $495/Month (including tax) for 36 months (12k miles/year)
    Sterling Gray/Black Interior
    3.0 Steptronic Trans., Sports Package, Automatic Top, Xenons, Heated Seats

    Thanks in advance!
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    Not knowing your exact tax rate, or what "fees" are included in your $2500, the payment looks pretty good... That MSRP minus $7K gives a lease payment of $468/mo.+tax... So, it looks like you are on the right track.... I would have no problem with that deal..


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  • ragazzoncragazzonc Posts: 4
    Hey everyone--
    I really wish I'd discovered this site and all the good advice BEFORE I bought my Z4--so much great info and in advance thanks to the folks with the knowledge for helping out the ignorant like me. I love the car. I'm increasingly unsure about the deal I got.

    So after doing some test drives I decided I wanted a Z4. The MSRP for the car I wanted was $46,795 and they said they could give it to me for 40042.91 which, from the research I'd done seeked like a great deal (though now it seems like it's good but not great). According to the dealer this was the "Duke discount." (I work at Duke.) They'd also throw in the wind screen and mats if I'd buy that day. I didn't bargain hard, not my personality, but was happy enough and eager to have the car. Now that I'm not so happy I'm mustering my confrontation skills and considering discouraging my colleagues at Duke from ever going to the dealership I dealt with. Let me explain and please let me know if I'm getting hot and bothered for nothing.

    I met with the finance guy after agreeing on the price with the dealer. He pushed leasing as an option hard and I ended up buying the sales pitch. I was obviously confused. Now I'm wondering if, at this point, I was scammed... here's what happened. I'd love thoughts on the numbers, to begin with, and then also advice on what if anything there is to do, if folks care to offer that too, if indeed I've been had.

    So at a certain point, the finance guy started talking about "Silent Security" and 'Hendrick Auto Care" and I said, emphatically, that I did not want them. He said 'You haven't heard the price yet" and I repeated that I didn't want them. He said "What if I told you they were for free?" What was I to say to that? So I agreed...

    Then when I got home I noticed something... the price we had negotiated was 40,042.91 but on the lease document the agreed-upon value of the car was $1,000 dollars more than this. I called the finance guy who of course didn't return my call and then went in to the dealership. The head of the finance department spoke with me and his explanation was that the guy who had made the deal with me had raised the price of the vehicle but discounted the money factor to make up for the raised price, thus in effect giving me those items for free. He said that the money factor I got (.00215) was better than the standard of .00255 or something like that, which from what I can tell from reading this list is not true. (If this matters--I live in North Carolina and I have excellent credit.) This is the deal I got:

    MSRP 46,795
    LEV% 56%
    LEV 25,205
    Selling price 41,042.91 (we'd agreed to 1,000 less than this)
    Term 36 months
    45,000 miles
    money factor .00215
    I put $3,000 down
    of which 1,935 went to cap reduction
    aquisition fee was 625
    my base monthly rental is 517.52
    and the tax rate is 3% adding 15.53 to the monthly payment which comes out to 533.05

    Thanks again in advance for any input! I'll look forward to a time when I'll have some wisdom to share.

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    The good news? You got jerked around a little, and wasted some money, but not a large amount. You are still leasing a $47K car for under $600/mo.. And your original negotiated price was decent..

    Silent security? What is that? window etching, maybe? Virtually useless..

    Hendrick Auto Care? What does that include? Might be good for a Honda, but BMW already covers all of the maintenance.. Not sure what they could give you extra..

    What went wrong?:

    1) You should have known the base money factor going in.. If you knew it was .0020, then they couldn't have added the other crap "for free", by lowering their inflated money factor..

    2) You should have had them apply part of your $3000 upfront to a security deposit, instead of cap cost reduction.. This may have raised your payment by $6/mo, but you would have received $550 back from the deposit at the end of the lease. A net gain of $334. That is why the money factor is .00215, instead of .0020.. They had to bump it to waive the security deposit.

    But, overall, you did a decent job..

    If everything had gone perfectly...
    Original negotiated price
    No $1000 bump for useless crap
    $550 of your upfront used to make a security deposit
    Base MF of .0020

    If all that happened, your payment would be about $23/mo. lower, and you would have $550 coming back at lease end..

    As you can see, not the end of the world... Think about how a truly uninformed buyer might have been taken.. $2K off MSRP, bumped up rates, $2000 of useless add-ons, etc.. Someone that didn't know what they were doing, could easily be paying $750/mo. to lease the same car..


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  • ragazzoncragazzonc Posts: 4
    Thanks kyfdx ... I feel somewhat better now, and will enjoy the car more, which is crucial, knowing that it's not as bad as it might have been though still miffed that I'm paying for the thing I emphatically said I didn't want. As usual your knowledge is impressive and I appreciate your taking the time to go through this so carefully. And I'll know better next time around.
  • james_ocjames_oc Posts: 8
    Hi kyfdx,

    Thanks for the advice, I actually was shopping around and had another dealer quote me the following...the only difference would be the addition on the premium package...what do you think?

    MSRP 48545
    Selling Price 40655.58
    Residual 58% of MSRP = 28156.10
    12000 miles per year
    The total cap cost of the car (amount financed before reduction of residual value) is $39988.00
    Money Factor 0.00215
    2500 Total Drive-Off Down Payment
    $475.17 + 7.75% O.C. sales tax = $512 per month total x 35 months
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