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BMW Z4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,862
    Are those all the options? No power top? Metallic paint? etc...

    If so, a new '05 would be $37,500... They have pretty good incentives.. Actual selling price would probably be around $33K..

    That said, the $27K asking price is realistic.. Most private sellers are very unrealistic.... At $26K, you'd have a good deal... and a lot of warranty left..

    Maintenance is free up until the end of the 4yr/50K warranty... The only thing you'd have to pay for is tires.... Those runflats are expensive, by the way...

    Also, you can't drive in the snow with the Sport package tires.. summer only..

    I think at $26K, you'll do well on depreciation....


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  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,862
    Leather? Premium package? Power seats?

    There are a lot of options that can jack up the price... If he is original owner, he should be able to show you the window sticker...

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  • mikey432mikey432 Posts: 9
    i am not sure if it's a power-top or metallic paint. i'll confirm with the owner. how much depreciation am i looking at? the dealer told me that the value drops to 50% of the orignal price after 3 years.

    so if i intend to sell it two years from now what price would i get on it?
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,862
    Lets see... hmm.. crystal ball is a little fuzzy...

    Seriously... It is hard to say... the Z4 came out in '03... so, there aren't any 3 year old examples to compare it to....

    It will depend on miles driven, condition, your location, etc...

    But, if you take care of it, and it only has around 20K-25K miles in another couple of years, I'd think you could see $18K-$20K, fairly easily... If it is a late in-service date.. (say, July of '04), and you still have a year of warranty left, then that would be a big selling point...

    Unless the car is white, black or red.. it likely has metallic paint.. that is a $475 option...


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  • mikey432mikey432 Posts: 9
    it's color is metallic titanium silver.
    the seat covers are not leather (they're leatherette).
    it's got a manual top.

    it's definetly got the sports package and xenon lights and heated seats.

    I don't think the price will budge from 27K. is it a fairly reasonable deal or still a bargain?
  • mikey432mikey432 Posts: 9
    also one other thing. was was the change from 2004 model to 2005 model? when do the 2006 models come out and will there be any significant changes in that?
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,862
    '05 models are essentially the same... Possibly some differences in how options were packaged...

    That '04 has everything you really need.. Sport, stick, xenons, heated seats.. Silver is a great color... The only drawback is -no power top-...

    I'd say the price is "fair"... It is hard to compare to others out there on price, because most have quite a bit more options....

    That said, unless this guy is your best friend, everything is negotiable... And, trying to sell a $27K car privately is tough... I'd certainly try for another $1000 less...

    But, even at $27K, you aren't going to get hurt.. As I said before, if the car has only been in service for a year, it would more desireable than a car that was coming up on two years old..

    As far as '06s? I don't think they are coming out until January... They may have the new upgraded engines that are in the 3-series at that time...

    But, if so, expect a price increase... Plus, I don't think it would hurt the value of yours any... At $26K-$27K, you'll still have about the cheapest '04 model around...

    Really.. the only thing that bugs me is the lack of a power top.. But, since I've never used a manual top on a Z4, I can't even really say if that is a big deal or not.


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  • dtwicksdtwicks Posts: 7
    I am looking at a Fully loaded (Sport, Premium, Heated Seats, Automatic, Xenon, No NAV) Merlot at a local dealer in So Cal. 9K miles. After about an hour of negotiating the dealer said the best offer he can make is $32.4. Is this a fair price or should I offer lower.
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,797
    Did you see what Terry said on the Real-World Trade-In Values forum about this car? If I understand it, with the no-leather, no power top, etc. he's saying around $25.5K for the car, trade-in value to a dealer. If you're sure you don't care about those options, want a stick, etc., why not offer $26-$26.5K? And the spt pckg & xenons are really nice. Hard to say, the no-leather, no power top, & even the stick will hurt you when you sell, but it sounds like you're saving up front.

    I'd be most concerned about doing a carfax, getting service records from the dealer, & having it checked out for any possible repaired body damage. Hard to get the exact combo of color, options, & price you want on a used bmw because the options lists are so extensive.....I've blown off a couple of really nice used bmws over something like the interior color, & regretted it later. I wouldn't lose this one over $1000 if it checks out, & you're sure it's what you want.
  • bmrbmr Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me if BMW will extend the cash incentives to the dealer after 08/01.
  • Someone might be able to tell you tomorrow.. ;)

    They don't let this out ahead of time... and, really.. it has no effect..

    If they do end the incentives, every dealer will report any Z4 in stock as "sold", and collect the incentive.. So, his cost is the same...

    The only downside, if this happens, is the maintenance and warranty clock start running on those vehicles... So, you should still be able to get the same deal on the car... but, you might be giving up a few weeks or months of warranty, depending on how long after that date you buy..


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  • bmrbmr Posts: 3
    thanks kyfdx. your a great help on this forum to everyone.
  • dtwicksdtwicks Posts: 7
    I am looking at a Fully loaded (Sport, Premium, Heated Seats, Automatic, Xenon, No NAV) Merlot at a local dealer in So Cal. 9K miles. After about an hour of negotiating the dealer said the best offer he can make is $32.4. Is this a fair price or should I offer lower.
  • bmrbmr Posts: 3
    Well, my first buying experience over the internet has been less than fulfilling. Seems that all of the web sites offering quotes are nothing more than a glorified way for the dealerships to get sales leads. I had several dealerships email me a form letter back saying 'Hi, we are here for you and please stop in and see us.' The follow-up's were about the same. Apparently, they don’t even read the information on the car you are looking for. Be prepared for the telephone calls. "Hi, my name is______. Call me and we can set up an appointment. I hate to be rude and not acknowledge their efforts, but after returning the first 2 calls and hearing the same message left on the answering machine by another 3, I decided not to. Also, forget any type of quote over the phone. The pressure was on to get me into the showroom. (Note: I live in PA, and work in MD. The nearest dealership is a 50 miles round trip from home. MD is an 80 mile round trip each day. To visit a couple of dealers, I could easily rack up a couple hundred miles. The internet quote seemed like a good idea. Save time, work at home on the pricing and narrow down the decision, and save gas money too).

    Anyway, I did receive one message from a dealership that promised to give me a quote. I returned the call.

    Typical salesman. What I was told:
    1. The Z4 is an in-demand car bringing full invoice price.
    2. The Dealer incentive is cash to the dealership to sell the cars, not intended as a pass thru to the customer.
    3. TMV pricing is a dream.
    4. BMW provides no discounts from the invoice to the dealership.
    5. He called on his personal cell phone, not the dealers business phone. (Remember this point)

    I pointed out
    1. The Z4 isn't as in demand as he thought. Otherwise, BMW wouldn’t be offering a $4,500 incentive on the 3.0. It’s the incentive that is attracting the buyers.
    2. If the dealer is getting $4,500 to attract customers, I want my fair share. And, since I'm the one buying the car, I want the lions share and then some.
    3. I doubt edmunds makes up its numbers.
    4. If R____l BMW isn't getting a discount from, BMW, then it isn't serving its customers well and will soon go out of business from its competition.

    Haggling over, I advised the salesman I had no trade, had been pre-approved for a loan, and was ready to buy. 5 minutes over the phone, and a half hour of paperwork, and he could make an easy $1,000. Lets talk numbers. Only one, and it should be a good one.

    Well, I got the Z4 (3.0, premium package, automatic, heated seats, windscreen and floor mats, MSRP $43,198) for $39,800. I thought still too much, but the colors and option package I wanted were going to be a little rough to find (Hint: check all the dealer sites for their inventory).

    Several phone calls were traded, all on his personal cell phone. I asked why he wasn’t at the dealership, he always indicated he was coming or going.
    Sold, as long as he could find the vehicle. He did, and we agreed to split the towing costs. I gave him a credit card deposit. That was on a Friday, the day before the incentive ended. On Saturday, he called back.. He was arranging to trade for the car and wanted some information from me (Why was'nt this done on Friday? He said someone had been looking at it at the other dealership and they wouldn't release it). Ok, I gave him my name, address, phone, etc. But when it got to Social Security Number and Driver's license, I said no. I would provide that information on Monday when I came in to settle on the car. Besides, not that I will ever give that information out to someone I haven't even met over the phone, I don’t know why he would need it if I was obtaining the financing and would have a check in hand at the dealership. The deposit should hold the car.

    He wasn’t please but said okay, I'll call you when I get hold of the car. Sunday, no call. Monday morning I call the credit card company to see if the deposit charge was made and at the agreed upon amount. No charge was made to the card. Monday at 12:00 I called him. Very evasive: well I don’t know if we can get it, it might have been sold, I'm on vacation this week, but I'll work on it….I'm always working anyway, I sell 200 cars a year. I might be able to find one, but it will have more options and cost more. The dealer incentive is over you know. Its too late to book this for the close of the sales month. Yep, an absolute t**d. Fine, call me tonight with the final price and I'll be in tomorrow to pay for it.

    Well, its now past the dealer's closing time and still no phone call.

    So much for my first internet buying experience.
  • dtwicks.. I posted your info here: Real World Trade-In Values

    Click the link... subscribe to that discussion, and Terry will be along in a day (or three) to give you an answer..


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  • We have an answer..

    See here: RWTIV

    He valued it as non-CPO, so just add about $1500 to his numbers... He seems to think your price is very good.


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  • Been doing this over the phone, so I don't have all the particulars. All I have is the overall picture. 2005 Z4 3.0 (new, not demo): MSRP=$48,034, 2-year lease at $339/mo with $3000 down + $489 dealer fee, $825 bank acquisition, taxes, first month payment, tags, license transfer.
  • zedfourzedfour Posts: 3
    This forum has been very helpful. Just want to share my $0.02 and hopefully help others who are thinking of purchasing used.

    2003 Z4 3.0 titanium silver metallic with Sport, Premium, Convenience packages. ~12k miles. $31850 from an independent dealer. Car was detailed and is very clean (still has the new car smell). This is in the SF bay area.

    kyfdx, do you think this was a good deal?
  • Don't give up on an internet purchase. I live in Massachusetts and I dealt with New Country Motors in Hartford,CT. I had a wonderful experience. I had spent a great deal of time on the internet checking prices and dealer inventories. When I was finally ready to make a purchase, I had a price in my head and I knew of three dealers within 100 miles that had the vehicle that I wanted. When I asked for my price quote, only New Country replied. I had an email a day and a half later that had a solid quote and a date that the quote would expire. I immediately called the dealer to make an appointment to see the car. That afternoon, I visited the dealer and I was met by a member of the internet sales team (one person). We discussed the car and the price that was in the email was the price that I paid. There were no surprises!!! The price that I paid was considerable lower than the Edmunds TMV price. I was extremely happy and I would definitely use the internet again in the future. So, don't give up.
  • You really need to get a selling price to see if the lease is good.. Also, what is the mileage allowance? 10K, 12K or 15K per year?

    A few things stand out..

    1) $3000 down... Not a good idea to put extra money down on a lease... It just makes the payment look lower.. it doesn't really save any money..

    2) $489 dealer fee? GEEEEZZZZ .... that adds $20/mo to the cost of a 24 month lease..

    3) $825 acq. fee.... base fee is $625.. they are marking it up for extra profit..

    By the time you add everything up, the "real" cost of this 24 month lease is about $510/mo. + tax... That isn't too bad for a $48K car...

    Another thing.. MSRP of $48,034? I've never seen a BMW sticker price that didn't end in $5 or $0...


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