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BMW Z4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Considering the $4500 incentive, if invoice is at $45K, then I want to be at $41.5K-$42K for a purchase price...

    I don't think it is reasonable for them to mark up the money factor and acquisition fee (base acq.fee is $625), but a lot of dealers do it..

    $200 doc fee is just added profit.. factor it into your offer...

    I'd factor all of those numbers into your offer... If they insist on all of them, then I'd want the car for INVOICE minus $4500...

    But, don't hold your breath.... dealers that mark up these numbers aren't likely to make you a fair deal..


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  • Thanks kyfdx - that's helpful and enlightening.

    I'll use this to go back to the dealer and ask them to either reduce their fees and MF markup or lower the purchase price.

    I'll provide an update one way or the other...
  • I disagree about everyone wanting a power top. I'd prefer the manual, which I've seen in action and know is easier to operate. Power options are, imo, just one more thing that'll likely need fixing down the line. My ideal Z4 would have heated leather seats and the sports package, and I'm not to sure about the latter since I'll likely upgrade the wheels and suspension anyway. The minimum spec adds to the sports car feel to me, and isn't much needed if the car isn't a daily driver.

    However, I simply couldn't find a car without the power top (buying used limits your options), and I have to admit it works well. As a data point, my car is a 2003 2.5i with premium package and 21k miles, and I got it for under $25,000. I thing the lagging new car sales have the used prices falling, and with cooler weather approaching dealers are looking to move the Z4s off the lot this time of year. Plus, the dealership I bought via eBay was in Iowa, and the salesman felt there wasn't a lot of demand for Z4s there; he got it in trade on a 350Z coupe.

  • I picked up an 04 3.0 with10k miles.

    It has metallic paint; pblack leather; premium, sports, and convenience packages. heated seats and mats.

    I paid 32K with 37 months of warranty left.

    This was the best deal i could find after 10 months on a car that had what i wanted.

    I have noticed in the past two weeks prices falling on both used Z4's and boxsters.
  • vsaxenavsaxena Posts: 201
    Great Deal. You got almost one third off the sticker!
  • Trying to buy a 2005 Z4 3.0 with heated seats, premium package, auto and xenons. Sticker is about 47,800.. Every dealer in the states of SC, GA, and NC that has that model on the lot wants a $3000 profit... or invoice price in most cases.. What gives... I keep hearing that these things are not selling and BMW has given the dealers $4,500 in incentive to help move these cars. Dealers in this area are trying to keep most of the incentive money it appears..

    Anyone else in the SC area had any luck buying or leasing a Z4 at something close to the 500 - 1000 profit less the 4,500 incentive.

  • The dealer is trying to add $598.00 to the price of a new z4 3.0 for the service department to remove shipping apparatus other items connected. Then the vehicle must go to the detail shop. The substance that coats the vehicles to protect them in shipping is a "vaseline" type substance that needs to be removed. Floor mats and a full tank of gas. I know sometimes they charge for the floor mats but I have never heard of charging to prep the car...?
  • Where did you hear $4,500???
    I want it!
    I am looking at a 2.5 with prem pkg, sports pkg, leather, and heated seats.
    05's are HARD to come by...
    I want a stick too...
    The invoice is 38,615 so that would be 33,615
    I'd buy it today if they'd do it.
    they have blue and one has red.. I really wanted SILVER though :(
    When I looked on it has $2,500 for the dealer cash.. where did you get the proof of $4,500 ?? I can't find it anywhere...
    And will the dealers to invoice minus the cash, they SHOULD, inv they are making money, plus the 06's are coming in, plus the cash is from BMW not out of their pockets..
    any advice.. I noticed a note about NC, SC, VA area.. I am in the fayetteville, nc area; 1.5 hrs from raleigh. .I hope dealers are not stubborn... great. :mad:
  • The 2.5 model has a $2500 dealer incentive..

    Only the 3.0 model has $4500...

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  • I ordered a new 2.5 liter Z4 about two weeks ago. The purchase price is contingent on the sale being finalized before the dealer incentive expires. If the incentive is carried over to October, then obviously there would not be a problem.
    So, It looks like tomorrow might be the deadline.... I am not optomistic that the incentive program will be continued.

    I was told that the deal can fall under the incentive IF the vehicle is "VINed" by September 30. Is there any way that I can independently confirm if the vehicle has been "VINed" ? I have the production number for the Z4, but can't find any BMW website that will allow me to access the information.

    Does anyone know which stage in the build process that the vehicle receives it's VIN? I believe this Z4 is at stage 152 or 153.

    Is anyone in a similar position...and can anyone share some information on a purchase strategy for my circumstance?

  • vsaxenavsaxena Posts: 201
    Incentives normally do not expire especially when the model year is ending and there are cars still being produced. They expire if production has stopped. Then the dealers punch their unsold inventory (declare it as sold) and then sell them as demos, or use them as loaners. This way they keep the incentives.

    If the car is still under production and there is a lot of unsold inventory, the incentives will continue (or might even go up as they did last year).

    The inventory levels seem to be lower this year since BMW seems to have adjusted to lower roadster sales and the introduction of newer roadster models by other vendors.
  • Firstly, regarding incentives - 2005 Z.4's must still be in production because I want to order an '05 2.5i and the dealer I'm negotiating with just indicated the market allowances have been extended until the end of October. The market allowances posted by kyfdx are correct.

    Secondly, I need some numbers and opinions.......

    This is what I want to order -
    2005 Z4 2.5i
    Toledo Blue Metallic (Exterior)
    Beige leather (Interior)
    Light Popular Grain Wood Trim
    Black fully-auto soft-top
    Power front seats
    Wind Deflector

    This is the dealer's offer:
    $34,365 plus Tax 6%, New tag retail $250.00, Transfer $150.00, Dealer Fee $379.50, Lemon Law fee $2.00, Tire,Battery fee $6.50. If you Lease there is a Lease Fee of $70.49 to the State of Florida.

    1- what amount is the sales tax applied to (cap cost, lease cost, etc.)?
    2- what are the residual values for 36, 39 and 48 month leases? what should money factors be, respectively?
    3-TMV 'What Others are Paying' is $35,106. Is this a good deal?
    Thank you!
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    3-TMV 'What Others are Paying' is $35,106. Is this a good deal?

    IF you're paying almost $1000 under "what others are paying", then it's probably a good deal, huh?
  • New incentives for October in case you missed it:

    2.5 - $3000
    3.0 - $5000
  • Cap cost = $34,065

    Now dealer wants to add $825.00 bank fee & $500 Refundable Security Deposit for an '05 BMW Z4 with regard to the 30 month lease. According to a previous post, basic bank fee is $625, so he's marking that up. I have leased 3 vehicles in the past and NEVER paid bank/acquisition fees nor security deposit. When are security deposits required (high risk borrower?)? Has anyone else experienced this? :confuse:
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,906
    Those are pretty much typical for any lease... Ford Credit is the only bank that hasn't historically had acquisition fees, and even they have them now... You may have been paying the fee, and not known it.. They probably just rolled it into the cap cost..

    Security deposits are pretty much "di rigeur" as well.. Although not as omnipresent as acquisition fees.. Many lessors waive them for repeat customers, or in exchange for a higher money factor...

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  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Like kyfdx said, those a pretty standard parts of a lease.... They aren't the "dealer" charging them, either. It's the bank (in this case, BMWFS).
  • is the 06 model going to be offered as a convertible and coupe or just coupe?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,906

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  • Thanks, any major changes in the 2006 convertible , also pictures?
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